in order to make his rp

Abduction RP (Closed)

(With @musicboxmarione)

Matt moved effortlessly, confident as he strode through the building. The sound of his boots echoing through the halls was all he could hear. He knew he had to be quick, and there was no time for hesitating. He had orders, and he intended to carry them out without fail. The system was down, making all their security useless. The cameras, alarms, everything. Nothing left that would leave any trace of him ever being there. Though he already knew he was there. He would recognize his work immediately. Therefore, he had to get in, get what he came for, and get the hell out, before anyone could come back. 
He already knew it would be clear. No one was there to stop him. Thanks to Kira, the SPK could not afford keeping what few agents they had left to guard precious Near 24/7, and therefore they were forced to leave him open. He didn’t risk assuming there would be no one left however, and was armed with two guns he honestly hoped he wouldn’t need to use, but he was prepared to do so. 

He slammed open the door to the final room, already having studied the building’s blueprints, as well as hacked the surveillance cameras, and knowing exactly where to go. He found him quickly, seated on the floor, alone. Matt raised his gun. The kid hadn’t flinched when he’d entered, and he was just waiting for him to turn around, not bothering to ask for his presence to be acknowledged. 

WIP - Defector!Kylo, from an AU my RP partner Hux and I have.

After the destruction of starkiller base, Snoke orders General Hux to kill Kylo Ren for him - Ren is a failure; killing his father weakened him and Snoke wants to make room for a new apprentice. It’s a test for Hux, too; Snoke knows he and Kylo have have been having a relationship (twisted as it is) and wishes to test Hux’s loyalty to the Order.

Hux takes Ren and runs. They end up running to the Resistance for lack of a better hiding place from the order - and their sentence for their war crimes ends up being to turn around and help fight the Order.

Defector Kylo isn’t a Jedi - if anything he’d be classified as more of a grey Jedi - he refuses to face Luke ever again, and clings to both the light and dark sides of the force. Draws on both, still, eventually finds an unstable balance.

His lightsaber was broken during the fight with Rey on starkiller - he repaired it, though the cracked Kyber crystal had been destroyed. Hux located a new one several months after their defection and gifted it to him - resulting in a stable purple blade.

Eh well I ranted too much, welcome to the-finalizer I suppose, I’m mod Kylo, mod Hux lives here too


It was finally time for Hideyoshi’s ambitious invasion of China. He’d ordered a few of his most trusted vassals, including the Kuroda and Kobayakawa clans to head the assault. For Nagamasa, this meant working for a man he’d never met before in his life.

Eager to make an acquaintance with the fellow lord, Nagamasa had asked for an audience with him, just to speak casually and nothing more. When he entered the room, he was shocked. The man seemed so small, with a look in his eyes that made the Kuroda leader uneasy. He didn’t let it show, remembering what he’d learned from his father about diplomacy and respect. Bowing his head, he introduced himself, “It’s an honor to meet you, my name is Kuroda Nagamasa.”

nightshadow5 asked:

(@heart-of-mold.) How about a bit of slave RP and sexual torture?) The ritual to summon this incubus had been rather hard. Acquiring the ingredients to make the summoning circle had been hard, especially since Jeremys father had been laid off from his job and was almost always home. The boy had to sneak out when he was asleep and work odd jobs in order to get enough money to buy the stuff. But he had finally got it all and made it. Now all he had to do was summon the thing.

((Quite new, I love it.))

He was nervous to do this sort of thing, he never did black magic or what ever magic this was to summon the incubus. He just needed someone or something to help him get away from his father and make him forget about bad things, like a significant other. He got everything ready and quickly did the spell to summon them before his dad got home.

RP Snippet

@thewormwood for you babs.

Barton’s Report

“Mistakes were made,” Barton admitted slowly.

He stood straighter, staring Markov squarely in the face, displaying a confidence he didn’t feel on the inside. So much had gone wrong, and a lot of it was his own fault for failing to remain neutral, even though he thought he would relish a moment in which he could throw Dagny under the bus for disobeying orders. Except for the fact that the mess was of his own making, and throwing anyone else under anything would have been a coward’s way out of facing responsibility.

“I didn’t send for you so we could have a semantics discussion, captain. Did Vancura follow orders, or not? It’s a simple question,” Markov leaned forward over his desk, squaring Barton with a piercing gaze that seemed to be fishing for the slightest twitch.

“He performed his duties in the capacity of his expertise,” Barton replied, meeting that gaze without faltering.

“I see,” Markov leaned back in his chair, swiveling slightly left and right, before bringing up an incident report on his desk console holoscreen. “According to Private Hauer’s report, Vancura attempted to wrest control of the mission from you, then failing that he refused to follow orders, squandering time that could better have been used in attempting to salvage the second satellite. These are more than just simple mistakes, captain.”

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Pizza And Hanging Out ||Shane And Jack

Jack had put on his black coat and dark blue jeans along with his black boots before making his way to the pizza shop near by. Jack walked into the small nice smelling pizza shop before making his way to a seat by the window.Jack pulled out his phone and looked for Shane’s number.’ Hey hope you aren’t busy wanna grab a pizza and have a chat? ’ Jack sent it before leaning back in his seat.

Jack picked up a menu and ordered himself some water while looking through the menu and waiting for a text back.


Closed || Jamie


Jamie had a rare day off and had decided to explore into the city, smiling a little to herself as she looked around. This was a big enough place but it would have been much better with someone to explore with. She took a deep breathe; her boss had ordered her to try and make a new friend in each place they went as a way to build confidence so she decided to plunge straight in. “Hi.” She walked up the nicest looking stranger she could see. “I was wondering… Want to come and bowl with me? Or just for a drink! I’m new here and… And it seems fun.” She giggled a little.

siege of highever (ser gilmore, bri cousland)

It had been Ser Gilmore and small group of soldiers that fought their way to the private quarters of the Couslands.    He had his own orders.   Before the Teryn had fallen at the hands of the treaterous Arl Howe, he was to make his way to Bri, secure her and then get the void out of the castle.   He had been instructed the path they were to take and it wouldn’t be easy.    What mattered was getting Lady Bri to safety.    They had cut their way up the steps but not without losing two men.    

They came crashing in to witness the Teryna Eleanor Cousland fall.    Without a word whispered, Ser Gilmore rushed Howe’s men attacking with the ferocity of a berserker and his men using swords, daggers, and bows stuck down the others and worked to protect Lady Bri.

Party ~(Elen and Hayley)~

The only reason Elen was going to that party was because Hayley had insisted so much he couldn’t refuse. His father even found it strange when he said he was going out that weekend. That was unusual, but he smiled as his son mentioned his friend, making it way too clear that they were not dating. Nelle didn’t believe a single word, but chuckled it off in order not to make his son even more anxious.

The boy stared at his reflection in the mirror, feeling a bit weird for wearing such uncommon clothes. His hair was neatly brushed and fell down his shoulders, contrasting with the white buttoned shirt he was wearing. The shape of his legs were enhanced by the skinny black jeans he had on; he would wear the usual baggy pants, but they didn’t look nice with the shirt. Still, he put on his heavy combat boots, as no other type of shoes were able to fit his hooves in. He also was using a little bit of his father’s woody-scented fragrance. That suited his faun-like figure.

Elen left home and entered the taxi he had called. The minutes that filled the car on the way to the party were filled with silence. The place wasn’t very far from his house, though. He paid the driver and walked around the entrance, feeling a bit lost, looking for his friend.

           mssrs moony, wormtail, padfoot & prongs
                                are proud to present…

The Marauders, a group of four trouble-making pranksters, are a bit known for their antics – whether good or bad. All the way back in their first year, four boys became best friends and some of them were rarely seen without the other right behind them. Remus Lupin, nicknamed Moony by the Marauders, was intentionally made Prefect in his Fifth Year in order to tame his friends. Peter Pettigrew, nicknamed Wormtail, can be seen trailing behind at least two of the Marauders, usually in awe. Sirius Black, nicknamed Padfoot, is fairly known for his antics with his best mates and for his last name. Which leads us to the one nicknamed Prongs, James Potter, has been recently made Head Boy despite his rather long list of detentions and pranks pulled.

                       T H E M A R A U D E R S M A P.

Make Me Choose!

I was tagged by @sa2ms, thank you love! I’m doing this again because since the last time, my list has changed.

Rules: Pick your Top 10 Biases (Only the first 3 are in order, the rest are at random!)

  1. Namjoon (BTS)
  2. Suho (EXO)
  3. Baekhyun (EXO)
  4. James (Royal Pirates [RP])
  5. Hoseok (BTS)
  6. Jackson (GOT7)
  7. Hani (EXID)
  8. Hwasa (Mamamoo)
  9. Yoongi (BTS)
  10. JB (GOT7)

1. Between 1 &4: who would you rather kiss?
- Namjoon. Forever and always.

2. Between 2&7: who would be your best friend?
- Hani, because I’d always try to always make a move on Suho lol.

3. Between 5&10: who has the better voice?
- JB, only because I feel like his voice is trained more. If Hoseok got more singing parts and BH let him utilize his voice, then it would be him hands down because his voice sounds like honey to me, honestly…

4. between 1&8: who is the funniest?
- they’re both dorky in their own ways lol….. but, I’d have to pick Namjoon.

5. between 6&9: who would you date
- jsaflkasdjlksdajfl;kjsd;lkfjalskfjlasdjfklasdj I’d want to date them both… but, I think i’d rather date Yoongi becuase we’d both just be a chill couple and I feel like he’d give me the space I need, but know when to snuggle up lol.

6: between 9&10: who would you do a collaboration with?
- JB, we can sing like angels together *-*

7. between 4&8: who is the best dancer

8. between 3&5: who would you most likely marry
- f;lsadjf;lksdjf;ljsldkj;laksdjflkasdjlfa………………………………. Baekhyun.. only because I feel like our personalities would go better together.

9. between 1&7: who would you nurse when they are sick?
- I WANT TO HELP THEM BOTH, AHH… Namjoon because honestly, that boy could use some helping hands before he hurts himself again…

10. between 2&3: who has a better smile?
- OH COME ON…. THE TWO OF THE MOST SMILEY OF THE GROUP…. ;ALFJL;ASDJFLK;ASDJFLDS….. Suho. His smile makes my knees weak, tbh.

I’ll tag @hoeforhope, @yixing-senpai, @exo-and-chill, @layhyunnie, and @yehet-my-ohorat-93 (:

Closed Starter

The Resistance troop recreation was busy, drinks were flowing, the talk was loud and both laughter and playful arguments were in high order.  The Dejarik tables were surrounded, stacks of credit chits piled on the sides for betting purposes.  Vellos sat in a corner, drink in hand, watching the crowd. He smiled when he recognizes a familiar face and stood, making his way over to the woman.  

“Beka Morrow?” He said, “how long has it been?”


Lord Burner [Open RP]

 He knew what his orders were. Kill the person in front of him. Erase them from the Time line, as if they had never existed. He never asked to be Lord Burner.

He felt a sickness in the pit of his stomach. He had done it before —many times, but the guilt of those deaths  weighed heavily on him. 

“I’m sorry. I will make it quick… make it as painless as possible. “

Arturo Callum | 20 | Roman | Legacy of Nox and Mercury | Open

Damn, they don’t make them like this anymore. 

Arturo Callum was the son of Pompeia Callum, a proud daughter of Rome, and one of the elite of the city. As a member of the Callum family, there was a lot of pressure put on Arturo, or as he was known at his birth, Annabelle. But that didn’t stop Arturo from defying expectations. He refused to do what anyone wanted of him, he rejected expectations and he defied the orders and traditions of a family that was older than the country that they lived in. 

But they didn’t do it straight away. The truth was that for the longest time, Arturo was scared. He was scared of disappointing his family, so he went through life, doing exactly what they wanted. He felt like a suit, something that his family brought out to impress their family and friends and then something that was put away with the fine china and the crystal wine glasses, shut in a box until it was needed at the next party. Arturo hated it, he hated feeling as if he was nothing more than a trophy to be displayed to his family. 

But nothing changed, everything always stayed the same. 

That was, at least, until the death of his cousin Caesar Callum, they hadn’t been all that close, though Arturo had always had a certain admiration for the legacy of Venus, Nox and Mercury. But the death of a family member brought it home to him that if he wanted something that he needed to take it, now, not tomorrow, not in a week, not in a month and certainly not in a year. So Arturo began his transition and he began his training for the trials of the Order of Remus. 

You see, the cohorts had made him, fighting in the first alongside great heroes like Reyna had been fantastic to build him as a soldier, but the world of politics and the senate, that scared Arturo. But that was where he was destined and there was nothing that Arturo could do to avoid it, unless he joined the Order. He was more than good enough to be a member of the Order, he was more than skilled enough. 

The trials came, and as he made his entry, well lets just say that that was his way of telling his parents. 

They haven’t spoken to him since. 

But he doesn’t care. The Order is his new home. They are his new family and he will be damned if he lets the Callum family stop him from achieving a happy life. A few more years in the Order, then he can go travelling, and then he can set up his own little shop and maybe find a nice young man to marry.

Arturo’s faceclaim is John Boyega. 

He is a member of the Order of Remus.

anonymous asked:

Fabian, what's your opinion on women? Talk as long as you want.

Meme:  For the next hour, my muse can only say the opposite of what they actually mean.

Ok, so this was a little tricky, because if someone asked him this in RP, he’d say a bunch of positive/good/feminist/etc things, because ICly Fabian HIDES what a douchebag he is, he LIES to make himself look good and disguise he’s a garbage heap in order to manipulate others and just not get himself in deep shit…so I was like, “ok, if he says the opposite of what he’d normally say, does that mean he’d…actually tell the TRUTH of what’s in his head?”

And then I remembered that he’s a LOT more honest with Anons, so that made things a lot simpler XD Standard opposite-speak!

“Well, for starters, they’re naturally superior to men, and by men I mean all men but me. They are in particular VERY superior to me, because I’m so inferior in general. They hate me for it, just absolutely hate me, they can’t wait to NOT have sex with me, and I DON’T deserve it at all.They lie asleep at night not thinking about me one bit in their very large brains. Speaking of brains, my god are they intelligent and not at all sneaky, manipulative, cunning bitches in spite of their mental advantages! They’re very honest and always say exactly what they mean, and are generally chaste, though it’s just fine if they’re not because a woman should never be judged by her sexual conduct or clothing. No means no. They don’t flaunt their short misshapen legs to cause ED in men, or wear high-cut tops to conceal their breasts in order to draw the eye away from them for the sole purpose of averting seduction.

There’s one thing they’re no good for, and that’s making babies. My god, I don’t want any babies, and I don’t need the right mother for them, but if I did, she’d have to be a real slut. Just absolutely imperfect. Luckily those are everywhere, particularly in this sexist utopia of a country. But I don’t think there are some bad ones yet out there. Promiscuous, disobedient, domineering, hideous jeering creatures not waiting for me to take them in hand and make them free like they despise.”


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“Today’s the date”

“…am I dressed correctly?”
“Do I have everything?”

Konstantin looked over and over again at himself in the mirror, checking twice if things were in order for this big day: it was his first date in more than fifty years, it was obvious he’d be a mess at first.

After making sure it all was in order, the soviet left his house, took hi car and drove all the way to Grisha’s place. Hands holding the wheel on a tight grip all the time. Sure, Grisha and Konstantin had been together for a long time but this was their first official date, a huge step into officially declaring themselves as a couple.

Once in front of the home of his beloved Grusha, the stepped out of his car and rang the bell, there was a bouquet of flowers behind his back and, judging by the strong grip he had, Konstantin was still nervous.

About Errin

“Highly volatile and rather impulsive; a natural leader who’s quick to make decisions, though not always the right ones. Quite innovative, able to assess a situation and adapt accordingly. Judgement is often clouded by emotions, which Kylo hopes to use to his advantage.”

-First Order report on Errin Ru

Physical Characteristics

  • 27 years old
  • Human
  • Female
  • Hair color varies (dyed)
  • Hazel eyes
  • 1.57 m
  • 53 kg
  • (Face claim: Hayley Williams)


  • Caring
  • Loyal
  • Confident
  • Playful
  • Adventurous
  • Sometimes reckless
  •  Impulsive
  • Passionate


  • Resistance Fighter
  • Resistance Pilot


  • Luke Skywalker (Former teacher)
  • Kylo Ren (Trained together under master Luke before The Incident)
  • The Resistance (Currently)


  • Basic knowledge of lightsaber combat
  • Fairly good with a blaster
  • Force sensitive
  • Good pilot (not nearly as good as poe though)


  • Blue lightsaber
  • NN-14 blaster pistol
  • BlasTech EL-16HFE blaster rifle

What’s good? My name is Dario Samuels but sometimes I go by “Phantom”. I’m 23 years old and I rock heavy with ASAP MOB gang.

Position: Right-hand

  • Background (at least 5 sentences):

Growing up with a crackhead for a mother and a father as her pimp,Dario was in the street at the age of thirteen. He learned from a young age that not everyone who smiles up in your face is your friend. His father taught that in order to make it to the top, you got to knock a few people down along the way. Now at the age of twenty-three he takes what he learned from his father and from the streets and uses it to the best of his abilities.

+ Traits (3 at most):  Observent, skillful, trusting

- Traits (3 at most):  Crafty, sarcastic , demanding

Is diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder

Connections (3 at most):

anonymous asked:

When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy! (: Then send it to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously

In no particular order:


  1. People taking deep interest in Al’s lore.
  2. Saints Row, in general. Seriously.
  3. Music / sound design with minute details.
  4. My friends; RP or otherwise
  5. Good sushi


  1. Getting into a good fight
  2. Finally being able to relax
  3. Friends/family being safe
  4. His motorbike(s)
  5. Good food