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hey guys you know what i discovered today? ed sheeran has a song that contains the lyric “and i know you love shrek / cause we’ve watched it twelve times”. do you know how i discovered this? because it came blaring over the speakers of the church at which i was playing the organ for a wedding blessing today, during the signing of the certificates, and i had to sit there in full view of the congregation trying to be as utterly professional as possible while mentally emotionally and spiritually coming to terms with the fact that i had just heard shrek name dropped, in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable corny love song by ed sheeran, during a literal actual religious ceremony. in other news im an ed sheeran hate blog now

What is love?

I have spent hours trying to define love. Is it the butterflies you get when you see the person? Is it the contentment you feel by their side? Is it the mutual respect? Compatibility? Companionship? After years of trying to pinpoint a single, perfect definition. I think I have found one. Though perhaps, it isn’t as simple as I once thought. To me…

Love is holding your hand as we walk, even if doing so isn’t exactly practical. 

Love is cuddling up with you to watch a movie after a long day. 

Love is sitting on the floor and having an indoor picnic for dinner. 

Love is going to you when I need help or support. 

Love is going to you as soon as I receive good news. 

Love is long hugs, passionate kisses, and affirmations. 

Love is feeling utterly safe in your arms.

Love is learning to be patient, because sometimes the best things in life require you to wait. 

Love is being proud of one another. 

Love is spending hours on planes, trains, and every other form of public transportation to see one another. 

Love is Skyping for 16 hours straight. 

Love is counting down the days until the next visit. 

Love is singing silly songs and spontaneously dancing. 

Love is supporting one another’s dreams and goals. 

Love is all of this and more. 

Love is you. 

BTS Reaction: Them finding out that they’re your first boyfriend even though you were very popular in HS and got proposed many times(request)

Hi everyone! I’m Admin Cloud and I’m a new admin to Nothing-but-kpop-dreams. I’m sorry that this took so long to write this is also my very first reaction. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


Rap Monster / Kim Namjoon - You were at home cleaning up your closet and Namjoon decided to come over to help. Your room was a complete mess when he came over. There were clothes everywhere and it took you a bit of time to answer the door.

“Took you long enough” He chuckled walking into your small apartment.

“Sorry.” You apologize.

Leading him into your room, he laughs out loud at how messy your room was. Although it may sound embarrassing, it didn’t bother you at all since you’ve already seen how messy his room can get. Rolling your eyes, you go back into your closet taking out more clothes that either didn’t fit you or didn’t suit your liking. Looking up, you see one last box at the top of your closet. Curiously, you tippy toe up and reach for it, you hands barely grazing the side of the box. You jump up a little and still couldn’t reach it. You turn around lips pursed together as you look at Namjoon with pleading eyes. He laughs before walking over and grabbing the box for you.

“Geez, What’s in here? Rocks?” He asks as he sets the heavy box on the floor.

“Hmm, let’s find out” You reply, sitting down on the floor and opening the big box.

Your eyes widen as you realize that it’s a box full of your old high school things. Namjoon sits down next to you grabbing your senior yearbook.

“Oh wow I haven’t looked at this in so long” You thought out loud, as Namjoon flips through the pages.

You recall memories you had in high school to Namjoon, mostly about old friends and teachers. Suddenly he turns to the sports and clubs section of the yearbook and notices you in almost all the clubs and sports.

“Wow. Cheer captain?” He marveled.


“I’m guessing you were really popular back then. How many guys did you date?” he asks curiously.

“None.” you smile.

“Wait. How many exes have you had?”


“So–I’m your first boyfriend?”

“Yes. Namjoon. You are my first boyfriend”

He chuckles to himself as he wraps an arm around you and kisses you on the cheek.

“So looks like the nerdy guy gets the beautiful cheerleader in the end”

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Jin / Kim Seokjin - You are a famous idol part of a rising girl group from a small company almost unheard of. After the release of your debut song, your group gained so many new fans that you felt the need to do a vlive to interact with your fans. A few months before, as trainees, your group got the chance to meet BTS. Giving you guys encouraging advice on your upcoming debut, at the time, you’ve gotten close with Jin. The connection you two had, was indescribable. Soon after, you and Jin started a relationship, that only grew stronger as the days turn into months. When he publicly announced your relationship, the backlash was almost unbearable, making your company second guess the group’s debut date. Luckily another scandal bigger than your relationship with Jin sprouted making everyone turn away from your relationship to focus on other news. When your group debuted the song, it was almost as if all the hate turned into love, as your groups follower count gained more and more.

So here you are sitting in front of your iPhone camera, and answering questions being sent in from your fans.

“Hello everyone! Thanks for joining me today while I eat my dinner” You say into the camera, pulling out a bowl of jajangmyeon.

Putting some of the noodles into your mouth, you keep an eye on the live comments as people commented on how cute you looked. You smiled with cheeks filled.

“I’ll be answering questions now, so send in your questions!” You announce as you stuff your mouth with more noodles. Reading some of the comments, you notice a bunch of “Will you marry me’s” and “I love you’s”.

Smiling, you put up a heart, “I love you too!” you say.

Going through as many questions as you can do, one comment sticks out to you.

“Is Jin the most handsome boyfriend you’ve ever had?”

You smile widely, blushing at the thought of your boyfriend.

“Of course he’s the most handsome boyfriend I’ve ever had, because he’s the only one I’ve ever had”

The comment section over-flooded with cute reactions. Mostly fans fangirling about your relationship. Suddenly, Seoyeon (One of your group members) rushes into your room hold up her phone to your face.

“Yah! Y/n, Sunbaenim’s on the phone!” She exclaims handing you her phone.

Taking the phone from her, you put the phone on speaker, getting closer to the camera.

“Yah! Jagi, Of course I’d be your first boyfriend! You were waiting for someone as handsome as me to claim as your first.”

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Suga / Min Yoongi - Late nights with Yoongi was a typical thing for the both of you. You thought instead of parting Yoongi away from his music, maybe you should just join him at the studio. After the first couple of nights, it became a routine, for you to go to Yoongi’s studio right after work. One night after work you picked up some coffee for the both of you and immediately went straight to the studio. Walking into the room, Yoongi spins around on his chair facing you.

“Were you expecting coffee? Cuz I originally wanted to surprise you with this.” You laugh lifting up the cardboard tray.

“No,” he started “I just needed you”

Smiling, you place the coffee on the side table and walk over to Yoongi giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.

“I need your help with something” Yoongi said with a soft smile.

“What do you need help with?” You ask curiously.

“I’m stuck with this one song I’m working on. It’s about a break up, and I feel like there isn’t enough emotion in it.”


“When you and your ex broke up, how did it feel? Did you feel any kind of hurt? Was the hurt painful?” He asked

“Oh,” you say shyly “Uhm, I’ve never had a break up”

“I should’ve expected that you were the heart breaker” He sighs chuckling.

You start to blush at his assumption.

“No… uhm I’ve never been through a break up,” you stated “ever.”

Yoongi’s eyes widen in shock.

“So that means?”

“You’re my first boyfriend.” You smile shyly, as you pull on the sleeves of your hoodie

“Wha– How? You’re one of he most beautiful girl’s I’ve ever met. Other guys must’ve fawned over you”

“Well…Maybe I didn’t like the other guys”

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J-Hope / Jung Hoseok - It was one of those days where you and Hobi would stay at home and do absolutely nothing. You and Hoseok were sitting on the couch watching TV when your phone started to ring. You get up from Hoseok’s side and walk over to the counter to reach your phone. Looking at the number, you tilt your head to the side, not knowing who it was. Answering the facetime call, you see your old friend Doyoon pop up on the screen. You scream in excitement, frightening Hoseok in the process.

“Doyoon! It’s been forever!!” You exclaim

“I missed you too Y/n” he replies smiling at you.

After hearing a deep voice reply, Hoseok rushes over to your side curious to see who you were talking to. Engulfed in your conversation, you didn’t notice Hobi walking toward you, until he wraps his arms around your waist.

“Oh! Hobi, This is my old friend Doyoon” You say showing Hoseok the screen.

“Is this your boyfriend?” He asks

You nod, smiling.

“Y/n and I have been friends since we were in high school. You should’ve seen how the guys worshiped her, she got asked out left and right,” he laughed “Even I asked her out!”

You feel Hoseok tighten behind you.

“But she always rejected everyone! You’re a lucky man” He laughed

You smile as he loosens up. Hoseok lets go of your waist and goes to the kitchen to grab something to drink. You and Doyoon continue to talk, as Hoseok listens quietly.

“You’re modeling now! I saw your photos in a magazine not too long ago!”

“Yeah I’m living the dream! Anyways I have to go, my manager’s calling. I’ll talk to you soon boo-boo”

As you end the call, you see Hoseok leaning against the counter looking down at his drink. You walk around and stand behind Hobi, wrapping your arms around him.

“What’s wrong?” You ask, leaning your head against his back.

“I don’t understand why you picked me for your first boyfriend” He sighs

“Why would you say something like that?” You questioned, frowning as you let go to face him.

“Your friend. He’s a model.”

“Hoseok, I couldn’t date him even if I wanted to. Besides I don’t want to be with him, I want to be with you”

“Y/n  you are so beautiful, it’s a miracle that you actually said yes to me. Why wouldn’t you want to be with someone who’s as good looking as you are, like Doyoon?”

You roll your eyes.

“Because he’s gay.”

Hoseok’s cheeks burn red as walks over and hugs you burying his face in your shoulder as he laughs in embarrassment.

“I love you too Hobi” You laugh.

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Park Jimin - After visiting your home town, You and Jimin were on the train heading back to Seoul. While you were there, Jimin learned more about your childhood and where you grew up. The second you stepped off the train, you bumped into many of your old classmates, who revealed to Jimin your soaring popularity in high school. Upon hearing this, Jimin was shocked to find out that he was your first boyfriend and questioned how lucky he was to have such a beautiful girlfriend like you. Here you both were sitting side by side on the train back home enjoying the last few hours you had together before going back to the busy city and back to the busy schedules of reality.

Suddenly a random man probably a couple of years younger than you appears by your side, smiling widely. You shift uncomfortably in your seat.

“uh…” You say awkwardly

The guy gasps. You notice his ears starting to get redder and redder by the second.

“You look just like a fairyyy,” he started “Will you marry me?”

Your eyes widen in embarrassment.

“Oh…Uhm I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are” You say in the most polite way you can.

“Oh gosh. You actually said something to me”

Almost immediately, someone you assumed was his friend, pulls him away apologizing as they walk in the other direction. You quickly turn to Jimin. Your face heated.

“Did that just happen?” You ask confused.

“Trust me, I can’t believe you’re talking to me either” he laughs.

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V / Kim Taehyung - It was midnight. You and Tae have yet to fall asleep so here you both were sitting cross legged in front of each other on your bed. You two started off talking about your day at work, but soon after that you talked about almost everything. As soon as you started a new topic about politics, Taehyung groaned falling over to his side and laying on your bed. He takes one of your pillows and props his arm on it, leaning his head on his hand.

“I don’t wanna talk about politics, that’s what old people talk about.” He whined

He sits up again, scooting even closer to you.

“Let’s play 21 questions” he suggests.

“Tae,” You laugh “You already know everything about me”

“Not everything!”

“Fine” You sigh in defeat. “You first”

“Hmm,” He chirped “If you could have any name besides your own what would it be?”

“Uhm…maybe (whatever name you like) because I like the way it sounds” You replied

He smiles, nodding his head.

“Your turn” he says.

“What is something you want to improve on?”

“I want to improve on my drawing” He smiles.

You’ve seen some of his drawings and it always impresses you. How talented this man is, you never understood.

“How many boyfriends have you had?”

“One.” You reply casually.

“I know you were popular in high school! How can you have had only one boyfriend?”

Your cheeks burned a rose color, as you played with your hair.

“I didn’t date anyone in high school”

Taehyung’s eyes widened.


“You’re my first one” you say hiding your face.

“Jagiyaaaaa” He says hugging you tightly, kissing the top of your head. “Why didn’t you tell me??”

“You didn’t ask” You laugh.

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Jeon Jungkook - It was a nice day out. You and Jungkook decided to go out on a walk around the nearby park. Enjoying each other’s company, you two walked in silence. Hand in hand, you lean your head on his shoulder when you hear someone calling your name.


Looking up you see a girl around the same age as you running up to you two. You smile politely at her, not knowing who she is. Jungkook looks at you confusingly as you shrug at him, confused as well.

“Y/N!,” The girl exclaims “Hi! It’s been so long”

“Hi” You reply politely with a hint of awkward.

“It’s me! Jihyun, we were both on the cheerleading team in high school”

Your eyes widen as you remember Jihyun, she was one of the cheerleaders you were acquaintances with in high school.

“Jihyun! You look gorgeous! How have you been?” you say.

“I’ve been good!” she smiles, and glances over to Jungkook. Her eyes widen.

“Is this your boyfriend?”

You smile widely at Jungkook, as he pulls you to his side.

“Yes,” you giggle “He is.”

“Oh my gosh! I wish you were in the same high school as y/n and I,” Jihyun starts “She was soooo popular. Almost all the boys asked her out. She even got proposed to”

You feel Jungkook shift uncomfortably next to you.

“How did you get y/n to say yes?” She asked

“Huh?” Jungkook asked confused.

“Yeah! y/n would reject guys left and right.,” she beamed “She even rejected the most popular guy in school”

You look down, shyly as you feel the heat rushing up to your cheeks. Jihyun’s phone buzzes. She looks down at her phone and her eyes widen.

“Oh, It looks like I gotta go,” she apologizes “I hope we could meet up again y/n it was nice running into you.”

Jihyun walks the other way, waving as she left. Suddenly you turn to Jungkook with blushed cheeks. He looks at you adoringly, as his smile grows wider.

“Why didn’t you tell me that I’m your first boyfriend?” He asks.

“You never asked.” You reply laughing.

“So I guess that I’m better than the most popular guy at school”

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It’s Miniature Monday, folks!

Today we have eight volumes from Miniature Dictionary Publisher’s, Inc., published circa 1925.  The firm was operated by the Minkus brothers in New York City, and frequently published miniature volumes of well-known works and dictionaries.  These books were often used to advertise businesses like banks, hotels and department stores; the business in question would have its named stamped on the back of each volume it sold.  None of these copies are stamped; but the leather wallet binding and gilt-stamped titles as well as the pink-edged text blocks are characteristic of MDP Inc.  Another charming thing about these books are their bookplates–I have never seen a miniature bookplate before!  These books have a wonderful feel to them—their chunky shape and soft leather bindings make them seem almost edible!  Stop by and see them before I eat them today!

Various Authors. The Little Webster, Love and Other Stories (2 ediitons), The Arabian Nights Entertainments, The Golden Treasury of English Songs, Don Quixote, Paradise Lost, Hamlet and Macbeth.  New York: Miniature Dictionary Publisher’s, Inc. 1925.  Charlotte Smith Miniatures Collection, Uncatalogued.  Gift of Carol Kapell in memory of Paula B. Deems

Information on the volumes gathered from: Edison, Julian I.. Miniature Book News #90: 1996 September.  St. Louis, Missouri.  UNT Digital Library.

See all of our Miniature Monday posts here

-Laura H. 

About Stefán Karl Stefánsson(Robbie Rotten)

Just read an article about our beloved actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson who played Robbie Rotten from Lazy town and how his cancer has gotten worse. The chances of him growing older is unfortunatly much lower now and I felt like sharing this to you guys because I didn’t see much posts about this on tumblr. You can read the article here: I would also like to say that ‘we are number one’ meme were probably one of my favourite memes because it saved a life… or atleast for a while. And the fact that Stefán loved those memes and also even sang that song for us with the original crew behind him on a video really proves how much he cares about his fans. I have never met Stefán in person, but I bet that he would be one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Please spread this information to others and support him, especially now in these hard times. I’m not sure if there are any donations you can go to to try to help him further, but if any of you guys know please reblog with the link so others can find it easily. Let’s pray and hope for the best for Stefán and always remember that HE will always be number one to us.

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Queen, the making of We Are the Champions 

“I was kind of quite shocked, cause I thought, ‘now come on, Fred.’ I thought, ‘we know you’re very, uh, egotistical and everything you know and, uh, we’re known for our arrogance but are we really gonna stand up and say we are the champions as opposed to every other group and every other person on the face of this earth?’ And he says, ‘actually. That’s not what it is.’ […] He could already see how it would be if we played it in a concert and everyone had their hands in the air and were saying, ‘we are the champions.’ And I could see that’s what it was about and years later we talked about it and he said to me, ‘rock ‘n’ roll is the only place where everyone has a feeling like being on a team but you’re not fighting anybody.’  You know it’s like, if you’re at, uh, at a game you have two sides who are singing their songs and feeling very much part of a team but they wanna kill the other side. The difference, at a rock concert, is everybody’s in the same team.” - Brian May  


I just read this book, Song of Achilles, and oh my lordy it was SO GOOD, guys, so. frikkin. good. It’s basically a retelling of the Iliad with 1000% more Achilles and it’s WONDERFUL. Excellent characters, beautiful writing, and you can tell the author knows her subject backwards and forwards but it never, ever feels fact-dumpy - it just feels like you’re within ancient Greek culture which is SO AWESOME. Go! Read it! Although be warned! It will also make you want to rip your heart out through your spleen and then cry a lot!

Why you shouldn't learn languages

I took classes in secondary school, so I remember something and that’s enough for me.
If you don’t use language daily or fresh it up regularly, your abilities naturally decline. You can’t recall vocabulary, you have to search for every word, reactions slow down. Active knowledge of the language is disappearing. 
And, if you’re so sure about your knowledge gained in the past, try a little test:

  • Tell your friend or yourself what you did last summer
  • Try to imagine you’re in an interview and try to explain what you’re good at
  • Try to tell something really nice (in more sentences) to your partner in your target language

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Okay antis, read the whole thing

So, I joined TCC like week ago (Ive been stalking yall for way longer tho lmaoo) and I decided to make my own post to antis. 

Ok so, first of all, this ain’t a serial killer fandom, thank you. TCC ain’t a fandom, bless you. 

Anyway, I’ll start with a little background alright ? So, I have been on tumblr maybe like 3 years, with different blogs. When I joined tumblr, I had an eating disorder and I used to have just a regular beauty blog, I saw pictures of other beautiful, skinny, anorectic, girls and compared myself to them daily. I posted my face there, my body, just everything, and I got a lot of compliments, mostly from men, adult men(I was a minor) and I started to feel like I need their acceptance and I need to be skinny and pretty in order to get it. I was well liked, I seemed happy and I made myself seem perfect, I was skinny, I took pictures with tons of makeup and filters. But in order to maintain that, I didn’t eat, I was really depressed, I had suicidal thoughts and shit. But I kept it going, really, those skinny girls you see on tumblr, they haven’t eaten in days to get those ribs showing, and in order to look so perfect they took tons of pictures, pushing their body in the weirdest positions, that are not normal, and it hurts to take those pictures. But that was all that I had, I thought I needed to be pretty, in order to be liked and happy. I thought I needed to be skinny or all the people would leave. 

Then, one day I was listening to one song from Roope, he rapped about Jokela’s school massacre, I was really depressed back then, I had never been interested in any fictional characters, shows and such, I had always loved to read real stories and news about violent crimes, murders, etc since I was a little, I don’t know why, they excited me, but I just thought I was weird and that there weren’t any other people like me. Well, I went to read about the massacre, and there I found my way to read about columbine as well, I got really interested in it. I read everything about it and on some page the word “columbiners” catched my eye. I was like “omg, school shooter fandom, so gross, terrible, sick kids omg lolol they prolly planning a school shooting!!!!!111!! CALL THE POLICE !!!111!”, yea, just like you anti guys, I was one of yall too.

But I couldn’t help myself, and I went to tumblr and hit the search. I was shocked, I found people just like me, I found people who were also interested in violent crimes and murderers, I found people who didn’t say I was sick or weird for finding interest in those things. I found TCC. I felt like here I can talk about everything that fascinates me.

Then I joined TCC, people werent throwing their skinny bodies and makeup caked faces everywhere, I didn’t need to stress, everyone was just being themselves, making memes and jokes about dylann roof forgetting his damn age, no one was planning a fucking mass murder, I didnt need to be skinny, pretty and perfect, I didn’t need to fake anymore. I was able to openly talk about my interests and not just keep all my thoughts inside, because if I had kept all them inside, I would’ve definitely exploded at some point. Before TCC I thought I didnt belong, I thought no one understood me, I thought I was sick and something was wrong with me and everyone else was normal. But here, if I feel suicidal I can just hit someone up and they will talk me through it, I need advice? Literally anyones ready to help you. Violent thoughts ? EVERYONES READY TO TALK WITH YOU AND HELP YOU TO GET RID OF THEM, NO ONE IS COURAGING YOU TO SHOOT UP A SCHOOL U FUCKING DUMB CORNDOGS. 

 Theres much higher chance for those people with violent thoughts and interest in this kind of stuff to commit something if they feel like there is no one like them and they are left outside. But if you actually find people like you, community like TCC, you feel like you are not alone, there are people who understand you, you feel accepted somewhere. The fact TCC doesnt fail to also put a little fun in the mix w all the serious stuff also, is really amazing too. Now your thoughts must be that “you need therapy u sick fuck, kill yourself” thank you for your concern love, I do go to therapy ! And many people in the TCC do ! Telling us to kill ourselves will definitely not help us, or make us want to leave TCC, the community, that actually supports us and doesnt want us to go and take our life. It just makes us to feel more like outsiders and that we dont belong anywhere but TCC, so jot that down.

Next point, is that the ones here interested in Columbine ARE NOT FUCKING HAPPY ABOUT THE SHOOTING, THEY WISH THEY COULDVE BEEN THERE FOR THE BOYS AND SHOWED THEM THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE LIKE THEM, AND THAT THEY DONT NEED TO DO IT. There are people out there just like Dylan and Eric, some of them have found TCC, and have found people who accept them, bullied kids have found a safe place where they can talk about their thoughts and dont have to keep them inside. The teenagers, interested in Columbine, have found friends here that get them up in the morning when the bullies are trying to push them down.

 And if you are gonna say now that u aim your shit at the kids who say they condone, then just think about yourself, or some of your friends, when you were 13, I was a fucking edgy emo kid too, they get over it okay ? Dont tell them to kill themselves for it, they will understand it eventually, they are rebelling teenagers, just chill the fuck out. If you need to do something, try to calmly talk to them about it and tell that you understand how they feel right now, but things get better and why its not okay to say that. Just, calm, the, fuck, down. Jesus.

 Also if you are gon say “u sick fucks serial killer worshippers omg”, then you are on the wrong lane honey. On the serial killer side of the TCC people are mostly just writing down facts, traits to spot a serial killer, how abusive parents and such are usually related to these things, how to avoid these things from happening again, or making jokes and editing pictures to make the killers look dumb as fuck. And then about that some people find the killers attractive? So fucking what? Pretty sure that doesnt affect your fucking day in any way, and also, Richard Ramirez had really nice cheeckbones no matter is he a murderer or not, thats a fucking fact, amen. 


Then last, may I ask, dont you ever get tired of being so angry? Like do yall eat salt for breakfast? Jesus.

Wash Away (The Mess I’ve Made)

A/N: A second part to this story was requested, but this works perfectly well as a standalone story, too!! I’m so hyped to be sharing this with you, and I think it’s pretty clear that no sequels will be possible. That being said, please feel free to scream at me in my inbox about what you thought and pelt me with requests about the bae, Peter Parker/Tom Holland. This was surprisingly fun to write, and I hope that you enjoy it!! 

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A frantic scream rips its way out of your throat. The Vulture’s hold around your waist is bruisingly tight, but you don’t dare to ask him to loosen his grip. If he takes that statement a little too literally, you might end up in a puddle on the pavement below.

“Let (Y/n) go!” Peter yells, swinging after The Vulture in hot pursuit. “This is between you and me, right?”

“It stopped being between us the moment she decided to spare your miserable life!”

Breathing in quick little gasps, your eyes too round and large in a pale face, your frightened gaze meets Peter’s. Your hand is outstretched, uselessly trying to latch onto a boy who’s nowhere near enough for you to grab hold of. He’s shooting out strings of webs, probably hoping to catch you around the waist and tug you out of The Vulture’s grip and over to him, but the two of you are swooping away on metal wings, too fast for Peter to catch up with.

You decide to lend Peter a hand.

He promised to protect you.

And in all the years that you’ve known him, Peter has never broken a promise.

The sight of Peter reminds you that you’re smarter and braver than this. You clamp your canines onto the fleshy part of The Vulture’s arm, which snaps back. His curses echo around you as you elbow yourself free. Before you can scream, before you even have time to regret your decision, you’re free-falling, hair whipping into your face, limbs flailing about ungracefully, Peter’s name being screamed from your lips.

A stream of webbing latches onto your waist; Peter yanks on the other end of the web, and you’re pulled up into his arms, safe and warm and secure in his tight embrace. Peter catches you with a grunt, and the two of you collapse onto a rooftop in a tangled heap, his back and head absorbing the brunt of the impact. You lie on the floor for what seems to be an eternity, trying to remember how to breathe, trying to distinguish the various aches and pains in your limbs. Peter’s moan pours out the pain around you, but he is strong and full of life.

Peter wastes no time in helping you stand, in checking you over for injuries. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

The growing silence, coupled with your lack of a response, must frighten Peter. His voice is practically a growl as he demands, “What did he do?”

You shake your head; try to find your voice. You’re shaking so badly that you can’t even stand on your own. “I - I’m scared.”

“It’ll be okay, (Y/n).” Peter promises fiercely, hugging you close to his chest. “I’ll take care of this, and then we’ll go home. Okay?”

Your chest convulses on a sob. It’s all you can do not to clutch Peter close to you and not let him go. As it is, you manage a choked, “This is all my fault. I’m so sorry.”

You don’t regret sparing Peter’s life, but every fibre of your being knows that The Vulture is furious at you for turning on him to help Peter. And if he had one target before, you’re sure that you’ve now been bumped up as The Vulture’s number one enemy.

Previous relationship as father and daughter be damned.

“It is not your fault.” Peter says, inspecting your teary face. With infinite gentleness, he wipes away a tear that slips down the curve of a pale cheek. “It’s one thousand percent not your fault.”

A watery laugh bubbles out of you. You lean into his touch. “You can’t have one thousand percent.”

“Yes, you can!” Peter retorts childishly, and you’re snorting snotty bubbles, which makes the two of you laugh even harder.

You hear the tell-tale whirr of an engine approaching. The shift in the mood is almost instantaneous; Peter grabs your hand and practically drags you behind the protective cover of a water tank. You hunker down behind it. It’s not much, not when The Vulture has lasers of mass destruction, but at least Peter isn’t asking you to run.

“I love you, (Y/n),” Peter says, brushing his lips over your hair, over your forehead. “I’ll come back soon, okay?”

He’s gone before you can reply; you can only hope Peter knows that you love him too. All around you, like a chorus of birds rising up from the ground at the same time, comes the other screams of fear, crowding one another on the streets down below. Fear for him hacks at your heart, even though he’s more than capable of defending himself. But he’s only gone up against petty thieves and thugs. This was The Vulture. You know what he’s capable of, you’ve seen what he can do –


There’s an agonized scream. Before you’re even aware of what’s happening, the Vulture’s appeared in front of you. You’re scrambling backwards now, away from your shelter, away from him, but a crushing blow strikes your chest, and you fly backwards, a ragdoll in the air.

There’s a furious high whine and someone – It’s Peter, it has to be Peter – screams your name, screams it out like a prayer. A feeling of heat, starting in your chest then spreading outwards to your fingers and toes, and the sensation of being lifted, thrown, by a giant’s hand; the ground beneath your feet is revolving, turning upside down and sideways, but then you can’t feel solid ground beneath your feet anymore, and you’re falling, falling, falling.

Peter’s launched himself after you, you can see him trying to grab onto you, your hand, the back of your shirt, anything really, but The Vulture slams into him, and they crash into the side of a building, sending shards of glass flying everywhere. Peter’s scream sounds positively frantic now.

They say that before you die, your life flashes before your eyes, but that’s not how it happens for you.

You see the happier times, filled with love and laughter and light, with people you loved and who loved you in return. You and Michelle, watching The Fault in Our Stars and crying when Augustus died, and how she’d sworn you to secrecy. Ned, trying on Peter’s Spiderman outfit and how you’d laughed yourself into an early grave at the sight of spandex and a ratty hoodie. The time you and Liz had gone shopping, and she’d bought a ‘best friends forever’ necklace in the shape of a heart, and had given you half of it.

And your first kiss with Peter, slow and sweet and hesitant, when you had felt so happy and bright and free, wishing that this moment could last forever because there was no way that this happiness would last.

Floating images and memories, moving in and out. A bright red and blue suit, a hand outstretched, the voice of someone who loves you saying (Y/n), (Y/n), (Y/n), making it sound like the most beautiful song. And Peter’s face, pale and beautiful, warm brown eyes and a smile that had been the centre of your world.

“Peter, I –”

[INTERVIEW] K-Pop Girl Group Blackpink Talks Finding Success with Summery 'As If It's Your Last'

Pink hued and flirty, the music video for the record-breaking single “As If It’s Your Last” presented rising Korean girl group Blackpink in a new light. Now the leader of all K-pop female acts on the World Albums chart, Blackpink, the newest group under YG Entertainment banner, has surpassed many bigger acts less than a year into their career.

After debuting in 2016 with four singles, including the fiercely charismatic “Boombayah” and the synth-heavy “Playing With Fire,” the K-pop quartet kept quiet throughout much of 2017 before dropping “As If It’s Your Last” on June 22. The four twenty-somethings —Rosé (Roseanne Park), Jennie Kim, Kim Jisoo, and Lisa (Lalisa Manoban)— bubbled with visible exuberance as they spoke to Billboard during a recent Skype call from Seoul, discussing “As If It’s your Last” and their future.

The new song is a feel-good electro-pop track, that member Rosé described with a laugh as “summery” and “brighter” than their past releases. “I feel like this song is good for nice hot weather. I feel like people could easily dance to it,” added Jennie. (The pair dominated the interview since they are both fluent in English.)

With only one member, Jisoo, not having lived extensively outside of Korea – Rosé was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia, Jennie spent time in New Zealand, and Lisa is Thai – the group is primed for foreign audiences. But their success on multiple Billboard and other international charts surprised them.

“We’re really shocked because we actually haven’t been to or properly introduced ourselves to people in the States,” said Rosé as the other three members murmured in agreement. “As If It’s Your Last” was crafted particularly with foreign audiences in mind, with the inclusion of Lisa’s all-English rap. “I’m not really good in English,” said Lisa, speaking in that very language. “So it was kind of hard for me at first when I did the recording. But it came out great so I really like it.”

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I can’t fucking believe I need to defend Dany from misogynist assholes even today.
She is fire and she is as important as Jon,and NO the Dragons will not leave her for Jon and NO her army will NOT obey Jon;She’s the general and command of the biggest army in the world and the mother of Dragons.
If some people can’t stand she,a woman, is the most powerful person in the series and start to wish the dude (the perfect;Jesus;saith) Jon take everything from her cause he’s the PTWP,I got news.
These people really think HBO spent millions of dollars per episode in Daenerys scenes just to her can give everything to Jon?the beloved perfect prince?
Take out your head out of your asshole and fucking wake up!
THEY ARE EQUALS!THEY ARE THE SONG OF ICE AND FIRE.!!! Give my girl credit and stop suck each other balls.

Mark and Jack, I'm sorry for Septiplier fans.

For me, as for Septiplier’s shipper, it’s too sad to see all the shit that’s going on about Mark, Sean and my /dead/ otp.

Almost two years ago I’ve heard some phrases about Septiplier from my lovely youtubers - Mark and Jack - and I kinda liked it. It was really funny to hear them flirting with each other, making jokes about being a couple and shouting together “Seltiplier away!”.

I’ve never really thought of them being a couple in real life, so the news that both of them are straight didn’t make me even a little bit sad. I just loved watching them doing gameplays together; I was excited when Jack came to Mark’s house and they went to Disneyland; it made me really happy to watch them doing so many stuff together; I’ve seen a lot of amazing arts and videos from talanted artists; together with RobertIDK I was singing “Septiplier away” song. And the cutiest thing there was that Mark and Jack knew there’re a lot of shippers of their couple, but still continued with all their jokes on Twitter / public.

When Jack uploaded his first pic with Wiishu on Instagram, my first thought was “God, she is beautiful, and they do look cute together”. But when I started reading comments, I was terrified. “Ew, who is this bitch?”, “I’m afraid she’ll make Septiplier dissapear”, “You’d better upload a pic with Mark than that”. The same shit happened when Mark told about his gf Amy. I’ve tried to avoid listening guitly comments when it’s happened, but a few days ago I saw a post on Tumblr, where someone was yelling at Septiplier’s fans for telling Amy on Mark’s stream to go kill herself. Guys… Are you fucking stupid?

Like really, am I the only Septiplier’s fan who is happy for Jack and Mark finding their gf and being happy with them? Isn’t that a thing we all wanted for our lovely youtubers? To be happy like they make us to be?

I won’t lie, I do miss Seltiplier’s jokes and stuff. I do miss Septiplier. It’s sad for me to see that Mark and Jack are hardly trying to “burry” this otp. Sean now does all this blue jokes with Felix, and Mark - with Eithan. They’re trying to show that “the ship is drowning”. Even in one of his last videos, Mark officially killed Septiplier.

But there’s a thing I miss even more than Septiplier - it’s their friendship. I’m not telling they’re not friends anymore. But now their relations are much, much different. They do make gameplays together, but very seldom, and also Jack and Mark aren’t making any jokes like it was before. They’re afraid to say one wrong word that will make Septiplier fans to believe their otp is still alive. They’re not uploading even one pic of them together because of the same reason. While filming a video with Felix, both of them were trying to talk and laugh with him but not with each other. As a Septiplier fan I do pay attention on little things like this. Again, now I was talking about their friendship that is much weaker because of many Septiplier fans.

I do believe there are people than think like me, that never wanted Wiishu and Amy to leave Sean and Mark or to commit suicide. Never. And it makes me really sad and dissapointed that there are bastards like that.

Mark and Sean… I don’t think you’ll ever see this message, but I really love you. And I’m really sorry for all insane guys and crazy Septiplier fans that wish you and your girlfriends shitty things. People like this are not your real fans. Your real fans will always support you and people that make you smile. Hope, you’ll be fine and happy.

Top of the mornin’ to ya, guys.

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier

anonymous asked:

Feel free to ignore this, especially if you're busy, but I really love your Senator!Skywalker fics! So I was wondering what they do about the media and how Obi-Wan takes it when he finds out that they're focused on him? Thank you! Ps- I adore your blog, it's amazing and you are such a good writer. I enjoy all of your stories!

“…Song bird?

“Yeah I don’t know why they are calling you that Obi-Wan.” Anakin sighed, running his fingers through his curls in annoyance as the other stared at the news feed of him and Anakin dancing. “Much less my song bird.”

“You did help me. I guess that might be it.” Obi-Wan shrugged slightly, gnawing on his bottom lip. “What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing unless you want to. I need to give a statement to the media about you though. About what…about this.” Anakin gestured to them dancing.

Green eyes blinked in confusion at him and Anakin sighed. “They seem to think we are…involved. As if I would do that to you when you’re just now getting comfortable.” He flopped back in his seat, rubbing back his hair.

“They think we’re…fucking?” Obi-Wan asked quietly and Anakin hesitated, a few of the rumors floated indicated that was exactly what some where thinking by now. He nodded.

Obi-Wan sighed quietly. “I imagine they’re quite malicious those rumors, considering you’re fighting against slavery and I’m a former slave.” Very reluctantly Anakin nodded again. “If I…spoke to the media, would they be…easier on you? Would it steam the rumors?”

“Some people will always believe in them Obi-Wan.” Anakin put his hands on the others wrist. “You don’t have to do anything.”

“But I could ally some of these rumors, couldn’t I?” Green eyes peered at him and Anakin felt his heart stutter. He didn’t want to put the others recovery back damn it! Obi-Wan was only now starting to meet his eye and didn’t refer to him as sir all the time.

“You…would.” He reluctantly confessed.

“Okay then.”


“Well…color me impressed.” Padme whispered quietly to Anakin as they watched Obi-Wan answer questions.

So far the man was handling the media rather well, answering honestly to each of the holoshills though sometimes flinching a bit at personal questions. But he had a soft voice for them tinged with his Coruscantian accent and softer smile.

“I still don’t like this.” Anakin sighed to her. Obi-Wan had asked him to stay back while he answered whatever questions the media had of him and Anakin understood why but damn it he did not LIKE it.

So far Obi-Wan had however been good, only flinching at some questioning about his life at the Jedi temple and the attack that lead to him being a slave in the first place.

“Is it true you were a sex slave?”

Anakin’s neck snapped with the speed he turned his head towards the journalists, a fearsome glare on his face but he couldn’t identify who had said it as the whole room quieted down. So help him to honest moon goddesse-

But to his surprise Obi-Wan only looked confused by the question. “Yes, I thought that was fairly obvious.” He tilted his head slowly, steadily blinking. “I was not in charge of my own life, so people took what they wanted from me, regardless of consent. That is the lives of slaves, we own nothing, not even our lives or our bodies.” Protective fury rose in Anakin but to his amusement there was an uncomfortable shift among the speakers.

Obi-Wan had without explicitly stating it told them that he was used and abused without his consent. That this was the true life that Anakin was fighting to improve.

“That’s why I’m so grateful to Senator Skywalker.” Obi-Wan glanced back at Anakin and gave him a tiny smile. “He always asks what I want and if I say no he will let me be, its…a new state of affair for me. But I’ve come to appreciate it. I’m hopeful that my future can be…” He seemed to mull over the words to use and Anakin held his breath.

‘Yes, your future Obi-Wan?’

The copper haired man shifted on his feet then looked up, smiling slightly. “I hope that my future can be safe. That’s all I want now. Safety.”

“…Anakin you better look after that man or I swear, he’s getting an apartment on Naboo.” Padme hissed at him, Obi-Wan’s smile tugging at her heartstrings.

The blond just grunted before stepping forward, gently touching Obi-Wan’s shoulder to get him to step aside. Obi-Wan did so happily, shifting a bit behind his taller friend to hide. “I think with that…question.” He let his displeasure show, glowering at the crowd. “We end this meet-up. You’ve asked your questions and gotten your clarification. I hope to see the truth printed or I will have to speak to my lawyers about slander in the news.” He gave a slight bow and turned to Obi-Wan and offered his arm to the other man.

Obi-Wan was quick to take it and Anakin could feel him cling to it even as he saw Bail offer his arm to Padme to escort her. He was grateful for his friends standing with him in this case.

“You know, you might just have done my case of slavery debate in the Senate a whole lot of good.” He offered Obi-Wan quietly.

“Oh?” The blond glanced at him.

“Most aren’t confronted with slavery everyday. You’re a living proof of what it is and your words are genuine. It will speak to the people who hears it at least.” Anakin squeezed the others wrist gratefully.

“That’s good. I’m glad something good came from this.” Obi-Wan offered shyly.

“Something good did come from all of this. You.” Anakin smiled at his friend and Obi-Wan actually flushed a bit. “I enjoy your company Obi-Wan. I know it might not seem it but its nice to have someone around, company and you’re not a moron. You got a sound mind underneath that copper hair of yours.”

Obi-Wan ducked his head, peeking up through his fringes but he was smiling. A wide, gleeful smile.

And then it dropped sharply as the former slave suddenly shoved Anakin to the side, just in time for a blaster shot to impact the floor where the senator had stood moments ago. Another shot, this one Anakin sidestepped himself before he firmly grabbed Obi-Wan and hid him behind himself as screams erupted and the security guard finally reacted.

“Apparently, your legislation aren’t as popular with everyone.” Obi-Wan whispered.

“You don’t say.” Anakin sighed and tightened his grip on Obi-Wan’s arm. Time to call his mom before the news hit Naboo about this.