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What is love?

I have spent hours trying to define love. Is it the butterflies you get when you see the person? Is it the contentment you feel by their side? Is it the mutual respect? Compatibility? Companionship? After years of trying to pinpoint a single, perfect definition. I think I have found one. Though perhaps, it isn’t as simple as I once thought. To me…

Love is holding your hand as we walk, even if doing so isn’t exactly practical. 

Love is cuddling up with you to watch a movie after a long day. 

Love is sitting on the floor and having an indoor picnic for dinner. 

Love is going to you when I need help or support. 

Love is going to you as soon as I receive good news. 

Love is long hugs, passionate kisses, and affirmations. 

Love is feeling utterly safe in your arms.

Love is learning to be patient, because sometimes the best things in life require you to wait. 

Love is being proud of one another. 

Love is spending hours on planes, trains, and every other form of public transportation to see one another. 

Love is Skyping for 16 hours straight. 

Love is counting down the days until the next visit. 

Love is singing silly songs and spontaneously dancing. 

Love is supporting one another’s dreams and goals. 

Love is all of this and more. 

Love is you. 

Wash Away (The Mess I’ve Made)

A/N: A second part to this story was requested, but this works perfectly well as a standalone story, too!! I’m so hyped to be sharing this with you, and I think it’s pretty clear that no sequels will be possible. That being said, please feel free to scream at me in my inbox about what you thought and pelt me with requests about the bae, Peter Parker/Tom Holland. This was surprisingly fun to write, and I hope that you enjoy it!! 

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A frantic scream rips its way out of your throat. The Vulture’s hold around your waist is bruisingly tight, but you don’t dare to ask him to loosen his grip. If he takes that statement a little too literally, you might end up in a puddle on the pavement below.

“Let (Y/n) go!” Peter yells, swinging after The Vulture in hot pursuit. “This is between you and me, right?”

“It stopped being between us the moment she decided to spare your miserable life!”

Breathing in quick little gasps, your eyes too round and large in a pale face, your frightened gaze meets Peter’s. Your hand is outstretched, uselessly trying to latch onto a boy who’s nowhere near enough for you to grab hold of. He’s shooting out strings of webs, probably hoping to catch you around the waist and tug you out of The Vulture’s grip and over to him, but the two of you are swooping away on metal wings, too fast for Peter to catch up with.

You decide to lend Peter a hand.

He promised to protect you.

And in all the years that you’ve known him, Peter has never broken a promise.

The sight of Peter reminds you that you’re smarter and braver than this. You clamp your canines onto the fleshy part of The Vulture’s arm, which snaps back. His curses echo around you as you elbow yourself free. Before you can scream, before you even have time to regret your decision, you’re free-falling, hair whipping into your face, limbs flailing about ungracefully, Peter’s name being screamed from your lips.

A stream of webbing latches onto your waist; Peter yanks on the other end of the web, and you’re pulled up into his arms, safe and warm and secure in his tight embrace. Peter catches you with a grunt, and the two of you collapse onto a rooftop in a tangled heap, his back and head absorbing the brunt of the impact. You lie on the floor for what seems to be an eternity, trying to remember how to breathe, trying to distinguish the various aches and pains in your limbs. Peter’s moan pours out the pain around you, but he is strong and full of life.

Peter wastes no time in helping you stand, in checking you over for injuries. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

The growing silence, coupled with your lack of a response, must frighten Peter. His voice is practically a growl as he demands, “What did he do?”

You shake your head; try to find your voice. You’re shaking so badly that you can’t even stand on your own. “I - I’m scared.”

“It’ll be okay, (Y/n).” Peter promises fiercely, hugging you close to his chest. “I’ll take care of this, and then we’ll go home. Okay?”

Your chest convulses on a sob. It’s all you can do not to clutch Peter close to you and not let him go. As it is, you manage a choked, “This is all my fault. I’m so sorry.”

You don’t regret sparing Peter’s life, but every fibre of your being knows that The Vulture is furious at you for turning on him to help Peter. And if he had one target before, you’re sure that you’ve now been bumped up as The Vulture’s number one enemy.

Previous relationship as father and daughter be damned.

“It is not your fault.” Peter says, inspecting your teary face. With infinite gentleness, he wipes away a tear that slips down the curve of a pale cheek. “It’s one thousand percent not your fault.”

A watery laugh bubbles out of you. You lean into his touch. “You can’t have one thousand percent.”

“Yes, you can!” Peter retorts childishly, and you’re snorting snotty bubbles, which makes the two of you laugh even harder.

You hear the tell-tale whirr of an engine approaching. The shift in the mood is almost instantaneous; Peter grabs your hand and practically drags you behind the protective cover of a water tank. You hunker down behind it. It’s not much, not when The Vulture has lasers of mass destruction, but at least Peter isn’t asking you to run.

“I love you, (Y/n),” Peter says, brushing his lips over your hair, over your forehead. “I’ll come back soon, okay?”

He’s gone before you can reply; you can only hope Peter knows that you love him too. All around you, like a chorus of birds rising up from the ground at the same time, comes the other screams of fear, crowding one another on the streets down below. Fear for him hacks at your heart, even though he’s more than capable of defending himself. But he’s only gone up against petty thieves and thugs. This was The Vulture. You know what he’s capable of, you’ve seen what he can do –


There’s an agonized scream. Before you’re even aware of what’s happening, the Vulture’s appeared in front of you. You’re scrambling backwards now, away from your shelter, away from him, but a crushing blow strikes your chest, and you fly backwards, a ragdoll in the air.

There’s a furious high whine and someone – It’s Peter, it has to be Peter – screams your name, screams it out like a prayer. A feeling of heat, starting in your chest then spreading outwards to your fingers and toes, and the sensation of being lifted, thrown, by a giant’s hand; the ground beneath your feet is revolving, turning upside down and sideways, but then you can’t feel solid ground beneath your feet anymore, and you’re falling, falling, falling.

Peter’s launched himself after you, you can see him trying to grab onto you, your hand, the back of your shirt, anything really, but The Vulture slams into him, and they crash into the side of a building, sending shards of glass flying everywhere. Peter’s scream sounds positively frantic now.

They say that before you die, your life flashes before your eyes, but that’s not how it happens for you.

You see the happier times, filled with love and laughter and light, with people you loved and who loved you in return. You and Michelle, watching The Fault in Our Stars and crying when Augustus died, and how she’d sworn you to secrecy. Ned, trying on Peter’s Spiderman outfit and how you’d laughed yourself into an early grave at the sight of spandex and a ratty hoodie. The time you and Liz had gone shopping, and she’d bought a ‘best friends forever’ necklace in the shape of a heart, and had given you half of it.

And your first kiss with Peter, slow and sweet and hesitant, when you had felt so happy and bright and free, wishing that this moment could last forever because there was no way that this happiness would last.

Floating images and memories, moving in and out. A bright red and blue suit, a hand outstretched, the voice of someone who loves you saying (Y/n), (Y/n), (Y/n), making it sound like the most beautiful song. And Peter’s face, pale and beautiful, warm brown eyes and a smile that had been the centre of your world.

“Peter, I –”

Daniel recently hinted to us fans and viewers a song he wanted to do for a challenge in Produce 101, on his Instagram. Mnet are currently figuring out what to do with him since they consider his act cheating.

I understand that what he did wasn’t right and he knows it too. So no matter what happens to Mnet’s decision rather to send him off or keep him or whatever other reason, please don’t stop sending love and continue to support him.

Please do not bash him in any way.
He knew what he did and already said an apology.

Thank you ❤

Mark and Jack, I'm sorry for Septiplier fans.

For me, as for Septiplier’s shipper, it’s too sad to see all the shit that’s going on about Mark, Sean and my /dead/ otp.

Almost two years ago I’ve heard some phrases about Septiplier from my lovely youtubers - Mark and Jack - and I kinda liked it. It was really funny to hear them flirting with each other, making jokes about being a couple and shouting together “Seltiplier away!”.

I’ve never really thought of them being a couple in real life, so the news that both of them are straight didn’t make me even a little bit sad. I just loved watching them doing gameplays together; I was excited when Jack came to Mark’s house and they went to Disneyland; it made me really happy to watch them doing so many stuff together; I’ve seen a lot of amazing arts and videos from talanted artists; together with RobertIDK I was singing “Septiplier away” song. And the cutiest thing there was that Mark and Jack knew there’re a lot of shippers of their couple, but still continued with all their jokes on Twitter / public.

When Jack uploaded his first pic with Wiishu on Instagram, my first thought was “God, she is beautiful, and they do look cute together”. But when I started reading comments, I was terrified. “Ew, who is this bitch?”, “I’m afraid she’ll make Septiplier dissapear”, “You’d better upload a pic with Mark than that”. The same shit happened when Mark told about his gf Amy. I’ve tried to avoid listening guitly comments when it’s happened, but a few days ago I saw a post on Tumblr, where someone was yelling at Septiplier’s fans for telling Amy on Mark’s stream to go kill herself. Guys… Are you fucking stupid?

Like really, am I the only Septiplier’s fan who is happy for Jack and Mark finding their gf and being happy with them? Isn’t that a thing we all wanted for our lovely youtubers? To be happy like they make us to be?

I won’t lie, I do miss Seltiplier’s jokes and stuff. I do miss Septiplier. It’s sad for me to see that Mark and Jack are hardly trying to “burry” this otp. Sean now does all this blue jokes with Felix, and Mark - with Eithan. They’re trying to show that “the ship is drowning”. Even in one of his last videos, Mark officially killed Septiplier.

But there’s a thing I miss even more than Septiplier - it’s their friendship. I’m not telling they’re not friends anymore. But now their relations are much, much different. They do make gameplays together, but very seldom, and also Jack and Mark aren’t making any jokes like it was before. They’re afraid to say one wrong word that will make Septiplier fans to believe their otp is still alive. They’re not uploading even one pic of them together because of the same reason. While filming a video with Felix, both of them were trying to talk and laugh with him but not with each other. As a Septiplier fan I do pay attention on little things like this. Again, now I was talking about their friendship that is much weaker because of many Septiplier fans.

I do believe there are people than think like me, that never wanted Wiishu and Amy to leave Sean and Mark or to commit suicide. Never. And it makes me really sad and dissapointed that there are bastards like that.

Mark and Sean… I don’t think you’ll ever see this message, but I really love you. And I’m really sorry for all insane guys and crazy Septiplier fans that wish you and your girlfriends shitty things. People like this are not your real fans. Your real fans will always support you and people that make you smile. Hope, you’ll be fine and happy.

Top of the mornin’ to ya, guys.

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I just read this book, Song of Achilles, and oh my lordy it was SO GOOD, guys, so. frikkin. good. It’s basically a retelling of the Iliad with 1000% more Achilles and it’s WONDERFUL. Excellent characters, beautiful writing, and you can tell the author knows her subject backwards and forwards but it never, ever feels fact-dumpy - it just feels like you’re within ancient Greek culture which is SO AWESOME. Go! Read it! Although be warned! It will also make you want to rip your heart out through your spleen and then cry a lot!


Queen, the making of We Are the Champions 

“I was kind of quite shocked, cause I thought, ‘now come on, Fred.’ I thought, ‘we know you’re very, uh, egotistical and everything you know and, uh, we’re known for our arrogance but are we really gonna stand up and say we are the champions as opposed to every other group and every other person on the face of this earth?’ And he says, ‘actually. That’s not what it is.’ […] He could already see how it would be if we played it in a concert and everyone had their hands in the air and were saying, ‘we are the champions.’ And I could see that’s what it was about and years later we talked about it and he said to me, ‘rock ‘n’ roll is the only place where everyone has a feeling like being on a team but you’re not fighting anybody.’  You know it’s like, if you’re at, uh, at a game you have two sides who are singing their songs and feeling very much part of a team but they wanna kill the other side. The difference, at a rock concert, is everybody’s in the same team.” - Brian May
Lea Michele Gets Behind the Wheel of Getaway Car: Why Her New Love Song Is One of Her Absolute Favorites
This song is so special to me, she told E! News

As Lea Michele awaits the release of her second studio album, Places, there’s one particular track that will drive right through your heart.

It’s called “Getaway Car,” a love song the 30-year-old considers one of her “absolute” favorites on the record and one that is sure to conjure up those high school memories of cruising around town with your crush.

“This song is so special to me,” she told E! News exclusively. “I remember being in love for the first time when I was in high school and we would drive around in his car. It was the first time I remember feeling so in love. Even now as an adult, I have memories of riding in cars with past relationships and thinking about what life would be like if we just packed all our bags and drove away together.”

The track has fans thinking of Cory Monteith, Michele’s co-star and boyfriend before his untimely death in 2013. As she told an audience during one of her shows, “We used to just get in the car and drive sometimes. Me and the tall guy and it was like our getaway and it was so great.”

“It reminds me of ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman,” the singer told E! News recently. “It’s one of my absolute favorite songs on the record and it’s a really beautiful song about love.”

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It was a peak. Paul and I were definitely working together, especially on a ‘Day in the life’. Now and then we really turn each other on with a bit of song. You’d write the good bit, the part that was easy, like 'I read the news today’ then when you got stuck or whenever it got hard, instead of carrying on, you just drop it; then we would meet each other, and I would sing half, and he would be inspired to write the next bit and viceversa.
—  John Lennon on writing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with Paul.

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The doctors need some love, can I get some headcanons about Ratchet, First Aid, and Ambulon (and Pharma if you do him cause I didn't see him on the list) when it's a slow day and their bot s/o comes in and starts singing "doctor, doctor, give me the news, I got a bad case of loving you!" and serenading them with other silly love Doctor songs please?

That’s so cute awww ^.^


  • At first he’s grumpy and tells you to stop distracting him.
  • When you point out there are no patients he just grumbles under his breath and rolls his optics. 
  • He continues his work, pretending to be annoyed, but you can see a lil smile on his face as he hides his blush with his datapad.


  • Is so flustered help him. 
  • He laughs nervously and tells you he’s not supposed to be getting distracted. 
  • He’ll let you continue though, blushing all the while.
  • Makes a point to serenade you in return when his shift is over.


  • Since there’s nothing going on he doesn’t mind. He does tell you not to come barging in when he’s busy, though.
  • Enjoys you singing for him. 
  • He rolls his optics and smirks, pulling you in for a dance.

First Aid

  • So very blush. Giggly blushy boy. 
  • He has paperwork to do, but he bounces along to the beat as he does it. 
  • Might sing along. It helps him concentrate. 
  • He asks you to sing with him more often after that. 
JOHN: Well, it was a peak. Paul and I were definitely working together, especially on ‘A Day In The Life’ that was real. The way we wrote a lot of the time: you’d write the good bit, the part that was easy, like ‘I read the news today’, or whatever it was, then when you got stuck or whenever it got hard, instead of carrying on, you just drop it; then we would meet each other, and I would sing half, and he would be inspired to write the next bit and vice versa.

He was a bit shy about it because I think he thought it’s already a good song. Sometimes we wouldn’t let each other interfere with a song either, because you tend to be a bit lax with someone else’s stuff, you experiment a bit.

So we were doing it in his room with the piano. He said, 'Should we do this?’ 'Yeah, let’s do that.’ But Pepper was a peak all right.
—  The Beatles Diary Volume 1: The Beatles Years, Barry Miles
reminders as to why we love kim taehyung
  • “Yo, Jay-Z”
  • “Yo, Kanye West”
  • “Yo, Jimin.. So much height difference.“
  • JM: “Beach?” TH: “Bitch?” “..Beach?” “Bitch?”
  • TH: “Pasta?” JM: “Festa”
  • He rapped “Cypher: Killer” to the rap line while they were sleeping
  • Probably a bigger fan of the rap line than you are.
  • The elephant he can create with the two moles on his arms
  • Trot.
  • His voice imitations
  • He scored a 93 for theory and 100 for practical for his driving test. He now owns a license.
  • “Jiminnie pabo”
  • His pants nearly fell off while doing the jumprope challenge but still jumped the most in the maknae line
  • “왜 내 맘을 흔드는 건데?” 
  • When he dances he sticks his tongue out a lot. A looooot.
  • You can see how much he sticks his tongue out in just. One. Dance. Here
  • How his voice can go from husky and rough to gentle, mellow, soulful and sweet
  • “You’re a holiday ~ dundundunnn such a holiday ~” montage.
  • Is very down to earth, and always trying to be a better person. Always himself and never embarrassed about it.
  • And thus has a very genuine love for ARMY
  • Is in love with dogs. Animals. Everything fluffy and cute that comes near him be sure that he’ll be squealing internally.
  • Kkomul kkomul
  • He hates doing sexy things but ends up doing them unintentionally
  • When he laughs it’s like kids having fun at the playground because it’s just so nice to hear.
  • And so unique I will never get enough of it
  • Sometimes he swipes his thumb at the side of his mouth and I don’t know what to do with life
  • How he says “hello”
  • “There’s that logo at the corner of the screen. Do you see it?”
  • “Don’t look at that. Just look at me.”
  • He faked beatboxed but it looked so real help
  • He broke the toilet bowl set while shooting the MV
  • He is very intelligent and I feel like his way of thinking is so unique that his ideas also are unique. Has a very beautiful mind.
  • How his hair bounces when he moves a little
  • His hair is just so fluffy.
  • His Catallena dance with Yoongi!!!
  • I don’t think he gets credited enough for his dancing. He dances REALLY REALLY well too and you can see he puts a lot of effort into his movement
  • He’s modest about what he has. Isn’t cocky about his skills.
  • Also, his body proportions. Have I ever mentioned that I love it?
  • Like have you seen photos (esp selcas) of him with kids? 
  • His selcas in general
  • The videos he uploads on twitter.
  • His unlimited energy
  • Skinship with the other members (!!!!)
  • How he cuts up his own shirts (for fashion?)
  • But they look really good on him 
  • He acts so well. GET READY TO SEE HIM ON HWARANG
  • Tae in harry potter glasses 
  • Hits Jungkook’s butt all the time
  • The video where all he did was just say “hi” multiple times
  • He’s bangtan’s black hole in cooking. Don’t let him near a stove
  • One of my favourite songs is written by him. (잡아줘)
  • Never forget Taetae Magazine News where he reported Jimin’s fishnet outfit
  • When he wore a ladybug dress in rookie king (KIM FAIRY)
  • His love for his family. He loves them to death and is always thinking about them.
  • He had to suck thrice as much helium as the other boys to get his voice to their level 
  • FOREHEAD TAE; During ISAC he had his hair pushed back a sweatband (is that what you call it pls tell me) and tied up
  • Everyone probably agrees that is hot af
  • He’s not judgemental, and I think he’d be one of those friends who will never disappoint/leave you
  • Box smiles. They should be in your emergency kit.

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Monsta X | You, Their Idol Crush/GF Confess Your Love For Them On TV

nctpinkb said:

Monsta x reaction to you(idol) confess your love for them on TV 

You two had been dating for a while but hadn’t revealed that fact to the public yet. So when you were on Weekly Idol and accidentally confessed that you loved him he got nervous and knew things would get interesting.

“Yes, I think the new song is going to get good reviews. I love him and I love working with him so the song turned out really well…” you said, not realizing it at first.

‘Well this is going to get interesting,’ he thought, rubbing the back of his head nervously.

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You two were close friends and each other’s crushes (not that he knew anything about your crush on him), so when you were both on a talk show to discuss upcoming comebacks and the exciting news about a duet with Hoseok. You might have accidentally let it slip that you like working with him so much cause you liked him.

“Oh well that…um…” he started, fidgeting with the papers in front of him to hide his excitement, “Hyungwon, what’s that you’re eating?”

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“Guys…did you hear that? She likes me…”

He would be completely shocked that his friend and long time crush actually liked him as more than a friend. You may not have said it in so many words, but that’s what you had insinuated and he was going with it.

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With an award ceremony right around the corner a talk show had invited multiple groups including yours and Monsta X to come and talk about your nominations. When you were being asked about how you felt about being nominated for a song of the year award like Monsta X when you both had been doing so well. You may have kinda sorta said something along the lines of “You knew even if one or the other won you would love each other at the end of the day”

Kihyun then proceeded to walk up next to the teleprompter with a piece of paper and in big letters it said “WE’RE SCREWED” on it.

Just pretend that says “WE’RE SCREWED”

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He would not be amused at all when you confessed your love on TV. He would like to keep his private life private, and though he would forgive you later in the moment he would not be please.

“I said I was sorry,” you apologized once again.

“You’re sorry?’ he questioned, “Sorry is when our dinner dates are no longer a private affair.”

He would be thanking every being in the galaxy when he heard his crush confess their love for him on TV and none of the members would hear the end of it.

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When you confessed your love for him on TV things would probably be a little awkward for a little while. He would probably want to hide the fact that you were dating to avoid any teasing, at least for a little while, so when you confessed that you loved him it wasn’t so much awkward for you two, but when he had to explain himself to his hyungs.

“So….I probably have a few things to tell you….”

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Listening to my infinite playlist on iTunes on shift, I started to put attention, like real attention, to one of my favorite songs from the ‘About Time’ movie soundtrack: ‘Into my Arms’ by Nick Cave. And I discover is a perfect song for Red and Kitty, from Red’s POV.

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The Ultimate 80s Movie Soundtrack Playlist: TRACK LIST

i’m alright – kenny loggins [caddyshack]
magic – olivia newton-john [xanadu]
fame – irene cara [fame]
soul man – the blues brothers [the blues brothers]
9 to 5 – dolly parton [9 to 5]
lookin’ for love – johnny lee [urban cowboy]
let’s do something cheap and superficial – burt reynolds [smokey and the bandit 2]
xanadu – olivia newton-john and elo [xanadu]
everybody needs somebody – the blues brothers [the blues brothers]
out here on my own – irene cara [fame]
flash’s theme – queen [flash gordon]
for your eyes only – sheena easton [for your eyes only]
america – neil diamond [the jazz singer]
arthur’s theme (best that you can do) – christopher cross [arthur]
love on the rocks – neil diamond [the jazz singer]
blue lamp – stevie nicks [heavy metal]
open arms – journey [heavy metal and the last american virgin]
somebody’s baby – jackson browne [fast times at ridgemont high]
boys are back in town – the bus boys [48 hrs.]
eye of the tiger – survivor [rocky 3 and 4]
themes from e.t. the extra terrestrial – walter murphy [e.t. the extra terrestrial]
theme from tron – wendy carlos [tron]
long live the new flesh – howard shore [videodrome]
push it to the limit – paul engemann [scarface]
a million miles away – the plimsouls [valley girl]
love my way – the psychedelic furs [valley girl]
girls like me – bonnie hayes with the wild combo [valley girl]
i la la la love you – pat travers [valley girl]
get a job – the silhouettes [trading places, stand by me, joey and good morning, vietnam]
ain’t too proud to beg – the temptations [the big chill]
i heard it through the grapevine – marvin gaye [the big chill]
d.c. cab – peabo bryson [d.c. cab]
twist of fate – olivia newton-john [two of a kind]
the dream – irene cara [d.c. cab]
dr. detroit – devo [doctor detroit]
wild sex (in the working class) – oingo boingo [sixteen candles]
you’re the best around – joe esposito [the karate kid]
if you were here – thompson twins [sixteen candles]
almost paradise – mike reno and ann wilson [footloose]
together in electric dreams – philip oakey and giorgio moroder [electric dreams]
love light in flight – stevie wonder [the woman in red]
cleanin’ up the town – the bus boys [ghostbusters]
electric dreams – p.p. arnold [electric dreams]
body rock – maria vidal [body rock]
i just called to say i love you – stevie wonder [the woman in red]
one foot in front of the other – bone symphony [revenge of the nerds]
big bottom – spinal tap [this is spinal tap]
little bitch – the specials [sixteen candles]
beat street breakdown – grandmaster melle mel and the furious five [beat street]
if i ruled the world – kurtis blow [krush groove]
love theme from st. elmo’s fire – david foster [st. elmo’s fire]
separate lives – phil collins and marilyn martin [white nights]
only the young – journey [vision quest]
to live and die in l.a. – wang chung [to live and die in l.a.]
burning heart – survivor [rocky 4]
say you, say me – lionel richie [white nights]
hearts on fire – john cafferty [rocky 4]
fire in the twilight – wang chung [the breakfast club]
back in time – huey lewis and the news [back to the future]
gambler – madonna [vision quest]
no secrets – van stephenson [secret admirer]
the glow (extended version) – willie hutch [the last dragon]
eight arms to hold you – goon squad [the goonies]
dancing in heaven (orbital be-bop) – q-feel [girls just wanna have fun]
hard way – brock & davis [just one of the guys]
heart too hot to hold – jesse johnson and stephanie spruill [the breakfast club]
we don’t need another hero (thunderdome) – tina turner [mad max beyond thunderdome]
young & innocent – elefante [st. elmo’s fire]
good enough (dance remix) – cyndi lauper [the goonies]
dancing in the streets – animotion [girls just wanna have fun]
the last dragon theme – dwight david [the last dragon]
stand by me – ben e. king [stand by me]
you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ – the righteous brothers [top gun]
if you leave – omd [pretty in pink]
absolute beginners – david bowie [absolute beginners]
take my breath away – berlin [top gun]
lollipop – the chordettes [stand by me]
come go with me – the del vikings [stand by me]
please, please, please let me get what i want – the smiths [pretty in pink]
beat city – the flowerpot men [ferris bueller’s day off]
do wot you do – inxs [pretty in pink]
pretty in pink ‘86 – the psychedelic furs [pretty in pink]
but not tonight (robert margouleff extended remix) – depeche mode [modern girls]
magic dance – david bowie [labyrinth]
danger zone – kenny loggins [top gun]
feel the heat – jean beauvoir [cobra]
no promises – icehouse [modern girls]
cry little sister – gerard mcmann [the lost boys]
lost in the shadows – lou gramm [the lost boys]
slice of heaven – dave dobbyn and herbs [footrot flats: the dog’s tale]
i go crazy – flesh for lulu [some kind of wonderful]
miss amanda jones – the march violets [some kind of wonderful]
people are strange – echo and the bunnymen [the lost boys]
she’s like the wind ft. wendy frazer – patrick swayze [dirty dancing]
hypnotize me (innerspace mix) – wang chung [innerspace]
turn to the sky – the march violets [some kind of wonderful]
hungry eyes – eric carmen [dirty dancing]
i get around – the beach boys [good morning, vietnam and look who’s talking]
nowhere to run – martha reeves and the vandellas [good morning vietnam]
do you love me – the contours [dirty dancing]
i still believe – tim cappello [the lost boys]
meet me half way – kenny loggins [over the top]
colors – ice t [colors]
coming to america – the system [coming to america]
get outta my dreams, get into my car – billy ocean [license to drive]
cult of personality – living colour [say anything…]
in your eyes – peter gabriel [say anything…]
after all – peter cetera and cher [chances are]
birthday suit – johnny kemp [sing]

duration: over 7 hours if played nonstop.

*ghostbusters by ray parker jr., i’ve had the time of my life by bill medley and jennifer warnes, (don’t you) forget about me by simple minds and the power of love by huey lewis and the news are in DIFFERENT PLAYLISTS. I didn’t add them because I  I wanted to add songs that I didn’t have in other playlists. You would have to go to my past ones to look out for them.
*also, all things considered, there should be EXACTLY 110 songs in this playlist, which is also one of my ultimate playlists. If you experience any problems or hiccups of any kind, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME. I will take care of them accordingly.


Listen here for the playlist.

btsiscooliguess  asked:

HI! I LOVE YOU! I'm not super involved in the fandom because I'm not really a fandom person but I felt like making a blog to talk about k-pop stuff and your blog was the one that made me think maybe it was okay for me to do that :] in other news, I've been learning Spring Day on guitar and it's also really improving my Korean pronunciation which is cool. It's such a hecking pretty song. But anyway, yeah. Just wanted to drop in and say I love you!




this was so sweet thank you so much! <3

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At last. Dan Auerbach confirms a new solo record coming this spring. According to Rolling Stone he calls it “a whole history of everything I love about music.” He wrote and recorded about 60 songs last summer with John Prine, Dave Roe, Duane Eddy, Mark Knopfler and others.

Yet to see a full tracklist but the three titles reported include: “Shine On Me,” “Waiting On A Song” and “Malibu Man.” And he’ll be going on tour. More details as they emerge.

p.s. Dan also confirmed The Keys are still just “on a break.” “It’s hard to turn away money, but you have to recharge.” More here