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When the world comes down.

hi! could you do a daryl x reader imagine based on the song mona lisa by the all american rejects? i know it’s kind of a loose request but i love your writing and figured i would ask!!

I hope you like it! 💕

It was the middle of the night in Georgia when the army started to roll in with their tanks and evacuate everyone in town. They inspected every single person, looking at their eyes, teeth, hands and nails. You were in your house with your boyfriend, Daryl, when that happened.

The news only talked about some kind of virus that had infected people in other states, they showed images of what happened to those people and it frightened you.

You never thought something like that would happen, so you never prepared yourself for it. You took a bag and started emptying your drawers on it, packing clothes and whatever you could find.

“We have to go now”, Daryl told you as he walked inside your room. You didn’t listen to him, you were too busy packing your stuff with your trembling hands. “We don’t need bags, let’s go now!”

He grabbed your hand and started pulling you towards the front door.

“Wait!”, you said and pulled away from him, you ran back to your room and grabbed your car keys. You held them between your fingers with quavering fingers, they were shaking so much that the keys slipped out of your hands and fell to the floor. Daryl picked them up.

“It’s best if I drive”, he told you and you nodded, then you walked out of the house.

The roads were full with people trying to get out of town as the fear started to increase amongst them. The people on the radio kept talking about the virus, but no one told you what it was exactly.

Daryl was driving your car down the road to get out of town but the army was checking every single person before letting them leave, looking for any of the symptoms of the disease, so it was taking too long and you were basically parked there.

“The hell are they doing’?”, Daryl asked in an angry tone and slammed his hand on the steering wheel, he got out of the car to try and find out what was happening. You stayed inside, looking how he disappeared into the crowd through the windshield.

People were starting to lose their patience, they honked for several minutes straight and yelled at each other, they were just as scared and nervous as you. It was overwhelming for you to stay in there and Daryl wasn’t back yet. Suddenly, everyone went silent as a deafening boom was heard from the city.

You got out of the car and pushed through the crowd, trying to find out what had happened. Beside the road, there was a small forest area, trees and bushes that led downtown, you leaned your arm on a tree and watched how the army threw grenades to the city and to the people left there, you figured those were the sick ones before they didn’t look healthy at all.

It was painful to watch how those people were being murdered so savagely and how your hometown was being burned to ashes, so you started to sob quietly, everything in that town was abruptly becoming nothing as the grenades went off, and you could smell it in the air.

You noticed a figure sitting on the ground, also looking at the flames and dark smoke that came from the city. When he turned his head around, you realised it was Daryl. He saw you crying right there and his own eyes watered slightly at the sight of it.

“It’s alright”, he murmured simply. He wasn’t good at comforting people or showing he cared, he hadn’t learned how in his home, so it was hard for him to show you that he loved you.

“The world is going to hell”, you told him as you watched another explosion tear down a couple of houses. He knew you were right, no one even knew what was going on, but somehow you all knew that things were bad.

“You can sit beside me when the world comes down”, he mumbled and you could barely hear him.

“What?”, you asked him, you were pretty sure of what you thought you heard, but the times Daryl dared to say romantic things to you were very few, so you wanted to hear him say it again.

He got on his feet and walked towards you, he looked at you for a moment and then lowered his gaze. He moved his arms awkwardly until he finally wrapped them around you. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling his scent and the warmth of his body.

“What is happening, Daryl?”, you asked with your face pressed against his chest. Daryl didn’t answer, he knew as much as you did about the current state of the world: people were getting infected by some unknown disease and they had to be “put down” when they started showing cannibalistic behaviour, the healthy ones were getting evacuated out of town but the ones that showed even a slight sign of the illness had to be killed before they developed the other symptoms, and the whole city was being burned down to cinders. You were supposed to be taken to a refugee centre, but there was a long line of cars ahead of you, so you knew that when the centres were full, you would be on your own luck.

Your hands were shaking at that very thought and your chest was heaving roughly with your heavy breathing, however, Daryl’s feet were steadily planted on the ground and his arms were still holding you, he didn’t seem frightened like you.

“Aren’t you scared?”, you pulled away from his embraced and looked at his eyes, even in the night, you could still see how bright they were.

“No”, he grunted. You scowled at him, how could he be so calm in the middle of chaos?

“Why?”, you asked him with slight disbelief.

“All I need is next to me”, he murmured and looked down. You smiled, that was the single most beautiful thing he had said to you, and you suddenly realised that you didn’t care if the world was going down, Daryl was all you needed.

  • Leo, Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, Scorpio

Queen, the making of We Are the Champions 

“I was kind of quite shocked, cause I thought, ‘now come on, Fred.’ I thought, ‘we know you’re very, uh, egotistical and everything you know and, uh, we’re known for our arrogance but are we really gonna stand up and say we are the champions as opposed to every other group and every other person on the face of this earth?’ And he says, ‘actually. That’s not what it is.’ […] He could already see how it would be if we played it in a concert and everyone had their hands in the air and were saying, ‘we are the champions.’ And I could see that’s what it was about and years later we talked about it and he said to me, ‘rock ‘n’ roll is the only place where everyone has a feeling like being on a team but you’re not fighting anybody.’  You know it’s like, if you’re at, uh, at a game you have two sides who are singing their songs and feeling very much part of a team but they wanna kill the other side. The difference, at a rock concert, is everybody’s in the same team.” - Brian May
The 17 Best TV Couples Of 2016
Who says love is dead?
By crystal bell


Sing a song of a lass that is gone I most certainly will. The end of the second season of Outlander found Claire back in her own time — without her beloved Jamie but with their fully-grown daughter Brianna. (Did I mention that this show can be kinda hard to follow?) I have no doubt that Jamie and Claire will find each other again. After all, they’ve been through too much together to not endure this latest temporal setback. Jamie and Claire’s passion comes from genuine, mature love — a rarity these days.



Hi :-) So can i have a Daryl x reader where they are friends since before the apocalypse and they have feelings for each others but are too shy to say it ? And Daryl is jealous because she is getting closer of Shane and one day while looking for Sophia they argue and admit their feelings ? ( With smut if you want ) Thank you a lot I love your imagines !

A/N: ugh I wrote this and originally it fit the request really good but I accidentally deleted it. I about shot myself and I veered a little off in attempt to actually write it. I hope you like it anyways! (No smut but sometime in one of the upcoming ones) KM SO SORRY ITS LATE I PROMISE ILL WROTE THE OTHERS SOON

Song: bad_news by Bastille


“What the hell is your deal?” You asked Daryl harshly.

He scoffed and turned to you with piercing eyes. “Go back to Shane! Yer bangin’ him anyway!”

“You know just as well as I do that that isn’t true! What the fuck is your damn problem?” You were fuming at your best friend who was being completely unreasonable. He got close to you and spoke in your face, putting up his dominant front.

“Do I? I ain’t dealin’ with yer shit no more! You were my problem but not anymore!” He turned away from you and started to walk off when you spoke, so quiet he could barely hear it.

“What-what does that mean..?”

“Exactly what it sounds like.” And with that, he left you outside of your tent with your thoughts to go to the city and find his brother. You were aware of a tightening feeing creeping up in your throat and blurriness finding its way in front of your eyes.

You knew that he didn’t mean anything he just said to you and he’d come running back and saying sorry when he got back but that didn’t mean the words didn’t hurt.

Daryl met you in a restaurant, managing to rescue you from a perverted customer. You instantly attached to him and became extremely close and somewhere along the way, you fell in love. It was him who was at your door at 2 AM when screams and sounds of destruction were closing in. He held his crossbow and shoved a gun into your hand and dragged you to his bike and headed for the mountains along with his older brother. Daryl was protective and rough around the edges but you cherished every part of him, knowing he was the only thing you had left. You always thought the feelings were unreciprocated, one way.

Shane had just asked you for help and often confined in you about Lori after Rick showed up. You were always willing to listen, wanting to help everyone. You always give your food to the kids if they were still hungry or took a double watch if someone was tired. In all honesty, you didn’t dub your behavior as unusual; your father raised you to be selfless and giving, something he always was. Daryl hated Shane, more so after he put him in a headlock, giving him a severe headache the day after.

You couldn’t believe what Daryl said. Accusing you of sleeping with someone was absurd. You had boyfriends before Daryl came around but they were all jerks and cheaters, leaving you single for the better part of your college life.

You shook your head, trying to get what he said out of your thoughts as the sounds of an engine roared to life. The heavy weight of worry made its home deep in your heart, sinking to the bottom like a stone. Walkers crawled the big city streets and just the mere thought of the man you loved stepping a foot close to it created a wave of anxiety, images of his bloody body appearing in your mind. It wouldn’t be the first time he came home drenched in blood.

Sure, you were mad at him for saying what he did, but you forgave so easily especially when he comes to you with guilt glistening in his blue eyes. He was so insecure, always doubting himself, causing him to lash out and voice what he thinks others believe. He always apologized and ended up beating himself up about it; you just came to terms with the fact that he was like that because of his past. Daryl was always on the defense, protecting himself from things that weren’t meant to harm him. You were the first to see the scars on his back, not even his brother had seen them.

You could remember him yelling at you then storming out, leaving you in tears because it was the first time he’d ever done that. Hours later, tear stains along with smudged makeup painted your pillowcase when he returned. As soon as he saw your puffy eyes and trembling body beneath the covers, self loathing claimed his mind, you could see it. Daryl turned around and took his shirt over his head to show you why he was the way he was. You cried while he held you and vice versa. You were devastated to find out the truth but grateful he trusted you enough. That was the day you first started realizing how deep in you really were.


The campfire warmed your skin and brought smiles to the faces of those around it. It was Amy’s birthday, everyone telling stories and just enjoying the moment absent from terror. Carl and Sophia were beside you as they both reminded you of your long gone siblings.

Amy got up to leave, everyone’s eyes shooting to her. “I have to pee. Jeez, you try to be discreet around here.” The group chuckled, even bringing you out of your paranoid haze you’d been trapped in ever since you started to overthink. Daryl being hurt flashed before your eyes, him being bit, a walker. You couldn’t stay calm.

A scream pierced the air. Then another. Then everyone was screaming.

Amy was outside of the trailer, a walker biting into her neck. Her sister jumped up and ran to her bleeding body. While this was occurring, walkers appeared from the forest, biting people as they went. Screams rattled the night as well as gunshots.

You jumped up and pulled your gun from your back pocket, now in defense mode. You pushed the children behind you and took down every walker that got near you.

In the chaos, you managed to see Carl darting to his mother, catching the attention of a few walkers.

“Shit!” You yelled, pulling Sophia by the arm to the trailer. You shoved her inside and gave her a spare knife. She looked at you with fear heavy in her eyes and sobs coming from her mouth. “If anything tries to get you, use this!” You slammed the door shut and ran to the other child. He was still running from the walkers and despite how much you screamed for their attention, they were not giving up.

An idea sparked through your head, though you weren’t thinking of the consequences due to the adrenaline pumping in your blood. You grabbed your main knife from your belt and slid it across your forearm, hoping the smell would attract the undead.

You screamed at them once again and they veered their attention from Carl to you. He ran to his mother and she was yelling something at you but your ears were filled with the sound of your rapid heartbeat. Again, you decided to do something potentially stupid and ran to the middle of everything where adults were fighting and others were being bitten.

The knife once again slid over your arm, more crimson running down your fingertips. Walkers that weren’t occupied with feeding on the bitten were now after you.

You sprinted quickly to the woods, hoping to draw them away from the attacked campsite. Groans could be heard from behind you, getting closer and closer by the second. Your strength was running out; the cuts still spilling blood weren’t exactly shallow and it made your head spin.

Eventually you reached a point where you couldn’t run anymore. So you turned toward the fifteen or so walkers in front of you and raised your gun, shooting the ones closest to you until the ammo ran out.

Your knife was the only thing left. You stabbed one after the other, careful to dodge those lunging after you.

While you were pulling the knife out of one, another jumped on you, pushing you to the ground. You struggled against it, thinking of what Daryl taught you.

You held it back with all your strength as it tried to snap its teeth into your face. Just as it was about to sink into your flesh, it fell limp. An arrow was in its skull.

Gunshots rang beside you and you didn’t bother getting up, knowing your dwindling adrenaline wouldn’t aid you in the process. The body was lifted from you and you were met with blue eyes just as you closed yours.


As Daryl pulled in, walkers were eating people and attacking the living. Gunshots rang out and echoed into the night, drawing more and more of the dead to them.

He jumped from the car as well as the other men, bringing his crossbow up and taking out the closest to him. He takes them down one after the other, making his way towards the middle of the chaos.

“Daryl!” His head whipped to the voice. It was Lori who was behind Shane along with her son.

“It’s (Y/N)! She’s in the woods and a bunch of walkers followed her!” She was yelling overtop of the loud sounds of death and destruction but Daryl heard every single word.

He took off sprinting into the trees, searching frantically for you, the only one he cared about. He finally saw a crowd of walkers. You were in the middle fighting them off, blood covering you. A walker fell onto you and was trying to bite you and as soon as he was close enough, he took it out. Daryl quickly killed the other ones by means of stabbing and shooting, going over to you after they all fell.

You were covered in blood and your eyes were glazed over before your eyelids covered them. He picked you up and ran back to the camp where the gunshots ceased.


“What happened to her?” Daryl asked while you were unconscious in your tent. He had bandaged your arms while muttering apologies for everything he said even though you couldn’t hear him.

“She saved Carl,” Lori said, emotion thick in her voice. “Walkers were chasing him and she– she cut herself to drawl them away. Then she did it again in the middle of everything to get them away from all of us.” Tears were running down her face as she recalled the traumatic events only an hour prior to the current conversation.

He cursed under his breath. How could he have not guessed? You were naturally like that and he knew it.

Rick came over to him and put a hand on Daryl’s shoulder. “(Y/N)’s a brave girl. I owe her, we all do.”


A pounding in your skull woke you up. Opening your eyes almost made it worse.

You were in your tent, night still in the air. You sat up, almost falling back down because of the dizziness flooding your vision. Bandages were wrapped around your left arm, blood soaking through them.

Then, the zipper on the tent was undone as Daryl unzipped it. He was covered in blood, mirroring you, and looked exhausted.

“Daryl,” you breathed out. He came inside and closed the tent back up before pulling you into a tight embrace. He burrowed his face into your neck and breathed in. Tears found their way to your cheeks.

“Don’ do that again. Stop bein’ so damn selfless,” he threatened, half growling. He pulled away and took your arm. His thumb brushed over the bandages and he looked you in the eyes with a hard stare. “I can’ lose ya.”

You put your hand on his cheek and he leaned into the gentle touch, an unusual thing for him. Tears kept their steady flow down your face. You were happy but a larger part of you was devastated at the loss of everyone.

Daryl could see exactly what you were thinking. He always did. “C'mere.”

He took you into his embrace, just holding you and whispering into your ear. “I need ya…. I- I…”

“I love you too, Daryl.” You whispered back, knowing what he was trying to say. He squeezed you lightly and held you for the rest of the night, protecting you from the terrors outside.

At last. Dan Auerbach confirms a new solo record coming this spring. According to Rolling Stone he calls it “a whole history of everything I love about music.” He wrote and recorded about 60 songs last summer with John Prine, Dave Roe, Duane Eddy, Mark Knopfler and others.

Yet to see a full tracklist but the three titles reported include: “Shine On Me,” “Waiting On A Song” and “Malibu Man.” And he’ll be going on tour. More details as they emerge.

p.s. Dan also confirmed The Keys are still just “on a break.” “It’s hard to turn away money, but you have to recharge.” More here

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The doctors need some love, can I get some headcanons about Ratchet, First Aid, and Ambulon (and Pharma if you do him cause I didn't see him on the list) when it's a slow day and their bot s/o comes in and starts singing "doctor, doctor, give me the news, I got a bad case of loving you!" and serenading them with other silly love Doctor songs please?

That’s so cute awww ^.^


  • At first he’s grumpy and tells you to stop distracting him.
  • When you point out there are no patients he just grumbles under his breath and rolls his optics. 
  • He continues his work, pretending to be annoyed, but you can see a lil smile on his face as he hides his blush with his datapad.


  • Is so flustered help him. 
  • He laughs nervously and tells you he’s not supposed to be getting distracted. 
  • He’ll let you continue though, blushing all the while.
  • Makes a point to serenade you in return when his shift is over.


  • Since there’s nothing going on he doesn’t mind. He does tell you not to come barging in when he’s busy, though.
  • Enjoys you singing for him. 
  • He rolls his optics and smirks, pulling you in for a dance.

First Aid

  • So very blush. Giggly blushy boy. 
  • He has paperwork to do, but he bounces along to the beat as he does it. 
  • Might sing along. It helps him concentrate. 
  • He asks you to sing with him more often after that. 
Why do I love Hoseok..

We all know how happy and cheerful he is. But it’s no secret even he has to deal with stress and anxiety. Even he has had times where he’s felt unwanted and useless. Some of us have been so oblivious to his feelings, yet he perseveres. He’s been strong through and through. And worked so hard towards the choreographies and songs we’ve come to love. Oh you like the I need U choreo cause jimin looked bomb. News flash Jhope helped choreograph it. Yet how many times have we appreciated him? He still works hard and tries his best. I am not saying the others don’t. But I think Hobi deserves more respect for all he’s done. We’re all humans, we all have a positive and a negative side. But Hoseok tries his best to not show us the negative and makes us focus on the positive. I couldn’t be more grateful for this sunshine.

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in other news, soop is multishipping trash and loves her some gay pokegirls

So Trump said that something happend in Sweden the other day, and everyone are just as confused as me. So I looked at the news and besides the song competition “Melodifestivalen” where a 87 year old man went to the finals, I read this awesome thing about a moose who fell in love with a wooden moose. XD Trump, look what’s happening in Sweden, forbidden moose-love <3 Also two males. 

Edit: The man who made the wooden moose is now crafting a baby moose for them XD

The Trio....

This flowers boy trio is so famous right now…

they even go on vacation together and make hot news……

But before that few years ago this noona and 2 dongsaeng trio is my fav…..

They always fight, love, and take care of each other, i really miss them together

Insung hyung and Jihyo noona is lucky to have these 2 loving dongsaeng like Kwangsoo and Joongki….

Nice reunion by the way….

Jo in sung and Song ji hyo in frozen flower BTS ( they are same age friend too)

u cant convince me he and dirk spun a mix with samples of moonsetter and dave DIDNT spend the entire time gushing about his boyfriend

in other news i want dirk to have a certain sort of reverence for karkat because he hears about him constantly from dave and hes been so good to dave that dirk is second hand grateful for his influence in daves life

fashion killa


She jiggy like Madonna but she trippy like Nirvana.


Harry thinks competing for an unofficial award of fashion is a bit childish and Y/N loves the competition.

[ inspired by the song Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky ]


Harry knew how to set a trend.

It was something that usually came natural to him. He sometimes thinks it’s just because he has the money to afford fancy clothes but many people tell him otherwise - that his sense of fashion was one of the best.

And Harry was not one to gloat about his successes because he was a very humble lad.

Given, his mum taught him to never take his opportunities for granted.

But his humbleness might be tested when a certain scarlet takes ahold of his title as the most fashionable trend setter. An almost game they played; either one of them would wear something bold that turned heads all over the fashion world and vise versa.

It was a game. It was an unofficial challenge.

And Y/N loved that challenge.

“Harry, what’re your feelings towards Y/F/N?” the interviewer speaks with a smirk decorating his face, because of course, everyone knew their attitude when around each other was more competitive than friendly.

“Oh Y/N, she’s something alright.” Harry grins with full on dimples, a condescending smile non-the-less. He loves the attention the media gives to his game with Y/N. Always playful with each other but you couldn’t exactly call them friends per say because Y/N “didn’t associate herself with people in boy bands”, apparently.

And Harry believes that to be boldface lie. She was probably a fangirl of N'Sync or some shit - the truth being she just doesn’t want to associate herself with the one other person in the whole damn world that could ever compare to her trend setting.

And especially at something as important as The Grammy’s. Because Harry got nominated along with the other lad’s of One Direction with their single after coming back from hiatus 2 years later. He remembers Niall telling him rumors about Y/N and Rihanna (which might sound surprising but Y/N was also friends with Drake so it makes a lot of sense) possibly in a relationship (which is why she would be here) but neither of the girls have ever said anything about being lesbian or even bisexual for that matter. Quite possibly it was simply a rumor - as it almost always is - and the two were just great friends. But Harry would be hesitant to admit that he thinks the two might look rather ravishing sprawled amongst the silk sheets in his bed. But, ya know, that’s a completely different story.

Because Rihanna is a gorgeous woman but Harry thinks that Y/N is much more mesmerizing and electric; something about her being only 20 and already so known and he adores how she’s so confident in the eye of Hollywood when he knows how ruthless this line of business can be.

But Harry’s brought back to reality when he sees the one and only walking down the carpet with no one but herself (because Y/N never came to events with arm candy, her Tiffany diamond bracelets were far better and much prettier) and he notices her waving briefly at - oh damn is that really Justin Bieber she’s waving at? Y/N knows a lot of people, Harry would say.

“Someone’s looking ravishing tonight. My my, what designer?” The interviewer goads at Y/N and Harry is a little pissed that the attention isn’t on him anymore. Even if that was a bit childish in retrospect because she’s four years younger than him.

Harry and Y/N’s eyes connect and she smirks at him as he rolls his eyes before he can stop himself (he knows the camera picked that up and he can already see the headlines) before Y/N directs her attention back on the interviewer.

“Thank you! It’s a Dolce and Gabbana one of a kind,” she peers at Harry and looks down at what he’s wearing (a Gucci suit that has Y/N smirking in approval), “but I wouldn’t want to take away from your interview, Harry, so I’ll be on my way-”

“Leaving so soon?” Harry asks with a coy smile that brings a smile to the interviewer’s face because he knows this interview will be a hit.

Harry reckons she’s loving this too, they always playfully flirt with each other at events like this. This is the most they ever talk, however. Harry finds this to be a tad upsetting because he wants to be Y/N’s friend, in the most casual phrase of the instance.

“Yes, stay stay!”

And Harry couldn’t be bothered to look at the interviewer when Y/N looks like this.

The majority of the joint interview were questions on the two of them - and a couple were about the rumor Harry was thinking about earlier, the one with Rihanna but Y/N quickly shoots that down as Harry’s smile during the ordeal is enough to break the internet probably - questions about their friendship or if they were even friends because they had many mutuals but Harry’s favorite question is if they knew about the dating rumors on them two and Y/N’s favorite question is if they’ve ever fucked (because Y/N wouldn’t really mind if that rumor came true, if she’s being honest.)

And with the words of “Imagine if you two dated! Best dressed couple, every single time.” Harry and Y/N make their way away from each other but not before Harry pulls her away and whispers in her ear a thing that’s sure to kill Y/N (and the world, if they knew Harry’s words of advice.)

“The dress is rather gorgeous, Y/N, must say. But, love, always remember to never let sticky tape show. Big no no.”

And he walks away with a haughty smirk dancing across his lips as Y/N’s cheeks turn a deep shade of crimson as her eyes dart down to her chest because, God sticky tape showing is a big no no, Harry was dead right.

But she soon comes to realize that there in fact was nothing showing and her jaw drops in astonishment at Harry’s audacity and Harry just really likes fucking with people, especially Y/N.

He winks back at her with that coy grin he’s famous for, yelling out a curt, “Made ya look!”


yikes don’t know how i feel about this one ????

imagine being in a fashion rivalry with harry tho lmfao

this is soooo ugly idek why I’m posting it lmfao

my masterlist

- amanda !!

I was tagged by @evergreen-changes (thank you~! ♥), so, here I come!

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Relationship status: Single and I absolutely don’t want to change it.

Favorite Color: Orange and pink. I’ve always loved orange, it’s my favourite color, I had and I still have a lot of orange clothes - a backpack, too. Pink has become my second favourite color over the years - once I passed the horrible “I don’t want to look girly!” phase. And purple, too. I have some purple garments and you can say there’s a special reason why I love it even more, now in other news I’m a dirty fangirl

Pets: Don’t have it. Never have them. I honestly don’t like pets too much and I don’t like the idea of having one in my house.

Last song I listened to: Thursday’s Child by David Bowie. I love the man so much! ♥ And I’m listening to his latest albums, because I’m reading a book about him and I wanna know everything. Also, I like the lyrics of this song so much. ;; ♥

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I'm new into kpop, so I've just started to discover other groups different from BTS. I've just listened Monster and Haru Haru by BigBang and those songs got me so emotional I almost cried, I mean they were amazing. It's a shame that I found out about kpop only recently, and the news that Bigbang will stop for a while was a shock! I have the feeling I lost the chance to follow an amazing group. From the blog, I guess you like BigBang. So, can you recommend other groups as good as them? Maybe (1)

this is gonna be a long ass answer because there are so many groups I love, so please gimme a bit for this response hehehhe

My introduction

Well hello there
I’m Ella, I’m 15, and I live in north west England.

I love reading, writing, YouTube (Dan and Phil, doddleoddle, Evan Edinger, pewdiepie etc), music (panic!, top, dodie clark woop) and randomly bursting into song. I may or may not have watched too much HSM as a child ok
I love painting and baking so if anything actually goes to plan for once- wouldn’t that be nice- then I will probably upload pictures as inspiration for others.

On this blog I’m aiming to write some news stories on what’s going on in the world from a teenagers point of view and about certain youtubers and any of their announcements etc
I also want to create some quizzes (like the would-you-rathers and ‘what character you are’) around films, music artists, and youtubers to give visitors space to do something calming and hopefully entertaining :)

If you have any questions, feel free to message or submit to this blog, our Facebook page (Working Towards Progress) or our WordPress (workingtowardsprogress)

If you would like to seek to me personally, just state so at the beginning of the message and I’ll answer :)

I hope you enjoy our blog and that it is a calm and informative place for you to visit, I shall speak to you soon!

- Ella (ayyy follow my personal tumblr? ughchildren)

Taeyeon to Come Back with First Full Album

[by Woorim Ahn] Taeyeon became a hot issue with a teaser video.

On February 16 at midnight, she disclosed new song ‘I Got Love’ music video teaser through YouTube and Naver TV’s SMTOWN channels.

‘I Got Love’ is one of the songs in Taeyeon’s first full album and its music video will be out on February 18 at midnight, so the fans are arousing their curiosity for the full album.

Particularly, Taeyeon made activities as a solo artist with ‘I’, ‘Rain’, ‘Why’, ’11:11’ and others and proved her skills as a soloist. Moreover, she swept awards in 2016 MAMA and 2016 MelOn Music Awards.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon will release second teaser of ‘I Got Love’ on February 17 at midnight. (photo by SM Entertainment)

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