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Avengers Assemble (part 1/5)

A/N: Hello people!! I’ve been wanting to write this for quite some time and I finally have time, so yeah, imagine that you were in the Avengers movie and was part of the Avengers. I left out some parts as I only wrote the parts the reader was there. Read below for more information, and also please tell me how it is and what you want to see in the next few parts. Thank you and enjoy!!☺️ ((p.s. the story has nothing to do with the gif, i just find it cute))

  • Your name is Y/N (I won’t really use the surname haha)
  • You were an assassin that was quite feared when Coulson found you and offered you a better life
  • You work for S.H.I.E.L.D. but they only call you when needed, unlike Clint and Natasha who are always there, so you don’t know everything about them
  • You have a mutation which allows you to have adamantium claws coming out from your knuckles but you don’t really remember your past ((I felt like adding a little kick to the story haha😉))
  • Your hero name/alias is Shadow

Word Count: 2,399

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Part five

You paused your training when you heard your phone ringing, you looked at the caller ID to see that it was Agent Phil Coulson, one of S.H.I.E.L.D. top agents.

“Coulson.” You answered, wiping your sweat.

“Y/N.” He greeted.

“What’s wrong?” You asked. You knew Coulson would never call just to say hello, there was definitely something wrong.

“There was a breach in the project P.E.G.U.S.U.S. facility, the Tesseract was stolen and some of our agents have been compromised.” He paused. “We need you.”

You sighed and looked at your watch. After joining S.H.I.E.L.D., you were not only one of their best and strongest recruit, you were also placed in some kind of initiative Fury haven’t officiated yet, called the Avengers initiative. 

You were one of the state’s most known and feared assassins, you weren’t exactly human as well, having being able to sheath and unsheathe metal claws from between your knuckles, bones being a lot harder, heighten senses, healing factor, stronger, faster. You had managed to get on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s radar, Coulson had came to you and offered a better future. You could barely remember your past, and your present? Well, it was full of things you wished you could forget. So you had taken up his offer, wanting to forget your sins. You thought for a while before looking up from your watch.

“When do we start?”

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Roommate: Gray (1/5)

It’s suffocating living with Sunghwa.

How you managed to live with your unrequired love for the past seven years is unbelievable – to say the least. Half the time you feel as if you were in heaven, walking on cloud nine. The other half of the time, you were in hell, wondering what went wrong.

The two of you’ve been friends since god knows when. Losing count of the years, you woke up one day and realized that 29 years has gone by.

You were 19 when you left your parent’s house for Seoul University. You lived in a small dormitory then.

At 22, after getting into fights with some of the girls – girls that you thought were your friends, Sunghwa moved all of your belongings into his two bedrooms apartment. He didn’t let you know and so you came back to your room thinking you had gotten robbed.

That year, you transferred to Hongik University, cropped off all of your hair, and you just wanted to dissolve into thin air.

That year, Sunghwa told his parents he wanted to pursue music seriously.

That year, the two of you needed each other the most.

That year, you fell for him and you fell hard.

You were 24 when you graduated with a degree in early childhood education and Sunghwa graduated with a degree in computer science. You had suggested to Sunghwa then it was time for the two of you to get separate places. He agreed, but no one took the first step to do so.

So, as expected, you got a job at a daycare 40 minutes away from the apartment. Sunghwa continued making music. Thinking back, you did regret that decision a little. It would have been the perfect timing to slowly drift apart, fading out of each other’s lives.

Instead, your bond to one and another got stronger, harder to break – while living together. Fading out of each other’s lives was no longer an option.

You were 26 turning 27 when Sunghwa suggested moving into a three bedrooms apartment. His music career was evidently taking off – songs produced by him were topping music charts and he wanted a spare room to work in, a built in studio at home.

He felt your hesitation so he picked a place only 5 minutes from your daycare even if it meant he would have to drive to AOMG’s studio.

Throughout the years, just when you felt as if there was a chance that he might return your feelings, the gods had a cruel way of proving you wrong. You remembered two months after moving in with Sunghwa, you walked in on him getting hot and heavy with a girl from one of his classes. He was pressing up on her on the sofa. She was topless, out of breath. You quickly apologized and shut the door to the apartment so fast that the Flash would have nothing on you.

Sunghwa and you never really talked about that incident but it never happened again.

You are turning 29 in December, a couple of days after Sunghwa’s birthday.

It’s time to do what you should have done when you were 24.

Move out.

Move on.

And let go of this 7 years long unrequited love.


Tasting the kimichi strew, you nod your head in satisfaction. Throwing the spoon into the sink and quickly turning the stove off, you rushes to go change before heading out.

Sunghwa hasn’t been sleeping at home, spending his days and nights at the studio for the past week. You’re thankful to have time alone, especially since you decided to move out. It gives you time to arrange everything.

It’s best to break the news to Sunghwa when you find an apartment – or better yet, when you sign the leasing work paper next week.

Although you are happy to be away from Sunghwa, you can’t help but worry about him and his friends – are they eating properly?

After throwing on a sweater and joggers, you went back into the kitchen to pack your infamous kimichi strew along with some side dishes and mixed gained rice.

It is pretty cold today so you decided to take a taxi. AOMG’s studio is only 20 minutes – the soup should still be warm by the time you get there.


“Oh, ___! You nearly scared me to death!” Loco exclaims. Just as you open the door, he nearly crashes into you.

“Hey, sorry. Did you eat yet?” You flashes him a cute smile, bringing the packed soup up to your face, “I made my kimichi strew.”  

“Wah, perfect timing, I was just about to go buy some food at seven eleven for the guys and suddenly ___ to the rescue.” Loco grins back at you.

“I know. I’m wonder woman.” You laugh and attempts to pose like a superhero.

“Here, let me help you.” Loco grabs a bag, reassuring you to release it from your grasp.

No one notices as you and Loco enter the studio. This happens a lot especially when the guys are so engross in what they are currently doing. You notices One, BeWhy, and G2 – Kevin talking to Sunghwa and Kiseok in a corner. Probably about the performance next week for Show Me the Money.

You don’t know One or BeWhy but you definitely know Kevin. You met him when he shot the music video with Jay.

Conveniently, Kevin is sitting facing the break room and sees you and Loco setting the food up for everyone. He looks up and then did a double take before waving at you.

His reaction causes you to giggle in the break room and this starts a chain of reactions. One and BeWhy shift their stares following Kevin’s gaze. Sunghwa who is talking soon realizes that no one is paying attention, turns from his seat to look at what everyone is looking at.

“Ahhh, did you just came?” Ki-seok asks, getting up from his seat.

“Yeah, I was going to set the table for you guys but Kevin ruined it.” You reply, grinning.

“Food, you got us food. Okay, meeting is over!” Ki-seok quickly announces, making his way towards the break room.

The other four people remain seated. A little confused as to what is happening.

“Who is that?” One whispers to Kevin.

“Gray’s wifey.” Kevin points at Sunghwa, snickering at his own joke.

“What?!?!” One and BeWhy both says, looking very shock.

“No way! Gray can’t marry someone as pretty and kind as ___ here.” Ki-seok overhears the conversation and wants to join in.

“Please don’t spread rumors.” You yell at no one in particular and quickly makes your way into the lounge area where the guys are sitting to introduce yourself.

“Hi, my name is ___. Please to meet you.” You gracefully bow your head as if you’re meeting a student’s parents for the first time.

One and BeWhy politely introduces themselves in return as Sunghwa watches over the interaction between the three of you.

“You guys should go eat. I made Kimichi strew and prepared a couple of side dishes.” One and BeWhy nods their heads and makes their way towards the break room.

You turn to look at Sunghwa. He has not said a word to you since you arrived and you were kind of worried.

“Hey, you okay?” You asks, leaning in closer to where he is sitting.

“I’m so annoyed. When were you going to tell me?” Sunghwa asks. You look at him in confusion.

“Nevermind. We’ll talk about this when we get home.” Sunghwa gets up from his seat and makes his way towards the break room.

You just shrug your shoulder and walks toward Jay’s office. Knocking on the door before opening it, you poke your head in. Jay is looking down at his phone. He is clearly being “productive”.

Hey boss man, I made kimichi strew. You want to come out from your cave to eat?” You teased.

“Maybe in a little bit. By the way…… I kind of told Gray that you were looking at apartments.” Jay says, flashing you a boyish smile in hopes of making this a light matter.

“Oh my god, Jay! Why?!” You quickly shuts the door behind you.

While Ki-seok, Loco, and Sunghwa were busy, Jay was taking you apartment hunting around Seoul. He is the only person to know about you moving out.

“I don’t know! It just slipped out! I thought you told him!” Jay whispers loudly, signaling you lower you voice.

“No, I didn’t! Oh my god, Jay!” You throw your arms up in the air, bewilder that this is happening to you.

“I’m sorry, I seriously thought he knew.” Jay looks at you with apologetic eyes.

“No, it’s okay. No wonder he looks a little upset earlier. I’m going to leave right now! Make sure you eat and the guys clean the dishes and containers. I’ll stop by tomorrow to pick them up!” You turn around, already scripting your monologue to Sunghwa later.

As soon as you shut Jay’s office door, you walk pass the break room, avoiding it. You gather all of your belongings at the entrance, getting ready to shout out goodbye and slip out the door but then you realizes you don’t have your phone. Of course, it has to be in the break room on the table that everyone is eating around. You want to bang your head against the wall.

Swiftly moving toward the break room, you locate your phone between Ki-seok and Sunghwa. ‘Okay, look casual’ you tell yourself.

The moment you walk into the break room. Everyone looks up at you.

“Are you leaving?” Ki-seok asks seeing you with all of your belongings.

“Yeah, I’m not feeling well so I think I’ll head home first but you guys enjoy. Remember to clean up after yourself. I’ll pick up the containers tomorrow.” You slide in between Sunghwa and Ki-seok, grabbing your phone.

“It’s getting late. I’ll take you back.” Sunghwa says.

You just look at him, ‘don’t panic, stay calm.’ You remind yourself.

“It’s okay, I’m going to take a taxi.”

“No, I’ll drop you off.” Sunghwa looks directly at you, challenging. His unspoken words were ‘We need to talk.’

This is when you don’t have a choice and is in full panic mode.