in order to make his rp

intense slightly fucked scenarios to consider

  • you just won me with the highest bid @ an underground prostitution/trafficking ring auction, now what????
  • your dad owes me a shit ton of money so i kidnap you (his kid) as leverage to make sure i get what i want but hey… now i kinda want you instead
    • PLOT TWIST: your dad owes me a shit ton of money so he offers you up instead and i take him up on it 
  • i’m with my friends and you come home late dressed like a slut so why don’t i fuck you like one in front of all of them to teach you a lesson

Here we are at what? My third attempt at playing Joel. I love this character so much and I think I kept leaving because I was insecure of my portrayal or my OC, Jake kept making Joel disappear. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think I’ve finally found my niche with Joel here and I believe I know how to portray him well enough to keep him around. I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to talk to me ooc and rp with me to help make this blog great. Even the people who followed me over from Jake’s account even if you weren’t really familiar with his character. You are ALL so wonderful and I am honored to be surrounded by such amazing people. Note: these are not in any particular order just what I can come up with off the top of my head. If I forget anyone I apologize.

OH before I forget. Credit of the beautiful screencaps I used for this goes to @joelismyhero. Only just started following this personal but they are a beautiful human being from what I have seen.

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Dear Journal,

That was it. Our days of school are over. Today we had our last day at Hogwarts. I felt happy to start my new life but I also felt sad. This place was my second home. I loved it. After our last exam, all the last years were screaming and throwing papers around. Everyone was happy. I tried to find Johnny to tell him goodbye. He was in the library with Freddie, his boyfriend. A few weeks ago, he gave me one of his books. It was about a little boy that always felt alone, that always wanted a brother. He said that I was like his big brother and it made me happy. I wanted to hand him back his book but he wanted me to keep it.

“I want you to have it. You changed my life Remus. You helped me get over bullies and you helped me accepting who i truly was. I want you to keep it.” He said with his cute little voice.

“Ok. But I want you to have this one. It’s about two brothers who go on adventures. Since you’re like my brother now, I think you should have it…” i said, handing him my book.

“Have you taken notes in it?” He asked, smiling.

“Of course I did, you can read them and think of me okay?” I said, my hand in his small back.

“You won’t forget about me?” He asked with teary eyes.

“I will never forget about you. I promise. We are like brothers after all!” I said, hugging his small figure.

“Will you write to me?”

“Of course I will! And maybe you can come to my book shop? I can give you some free books.. but don’t tell anyone!” I said and he giggled.

“I will visit it with mummy in the summer. Thank you for everything Remus. You will always be my big brother.” He said.

“I’ll see you soon okay? Now the train is leaving soon, you should go get your boyfriend and leave for Hogsmeade.” I smiled.

“I will. Bye Remus..” He said, hugging me one last time and leaving with my book in his arms.

“Bye Johnny, I’ll see you soon..” i said, letting a tear fall down my cheek.

I walked up to the dorm to pack the rest of my stuff. All the boys were there. I sat next to them and we looked at our room in silence.

“We’re leaving.” James said.

“Yeah..” Sirius sighted.

“I’ll miss this place..” i said.

“Me too.” Petter agreed.

We decided to mark our marauder names on the wall under our beds. That way we could always be here. We packed everything and left the now clean and empty room. We looked back for a second just to keep a memory… and left for the hogsmeade train station.

“I talked to Regulus. He’s going to Sophie’s and he’ll eventually go home when mother forgives him. She will. She likes him. He said he’ll visit soon.” Sirius said, sitting in our train cabin.

I sat next to him, letting my head fall on his shoulder. Lily was by the window next to James who talked with Peter and Mary. Marlene and Dorcas were braiding eachothers hair beside us. We were all there. Just like the begining. During the train ride, we talked about our Hogwarts memories. We all laughed even though it made me want to cry. I felt nostalgic. We opened the train window and felt the air on our faces. We were together.

When the train arrived we all said our goodbyes, even though we would all see them in a week for our housewarming party. Lily was crying but at least she stayed with James. I’m glad she had him. Then, Sirius and I walked home. Hand in hand. Arriving to our new home sweet home, we layed down on our bed matress. It was the only thing that wasn’t in a box.

“I don’t feel like unpacking.” Sirius giggled.

“How about we make ourselves a box table and we order pizza?” I asked, kissing his lips.

“Pizza sounds amazing!” He kissed back.

We were laying on our matress dropped on the direct wooden floor, boxes surounding us.

“I always imagined myself moving away from home.. But not even in my craziest dreams It would’ve been with you. I love you Remus. I will love you forever.” He said.

“I love you Sirius.” I smiled.

We were together.

March 23rd 1976

& THAT’S HOW WE BECAME THE B.RADY BUNCH. nah i’m kidding. hi guys, doopy back at it again with this time —  A MULTIMUSE OCS BLOG featuring a variety of weirdos that probably deserve to be kinkshamed. in order of pictures, we have DOM, DAVEY, NAHO, CHARNETTE, ALVIN, BEEJ, FLORETTA, JUSTIN, MICHAEL AND SEBASTIAN. each muse is totally different, but in some odd way, they’re all connected to each other. so yeah my nerds, LIKE/REBLOG if you’re interested in them!!

Okay….Remember the archway in the department of mysteries?

I saw a post about how if Harry, who had only ever lost his parents at this point, heard voices what had Sirius heard?
Here’s the thought. That moment where Sirius gets hit he hears regulus’ scream. I mean Sirius had lost many people by that time but his brother was the one person he hadn’t known he’d lost forever. Like in the mix of ghosts mourning his life: James, Lily, mar, dorcus. The cry of agony he knew from childhood was the one his brain picked out the cry worse than he’d ever heard it even under crucio. And he just registers what that means.

So then my brain switched to after.
Where Sirius is screaming for remus to hold Harry back because that is all he can think of. Don’t let him get too close. The living can’t cross without going mad Harry has to be okay. And regulus and James and everyone are just watching Sirius dictate the only person that can hear him. And then a dam breaks and Sirius is in the middle of this giant hug of all of them and Sirius is crying because he can feel them for the first time all together in years. And everyone breaks apart and regulus is just crying and Sirius realizes he’s looking at this kid. I mean he always called regulus a kid but there were only three years between them The younger by three years brother he hadn’t seen in years was still NINETEEN.
And after an explanation Sirius has never been prouder of this boy. His flesh and blood brave brother who played the good boy and bided his time until he could take Voldemort down. Who took the dark mark and did EVERYTHING he could to make sure the light won.

He died for the light. They all did.

would you like a dad who’s made quite a few mistakes in his life? you know, one’s who follow orders, and put their life before anyone elses? well, take a look at solider: 76 or you can call him 76. his real name is jack morrison and he won’t bite. not by much, but he will judge your actions, and scold you if you make more mistakes than he has. plus he gripes about his age. so there is that. // Indi & private solider 76 penned by andre. 

@agentdelphine replied to your post@scarslookgood replied to your…

that’s what i like about your interpretation of jack. he’s easygoing in many ways but not a pushover. he’s also thoughtful in addition to loyalty. in other words, his loyalty is not blind.

Thank you. I try really hard to make his inner world different from his outer world, and the outer world different from the real world we live in out here. 

Unfortunately, that gets misinterpreted as him being at the bottom of the Ana, Gabriel, Jack pecking order. Maybe he’s the little brother of the group, but he makes up his own mind based on the input he receives from a number of sources, not just what those two tell him. 

Whatever personal doubts he may have (in RP, ffs) about getting it, he’s good at his job and confident that he’s good at it. He doesn’t need to be led around by the nose all the time and doesn’t need constant hand-holding or supervision.

I wish I still had some of those flame thingies left, because weak Jack is one thing I absolutely despise and people do it to him all the time.

&. open to: females/males/nb.
connections ideas:
dom/sub, step siblings, significant other.

“don’t make a sound..” he ordered as his hand clung to their mouth, keeping them quiet as he moved lower down their body. ryder kissed and sucked at their throat, leaving little red marks the shape of his mouth on them as his free hand slid between their legs. “if you want me to make you feel good then you’re going to have to be quiet for me, baby.” he nipped at their jaw gently. “i’m going to move my hand away and you’re going to answer me, but very.. very quietly. do you understand me?”

RP Summary: VIRA Dies at the End

Characters: VIRA, Holland, Isaac, Jasper for a hot sec

Content warnings: Death, violence, Isaac.

Summary: Isaac, accompanied by one of Castella’s hounds, puts in an appearance at Holland and VIRA’s hideout, looking not for the escaped Vantage experiment, but for VIRA on the orders of their creator Jasper. Isaac antagonizes the two before making a phone call to Jasper to confirm VIRA’s location. Jasper makes the call to shut them down. Enraged, Holland attacks Isaac, but is quickly outmatched by him with the hound on his side. In a vulnerable position, Holland negotiates for their own freedom by threatening to tell Isaac’s sister what he’s done. Isaac, having technically completed his mission, reluctantly lets Holland go.


(Note: This log takes place about a month and a half (ish?) ago.)

⊰ age gap au ⊱ when muse a was young s/he was saved by muse b (from drowning, falling, etc) and they grew up admiring them from afar, being a close family friend. now older, muse a find themselves working in the same enterprise as muse b,  their infatuation only growing the more time they spend together. muse b has never seen muse a as anything more than the kid they rescued, but their feelings may be tested after they are sent on a work trip together.

⊰ awkward beat au ⊱ based off the fanfic; muse a and muse b are roommates – but nothing more. they don’t talk about relationships or school, though they do hang out together, having the same group of friends. muse a has a controlling father, whom had given them the apartment to focus on their studies. so when he randomly shows up without notice, muse a lies and pretends that they are in a relationship with muse b, who’s only there for a ‘visit’.  they are invited over for dinner, and they go as a couple despite muse b’s discomfort. while they are out, muse b spots muse a’s friend, who they have been crushing on for years. noticing jealousy, muse b asks muse a to fake their relationship around them, too, in order to try to win over their heart, to which they originally refuse – until they also find themselves needing to keep up the act in front of their father, who has announced his engagement and seems to want to spend more and more time with his child.

Closed rp


It was the masquerade ball of the year and of course, Lucifer, the host, went all out for the party. All his lieutenants, Lords of the realms and royalties were present at the event.

Haadiya attended the ball and wasn’t truly in the mood to do so, however, her master made it very clear that everyone invited had to attend in order to make him look good. She adjusted her mask as she grabbed a glass of champagne and walked to the balcony, she needed some fresh air.

For Charlie

olAnna had woken up with excitement. She had been waiting for this day since she’d arrived in Ireland. In typical, fashion she had filled the two weeks she had been there with activities. Focusing on getting her room the way she wanted it. Hanging pictures, painting walls and thrifting furniture to go with the aesthetic she had in her mind. The rest of the time had been focused on hunting for a job in her desired field to little success but she had, to some degree, expected as much. In spite the set back it was easy to say the teen had hit the ground running. Determined to get things done.

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Continuity: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Name: Rook

Who Are They: Rook is one of the newer soldiers added to the 501st, though not as new as Dogma and Tup, he’s still considered a shinie by his more experienced brothers. He has a good heart, and loves to make sure his brothers are doing alright and are well.

Having once had dreams of becoming a Captain himself, or maybe even something more, his dreams were thoroughly dashed when he was still quite young. Growing up aware that he’s not as good as his older and “better” brothers due to the degrading quality of DNA he comes from, Rook has since dedicated his life to doing all that he can so his betters can succeed.

His friendliness and need to know how people are doing have gotten him into more than a few bad situations with his bounty hunter trainers, Bric in particular. Despite the explosive response he would typically get from asking what he felt are simple questions or actions such as hugs, he has managed to keep this part of himself, though he now more carefully picks who is more open to such interactions when it comes to people outside of his brothers.

Rook loves all of his brothers, but Captain Rex is at the top of that list. He finds his Captain to be a great man, and everything he ever wished he could have grown to be. He values Rex’s opinion more than anyone else’s, and on the very rare occasions he has been reprimanded by him the interaction has left him heartbroken and numb; with a quiet terror that Rex is one step closer to echoing what his trainers used to tell him back at home.

He is fiercely loyal, and when faced with the idea that someone, or worse, someone he respects has done something wrong, he fights to make it make sense. Wanting to believe that what the person was doing was for some hidden reason, or for a reason that he simply doesn’t understand.

What happened with Krell is something not easily forgotten. Having placed his trust wholly into this man, and into Anakin Skywalker when he left them with him, the events that followed have made him question something he’s never before had to question. A question that is something he’s never been taught to think about. When what you do as a good soldier is follow orders, what do you do when the orders are bad?

Greatest Fears: That one of his betters will die because of him, and that one day he will make one of the brothers he respects most voice that he is an idiotic, simple, waste of space.

Personal Views: Life is what you make it, so why not make someone happy.

Why Did I Create Them: Initially created for an RP a bit before even Canon was created, I wanted to have a clone who was both full of love for others and wore his emotions openly. Since then he has become one of my favorite Clone OC’s. Which is something that he’d never believe, thinking I’d forgotten the others I have made.

“Are they aware of how…in love they are?”

Jensen shoves Misha, and he trips a couple of steps before veering to his right and pushing into Jensen’s side shoulder-first.

“Just wait for it.”

“What exactly are we waiting for?”

“Shh, shh,” Jared says in mock condescension to Felicia. She’s obviously not on set often enough if she’s asking these questions.

“Oh my god,” she breathes as Jensen wraps his arm around Misha’s neck and pulls him down to ruffle his hair.

Misha escapes and jumps on Jensen’s back. Jensen starts trotting like a horse, and Misha wraps his arms tightly around his neck and buries his face down close to Jensen’s.

“Yeah, it gets worse,” Jared comments, totally jaded by this situation.

“No but seriously, are they aware?” Felicia returns, still sounding shocked.

“Just keep watching.”

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open rp

It had been a rough week at the Academy, Pike had recently found himself promoted from being wheelchair bound to walking (with a cane, but it was better than sitting around), and now that he had better mobility, he decided to make his way down to the local bar where most officers and cadets mingled after hours. Sitting down at an empty table, Pike ordered himself a drink and laid his cane across the top of the table. Ready to relax after the long week.

       Standing behind the door, feeling like a fool, Kenneth was trying to make her open the door. “I really hope you know that I’m not stupid. I’ve seen pizza guy leaving, and you are the only person in this building that would actually order from them. Their pizza is awful.” He rolled his eyes with a sigh, knowing she’s probably not in the mood for jokes. “Also I can hear you breathing, so…” To be completely honest he didn’t know what to expect, was she even going to open the door and talk to him? Probably not, but he was willing to try. “Come on, let me in.”

(Closed RP)


“C-Come on! Stop this nonsense!!” Exclaimed Ivor, being pushed and dragged by his fellow comrades. Being their group only a few months old, the name Order of the Stone was barely known yet.

“Enough with your nonsense, Ivor!” Ellegaard responded back, tugging Ivor’s arm as they all walked down a corridor. From left to right, you’d see their rooms passing by them, which it surely meant for Ivor one thing. 

“Magnus’s room… Ellegaard’s room… the only one left is… Oh dear Notch–! Ivor spoke under his breath, before forcefully pulling back, making the others stop in their tracks. “We are not! I repeat! We are definitely not going to his room!” Ivor bellowed, glaring daggers to his friends, only to receive eye rolls from them.

Magnus, who gripped tightly onto Ivor’s other arm, glanced at him. “Look, Ivor, it’s been what? A few years? Since you’ve known him? And you’re still don’t have the guts to tell him?! Come on, it’s just getting embarrassing at this point–”

“–I think! What Magnus was trying to get at!!” Interrupted Gabriel, who behind Ivor, his hands on the enchanter’s shoulder. “Is the three of us know about your feelings towards him. We thought it was about time you do something about it.” 

“B-But!!” Ivor stuttered, before he was pushed by Gabriel, thus leaving Ivor to stand directly in front of the Architect’s room. “… Is it too late to turn back? I rather just get back to my work…”

“Don’t worry, Ivor! You got nothing to worry! We’ll be here every step of the way!” Reassured Ellegaard. Suddenly, both the Rouge and the Engineer knocked on the door simultaneously, making Ivor tense up. 

Before Ivor could even say something to his friends, they already bolted, leaving him alone with the door. What’s worse is that he could clearly hear footsteps closing in on the door. “Maybe… I should just run for it! Besides! What am I supposed to say?! Hi, I have admired you for quite some time now and I may have a crush on you, No big deal, right?!” Ivor whispered said to himself. 

Real talk though, that fact that he was able to create a full detail diorama of Ancient Egypt shows that Ryou is hella talented.  He also creates figurines on the side. I could seem him go into prop design or make really freaky special effects monster a la Fred Geiger or Hellraiser cuz that cute poofball loves his occult and attention to detail and Jonouchi would hate sleepovers because he knows Ryou would go all out and tell really freaky stories.  And he would hate going to his studio because of all the hanging hooks, limbs and tools he uses to make his stuff; it would be a scene out of a horror movie.

irken-aik  asked:

"FRIES!" Vex banged her fists against the counter. "Also, this time, I want a Shloogorphs Jr, no, wait. Make it a Regular; Jr is too small. Oh, and I want my fries done extra crispy." The she Irken tapped her fingers against the counter impatiently. "Last time they where all droopy.. Not to your own fault, I'm sure." She sneered.

He rolled his eyes as he punched in the order. “You want a toy, too?”

hello and thank you for coming folks i just want to bring a quick psa to your attention on why i want to punch bruce wayne in his stupid fukcing face i hope i have your attention

(warning for child abuse mention)

exhibit a:

except that?? it literally is? remember tommy? your childhood best friend? 

this is from heart of hush, and bruce constantly dehumanizes tommy. he acts as if hush and tommy are two separate people, and as if this is no longer his childhood friend (even more: as if hush stole tommy from him) even when it is tommy, and tommy has always been like this. tommy’s just sick, but bruce seems to ignore this in favor of painting him as something evil. bruce just fight me i’ll fucking take you i don’t care if im a 5′3″ child

exhibit b:

w h y are you calling the child abuse victim an “ungrateful child” oh my god. 

cornflakepizza did some great commentary on these panels here (please read because i’m going to reference it). it’s arguable bruce just doesn’t realize tommy was abused, especially considering how much he loved his parents (he might not be able to understand hating your own parents, or that your parents would hurt you, etc). 

except: as batman, i’m certain he has come into close contact with abused children. tommy also told him once, when they were children, how he had to “maneuver…around dad sometimes to keep from getting hurt.” perhaps he didn’t understand as a child, but even then bruce should have picked up on how marla treated tommy because that went far into adulthood.

i honestly think bruce chooses to think of tommy as bad because it makes it easier to face him as an enemy. tommy is a very personal matter– untouched for the longest time by bruce’s life as batman. for tommy to turn on him, as well as for it to be possible that bruce could have stopped it from happening by helping him before (remember: bruce feels responsible for things whether they are his fault or not, most times), makes it very painful. i think he actively looks upon hush as a monster that took his friend in some unhealthy way to cope with what’s happened between them.

exhibit c:

our worst offense: this is a panel from heart of hush referencing the events of gotham knights #74 when the joker put a pacemaker in tommy, tommy asked bruce to remove it, bruce tricked him into thinking it was removed and let tommy go after the joker to get his revenge, and ultimately left tommy to die while he was begging for help.

now, in the events leading up to this, bruce was ridiculously stressed, and tommy gave him a long speech about how bruce should just kill them all. this, and the fact tommy had been asked to stay in arkham in exchange for removal of the pacemaker (which he did not adhere to, and bruce let him escape), really affected this decision. the hush returns story arc is also, uhh, not exactly my favorite, but im acknowledging it because heart of hush does, and it has such an impact on heart of hush’s story and tommy’s character. the incident only strengthened tommy’s paranoid delusions about bruce, and this is why im bringing it up as a canon point (even though i largely ignore a lot of hush returns).

as much as i hate the idea of bruce wavering on his morals, i strongly believe it’s because of what i stated: he doesn’t think nearly as rationally as he does with other rogues because tommy is such a personal matter to him. i think it’s also a statement as to how much his view on tommy has warped, that bruce would be willing to consider this, let alone allow this. i’m also fairly certain that bruce would regret this terribly after the fact, and it would tear him up that he could make such a huge mistake. and then: he may continue to dehumanize tommy even more after this occurrence, as he has already taken to doing this as a method of coping. 

{ disclaimer: i actually love bruce, i also love tommy, and i’m not at all shitting on bruce. im just really, really sad about their relationship in the comics because it’s full of so many unhealthy things (plenty, plenty on tommy’s side too), and they could still be friends, but they both keEP FUCKING IT UP BY BEING TRASH BAGS?? and im really sad about that.

also: i realize that people like to pick and choose their canons, as that is what is great about comics, and many will say to me: “i don’t take the pacemaker incident as canon because it’s completely against bruce’s character to act that way.” that is completely true, and i agree that this was a terrible punch to what bruce’s character is when you look at it plainly. i don’t like that the writers chose to do that, and my view of the incident is probably completely off from what the writers intended in my attempt to make it work. so why do i choose this as something i consider canon, and why am i trying to make this incident work? tommy simply doesn’t have enough canon to work with, unlike bruce. the pacemaker incident is also really important for his development, and i want his canon to mesh well with bruce’s. 

this is an rp blog, and it’s kind of weird for me to have this incident canon while other people ignore it. it doesn’t really make for logical interactions if my tommy has strong delusions of paranoia, that bruce hates him + is out to get him, and a firm belief that he is monstrous enough for the batman to forego his morals (never broken before) in order to see tommy dead, and all this despite the advantage of being his childhood friend (shouldn’t bruce care? certainly he never did if he was willing to let tommy die)– all strengthened by this event that some people like to dismiss. people still don’t have to consider it canon, but it is for my blog because it’s important for tommy, but i still want it to make sense for why bruce would ever do it.

EDIT: The alternative to this incident is that Bruce didn’t surgically remove the pacemaker, but thought he deactivated it, and later told Tommy it was still there out of anger - not actually knowing that the pacemaker would malfunction and give Tommy a heart attack when Bruce left him with the Joker. Because that’s less stupid than the entirety of Gotham Knights, bYE. }

anyways thank you for reading my presentation on why i want to punch bruce wayne in his stupid fukcing face thank you for coming