in order to obtain and hold power; one must love it

SNK Character Song Series 06: Levi (Image song & monologue translations)

Heeeyyy, Tumblr! Long time, no see :’) Did y'all enjoy SNK Season 2?

Levi and Erwin’s image song CDs were just released and I enjoyed listening to them a lot! ♡ So, I decided to pop back in for a bit and take on a new translation endeavor, something I haven’t really done in a while.

First up, this post is Levi’s image song and monologue! For the song, I included the original Japanese as well as romaji for karaoke purposes, if you’re so inclined ;) I also made a transcript of the monologue in the original Japanese, which you can read here (feel free to use it to translate into other languages.)

This should be obvious but keep in mind these are spoilers for the song & monologue, in case you wanted to experience them for yourself first. I definitely encourage supporting the official release & ordering the CDs if you haven’t already ♡

I’m also nearly finished with my translation of Erwin’s song and monologue as well, I’ll update this post with a link once it’s done ♡ ETA: Here is the translation of Erwin’s song and monologue!


“Dark Side Of The Moon” (Vocals by Hiroshi Kamiya)

Side note: the melody for Levi’s song is based on the previously released SNK single, Reluctant Heroes.

Japanese Version









※ Repeat

Romaji Version

Konna sekai wo ima
Sakasa ni shite futte mitemo
Tashika na koto hitotsu
Detekiyashinē¹ darō?

Kabe no soto wa jigoku
Naka wa giman afureteru
Sore mo awase nonde
Ninmu wo hatasu dake

Kanjō nagasare shinigami kuwareru ka
Tarinai atama wo mawashite miru ka

※Hikari ataranu tsuki no ura
Tsukisusumu tame ni wa
Motto hayaku toki ni wa
Chūcho naki hijōsa wo
Machigai ja nai yaritakya yare
Koko ni kotae nante nai
Tada kōkai nokosanu
Mizukara no ketsudan wo

Koko de ikinuku nara
Kotoba de suru kyōiku yori
Itami no kioku toku
Kyōkun ga hitsuyō darō?

Gisei mo kiken mo sakete wa
Seika nado
Erarenu mono da to
Hara wo kukure yo

Kakusarete iru tsuki no ura
Itsuka abaku tame ni
Midasareru na wameku na
Jōkyō wo mikiwamero
Kekka ga nakya seikai mo nai
Dakara saigo dake wa
Tada kōkai nokosanu
Mizukara no ikikata wo

Haigo de chitta yūkan na heishi tachi ga
Nokoshita omoi chikara wo ataeru
Kanarazu itsu no hi ni ka mezawari na
Kabe mo kowashi
Jiyū ni naru tame kono inochi sasagu

※ Repeat

English Translation

This kind of world now
Even if we try shaking it upside down
There isn’t one thing that comes out
Which is certain, is there?

Outside the walls, it is hell
Inside, it is brimming with deceit
What’s more, we have to swallow it down
We can only fulfill our duty

Will we lose control of emotion and be consumed by a god of death?
Or will we try to use our dim-witted heads?

The dark side of the moon, untouched by light
For the sake of pushing forward
We have to be faster and at times
Be heartless without hesitation
It’s not a mistake if it’s what you want to do, so do it
There are no right answers here
Just being without regrets
Is my own decision

If were to I survive here
Rather than education with words
Isn’t persuasion by memories of pain
An essential lesson?

To avert sacrifice as well as danger
Things like results
Cannot be obtained
Steel yourself for it

The dark side of the moon is concealed
For the sake of someday being revealed
Do not get agitated, do not scream
Be certain of the circumstances
Without results, there are no right answers
Therefore only in the end
Just being without regrets
Is my way of living

Brave soldiers who died noble deaths² before us
The hopes they left behind give us power
Without fail, one of these days
We will demolish the obstructive walls as well
For the sake of freedom, we devote this life

Translation notes:

¹ It appears that Levi’s gruff style of speaking is present even in the lyrics of his song. The standard form of the verb here would be detekiyashinai (出てきやしない).
² The verb in the original Japanese, chiru/散る (or in this case, the past tense form chitta/散った) in the literal sense means “to fall” (in the context of leaves or blossoms from a tree). However, it also has the figurative meaning of “to die a noble death”. Even though we also say “fallen soldiers” in English, I worried that translating the lyric as, “fallen before us” or “fallen behind us” could both be misinterpreted, I decided to go with the more figurative meaning;;


Levi Monologue English Translation

Seriously now, I’ve had enough of this. This world is perpetual shit, and humanity is still toothless prey.

Those ugly titans are always going to take a bite out of us, and so we die a meaningless death.

Humanity is powerless.

When we won against the titans for the first time, the time when we sealed the wall in Trost district with a boulder, we could do it because of Eren’s power– a titan’s power.

The weak ones die quickly. How much power they use up doesn’t matter.

Eventually all of humanity, every single person will end up in the stinking maw of a titan, and while we experience the worst feeling there is, perhaps our miserable lives will end.

I realized it a few years ago. The stench of the gutters fills the inside of these walls. It’s been like this for over 100 years. It’s the way things are now.

Because I’ve had to breathe in this foul air ever since I was born, because I had no choice but to live crawling around in piles of trash, I thought that it was normal.

But when I went outside the walls for the first time, I realized how much I didn’t know about anything. It hit home for me, how much I had hated it.

The world outside the walls was like hell with titans wandering around, but the air I breathed there was completely different from the one inside the walls.

I realized, out there is what freedom is.

Freedom is something that absolutely cannot be obtained within the walls.

So I made a choice. I will continue to kill all of the titans.

If you want to confront the titans, information is never enough. So in order to survive, I learned how to live.

Quick action and callous decisions by assuming the worst is a necessary endeavor.

A moment’s hesitation, surrendering yourself to emotions, and you will be nothing but Titan bait.

If you don’t want to die, you have to always continue to keep this in mind.

And small choices will accumulate.

That is the way of living I have learned.

Risking no danger, making no sacrifices– there is no such easy discussion.

Even if there was, it’s all make-believe.

So far, I have lost numerous subordinates.

Whether my choice was correct at those times, I do not know. It’s always been like that.

Even if I believe in my own power, even if I believe in my comrades whom I fully trust, none of us will know the outcome.

Afterward, all that’s left is reality.

In that case, What can I do except make a desperate effort?

What can I do except doggedly press on?

If I have time to think about the bygone past, like if I were to have made a different choice back then, I will kill as many titans as possible within my power.

In that time, in that moment, a sudden, ridiculously strong power boils up from inside my body, and then I know what to do.

When that moment comes, I can no longer go back to my old self.

With these blood-stained hands, I accept my new self, I steel myself, and I only do what I must.

Was I correct? Or did I make a mistake? That’s the sort of thing no one knows, so it’s not worth worrying about.

All you can do is keep your mouth shut and make a choice without regrets.

Not understanding things about this world is true for everyone.

So I choose the guy whom I want to put my faith in.

Erwin is like that, too. No one knows what he is really thinking deep down.

But I trust his judgement.

He may be inviting the worst outcome, but he’s not afraid of that, he is able to choose something. That’s the kind of guy he is.

That’s why I chose to follow him. And I chose to fight.

In order to fight against this shit world, with this hand I’ll grab hold of the freedom of going beyond the walls for the first time.

I have chosen for myself.

Even if I am led into hell, I have no regrets.

Not one bit.

anonymous asked:

can i prompt touch starved tony who loves any and all physical contact he has? someone puts a hand on his shoulder? amazing! someone lens into his side at movie night? the best! someone actually hugs him? omg! the avengers start to notice and perhaps do something about it?

Tony is a puppy. He soaks up affection like a sponge. (I threw in some Bucky because I wanted sleepy, helpless Tony.) Look out for under the cut!

You can find this story on my Ao3 here.

Natasha noticed first. She had a leg up on everyone though, having been sent to spy on him. She’d noticed when Pepper would reach out to casually touch him—a pat on the shoulder, playing with his hair, sliding her foot up his calf—and Tony would look ecstatic. At least, as ecstatic as an emotionally constipated person could look. At first she’d thought it was flirting, and Tony was happy to finally have it reciprocated.

But then Jim Rhodes had stopped by and swept Tony up into a hug that brought his feet off the ground, and Tony had made a happy little noise that had… done something to her heart. While Rhodes was visiting, it seemed like they were always touching, whether it was an arm over Tony’s shoulders or Tony pressing his feet against Rhodes’s thigh.

Happy was touchy-feely with Tony, too. Even after boxing matches, when they were both bruised and sometimes bloody but always smiling, they’d lean their shoulders together, or Happy would be escorting Tony somewhere and keep a hand on his elbow. Tony didn’t even fuss, even though usually he would bitch about not needing anyone’s protection.

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Someone on Reddit was asking about keyblades:

The way I always saw it…


The Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D are two unique blades the way that the x-blade was. They aren’t a representation of one’s heart, but constants that need to exist. This is probably because the x-blade was shattered or something. When the worlds became a realm of darkness and a realm of light, the KK was the light’s half of the x-blade and the KKD was the darkness’s half. They probably weren’t made from the x-blade themselves, but came to exist because of the state of the universe, much the way the x-blade did.

Anyway, KK and KKD are special. They reside in their respective realms to protect it. They have their own “consciousness” as it is, where they can choose their wielders. In my head, I always thought that they wouldn’t choose a wielder unless their realm was in peril. So when all the worlds start vanishing in KH1, the KK is like “woah hey what? damnit I better find myself a wielder”. It found Riku - one of few already anointed with using a keyblade - and I was like “sure this kid seems legit”. Then Riku went all darkness and the key was like “damnit, and I came all the way out here”. But he sees Sora, who has the heart of a keyblade wielder (Ven) and is like “actually this kid might work instead”. Then in Hallow Bastion it sees Riku again and is like “you’re that kid!” and goes with him. Then KK is like “actually you’re a dick and I like the other kid more” and goes back to Sora. And that’s the story of the KK.

So then there’s the KKD, chillin’ in darkness like “yeah man lovin’ this darkness gonna stay here forever” and then a mouse comes and picks it up. And the KKD is like “well, I mean, it’s been a while since like. I’ve done anything. Might as well.” and sticks with Mickey. But if it ever wanted to leave it probably could. Though I think the KKD and KK are both in this for the same reason: they want balance. Neither wants to see Light or Darkness consume everything. That’s why KKD stays with Mickey.

So, now let’s delve into keyblades as a whole. They were said to be “forged in reverence of the x-blade”, which is sort of weird since the x-blade looks dumb as hell and the keyblades look pretty rad most of the time. Maybe it’s like how an artist sees someone’s work and thinks “ha, I could do that, but better”. Anyway. “Forged” here is a pretty loose term, since hearts forge keyblades, but also like… you could just forge them out of metal, right? For the sake of simplicity and in the continuity of the franchise, let’s just define “forged” as “created with one’s heart”. This materializes a keyblade for the use of its owner. BUT it seems like whenever the owner dies, the keyblade can continue to exist. Since you know. The graveyard. This basically defies everything I know about creating and destroying matter but whatever.

So anyway. Wielders make keyblades with strong hearts. Are they blessed or something? IMO, it seems sort of like “forging a keyblade” was pretty damn easy before the world fell apart (KHUX). Maybe this is like a defense mechanism? Kingdom Hearts is like “well shit, I see what you guys do when keyblades are dime a dozen - you start wars! So you know what. New universe, new rules. No keyblades for anybody. Except these two new ones, KKL and KKD. No more wars. Stop it.” To which the very few keyblade wielders who survived the sundering were like “right, but how about we make a ceremony that lets us pass on the keyblade powers to new people, since like, we totally learned our lesson and won’t start another war”. So then the Ceremony came to be (which is just touching a keyblade apparently?? I think here’s more to it, but I’ll get to that in a minute).

So here we are in the new universe and we’ve got a few keys. The x-blade is broke, but that doesn’t matter until it becomes an essential and awkwardly convenient plot point. The KK and KKD are newly born. And I guess No Name (Xehanort’s blade in BBS and Master of Masters’ blade in Back Cover) survived, because why not. And then there’s the Dandelions. And that’s it. All the other keyblades are inert, since their wielders are dead. So someone passes the power of the keyblades onto Eraqus, Xehanort, and Yen Sid. Hopefully this gets revealed in KH3 since we got that awesome chess scene with chubby baby Eraqus. Yen Sid trains Mickey, then retires. Xehanort trains Ven, then fucks up literally everything. Eraqus trains Terra and Aqua, then dies. So we’ve gone from three to four wielders in one generation, since Eraqus thinks he’s special. I don’t know what “retiring” means in terms of using a keyblade, but it’s pretty safe to assume Yen Sid isn’t going to do anything but talk for the whole franchise. Xehanort takes over Terra. So we’re sitting at four wielders and six keyblades (since Terra/Xehanort each have one, and Aqua has Eraqus’s).

This brings about a whole other argument. Though the wielders die (Eraqus & in theory, No Name) the keyblades retain their power. Which is sort of in conflict with the keyblade graveyard. I think this has a lot to do with intent. Eraqus had always intended his keyblade to be passed down to Aqua in case he fell. MoM had always intended No Name to move forward through time. Each served their master’s purpose even after the master’s demise, so… in a way, they still had the heart of their master. I think this also explains why Aqua can’t summon her own keyblade anymore after the end of BBS. Her intent for her keyblade was to watch over Terra. It’s still doing that, in the Chamber of Repose. Then again, maybe keyblades can’t be summoned into the Realm of Darkness if they preside in the Realm of Light? Who knows.

Keeping the theme of intent, I think it has a lot to do with the Keyblade Ceremony. In every instance of the ceremony, the master intends to give the power away (Terra to Riku, for instance). So I think there’s more to it than just “touching the blade”. The only circumstance that defies this rule is Aqua to Kairi, but Kairi is a Princess of Heart so she can do whatever the hell she wants. So by the end of BBS, we’re sitting at six (potential) keyblade wielders and eight keyblades. Cue KK and KKD, makes ten. Actually, if we want to get technical, Xehanort might have been able to summon his own keyblade before being given No Name. So maybe eleven? At this point, the original Kingdom Hearts must be pretty pissed off.

So then there’s Sora. Who never had his own keyblade. Which I think is pretty cool. KK is Sora’s bro after KH1, so he never really needs one. And he was never given the ceremony officially. Though it could be argued that by housing Ven’s heart, it gave Sora the ability to have his own keyblade, but just the same it could be argued that once Ven’s heart is gone Sora might not be able to hold a keyblade at all. (I doubt that’ll be the case, but it’s funny to think about.) What are we at? Seven wielders, ten (possibly 11) blades?

Sora goes all sleepy time, so Roxas steals his Kingdom Key. KK is probably like “this is Sora! Feels like Sora. Probably Sora. I wish I had a glowing blue eye so I could be sure, but hey, whatever”. Xion “copies” Roxas’s key, explaining the two KKs at the same time. This is probably Ven’s keyblade since she’s siphoning parts of Sora out of Roxas, and the KK appearance is an illusion created from copying Roxas.

Xion dies. Roxas gets her keyblade (which was Ven’s). Dual wielding ass kicking ensues. Then when Sora wakes up, he can dual wield because Roxas - who is a part of him - unlocked that power for him. I think this is a really cool plot point actually, because it means when Ven gets his heart back, Sora will need to learn to manifest a keyblade of his own (not the KK) in order to dual wield again!! :D I’m all about Sora learning how to forge his own keyblade.

Let’s see. Lea gets a keyblade from Yen Sid’s ceremony. Bringing our total wielder count to eight: Destiny trio, Wayfinder trio, Mickey, Lea. Eleven keyblades: listed above (including KK for Sora), KKD (which means Mickey can probably dual wield), Master Defender (hopefully dual wielding Aqua in the future?!), and No Name (Terranort can officially dual wield..?).

Then keychains. Don’t worry, I’m almost done. “Keychains” modify the appearance of an existing keyblade. I actually don’t think keychains are actual keychains in most cases. It’s just that certain memories and experiences can color your heart, changing the appearance of your keyblade. The exception to this could possibly be Oathkeeper, since Kairi actually gives Sora a charm. But I don’t think he clips that thing on the end of his keyblade - I think just the memories of her and stuff bring about the transformation. Or maybe they are real keychains, but they are made when the heart remembers those memories? Because honestly, obtaining actual magical keychains seems absurd to me. This really isn’t elaborated on in any way.

Importantly, however! there are no keychains on the keyblades in the Graveyard. So maybe keychains are tied to a wielder’s heart, and when the wielder dies, the keyblade can be left behind but not the keychain itself. Again, there are exceptions with Master Defender (Eraqus) and No Name, since there is still intent in these blades. It’s interesting to think about. Also the Keyblade of Heart (forged from the seven princesses) doesn’t have a keychain. Maybe because it has no wielder? It’s a combination of seven hearts, rather than one? I don’t know.

ANYWAY. This was a lot longer than I wanted it to be, but I think about keyblades a lot. If anyone has anything to add or correct me on, PLEASE tell me because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT THIS STUFF!!! :D

<3 KCM

On SebaCiel and other things

I am greatly surprised that nobody had written about this before. To be honest, I’m even more surprised at how some SebaCiel shippers simply take the blame when they are called pedophiles, rape apologists, and abuse supporters. So I thought it was time already to clarify some misconceptions that those antis have burned so strongly in their own minds.

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Greek God

What they would be like as a Greek God head-cannons.

Which include their power, what they grant, types of offerings and amount of children, as well as the place they stay. 

This post is because I’ve had a great interest in Greek Mythology since I was young so I imagined a Greek God AU, perhaps I’ll make some scenarios based off of this.There has been a Military AU so why not a Greek God AU.

If you were able to serve and be loved by any of these Gods which one would it be?

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Summary: After delivering the map to the Resistance, you are sent on another mission to bring back Luke Skywalker. During your trip, you are informed the First Order has attacked the Resistance base and you are quick to return back. Once at the base, you are surrounded and knocked out, only to wake up somewhere you wish you hadn’t be. And the reasoning? Execution.

A/N: So, as requested by some of you, I decided to add another part to transpose seeing as I actually liked the first part and had come up with something for part two. Like mentioned before, this is a sort of emperor/cowboy bebop au that is still set in the star wars universe (confusing, I know). Anyways, enjoy and feedback is welcomed!

Word Count: 6.4K+

Warning: Mentions of death/blood

Standing off to a side, eyeing your bruised knuckles and bloody hand, you let out a breath. The image of the blood dripping down Kylo’s face haunted you, the fresh wound the dressed his skin made your skin crawl. You never intended to cut half of his face open with the knife, but you had.

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Beauty, Reputation, and Wealth (Part 1)

Title: Silly Girl
Pairing: Reader/AU!Castiel, Reader/OOC
Summary: AU Castiel is part of the mob but also endowed with magic (based off of Grisha by Leigh Bardugo. So y’all, he still has his “grace”!). The reader is employed in a brothel and of course, his favorite. But, she starts to develop feelings for another…
Words: 1,944
Warnings: Some smut, violence, language
Author’s Note: If you want to be tagged, let me know! I’m using my regular Castiel tags but I can add to it! :)

Part 2 || Masterpost

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My Princess

Hellooo! I loveee your imaginesss! Can I please request one? Like one where she is a princess with magic, and peter kidnaps her to make her the mom of her lost boys, and after fight betewwn them, they fall in love?

okay so this idea is really fun! The princess of this story is going to be a random one i create so theres no confusion, also she has the power of light magic, since peter is a very evil boy ;) alright on with the show!

Your head was throbbing, pounding with the most intense pain you had ever felt. 

You let out soft groan, trying to bring your hands up to massage your sore head. Thats when you realized your hands had been bound tightly behind your back. The pain now dulled down to a small thud as your adrenaline began to kick in. Your hands were bound, that meant you were in trouble. You tried to blink your eyes open, but all you could see was black, something was blind folding you as well. You sighed softly, ignoring the pounding headache to search through your scatted memories. 

You were in your palace, your eyes glued to an ancient parchment you found hidden within your parents chamber. It was a prophecy, stating that the first born child of the king and queen (you) would obtain magical powers and fall into an unbreakable curse of love the most wicked demon the realms had ever seen. 

But before you could read who this bloody demon was, an intense pain filled your mind and body, causing your world to quickly go black. And now here you were, trapped and kidnaped by some evil doer. 

Your hands felt the floor beneath you, cold, hard and rough. Your first guess was wood. 

“How lovely… I’m being kept in a tree house.”

“Funny how you knew even with your eyes covered, Dearie~”

Your body stiffened and a shiver ran down your spin at the unfamiliar voice. It sounded devilish, mischievous, one that must have belonged to a boy. You could hear slow steps as the figure approached you. Your mother and father had always warned you of the presence dark magic, for just the aura itself could freeze anyone to the bone. 

That same feeling was coursing through you as the figure knelt down in front of your kneeling form. 

A cold breath could be felt against your cheek bone and you shuttered, keeping a determined look on your face. You would not show your fear, for you were a princess, and a princess would always stand her ground even in the most dire of situations. The boy chuckled, grabbing your chin roughly and lifting it up so he could take in your delicate features. Although your eyes were covered, he still examined your face, brining and ice cold palm down you caress your cheek bone. You pulled away roughly, locking your jaw and setting your lips in an emotionless expression. The boy once again chuckled, shaking his head in disapproval. 

“I like your spunk princess, no wonder you are the one destined to be my lovely wife… To bad you can’t even control that brilliant power of yours~”

His British tone sent shrivers of anger through your body, this boy would regret mocking you. But then it dawned on you; he was the one you were supposed to marry, the ruthless evil being you were born to spend entirety with. You glared at him through the blindfold, speaking in a soft but stern tone. 

“Who are you, you bloody demon.”

“Oh oh~ Please call me…”

Before he finished he slipped the black fabric away from your eyes. Your eyes widened when they landed on a pair of the most green and beautiful eyes you had ever seen. A boy was staring at you, his shaggy brown hair falling into his forest green eyes as he gave you the most devilish smirk you had ever seen. 

“Peter, Peter Pan.” 

You had been living on Neverland now for quiet sometime. That night up in the tree house —Peter’s treehouse — was the night you had been told the rest of the prophecy. You had been born to become Peter’s lover, wife, and life partner, shared with the same immortal fate as him. Your powers would help you survive against your evil husband, the one thing your parents left you so you could try and defend yourself. A bitter rage filled your bones as you thought about your parents and the deal they made with the devil. In order to save their kingdom from his rathe they gave up their only daughter, who was now to be Peter’s fierce and immortal bride, living forever young with him and his band of lost boys. 

The idea completely disgusted you, the fact that your parents had been so selfish, and the fact that you were now destined to this horrid fate. You didn’t want to mother anyone nor marry anyone, you were only a child, but yet again so was Peter. 

As the long and dreadful days went on in Neverland you began to fulfil the motherly duties you were cursed with. At first you would throw away any male who would try and come to you, using your now growing magical powers to simply make them disappear from your sight. When the boys needed food you refused to cook, letting the wild brats starve. These acts of rebellion were the only things you had left of your old self, they were the only things you could do to hold on to the princess you once were. But these acts slowly diminished as Peter began to punish you for it. Although you had magical powers, his were far greater than yours, and the light show between light and darkness would quickly end with darkness over throwing you. At the end of the day there was no point in fighting Peter, for he would always win. 

So you cooked the meals at the right time, feeding each and every lost boy until they were full and ready to play again. You comforted them when they were hurt or upset, and most importantly you told them wonderful stories, to keep their imaginations filled with wonderful childish thoughts. After stories you tucked them all in, whispering a soft goodnight to every boy and giving their forehead gentle, motherly kisses. After daily duty was done you would head up to the tree house, where your husband always eagerly awaited for you to do your “duties” for him. You then would wake up every morning with rough arms wrapped around your naked body, feeling a soft and hot breath blow against your neck as Peter held you tightly in his peaceful sleep. 

The routine became so normal to you, that you eventually lost track of the days, all the parts of your old self slipping away as you filled in the role you were destined to fill. 

But one morning, when you were fulfilling the needs of your evil husband, you realized how the actions were on longer forced, but they were eager, almost as if you enjoyed doing these things rather than being forced to do so. Your body was heated as you laid on top of your husband, your movements suddenly being frozen as your brain began to start ticking. Peter lay beneath you, his eyes clouded with lust and his breath coming out laboured. He raised his eyebrow in a confused manner, staring up at your now unmoving form. 

“My dear wife, what is the matter?”

He asked quiet impatiently. You hadn’t been hesitating in a while, and now that you were once again Peter knew something must have been wrong. Suddenly your eyes twisted in an angry snarl and light shot out from your palms. This surprised Peter, he didn’t have time to react and the magic hit his body, temporarily paralyzing him. You picked yourself up and off the male, who’s face was twisted in anger, and ran from the tree house, huffing out loudly as your legs moved as fast as they could take you. 

You were sickened with yourself. You didn’t want to admit to yourself that you had given in to this prophecy, that you enjoyed being here with the lost boys.

That you had fallen in love with Peter Pan, the devil himself. 

You ran as far as your body could take you. You came to a haunting stop when your feet touched the cold sea water. You breathed loudly, looking out at the vast sea with dread filled eyes. There had to be a way to get out, you wouldn’t allow yourself to fall deeper in love with the male who sealed you into this horrible fate. 

But your thoughts were cut short when arms were wrapped tightly around your body. You screamed, knowing exactly who it was. You could tell by his scent, which was burned into your nose, you could tell by the thickness of his arms that held you in a death like grip, for even when he was gentle he still held you this tight. But most of all, you could tell this was your husband because of the slow chuckle that slipped from his lips. 

“My my~ where do you think your going my precious, precious princess”

You only continued to scream, tears beginning to stream down your face as you kicked and wiggled in his arms. But it was no use, the boy just wouldn’t release you from his gripped. You growled, your body beginning to pulse with rage and excitement as light magic expelled from your hands, aimed towards the males face. But of course, Peter was smarter than to get hit. He jumped away from your body, throwing dark magic back at the light, causing the two to disappear in a cloud of grey. This battle went on for a while, You shooting balls of light while Peter easily deflected them with his balls of darkness. You watched in defeat as all the energy was drained from your body, and Peter just stood there, a smug look on his face as he smirked at you.

“Give it up (Y/N), you’ve been such a good wife for a while now, why the sudden act of rebellion again?”

Blush suddenly covered your cheeks, and your stomach became light as butterflies began to flutter within it. You whimpered in defeat, your eyes losing all hope as you stared deeply into Peter’s eyes. He suddenly held his arms out wide, and your body moved on his own, as if it was being controlled by someone else. Deep down, you knew you wanted this, for this was the girl you were now, the girl you were destined to be. 

You threw yourself at Peter, wrapping your arms tightly around his broad shoulders. He smiled slyly, nuzzling his nose into your hair as his hands rested on your hip bones. You dug your face into Peter, breathing in deeply to inhale his scent, letting the aroma intoxify you. Peter bent his head down, kissing at your jaw line, playfully nibbling as well but you just continued to hold him with your eyes squeezed shut. He rarely ever showed you this much affection, and it just made you fall deeper and deeper into the trap. When his lips brushed against your neck you shattered in his arms, all the walls you had built up finally came crumbling down. You went limp in his arms, leaning on the male as his lips continued to ravish your skin. 

“Say it…”

Peter said in a soft, but demanding tone. You complied almost instantly, finally accepting your fate. 

“I love you, Peter…”

“Ahh~ I love you too, My Princess~”


Uta and The Clowns

As requested by a lovely and curious anon.

Being a clown is a juggling act, unless you are part of one of Japan’s strongest ghoul groups; Pierrot. The amazingly strong ghouls in this group are interesting beyond compare, each character being so enigmatic. After researching for hours, I’ve compiled all you need to know about the Clowns.


Pierrot is a character from way back when Pantomime began, and many other characters were made to accompany him (Columbina, Harlequin, Arlecchino, etc). Some characters have similarities to those of the clowns (eg. Columbina and Itori both being very intelligent and rarely wearing masks), though, due to inconsistencies in this theory (eg. Columbina cheating on Pierrot with Harlequin), I’ve scrapped it and labelled it as a coincidence. If it interests you or you can prove me wrong, feel free to, although after an hour of searching for even one tiny parallel you’ll probably give up as I did.


Uta is by far the most developed and one of the more present clowns in the series. He is very artistic, as is made obvious by his great mask design and construction. If you didn’t know, Uta’s name in Japanese (うた) means “song”. As a more peaceful ghoul, perhaps due to being witness to chaotic ghoul behaviour in other wards, he enjoys having humans around and even exhibits a visual liking to human food due to its colours and arrangement. He is seen wearing zebra-stripe patterned clothing (recently at the Auction, as an example). This is particularly interesting to me, as not only do zebras symbolise traits that are relevant to the mask-making ghoul (free, social, strong, playful, friendly, adaptable, determined), but it is also said that zebras can tell each-other apart from their stripes as they all have different patterns, although humans would never be able to tell one from another. This information ties in interestingly with his alias “No Face” from human investigators who always identify him, even through many physical appearance changes. Zebras also find strength in numbers, which could be the reason that when fighting alongside other clowns (Auction) he displays great ability. Uta is associated with the tarot card number 19 (the Sun - Upright: Fun, warmth, success, positivity, vitality/Reversed: Temporary depression, lack of success). In the Tokyo Ghoul Trump deck, Uta is featured as eight of diamonds. It is said that Eight of Diamonds people are the embodiment of the creative principal (the Sun), have the ability to overcome all their obstacles and win against all enemies, serve others honestly and faithfully (usually at their expense) and be powerful. Also, we must take note that Uta, despite being a clown, does not wear a clown mask (and never has). Interesting.

Itori is the well-informed owner of the Helter Skelter bar. This gossipy young woman is usually a very talkative, sociable blood-wine drinker; however a hidden darker and slightly sadistic side is observable in some occasions. Her mask is very interesting, a large sharp toothed grin atop a long sharp chin, with a spade and heart (with three white dots) near the eye/temple area. It can also be assumed there is a club on the other side, however hard to see it may be. Spades symbolise fall, winter and the power of darkness. In Tarot perspective, they symbolize intellect, action, air, and death. Hearts, on the other hand, represent the warmth of spring and summer seasons and the power of light. In Tarot, hearts may also symbolize knowledge, love, life from water, and fertility, and in fortune-telling, joy.  The Eight of Clubs, Itori’s trump card, is one of three ‘fixed’ cards of the symbolic deck that never change its birthplace. They also have very close association with King of Spades and Jack of Hearts. Eight of Clubs are allied with wisdom and the power of love and sacrifice. 

Nico is without a doubt a very flamboyant and sly character. He is portrayed as the derogative Japanese “onee” trope of very feminine homosexual men. He should not be underestimated, as he skilfully obtained information from Jason (and the Aogiri in general) about the One-Eyed King, even going so far to claim they know the their identity. Nico’s trump is the Eight of Hearts. People of this card feel the need to control and dominate and in areas of love and relationships Eight’s of Heart find their power; this need for power and control can also bring out the worst in them. It should also be known that Eight of Hearts who apply themselves do very well in large organizations.

Roma’s (somewhat loveable) clumsy and absent-minded behaviour made her a memorable character in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Fast-forward to her being with the clowns, and her description of Kaneki as “beautiful” in his depressive state reveals her to have a much more sinister side! Roma is featured on the Eight of Spades in the Tokyo Ghoul Trump deck, symbolizing ambitious power as a priority over relationships, adventurousness and self-expression.

Due to a lot of mystery around Souta, I’ve decided to leave him last. Souta, as revealed by a flashback of Kaneki’s, reveals him to have played a role in the capture of Rize. He is very manipulative, even having lured a young woman named Ami into the Gourmet restaurant after having promised to marry her. He’s a character that has a general lack of information when compared to other characters, some even suggesting he may be Hide in disguise (which I definitely do not agree with). He appears to have a ‘G’ around one of the eyes on his mask. This may represent the symbolic meanings of the letter G (purpose, order, imagination, instinct, intuition and acting conventional). His alias, PG, has not been explained either. Unlike other characters, he has never taken off his mask and he lacks a lot of dialogue. Souta’s trump is the Five of Hearts, which represents a creative, intelligent and entertaining person with a lot of ideas. Actually, about that…

Souta’s Number Five:
A recurring theme is seen in all but one of the Clowns’ trump cards; the number 8. Souta is the only member with a different number for his trump card, which is 5.
According to numerology, five is the number of human beings. The number five symbolizes the four limbs and the head that controls the limbs and also the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch). Number 8, the number for the rest of the members, symbolises harmony, balance, the ability to make decisions, abundance and power.
There is more mystery surrounding Souta than we originally thought. It is also unusual for a ghoul to even remotely associate with Kanou without being either his assistant or an experiment. Combined with the fact that 5 is the number of the human being, this indicates a possibility that Souta is an artificial one-eyed ghoul, perhaps Kanou’s very first experiment. It’s all speculation, but this could also explain why he was holding up two fingers after letting the steel beams fall onto Rize, Kaneki would be the second try at the process. Why else would a clown help out Dr. Kanou?

In Tokyo Ghoul, many key events were the result of the Clowns’ actions. Examples of times the Clowns have played a role in turning points in the story include the steel beams falling on Rize, prompting Kaneki to search for the Ghoul Restaurant (along with Tsukiyama), Kaneki’s capture and the search for Kanou’s lab. In :re, however, the Clowns haven’t appeared as active in scheming, apart from Roma and Nico spotting the Quinx at the nightclub and attending/fighting at the Auction. It seems as though the clowns, although once rising to power, have been far more inactive than usual. However, this may be a repeat of the first series, where they are involved much more than is shown. I doubt they’ll be gone for too long, and will make at least one more (if not many) appearances throughout the story, Kaneki will most likely make contact with them for whatever reason he may (most likely for information). I have no leads to go on other than the importance of their group in terms of power and status and their determination at the end of the last manga to continue pursuing “have more fun” and to “have the last laugh”.

After analysing these characters, it becomes apparent that all of them have unique functions that make the group a sturdy whole. This, however, does not apply much to Souta, an oddly absent and distinct from the others. All of the eights in the Tokyo Ghoul Trump belong to the Clowns, however all fives are characters that are very set apart from others in the story (Maris Stella, for example). I suspect he will have a big role to play in the upcoming story (not like he doesn’t already). The Clowns aren’t joking around.

If I left something out, you have a question, anything to add or you want me to write about something that you’re interested in, ask away.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: what to watch and the order to watch it in

So, you wanna do a MCU marathon? Looking for a guide to help you in these laborious times? Well look no further! (I love gifs, so thank you to all the amazing creators of the ones I have used in this guide. I applaud you.)

EDIT: This is personally how I would do it. freetotheworld1 pointed out that The Incredible Hulk should be watched after Iron Man 2 (the change has been made) and that I didn’t add one-shots. I wanted to do this guide with only the movies and TV shows. 

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Tips before you start:

1. I would recommend watching the TV Shows because, in the end, everything is linked to each other. The shows have important information and back stories that wouldn’t be shown in the movies.

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2. Different dimensions. Marvel has different dimensions and realities because if you think about it, couldn’t there be alternate universes out there? I’m not going to dwell on it too much so here are the three main universes you should remember:

  • Earth-199999 [Marvel Cinematic Universe]
  • Earth-1218 [Our reality, where superheroes don’t exist]
  • Earth-616 [The most common universe where most of the Marvel Comics take place]

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3. Marvel works in phases. There are three phases to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each having around 6-10 movies. The plot sauce gets thicker and thicker as the phases go along. 

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4. When watching the TV Shows, remember to stop and watch the next movie. It’s always one of those things where the show carries on after the events of the movie. 

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5. Always stay after the movie is finished. This is a Marvel fan’s number one rule. There are mid-credits and post-credit scenes that have vital information for the next movie (well, most of them). So join the bandwagon and laugh at the silly people that walk out of the theatre after the last line has been said.

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Azure Striker Gunvolt (3DS) Review

“What The Gack!?”

What the fuck!?

Azure Striker Gunvolt Review

Inti Creates is a company that I really adore, they have made a lot of great games, including my favorite megaman series, Megaman Zero and also the Megaman ZX games. As of right now, their work force and the attention of fans has been on the very much anticipated, Mighty Number 9, the spiritual successor of the classic Megaman series, however, a certain game by the same studio, under supervision of Keiji Inafune, has fallen under the radar.

As excited as I am for Mighty no.9, I was looking forward more to this game, Azure striker Gunvolt, the look of it, the feel, the new concepts of the story and the few pieces of music had me hooked. However, it fell into obscurity, due to that not many promotions and the english trailer coming out literally the day it came out. So, was there a reason that lead the game to not get that much attention aside from the lack of promotion? Is it different enough from the Zero and ZX games to be considered it’s own thing? Let’s find out, get your septimal powers ready! It’s time for my review of Azure Striker Gunvolt! I love that name!


At Some point in the future, people with different psychic powers, known as Septima, start appearing all over the world, leading normal humans to start fearing them. The ‘Adepts’ as they are called have a huge conflict against humans, until a large company known as the 'Sumeragi Group’ takes control over the nation and world, maintaining peace between both sides…by doing experiments on adepts and sending them to concentrations camps.

Enter Q.U.I.L.L., an organization led by adepts who, yes want peace, but go against the Sumeragi ideology, leading attacks against the company. Cue our Main Character, Gunvolt, a young 14 year old boy who is a member of Quill due to his septimal power, fighting as a member of their army. During a mission, he works to infiltrate a base to destroy one of the sources of Sumeragi’s power, the Muse, a system that supposedly gives the power to the enemy.

However, he doesn’t find a super-computer or a metal gear, instead he finds a young girl, Joule, attached to a monstrosity of a machine and her psychic vocaloid persona, Lumen aka. The Muse. Against his orders to kill Joule, he quits Q.U.I.L.L. and goes freelancer, taking the girl with him and promising to protect her, even though he is now labeled as a terrorist, taking many jobs from Q.U.I.L.L. and being chased down by Sumeragi and their leader, Nova.

I was excited for this plot, it reminded me to some extent of the Zero series, probably due to the who “Government vs Resistance” plot line, but it isn’t as heavy or as much as content full as the Zero series…At least in the english version.

Apparently the Japanese version has a lot more plot and character interactions than the english version, even being fully voice acted. I have seen some videos showing characters talking to you in the middle of the level with out interrupting gameplay. But it seems like the translation team only focused on key dialogue and nothing else, which is kind of disappointing, since I think the plot could be more, and technically it is more, but we didn’t get it.

Writing, when we actually get some, is pretty decent, actually I like it a lot, it is well written and it has some pretty good lines. However bear in mind that the game contains some censorship for curse works, turning “What the Fuck?!” into “What the Gack?!” or “Horseshit” into “Horsejitt”, though the censorship doesn’t stop Zonda from having some very sexually fueled lines.

Something that I must mention is that this game contains 2 endings, the bad ending and the true ending. The bad ending is pretty harsh at the heart strings and the true ending makes me want a sequel so bad! All and all, good story bro, not amazing, but if it was a movie, it would be great popcorn material.


The gameplay here looks and feels a lot like megaman. You move Gunvolt from left to right with the circle pad and the D-pad, which is my preferred version to move him. By holding the L trigger and a direction, Gunvolt will dash toward that direction, you can also spam the L trigger so it looks like he is a fucking bullet, It’s fun to do. With the B button you can jump, which was initially awkward, but I got used to it pretty quickly. You can shoot your tag bullets with the Y button, but they do little damage. You can tag an enemy up to 3 levels, and multiple enemies can be tagged at a time, and once the enemy is tagged, you can use either the A button or R trigger, which unleashes your electric shield, which will do massive damage to tagged enemies and little to enemies you haven’t tagged. This shield will also destroy most projectiles headed your way.

The gameplay is pretty fun, I loved blasting through this game as fast and as destructive as I could. While the variety of enemies isn’t THAT big, they know how to put get on your nerves with some of their abilities, or their placement, not due to cheapness, but challenge. Specially due to the ranking system focusing a lot on beating the stage QUICKLY, with out getting hit and killing EVERYTHING!. This is where the combo system comes in, the Kudos System is a combo counter at the top left of the screen. When you use your electrical abilities on an enemy, the counter goes up, specially if you tag the enemy up to 3 times. By destroying multiple enemies at once and doing it in the air, you get extra counter score. Once you reach 1000 Lumen will start singing a vocal track exclusive to that stage, and they are pretty good, this mode will also boost your power and speed slightly, However once you get hit, you are back to square one.

The bosses are pretty fun, each having different septimal powers and strategies for each one. Each one has very fun boss fights, and cunning ways for you to do your best to not loose your Kudos, which can be extremely difficult. Beating 4 specific bosses will give you new guns, which don’t do anything different aside from changing how you tag the enemy. Many bosses will kill you, but you have one trick up your sleeve, The Anthem mode.

Through out the game you can talk to Joule and Lumen to get along with them, and when you die, you get a chance that they’ll bring you back to life with an epic song, infinite electricity, infinite jumps and infinite air dash, it cancels the kudos system, but satisfaction of falling down, coming back up and destroying the enemy is glorious, and for those that don’t like it, have no fear, the chances for it happening are pretty random, which its disappointing, since I wish players could have more control over it.

Speaking of Joule and Lumen, through out the game you will find jewels through out the stages. You will NEED to collect these jewels and give them to your personal singer so you can unlock the true ending. To Obtain the true ending you need to beat the final LEVEL AND final BOSS with an item you’ll get from joule, DO NOT remove that item until after you beat the final boss. However you ARE required to play through the bad ending before you can go through the good one, which always confused me.

The controls are smooth and the game is fun, however hunting for the jewels can be a bit of a pain, specially the one in Viper’s stage, god I hate that one. It has enough stuff different from the Megaman games to make you think different strategies, but its fun all the same.


The characters in Azure Striker Gunvolt come in many flavors, some better than others, but the list includes:

  • Gunvolt, Our protagonist.

  • Joule, The Girl Gunvolt saves and who supports your adventure

  • Lumen, Joule’s flirty Vocaloid Persona.

  • Asimov, Q.U.I.L.L.’s leader and mentor to Gunvolt.

  • Moniqa, Your mission control, assisting you through out the adventure and giving you your job.

  • Geno, Gunvolt’s combat buddy and expert in fire arms.

  • Merak, The Lazy
  • Carrera, The Greedy. Am I the only one who thinks Gamagori from Kill la kill when I look at this guy?

  • Elise, The Envious, and my personal favorite character(s)

  • Daytona/Viper, The Angry, full of wrath and a bit of a fanboy

  • Iota, The Prideful

  • Stratos, The Hungry…Creepy fuck

  • Zonda, The Lustful dual Gender

  • Copen, The Adept Hunter

  • Nova, The Mighty

I really enjoyed these characters, they are well written and are interesting. However we don’t get enough to actually say 'Good or bad’ so they are just…there, once again, due to the fact that many story elements and interactions were cut. It’s because of this the Elise is my favorite character, since her stage has the highest amount of plot or any form of character interaction, which is made even stronger with the plot twist about her dual personality. 

The interactions between Gunvolt, Lumen/Joule are pretty cute, and you feel that they do care for each other, but I wish we could have gotten more, since it feels a bit…incomplete, like there should be more, to make it seem more real.

The bosses tend to follow their Sin pretty well but some don’t make much sense to me. I get how Daytona is wrath since he is angry at Gunvolt, but his reason is cause he loves Joule, so shouldn’t he be envy? and I have no idea what is the logic behind Carrera, he wants to fight everything with a pulse, how is that greed?

Art Style:

The art style of the age is beautiful, designed by Megaman Zero and ZX artist, Yoshitaka Hatakeyama, is has it’s own style, while having certain similarities to the afford mentioned games, like Gunvolt’s arm bracelets. You can see the art work specially well during the special attacks by either Gunvolt the bosses, showing the full detail of the characters and their armors.

There are a few story CGs but not that many, but when there are, they are a joy to look at. My two favorites are when Gunvolt walks in the true ending with Lumen behind him and when he sees Elise loose her fucking mind as her personalities go beserk.

The character designs are amazing, both in battle mode and in human mode, but I must mention the giant elephant in the room, Zonda.

The Dual Gendered fighter, now I actually like Zonda, Xe seems interesting, but holy shit is xis design for the male form is Phallic as fuck! A giant spear dick! You can see it yourself! Look at that thing! Overcompensation much? I really like the female mode, but do NOT expect me to take male mode seriously, cause that is…I don’t even know what to call it.


The music in the game is pretty good, nothing too special for the stages, but its memorable at least. It’s some high energy techno, similar to the ZX games. I am disappointed that the final boss themes aren’t has high energy or a powerful as the rest of the soundtrack or other soundtracks from inti-creates. However, the songs that take the cake HAVE to be the vocal themes by LUMEN.  Either through reincarnation, or by having enough kudos, LUMEN will break into a Jpop vocal song and they are glorious, its a shame that there is no sound test so we can hear them, since some of them are very hard to listen since you have to reach 1000 Kudos to listen to them.


  • Story: 7/10
  • Gameplay: 9.6/10
  • Characters: 8/10
  • Art Style: 10/10
  • Music: 9/10
  • Total: 8.72/10

This is an amazing game and a beautiful love letter to fans of the Megaman franchise, specially those fans of Zero and ZX. It isn’t with out problems, but its positives really outweigh the negatives. The removal of the story is really disappointing, so I’m hoping the if it get’s a sequel, they will fix these problems, but that will only happen if we buy the game and are vocal enough about it. 

Azure Striker Gunvolt is available only on the 3DS EShop for 15$, however if you buy it before November 28th, you get a second game for free called Mighty Gunvolt, in which you play as Gunvolt, Beck and Eriko from Angel Hearts in a Classic Megaman Style adventure. It’s pretty good deal if you ask me.

For alternate game recommendations I point to the Megaman Zero Collection, since its pretty much what this game is based on and it is a kick ass series. I also point you toward Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a game that, while with a completely different gameplay, has SOME similar elements and plot that is just as whacky.

Next time we meet, I’ll be Reviewing “Brynhildr In the Darkness”. So If you’ll excuse me, I’m the RunnerGuitar and I’m gonna go find out what my Septimal Power is.


Gems Desperation to Fuse and their Means to Do So

I know there’s a lot of talk about how desperate Jasper wanted to fuse with Lapis because it made her feel stronger, more powerful. I’m all on board with the fusion high theory, that once gems get that taste of power from fusing this they want more. There’s also talk about her and Lapis are a representation of what it’s like to be in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. However, I think we all forgot we’ve seen this before. It’s been awhile but everyone forgot about ONE gem that was so desperate to feel powerful that she tricked a trustful teammate into fusing with her. Pearl.

Pearl is no different from Jasper feeling a fusion high and what she did feel that way again was just as destructive as Jasper. And her and Garnet’s relationship in those few episodes touched on something that’s not really mention in unhealthy relationships: manipulation. Manipulation or mental abuse can be just as bad or even worst than physical abuse. Pearl tricked Garnet over and over into fusing with her, to the point where Garnet was second guessing her actions thinking she missed something. Abusers in an unhealthy relationship often use manipulation to make their friend, lover, child, etc. do what they want them to do. She even made excuses when she was caught and trying to turn Garnet’s anger around.

And even as BAD Jasper is, at least she was very honest in what she wanted and KNEW what her and Lapis’ relationship was. They both know that they are horrible for each other, that they abused each other, that they held the other against their will for so long and she literately stalked Lapis to get what she wanted but here’s the kicker, Jasper ASKED Lapis to fuse again.

She didn’t trick Lapis into fusion again, thought the first time she slightly influenced her, she still ASKED and Lapis accepted it. And the second encounter was no different. Only this time, Lapis was strong enough to hold herself firm and refuse to fuse

Pearl did not. Instead of asking Garnet, she constantly manipulated a way for them to fuse. So we need think about this, yes Jasper is brutal, mean, and harsh but she’s not the only representation of an unhealthy, toxic relationship. But this is not the end. In both cases, the reason for fusion wasn’t for love, boredom, exploration of anything like that. It was mainly for power. Pearl said she felt powerful when she’s fused with Garnet and it makes her feel amazing. Amethyst also confirmed it as well, stating that when they’re Sugulite, she feels powerful and so much better. Jasper admitted that she was wrong about her pre-notions about fusion, that it made her feel powerful, that she could fly, something she could never do. There must be something about what they feel if they’re so desperate to obtain the feeling no matter how high the price is to get it, Jasper was willing to suffer through her captivation as Malachite and Pearl was willing to let Homeworld find their location in order to get Garnet to fuse with her again. It’s just something to think about. 

Sinbad no Bouken 103 RAW and a Summary!

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 103 and a summary! OH WOW! This was a great chapter! Mostly for the last part! ^////^ 

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken everyday on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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Thoughts on Kylo Ren

Since The Force Awakens has sucked me back into my first ever fandom, I thought I might share a few of my thoughts about Kylo Ren. The first time I heard about any kind of double agent theory, not gonna lie, I was super dismissive. However, I have been thinking it over and there are definitely some aspects of the film that do fit with the narrative of Kylo Ren as someone seeking to defeat Snoke/The First Order from the inside.

First of all the connection and obsession with Vader is super ambiguous, it remains unclear what precisely he is idolising about his grandfather. So far this has been taken at surface level, that he wants to have the power of Darth Vader and his abilities. Yet, the ultimate legacy of Darth Vader at this point is that he killed he Emporer instead of allowing Luke to die. There’s very little chance that Kylo isn’t aware of this, Luke would definitely have told him at least. Therefore, his asking Vader for help, asking him to show him the power of the dark side could be to some greater purpose, a good purpose, needing the guidance to keep up his disguise.

Second of all, I think that, if he were acting as a double agent, this could explain Han Solo’s role in the movie, not just in his death but in his interactions with Leia. It could be that Han Solo, his father, is the only one who is aware of Kylo’s plan. Snoke is obviously aware of how close Kylo Ren is to his father in that he sees this as his obstacle, finally agreeing to complete Kylo’s training after he has killed his father. If Han Solo were aware of Kylo’s continued alleigance to the light side this could be why he left, knowing that he could not tell Leia the truth (maybe she would see it as too much of a sacrifice on her son’s part or whatever) he maybe could not trust himself to keep the secret while seeing the pain it would inevitably cause her to know her son had gone off the deep end.
This also can be viewed in the interaction between Han and Leia when she asks him to bring Kylo home. Han insists there’s ‘too much Vader in him’ (once again Vader can be ambiguous), seemingly not having the same unconditional faith as Leia, he is also reluctant to go as he knows he cannot succeed as he is aware of the position Kylo Ren is in.

When Kylo Ren kills Han Solo (paraphrasing as I can’t exactly remember the dialogue) he says he’s being ‘torn apart’ and knows what he must do but not if he has the strength to do it. Here both men are fully aware of the position Kylo Ren is in, he has to kill his father to get closer to Snoke and maintain cover. When Han grabs the lightsaber and insists he will do anything to help this is his way of reassuring his son that he accepts the situation. As Han dies he further cradles Kylo’s face, while this action of forgiveness and love can be significant whichever side Kylo is on, it could be especially so if you believe that Han is aware of his son’s commitment to the light side.

The fight between Kylo Ren, Rey and Finn could also be suggestive of Kylo remaining on the good side. He doesn’t go in for the kill after knocking down Finn, instead making a play for the lightsaber. Some have also argued that the very fact that both Finn and Rey make it out must suggest that Kylo was holding back. While I don’t think this is necessarily true, I think the dialogue between Rey and Kylo and his need for the lightsaber is more suggestive of his being on the good side. His asking Rey to join the dark side, saying she needs a teacher could be a way of finding out where her allegiance truly lies, if there are any other dark users of the force. His need for the lightsaber, could be a need for the only remaining tie he might have to the light side after killing his father, he has been surrounded by the First Order for presumably over 10 years now. The lightsaber, was never Darth Vader’s but used by Anakin and Luke. Furthermore his possibly allowing himself to be injured and banging of injuries could suggest a need for penance for killing Han, something he would feel guilty about if he were still good whatever his endgame were to be.

Moreover, a lot has been made by some people of Kylo Ren’s abandoning of BB-8 in favour of directly obtaining the information from Rey. I think this could be that Kylo knows that if it is left to him alone to get hold of the information (not a piece of hardware which anyone can look at) he is more in control of the information pertaining to Luke’s location as opposed to simply gaining the information for use of the First Order as a whole. In his conversation with Rey she reveals that his deepest fear is not being as strong as Darth Vader. Maybe he fears he will not be strong enough, after all this sacrifice, to kill Snoke. Or even that he might have turned to the dark side for real by the time he has the ability to kill Snoke.

There are definitely holes in this theory, I have no idea what went on with the massacre of young Jedi which Luke was training. Obviously if Kylo played a part in that it would seriously count against any level of good karma, though it is possible that the full story of this is yet to be revealed, maybe even Rey is one of many young Jedi who were hidden away though it’s impossible to say at this time. Another hole in the theory is Kylo Ren’s callous order for the storm troopers to kill all the villagers at the start of the film and his not stopping the destruction of the planets which held the republic.

Though, I think something which might be key to remember that many seem to ignore is that morality is not black and white. At this point, even if he had started out with good intentions, Kylo Ren has been surrounded by the dark side for likely over a decade and his moral compass is likely to have suffered. We have no idea in his mind, how important his goals are in the grand scheme and how many he is willing to allow to die in order to achieve them. Since he is willing to kill his own father, that alone tells us how far away from normal his emotions are and shows his desperation and determination in completing his task.

I think the main issue here, is not whether Kylo Ren is ultimately good or evil but how good or evil, and how that is going to manifest in the decisions he makes. He clearly has problems containing emotions with his wilful destruction of consoles etc, possibly lashing out at the First Order in the only way that can be accepted. It’s also unclear how much power he would actually have to stop some of he terrible acts being committed by the First Order, why bother in a fruitless endeavour if it would ultimately mean abandoning his long term goal. ‘Torn apart’ may not just be him appealing to Han Solo but could be a genuine reflection of the position he finds himself in, having to kill and harm so many, trying to convince himself he still remains on the light side through his ultimate aim. It could even be suggestive that Kylo Ren, once a double agent for the Resistance, is slipping after many years fighting with the dark side.

TL:DR - there are some aspects of the film which could suggest that Kylo Ren is a double agent for the resistance but this doesn’t necessarily make him all good nor does it suggest that all his future actions will be all good.

can i just take a minute to talk about why i love yuu and shinoa’s relationship so much tho

yuu is a boy who spent his time w/ the hyakuya kids insisting that no one was his family and that he was alone, even though that’s not how he truly felt toward them. when he lost them all and escaped the vampire city, he finally admitted to them all being a family together. 

but he was too late. everyone he loved had died and when he began to get close to other people - guren, shinoa, yoichi, kimizuki, mitsuba, etc - he was quick to confess that they were important to him and he was fierce and intense about it. “i’m not gonna let anyone in my family die again!” is the kind of stuff he would say. “we’re a family now, right? you don’t betray family.” THIS BOY knows what it is to lose everyone he loves and he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes again. if he’s going to care about people again, he’s going to make damn well sure that they know, and he’s going to do his best to protect them.

and then there’s shinoa, who was raised without any sort of familial love in her life. who doesn’t really know the passion of love at all. a lot of her siblings dont even share the same mothers - pretty much everyone she’s related to is cold and power hungry. and she meets this incredibly outspoken boy who declares his only purpose is life is to obtain revenge for his late family. and he has passion. so much passion. desire to avenge people he loved. desire to become strong. desire to protect people. she’s probably can’t understand the depth of his feelings because she was raised without exposure to any of this at all

and its just. shinoa is there with the other members of their squad to remind him that he has a family. that there are reasons to live, beyond becoming a revenge-seeking crazy person. in fact, she INTRODUCED HIM to a majority of the people he calls family now. because of her, he has a family to protect again. and yuu. oh yuu. he’s there and shinoa is learning for the first time what its like to love. do you know how beautiful that is? how hard it must be for her to process the feelings but how she might revel in them?

AND LORD they’re constantly holding hands, or reaching for each other as a sign of comfort or acceptance or encouragement and it just makes my heart burst. i cant wait to see how much their relationship develops as the manga goes on i started crying in chapter like 32 or 33 or which ever it was when shinoa told yuu to listen to her orders and he held her hand as he promised to comply.

people keep saying that their relationship doesn’t make sense but i think that’s because they are blinded by the overwhelming affection mika and yuu have for each other which is loud and obvious and shinoa and yuu’s relationship is much quieter and much much, more subtle. it’s a beautiful thing i can’t wait to see where it goes ahh.

More Shingeki no Theories after Chapter 53!

Warning: Spoilers ahead, so please scroll down if you don’t want to get spoiled ;u; (And read the manga and catch up so you’ll get to see the awesomeness and fuckery [in an incredibly wow way] that is Shingeki no Kyojin HAHA)

After chapter 53, more things are being highlighted! Putting all of Eren’s titan jokes behind (and when we say Eren’s titan, we all know that it couldn’t harden and block a hole… in Wall Maria, haha!), as well as Jean and Armin’s (oh babies huhu ONE MORE MONTH OF PAINFUL WAITING WAIT WHY) predicament, let’s take a look at these two things, which I think, are part of the highlights of the chapter:

1. Eren in titan form writing about his dad; and

2. The girl who looks like Historia

Here it comes:


First of all, it’s hard to tell with the difference of the translations:

This one is from the SNK’s subreddit (which can be read  here:), then:

I’ve only seen this image roaming around tumblr’s #snk 53 tag, but it’s from another subs group.

Anyway, here are Eren’s lines:

a. My father was… by me.

b. Dad, he did… to me.

Then Hanji said Eren grieved for thirty minutes, straight.

Remember what I said here? 

Apparently, Ymir mentions something about Eren seeming not to remember anything, too. Let’s take it that Eren turned to a titan after the injection, lost his reason, and what if he ate his father, and it explains why Grisha is missing?

So if we put it this way:

a. My father was (eaten) by me.

b. Dad, he did (something) to me.

The first trans easily leads us to Eren almost saying that he ate his father, while the second one suggests that his father did something to him, which obviously is ‘Grisha injecting a concoction to me’, which might lead to him becoming a titan and eating him. The differences in the trans is a bit more confusing, but it’s as if it really leads us to Eren eating Grisha because of two things:

a) Hanji said Eren grieved for thirty minutes straight. Why would you grieve for someone? Actually, why would Eren grieve if he knows that his father is alive and only went missing? Wasn’t Grisha not always in their house back in Shiganshina? And people generally grieve when people die.

b) Grisha, as a good doctor that he is that he’s actually asked to go to the inner walls for a medical thingy, can be easily spotted by people because of his profession—if he’s a great doctor then people could’ve sought for him, right? With this, he’s gone. I doubt he’s underground, because these two things leads us to this:

Grisha was really eaten by Eren; Eren couldn’t remember who he ate last like what Ymir and Reiner and Bertholdt (and someone from here said that Annie might have eaten her dad, too [plus, doesn’t Annie and Eren’s situations kind of seem similar to you, too, or was it just me?]), but his Titan Form might have memories of eating Grisha, that’s why Eren’s titan form grieved. And maybe, the titan form remembered because Eren’s intelligence and his titan form’s experiences/memories are mixing somehow. Don’t people generally grieve when they lost a loved one? 


Some might have guessed it is Eren’s mother, but maybe she’s not. The hairstyles are different:

Chapter 50: (Karura Yaeger)

Chapter 53:

Eren initially thought that it was Historia, but it wasn’t her. Not her mom, too, since Historia’s mother was blonde like her. So this must be someone from the Reiss family, the family that holds the secrets about the Walls. 

Wait, doesn’t this ring a bell:

“The power ought to prove useful then. As for the way to use it, their memories should teach you what you need to know.” — Grisha

Initially, I thought that the memories Grisha was pertaining to were the memories of the titan shifters, but after this Reiss girl appeared I thought that maybe it’s not. Whose memories are these, then?

1. Titan Shifters’ (Hmm, but even them don’t know what happened, like Ymir and co)

2. Reiss family

And what if the reason why the Reiss family know the secret of the walls is because the early people of Reiss saw how the Walls were built, then kept it as a secret because they’re protecting something? And this something, just what is it? (Wow we’re all dying to know).

“Their” — which means the Reiss girl is only the first 'memory’ Eren has remembered.

Maybe titans can remember who they ate and it only occurs to them after a time when the memories are triggered?


Look back at that last image. 

But you must reconquer Wall Maria and reach that basement.

That power ought to be useful then.

As for the way how to use it, their memories should teach you what you need to know.

These lines suggest that a cause can breed an effect. Which means: 

  1. Reach basement
  2. Obtain power
  3. Use power with the help of their memories

Which means that the power is in the basement, and the power Grisha meant wasn’t Eren’s Titan Power (because he already has that after the injection situation, or probably even before than that). 

What if power = titan hardening

And those who are ancient enough have the “memories” or “information” in order to do it?

“That power ought to be useful then.” = The only thing that needs something to be used is for the wall to be plugged.

Okay this is hard.

Each chapter gives us new hints but it breeds more questions than answers. :(((( Isayama you troll.

Rowena’s Profits from The Spell of Release: “What a Real Witch Can Do With Real Magic”

The spell from the Book of the Damned, as recited by Rowena in Brother’s Keeper was a fascinating parallel for the actions of Sam toward Dean (as pirrofarfalla beautifully pointed out here).  However, by examining the requirements of the spell, it becomes clear that they also played a part in Rowena’s release from everything that was holding her back - both literally and figuratively - as she used it to her advantage to gain the power and freedome that she craved.

“Something made by God, but forbidden to man”

According to the Biblical account, the forbidden fruit - or rather when man chose to eat it and disobey - was the beginning of the separation between God and man.  This was the original sin, the first broken rule that chiseled away the perfection on earth and made humanity what it is today.  However, with this separation came the gift - or perhaps curse - that the fruit was created with: the knowledge of good and evil. Inversely, the Book of the Damned was created by Agnes after “a vision of darkness.”  After learning more about the creation story of the Supernatural universe from Death, I’ve come to assume that she received a vision from The Darkness and that’s why the single-minded pursuit of her life was spent discovering the secrets of creating and undoing curses.  The Darkness had been trapped for so long and wanted a way out, so it helped Agnes find a way to undo the Mark of Cain, the “first curse” that had kept it trapped for millennia.

The reference of the forbidden fruit perfectly encapsulates the struggle that the boys have been facing - and will continue to face - to discover whether their actions are truly good or evil.   Each brother had a different opinion as to whether using the book was the right thing to do.  At this point though, the results of these actions are what I would like to focus on.  Casting the spell lifted the Mark from Dean’s arm and brought the destructive forces of The Darkness been brought back to this reality.  However, as Rowena did not care about these consequences, she used the Book of the Damned to gain her freedom and take it into her possession. The knowledge that she gleaned from it has already been used to her advantage and she will continue to use this weapon on her rise to power.

“Something made by man, but forbidden by God”

The story of the golden calf, as taken from Exodus, discloses that shortly after the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt by the plagues, they built for themselves an idol fashioned after the gods of the country they had just left - a golden calf.  The Lord sent plague and death upon the Israelites for this betrayal - the same curses he had just used to free them from their chains.  The codex, on the other hand, was created to decode old coded manuscripts - such as the book of the Damned - by the Grand Coven witch Nadia.  This codex was taken from her when she was killed by the Men of Letters and hidden within the Werther Box to prevent any witch from being able to use these old spells to bring the world to ruin.  The box (which I suspect was partially fueled by the curse of the codex) brought death and ruin in its wake, much as decoding it brought death and ruin to the Winchester family.

The reference of the golden calf brings to mind the rejection of establishment that Sam wholeheartedly embraced to enact the curse that would free Dean from the Mark.  However, it also alludes to the utter rejection of family and single-minded pursuit of power that led Rowena to her chains in the first place. If the codex was her lock, the Book of the Damned was her key.  Much as the spell broke both the lock and key of the Mark of Cain from where it was bound, Rowena was able to use the very tools she most lusted after and now possesses to break free from her own bindings.

The “heart” of the caster of the spell  

Rowena describes this final ingredient as a sacrifice of love - telling Sam and Castiel: “something I love, the spell calls for me to kill it.”  This originally had me puzzling over how it was connected to the other two ingredients because not only do both of those have Biblical references whereas this (beyond the fact that Oscar’s name tag referenced Seth) does not contain a direct reference.  Not to mention that they are both they also are both objects that the seeker must obtain whereas the last is something that the person who casts the spell must give.  However, I realized that the theme of all three components of this incantation is that they are rooted in selfish desires.  The first two are the remnants of some of the most famous Biblical examples, whereas the third requires that in order to cast this spell the witch who enacts it must want this above all else, must be willing to sacrifice what they hold most dear. By Crowley’s hand, Oscar was brought forth to Rowena to be this sacrifice.  She tries to blame her son for what is about to happen, but as he points out, “It’s only cruel if you go through with it.”  Despite the fact that Oscar is the only thing on earth that she has any affection for, Rowena loves her freedom far more. She refused to allow the thing that she loved to be her undoing, as she had warned another against earlier in the season.  So she offered up Oscar’s heart, completing the spell and completely establishing herself as the great and evil witch that she has always claimed to be.

The spell gave the essence of what it required to be taken and took what it required to be given.  Rowena walked right out of her chains empowered by the very spell she enacted. There is no one left alive who has any claim on her affection to stop her and she holds in her grasp the very means to conquer any position she sets her sights on.  The witch is on her way to the throne. 

Long live the queen.

Horoscopes By Gil Hizon - Week of October 12-18, 2015

Who ordered the shit show?

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Change is afoot, LIBBY. But lets face it, you love to embrace that shit, with a big smile on that mug of yours and arms wider than the parting of the Red Fucking Sea. But this change involves a lot of organization and the inclination to minimize procrastination–two things you avoid like the plague. But no worries. Help is on the way, in the form of a VIRGO. She can get sassy, but if you keep the bitch busy, she’ll be moving more and wagging that big jaw less.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

One of the mystical items in your tightly shut Pandora’s Box is going cray-cray. That shit is expanding, gurl! It don’t matter that you used a special SCORPIO alloy, stolen blood, and dark magic to line that fucking box; there’s just some bitches that can’t be contained. I suggest you set that thing free before it wreaks havoc on all the other items you’ve got trapped in that hizzy.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

From where I’m sitting, it looks like old habits die hard, SAJ. A promise you made to yourself and to others have gone on the wayside and frankly, it’s affecting other bitches’ perception of you. It’s possible that they may feel that they can’t rely on yo ass. You must reassure these queens that this faltering stance is something you’re actively working on, and it ain’t all about them hoes!


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

You have an interesting way of coping with new beginnings, dearie. Rather than moving gaily forward with a positive outlook, you choose to rely on that complainy motormouth of yours! Can’t you see that that shit is counterfuckingproductive? Please use your whiny energy toward improving yo life and I promise you, you’ll go further than any other queen you despise.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

This week, you’ll see a lot of possibilities and opportunities in shaping your future. Your mind is wide open, and you didn’t even need any lube to widen the capacity. But hunty, with the promise of options, come the distractions. It’s like all these bitches could smell your good fortune a mile away and they couldn’t stop themselves from sabotaging you. If you focus on one ho at a time, these parasitic queens will eventually leave yo ass alone.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

You’re usually very adamant in terms of keeping other people’s dirty laundry to yoself, but this week, you can’t seem to control yo ass from spilling the T. I know a lot of good shit has been happening to you lately, but this ain’t the time to start acting so goddamn cocky. You must do everything in your power to hold on to the promise and dignity you’ve given yourself. By doing this, your rise to power will happen faster.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

To say that a lot of exciting shit has happened in your life lately would be an understatement. You were like, living for life for a while there, hunty! But I’m afraid the excitement will simper to a plateau this week. Before you pout and whine, you must realize that the mundane is just a state of mind. As long as you hold on to your youth-like exuberance, everyday will be a fucking par-tay!


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

I’m afraid you’ve been relying too much on the fact that everyone runs the fuck away whenever you’re serving Volcanic Anger Realness. Gurl, whenever you blow that gasket, bitches don’t wanna mess with chu–and that shit has been happening a lot lately. Anger can be a very powerful thing, mama. If you rely on it too much, that’s all other queens will see. And I know you got more shit going for you than just being that ho everyone fears.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Oh, honey. It’s a brave new fucking world for yo ass, this week. But rather than embarking on this new journey, why do you insist on holding on to your feelings of resentment and ill will toward those bitches who allegedly “betrayed” you? All that negative bullshit is doing nothing but clog up your natural progress toward your new, promising future. So snap the fuck out of it, queen!


CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

There’s some buried treasure in your past that’s looking to be unearthed, crabby. Obtaining it would do your future some good. But be careful rehashing the past to get to the gold, dahling. You’ve been known to get lost in that shit and I would hate for you to accidentally fall in some emotional quicksand. Do not hesitate to use one of your loved ones as anchor.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Stating that you need a break would be a true “duh” moment for you and everyone else involved. I’m forever in awe of yo ass for being such a hard worker, and although you feel as if you must use the upcoming lull to take advantage of other opportunities, you may not have the energy to do so (um hello, you’re not bionic) and honestly, if you keep pushing yourself, you may end up presenting yourself in a less flattering manner.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Although, “Um, what the fuck is going on?” was your question last week, expect that trend to continue on for the rest of the month. It’s not all bad news, dahling. All these events are designed to keep you on your fucking toe-sies and lets you exercise those adapting muscles which you usually pretend do not exist. So stop resisting, and start treating it like the dance of yo life!


(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shit show!)

For more Horoscopes By Gil Hizon, click here, gurl!

Rebekah in 3x09 + thoughts/analyses

“Be honest. You want Klaus dead, don’t you?” 

This question seems to be planted for all those that still believe klayley hates each other and want each other dead (yes there are still people that think that watch aftershows with clueless delusional hosts that only ship canon ships or people that kiss each other)  Hayley couldn’t live with herself if she’d help kill Klaus .That’s out of the question. Like his siblings she’ll always see the good in him.She will indeed forever hate him for the time she lost with Hope but she’ll be forever grateful for all the times he saved her. The curse that she endured was a method of saving her with the pretext of torturing her just like when he daggered his siblings if they didn’t obey. Since she can’t be daggered he chosed the curse. I think she sees that theres no way Klaus would ever just let her die. And I think she’ll do the same. I don’t recall her ever saying she wants klaus dead. she wanted him to pay but unlike Klaus shes not one to throw words like “Kill her” which brings me to season 1x1 “Kill her” - 3x09 “Not her”. Actually now that I think about it he never meant it. If he wanted her dead he‘d do it himself he knew theres no way Elijah would do such a was all an act for Sophie to make her believe she doesn’t have power over him. 

“ You mean that fake husband you’ve been parading around in front of Elijah? Do you know the agony it causes him? Perhaps you like it, knowing you still have the power to break his heart.”

Is it just this feeling of power that Hayley has over Elijah, that she loves? Does she love that she is loved or does she love him for who he is? 

“H :It kills me to hurt him. R: Well, it hasn’t yet, luv, but it might today.”

Rebekah is right here .if “it kills her “ to drag him along and hurt him why does she keep doing it saying things like : “Jack’s gone, and I don’t know if he’s coming back. I also really don’t want to talk about it “ “ Not that I can really blame him, considering I didn’t try to stop him, or run after him… “ “…Mainly because I figured that you would need me here.” -   giving him hope the second Jack leaves her ,it gives her excitemend seeing Elijah’s reactions. But Elijah being the noble stag that he is sends her back home doesn’t deepen the drama doesn’t take advantage of the opened door that Hayley leaves for him. So she can always come back and try to seduce some more. It’s fun, flirting is fun, having multiple men at your feet is fun. who can blame her? The only one that is not showing his feelings is Klaus and maybe if he would she’ll want him the most dropping the others , letting them free from this games she’s playing. She drives them nuts. going through sexy time Hayley, cold Hayley, angel puppy eyed Hayley, flirty Hayley. I feel like her true emotions only come out around Klaus  she just acts different. And it’s annoying for her that he doesn’t fall for her tactics (crying, puppy eyes, soft voice etc), just like she doesn’t obey him. (his tactics are pretty similar actually , that’s why self victimization doesn’t work on them. They are victims but they’re culprits also) 

 Is Davina right ? Is Klaus afraid of Hayley because she doesn’t fear him or is she afraid of her feelings for her that could change everything? why doesn’t she ever fear him?? fighting him in 3x02 showed him once again that she still doesn’t fear him. How many would do the same after being cursed by Klaus? They wouldn’t dare show their face to him again but she did. She fought him. Rebekah wouldn’t have fought him, remember how scared she was of him daggering her? And she’s immortal. But Hayley fought him because she knows he wouldn’t rip her heart. How does she know she has this power over him, it can’t be just because of Hope. “You said you will protect me, And I will” From the start she knew about him yet she never showed fear as if she always had a thing on him but she didn’t. He appreciated her courage, the nerve to stay in front of him as a werewolf and even talk back to him. She was never innocent nor fragile but she is precious / exquisite. I think Hayley believes Klaus doesn’t have feelings for her so she can’t manipulate him and Klaus is very good at hiding them. 

“You tore my brothers apart. If they turn on each other, as the prophecy suggests, it’s because of you!” 

-So Rebekah suggests that Hayley holds power over Klaus too. But why is she the reason? does it have anything to do with the darkness that Josephine predicted? how could she turn them against each other? only if they both confess their love for her. As we saw in tvd that worked out in the end. I don’t want recycled stories but I’m trying to understand what could divide them now that Klaus has agreed to share Hope with her. Klaus won’t punish her again he just won’t and she’d be stupid to try and defy him again. So what‘s the reason for her being the divider of the two brothers?

 “ Rebekah: Dear, sweet Cami. You’re so afraid that you’ll ruin her, you keep her behind glass like some breakable object. She’s not precious. Nik, every woman that you and Elijah bring into our lives turns to poison. She’ll grow toxic, too.”

“she’s not precious”- Klaus is making her precious,her human fragility is making her precious.

“she’ll grow toxic” -Rebekah’s prediction. 

Vampire Cami is not precious she doesn’t need that much protection anymore therefore her value drops in Klaus’s eyes. He will forever blame himself for “ruining” her for letting his guard down for a second. But the truth is human Cami has accomplished her purpose ; Klaus saved a life that was insignificant for him in order to keep her happy. Klaus Mikaelson saved a human for another human . Just yesterday humans were nothing more than walking blood banks for him. With that said I think her purpose is finished. Sure he will seek revenge but he’ll never have precious fragile Cami back that he CARED for. I won’t say love because with all due respect he forgot about her the moment Aurora came back. Now, if you’re in love with someone you don’t just jump back to an ex. Aurora was a love that consumed him. But she’s not relevant/ compatible with the new Klaus. It like an old toy that you used to love but when you find it again you realise it wasn’t all that great to begin with, but feeding the though that you lost it makes it have meaning and false value. 

 I think this is the reason he waited /hesitated so much with Cami because she was always there so easy to take. it’s like he kept her like a prey/treat that you know you can enjoy later and the longer you wait the more you think you want it. Just like Hayley preserves her “complicated feelings” for Elijah in hope that they grow and one day they’ll be together again but she can clearly see that she can live without him and as soon as she’ll have Elijah back he too will lose his value. This is lust. The anticipation is greater than the consummation of love.

 Wasn’t Hayley for Elijah the same precious thing (he lost) that Cami is for Klaus? they grew apart once she became a hybrid, the whole aura that she had while being pregnant vanished. It took him time to learn to love and accept the new violent Hayley, and only when she was reunited with Hope he saw that mother figure, savior of the family, in her again. I think Elijah loves that the most in her. he too seeks innocence and fragility, ( Tatia transforming in Hayley running in that pure white dress) when he saw her in her wedding dress she was just that..this pure unobtainable being . Now we saw her in the red dress (red- blood) maybe symbolising her loosing that title forever. 

Now in Cami’s case the blood that turned her is the one of a pshyco (Aurora) so that must mean her personality might be changed forever.  Rebekah is right all the women in her brothers life turned toxic all of them lost their innocence (or maybe never had it to begin with) . If Klaus loves fragility so much than why was he the only one enjoying the new Hayley? Look at all the women in his life none of them was a saint, i don’t think he truly fully enjoys that I think he wans excitement as much as Hayley but they don’t admit it  

Neither Hayley or Klaus is IN LOVE with anyone right now. They try to figure it out saying words like “complicated, care for, what matter to you matters to me, I chose you” BUT no one ever said one believable “I LOVE YOU!”.or “I’m in love with you” either the actors didn’t sell it well enough for me or it was on purpose to show uncertainty. I want acting like in 3x02. I want to believe every word they say. If Klayley is not meant to be at least sell me the other ships but do it good, with passion, I want to see it in their eyes that they meant it not just say it. Then and only then I will cheer for another ship but so far I haven’t seen any chemistry besides klayley. Klaus grew and changed more by having Hope and Hayley in his life than he did by meeting Cami.

 The love scene at the end was awkward , you could see Joseph for the first time being uncomfortable. Also they kept their clothes on like what’s up with that? (so many sex scenes later and none struck me more than Klayley’s and that one wasn’t even based on feelings (4x16) - just once Hayley lets Klaus be “in control” and look what happends => Hope :D , even back then she could read him so well as if she knew him for ages )  I don’t care what happens offset between them I just want to see a love story that consumes Klaus for some time not just short flings like Genevive, Aurora,etc.  

A love that consumes is not something that you have in your pocket , it’s not easily obtained but when you find it it’s all that you need. That would be klayley but I’m a klayley shipper so it’s bias. I wanted to analyze other couples and everytime the end result brings me to : Klayley is perfect.