in order to have him hanged


Fury trying to recruit the Power Rangers in a team up with the remains of his Avengers and these kids are just like

“it doesn’t concern the Crystal, so therefore we don’t give a shit”

eventually the Crystal is threatened, and during the battle plans Captain America trying to dish out orders and they just blank stare him through their disturbing masks not moving fucking INCH because no, we barely take orders from Zordon let alone you. Jason “I don’t speak for the others” Scott kindly asking Steve to with all due respect, piss off.

and Thor fucking bows to them, even Loki’s reverent, which oh okay that’s a little weird, but apparently Power Rangers are to Asgardians and other aliens races what deities are to devout Humans so…

Peter hanging out with kids his own age who’re also super powered and have to deal with the troubles of balancing superheroism with school

( Tony pays for Mrs. Taylor’s medical fees and doesn’t say anything, Zack just gets home after the battle and there’s a letter saying everything’s been anonymously taken care of and breaks down crying in relief )

Burden of Proof

Word Count: 2357

Request: “ Thought; spontaneously dragging Steve of Bucky into random makeout sessions throughout the day and then just leaving him out of breath as you continue in with your business” And a very pleasant thought it is. 

Warning: Language, making out, and utter ridiculousness

A/N: I had more free time than I anticipated, so you’re getting this early. You have the snow storm to thank for this nonsense.

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“Ow ow ow ow ow!” you groaned through clenched teeth as Natasha dragged you through the halls and over the bodies of the incapacitated Hydra agents.

“Hush! There could still be some stragglers hanging around,” she hissed at you, readjusting her hold in order to pull you along more quickly.

“Well if you hadn’t been there to pull me out of the way, that delightful bullet would have definitely silenced me for good. You have only yourself to blame.”

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Dorm Mates AU
  • Harry and Ron were SUPPOSED to be roommates but Ron fucked up and forgot to request him
  • On move in day Harry bumps into this asshole who’s bitching about someone touching his “imported scarves”
  • Harry doesn’t have a lot to unpack so he’s already set up when that same asshole barges into the room. He doesn’t even notice Harry as he orders the poor volunteers around, telling them how to set up and “that doesn’t go THERE what are you, an animal???”
  • When the storm clears Harry just stands there blinking as Draco finally notices him. He offers him his hand to shake with his signature “Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. And you are…?”
  • Harry reluctantly takes it. “… Harry Potter”
  • Throughout the school year they’re very short with each other, usually hanging out with other groups. They still respect each others rules and lifestyles within the dorm, but rarely ever talk.
  • One night, late into the year, Draco comes in shit faced drunk while Harry is studying.
  • He starts crawling all over Harry on the bed and ends up laying in his lap talking about how everyone wants to be friends with him because of his father and how sometimes he doesn’t even like the people he hangs out with and stuff like that
  • After his long rant they just kinda sit there and suddenly Draco looks up like “You’re really hot you know that? Like suuuper hot. That’s why all those girls are after you. But you’re so stupid you don’t even realize it. Honestly.”
  • He kinda goes on about how hot Harry is and how sometimes he wants to make out with his stupid face and how the way his expressions are on a day to day basis is practically killing him but then Draco starts falling asleep mid-rant and just passes out on Harry’s lap.
  • Harry just sits there in stunned silence before sliding out from under Draco and going to Rons to spend the night
  • Draco wakes up feeling horrible and he doesn’t remember a lot from the night before. When he sees he’s on Harry’s bed and Harry is gone he starts panicking like “fuck fuck FUCK what did I do??”
  • Later that night Harry comes back and they exchange awkward “heys” before Draco gets all formal saying he’s sorry if he said anything out of term or caused any trouble
  • Harry just laughs like “you’re fine its cute the way you act when you’re drunk”
  • Draco is internally screaming at "cute” but he’s like “nevertheless I should not have imposed you-”
  • Harry interrupts him like “dude enough you don’t have to act so up tight with me I’m not gonna judge you”
  • And after a bunch of back and forth they’re suddenly criss crossed on the floor talking about their stupid aunt and uncle or how strict their houses are and they’re up talking until 2AM and somehow Draco ends up in Harry’s lap again ranting away and Harry is playing with his hair, only stopping when he agrees with something (“RIGHT?? How stupid is that???”)
  • There’s a small pause as they catch their breath and wind down a bit
  • Draco closes his eyes while Harry combs through his bangs before asking “So last night I just ranted about my friends at you?”
  • Harry chuckled and makes a mysterious comment like “among other things”
  • “Like what?” Draco is sweating now oh god what did I say to this beautiful boy
  • “Apparently I’m hot and I don’t even realize it”
  • Draco’s hands are on his face because he’s beet fucking red and Harry is laughing trying to pry them away
  • “don’t worry, don’t worry! I thought it was cute-” “don’t make fun of me!” “I’m not! Really! It was adorable! To be honest, I think everything you do is adorable” “OOHMYGOD PLEASE STOP”
  • and they both act like total fucking dorks until Harry manages to get Draco’s hands out of his face and plants a weird upside down kiss on his lips
  • Harry half-expects him to get embarrassed, but after a beat Draco’s pulling Harry back down with messy kisses and reposition’s himself so he’s straddling Harry’s lap
  • They’re wrapped around each other, Draco holding himself up so he can curve Harry’s head back and force his mouth open
  • Harry’s clawing at his back, about to slide his hands down to grab Draco’s hips when there’s a loud knock on the door (“are you fucking kidding me” goes through both their minds)
  • Ron’s coming from a party, drunk, trying to get Harry to go with him. Harry just takes Ron back to his dorm instead.
  • He expects Draco to be asleep when he gets back, which he is.
  • But on Harry’s bed.
  • Deliberately leaving space for Harry.
  • For the rest of the year they switch off on cuddling and making out with each other on different beds. Ron finds out at the end of the year and is more upset about how he could have half-dormed with them since they had an extra bed than the fact they were secretly dating all that time.

I think I’m in love with muggle AU’s of drarry. Also, make out scenes are my life. Fight me.

holy hell, never ask me to draw ezra or design an outfit. i’m sorry u two.

ANYWAY i was thinking: you see a lot of ezra-corrupted-by-maul stuff (WHICH I LOVE) BUT rarely the other way around? ezra’s a good egg and i want more aus where he drags maul kicking and screaming into the light (or somewhere in-between the dark and light b/c lbr, maul is p. much surviving on pure dark side spite these days).

Jealous | Stiles Stilinski x reader

Warnings: smut (duh)

Stiles pov
I watched her as she stood there. Laughing at someting Derek had said. Touching his arm. I felt anger rise inside of me. I should be the one making her laugh. I should be the one she’s touching. She might not be mine, but I’ve been hers since the day we met. I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked over to them and dragged her away.

Y/n pov
We were all hanging around in Derek’s loft when you decided to have a little fun with Stiles. You had been in love with him since you first met but he never made a move. You started flirting a bit with Derek just to see what would happen. You were laughing at one of his jokes when a furious Stiles dragged me away. You smirked as he ordered me to get in his jeep. We drove in silence until we reached his empty house. He hadn’t even closed the door yet when he pushed you up against it. “What was that back there?” He barked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You said innocently. “Don’t play dumb with me. I know you were flirting with Derek.” “What are you gonna do about it?” With that he smashed his lips on yours. You hungrily kissed him back, all the tension that had build up inside of you finally came out. He ripped your shirt of, exposing your bare chest. His hands instantly flew to your breasts, massaging them. You started undoing his belt as he kissed your neck, leaving marks where ever he could. His cold fingers started travelling down to where you most needed him. “Please Stiles, I need you.” He wasted no time as he took of his boxers and hiked up your skirt, pulling down your panties. You wrapped your legs around him as he positioned himself at your entrance. He started slowly thrusting into you. “Please Stiles, faster, please.” You pleaded. He picked up his pace, hitting your g-spot with every thrust. Your moans encouraged him to move even faster. “Oh god, Stiles.” “That’s right, say my name. I bet Derek can’t make you feel this good.” “N-no, only you, Stiles.” A smirk played on his lips as you felt a knot in your stomach. “Stiles, I’m close.” “Me too baby, come for me.” You threw your head back as you hit your high, your toes curling. Stiles came not long after you, you felt is seed spilling into you, a bit of it running down your legs. He carried you over to the couch, pulling you even closer. “I love you.” He said as he caressed your cheek. “I love you too.” He smiled as he kissed you. It was sweeter this time but still filled with passion.

i don’t want you to be alone

a/n: au where some kids throw Philip in the lake because they think he’s been harassing Lukas into hanging out w him, also request me things :(((

It’s a frigid night, and Lukas feels off. Something is off. He’s worried, because he can’t see Philip tonight, worried, stupidly, that he’s out with someone else. He sounded so eager on the phone, quickly canceling his plans with Lukas in order to attend to a “last minute affair.”

It kind of sucked, actually, to have something as beautiful as the way a smile spread on Philip’s lips be as painful as it was, knowing he hadn’t caused it. He wanted to be the reason that he smiled, the cause for his divine lips to curve and his bell laugh to escape him like bubbles.

He’s thinking about the sound of Philip’s voice, the way he craved hearing it, (how he craved hearing it laugh and craved hearing it with a pout and how he craved it breathless and close to him) he heard it.

Lukas! Help me!” And…. there it is.

There, on the pier, there’s Philip. Fucking Philip, screaming his name, with his hands flailing and lots of kids laughing at his fucking boy flailing and drowning.

He’s running, sprinting, to him, in hopes that he can get to him, that Philip will keep breathing, keep safe and keep with him, and he is scared. The boy he loved, the boy he saved is spluttering nad coughing and calling someone’s name and he could slip away.

“Lukas!” He hears, and he feels the bile rising in his throat. He called his name. Philip. His name. Philip was dying and called Lukas’ name, even though he didn’t know he was there, didn’t know what he could do to help him.

And then Lukas- Lukas is pulling him up, and there’s no- no rise in his chest, no sign that he’s alive. He puts his lips on Philip’s, blowing air.

There’s tears down his face and he can’t stop the words, falling out of his mouth, “Philip, baby please, you have to breath, you can’t leave me like this. You can’t, baby, please.” His fingers trace the lines of Philips’ face, and pleasepleaseplease.

Spluttering and coughing, Philip spits out water and he’s no longer going to a place Lukas can’t follow, and thank god. Thank god.

“Lukas,” Philip whispers when he can form the ability to, and it’s a whole kind of torturous salvation for him to say that, to do that when Lukas is holding him.

“How did they even… Why would they…?”

“Thought… I’d forced you or something, I don’t know, Luka.” he said, tears forming in his eyes, wet and hurt and Lukas feels shattered. He’s the reason why they did this to him, hurt him. Because he was so cruel to him, so harsh in the halls.

“I swear to you, those kids are dead, Philip. Dead, never gonna touch my boy again.”

Philip’s caught in his arms, head in Lukas’ chest, breath heavy but safe, keeping him warm and healthy.

“Your boy,” he whispers, through a shuddering mouth that Lukas is demolished by.

“Always, always my boy. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.”

“Even you?”

“Especially me. And I’m done lying.”

Lukas is never going to lose him.  

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on the Jay and Jamaica thing - we had a terminally ill family member in our family and when it became clear that save for a miracle she would not survive we took her with medical support on a flight to south Spain so she could have a time in our family home there in sunshine. Granted not as much as louis but my family had the resources to medi-vac a family member. Louis could easily have wanted a holiday for Jay and remember Harry will always be close to Jay. It's not about Larry.

You think Louis took his sick mother with him to Jamaica purely because you want to connect them to Harry who was there……..?

Jay was immunocompromised. She was not flying out on vacations anywhere, let alone to be with her son’s bandmate as he recorded his album. I’m 100% sure her priorities were not about taking the longest flight out while incredibly sick in order to hang around Harry. Literally. Who do you think these people even are? That she would leave her children at home and ignore flying out to be with her grandson in order to spend some time with Harry in the studio in Jamaica? As if Harry Styles’s album was THAT much of a priority to her???? What sort of woman do you think she was??????

“It’s not about Larry” wtf am I having to read from you Larrie fantasists????? 

sleepovers with luke would include:

- starting the sleepover at like 3:00pm so you have a lot of time to hang out during the day
- going out and walking around town and him buying you clothes
- when you get home he gives you a private acoustic “concert” on his guitar in his living room
- “lemme try your guitar luke”
- ordering chinese takeout for dinner
- going out again later for ice cream
- “luke you got it on your nose”
- him blushing and you laughing at how dorky he is
- going home and getting into pajamas right away
- playing just dance and wii sports and attempting to sabotage him
- after a while you both collapse on the floor laughing because of how ridiculous you both look
- watching some comedy movie like you again, the help, or ted
- going to bed at like 1:00am
- taking ugly snapchat selfies and sending them to the other boys
- “love you sweetheart. have a good sleep.”
- “i love you too luke.”
- :(((((((((((

That’s it?

Nico couldn’t believe that his friends had managed to drag him into a stupid game of truth or dare, to make things worse Will Solace was playing too. Jason kept glancing over to where they sat side by side and each time Nico would shoot him subtle but meaningful looks letting him know to keep his mouth shut. Percy sat on his other side with Annabeth next to him, Piper next to her with Jason naturally on her other side, because Will had been hanging out with Cecile and Lou Ellen at the time he was invited to play they were invited too. Looking around Nico picked up a distinct couple-ly vibe that had him fighting back a blush that threatened to cover his face, what was up with this seating order? He couldn’t help but feel it was all deliberate but he didn’t have any proof so he acted like nothing was weird about this whole set up.

The game started out okay, Percy was dared to have a backwards jogging race with Jason around the training arena in which they both ended up tripping and laying on the ground laughing with only small scrapes.

Then Piper had to jump on one leg while singing the alphabet backwards, and she just barely managed it before falling over laughing.

Annabeth chose dare as well and had to walk on her hands 10 times around the room without falling over, no one was really surprised that she did it but it was still impressive.

Jason chose truth and told them about the first time he remembered flying, which was an interesting story.

Lou Ellen picked truth and admitted that she once turned half her cabin into bunnies for two hours when a spell backfired.

Cecile chose dare and had to collect an item of every color of the rainbow from around camp (and put it back after) without anyone noticing, he almost got caught getting a purple shoe from the Aphrodite cabin.

When it was Nico’s turn he chose truth “Do you prefer blonds?” okay now it was really hard to fight off the blush that was creeping onto his face. When he didn’t answer right away Percy spoke up “come on Neeks, are blonds your type?” he said with a stupid grin of his face damn him and being hung up on that stupide ‘not my type’ comment it was weeks ago let it go already! But he was still playing the game and had to answer so he cleared his throat before speaking “yes” he said just loud enough for them to hear his answer, he didn’t miss the knowing smiles on his friends faces nor did he miss the slight pink tinge on Wills face that made his freckles stand out just a little more.

To get them back for that Nico dared Jason and Percy to tie their shew laces together and run to the edge of the lake, not gonna lie he felt some satisfaction when they fell as soon as they got to the water’s edge, serves them right for bringing that up.

But it seemed whatever they had in mind wasn’t over yet because they turned their attention to Will next.

“Will truth or dare?” Jason had a huge grin on his face that seemed to make Will a little nervous and Nico even more so “um, dare?” who could blame him for being nervous with the looks the others were giving him, already a knot was forming in Nico’s stomach wondering how this could involve him because knowing this group it definitely would. “I dare you to find the person you like and give them a kiss; it has to be on the lips too! No simple peck on the cheek got it?” now Will’s face was practically glowing he cleared his throat and stood up and everyone paused wondering if this little plan had back fired and they all held their breaths as he started pacing collecting his courage no doubt. Then he walked right up to Nico and held out his hand to help him stand up, Nico felt like his face was on fire. When he was standing facing Will, Will took a deep breath and leaned down and placed a small quick kiss on Nico’s lips that left him standing there in shock while Will looked panicked “Gods I’m sorry Nico, please don’t be mad!” the other’s jumped in with apologies as well thinking that they may have gone too far with this game.

That’s it?

Everyone went silent

Nico’s eyes blew wide when he realized he’s spoken out loud but there wasn’t anything to be done about it now so he cleared his throat and spoke again more clearly this time “That’s it? That’s all you’ve got Solace?” a happy grin spread across Wills face when he realised that Nico didn’t hate him for the kiss so he took the challenge and gave Nico another kiss this one much better than the first and everyone else cheered, it had actually worked!

Being selectively mute, and dating Peter would include…


  • Being really shy when you first meet him
  • “Hey, I’m Peter, what’s your name?”
  • Feeling anxious when you’re around big crowds
  • People judging you when you don’t talk back to them when they talk to you
  • But you can’t respond, because your select mutism stops you from talking back
  • Trying to avoid people so they don’t try to come up to talk to you
  • Sitting at the back of the classroom whenever you have school
  • Peter trying to talk to you at first, but your select mutism makes you struggle to talk back to him
  • “So… what’s your favourite school subject?”
  • But he keeps persisting, and sometimes you two would just hang out; Peter chatting away, and you listening quietly
  • Aunt May getting so used to seeing you at the apartment that she’ll ask you what you want for dinner sometimes
  • “Should we order takeaway?”
  • And, after a while, you talk to Peter for the first time without even noticing
  • “What did we have for maths homework?”
  • “Y/n… did you just… talk to me?”
  • And he’s so happy he just picks you up and hugs you
  • “Oh my god, you talked to me. This is so awesome!”
  • And you two just spend the rest of the day non-stop talking to each other
  • “And then my goldfish ran away from me.”
  • “Wait, how did your goldfish ‘run’ away?”
    “Huh, I dunno, Peter.”

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You are right that God is always good. Do you believe that in order to have a "relationship" with God, you have to give things up. Sacrifice them to God? And suffer to know Him

Okay, so like… no. God will never ever ever ever ever (ever) say to anyone “You are too bad to have a relationship with me.” He just won’t. There is nobody in the world “too far gone,” so to speak. God wants to hear from you and love you hang out with you and talk to you so badly I can’t explain it. 

Ephesians 2:8-9 By grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. 

^^^There is no good deed you can do to get saved and no bad deed you can do to be unsaved.

And here’s the “but”. God doesn’t want to leave you where you are. He wants to elevate you to something higher and better and closer to Him, because He loves you. and, that means “giving up” some stuff AFTER you have an established relationship with God. Giving up sin is NOT a precursor to entering a relationship - in fact, people who DONT sin aren’t in need of a savior, so they have no need for a relationship with God (this is of course a theoretical person, because there is, literally, nobody on the planet who has never sinned once). The only, only prerequisite for being saved is TO BE A SINNER. I want to make that p clear. But, once you’re in that relationship, God wants to change you and grow you and make you stronger and bring you closer. And that involves giving up stuff. Not in a “i can’t watch tv and must become a monk” way, but that in a “I acknowledge that God, who literally created me and the world, probably knows more about sex/friendships/fitness/finances than I do” and following His lead on that. Like, sex/friendships/fitness/finances were all God’s ideas. He created them all. It’s prideful to think I know how to handle that stuff better than He does. 

James 4:7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

So yes, Christians have to sacrifice things to God. But in a way that we don’t normally think of. Not in the way that you have to give away all your money and be poor forever and never enjoy life and never eat cake and whip yourself every night. “Sacrificing” things is a way of submitting yourself to Jesus - “sacrificing” my relationship with Lucas doesn’t mean breaking up with him, but it means acknowledging God knows more about dating than I do, and reading and learning what God has to say about it, and - heres the kicker - actually following that advice. Which is much much much easier said than done, about anything. 

For the last part - suffering is not a prerequisite for knowing God. If you’ve lived a good life and have been comfortable and happy and safe, God still is accessible to you. But, we’ve all suffered before, in small ways and big ways and daily ways. And I think it is more of a flip side - suffering is inevitable, and our God has suffered the same things we have. Jesus’s friends died, He saw indescribable illnesses and destitution and suffering, and He was literally whipped and nailed to a cross while people made fun of Him, taunting Him while they tortured Him. We do not have to suffer to know God. But, we all suffer, and we can develop our relationship with God through that. Nowhere in the gospel does it say that once you’re a Christian, you’ll have a good/easy life - in fact, it says the opposite, that the world will hate you and be prepared for calamity. We do not have to suffer to know God, but suffering will come from knowing God. And God knew it was unreasonable to expect us to put up with all that for some high in the sky, lofty omnipotent force. So He came down and suffered too.

John 16:33 These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will[a] have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.

John 15:18 - 23 “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. 19 If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. 20 Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also. 21 But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake, because they do not know Him who sent Me.

I hope this made sense- I wanted to answer this super in depth and I also had a CRU meeting last night (a christian club) so I was especially fired up today. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!!!! 

i get really emotional thinking about JewishPotters like just think about it:

  • harry and james trying to flatten their hair enough to get a kippah to stay on without bobby pins but having to give up
  • can you imagine the look of pride on james potter’s face during harry’s bris i mean i just
  • young harry learning he’s jewish and hanging a mezzuzah on the door frame to his cupboard
  • it adds another reason for petunia’s hatred how could her sister lower herself so much
  • despite that james potter having the biggest most ridiculous grin on his face when underneath the chuppah (which of course is the silvery liquid material of the invisibility cloak) stepping on that glass because Lily Evans married him and he doesn’t think he will ever be able to thank HaShem enough
  • harry sitting shiva for sirius and how he can’t stop crying but then the entire order is there with food and stories and he feels a little less alone and a lot thankful for his religion
  • harry whispering the sh’ma as he sees the flash of green hurtling towards him and even though he’s ready to die he needs to say the sh’ma he wants those words to be his last
  • harry teaching all the other gryffindor boys in his year to play dreidel during hannukah and seamus and dean making a killing
  • every year harry going to the yizkor service and lighting
  • harry lighting yahrzeit candles three times a year once on may 2nd, for everyone who perished in the battle, once on june 18th, for sirius, and once on october 31st, for his parents
  • harry whispering the shehecheyanu against ginny’s lips the first time he kisses her after defeating voldemort
  • i just 
  • JewishPotters guys

Sometimes things fall apart. He was great, he was kind, he was your best friend. He was there for you when you needed him the most. You could depend on him to make you smile. You told him anything and everything and he listened. Yet slowly he’s become distant. You’ve held things back because you don’t know how he will react. You’ve been walking on eggshells in order to make situations less awkward. You’ve tried keeping up conversations but they always have an expected end. You’ve noticed that he’d rather spend time with others. You invite him to hang out but for some reason there is always an issue and plans are cancelled.You tried. You tried. You failed. Friendships don’t always last and you wish this one did. More people are coming into your life and sadly some are just on their way out. I’ll miss you mate, but I guess things tend to fall apart.

BTS Reaction to you getting really drunk and shouting things at your neighbors off your balcony

Wow wow wow it has been a really long while since I’ve last wrote. I am terribly sorry for the huge delay; school was demanding when I instantly went back. Hopefully now I can be on track and work hard to deliver some good work here :D

-Admin Gray

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Jin: His mouth would fall open as he registered your shouting voice distantly. He knew you were drunk, yes, because you guys had spent the night chatting over a bottle of wine. Since he was worried of the hangover you would have to nurse, he had sent you to the bedroom in order for him to get you a glass of water. Only to now hear your screams. Rushing to the room, his eyes would widen with shock as he vaguely interpreted your slurred shouting, you waving your arms animatedly in the air. “Don’t shout at me, mister! It’s your stupid cat that always hangs around on my balcony. Keep him on a leash!” Afraid you were going to get in trouble, he yelled in shock and rushed to wrap his arms around you, dragging you inside and calling out apologies to the neighbors who didn’t looked amused. “It’s time for bed.”

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Suga: He stood back, watching in mild curiosity as your drunken self stood on the balcony. He was close enough if you dared to try anything stupid, but far enough for you not to question his why he was hanging around when he said he was going to clean up the mess you had made. Hearing the neighbors vaguely fill the night air, his body froze when you blatantly started yelling at them. “Hey! Yeah, you! You think it’s cute to blast your music at all hours of the morning all week? Yeah, I’m talking to you. Your music taste is absolute shit-” “Alright, that’s enough for tonight. Show’s over, folks,” Yoongi calmly called out as you yelped in protest, him pulling you inside. Tsking under his breath, he only smirked at you and said, “Well aren’t you a bundle of sunshine when you’re drunk…”

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J-Hope: You guys had started an innocent little drinking game, eventually leading Hoseok to passing out on the couch. Waking up to your aggravated yelling, he shot up, disoriented and confused as he rushed to the slightly opened balcony doors. Stepping outside, he took in the situation before him: you leaning over the railing and yelling down at the neighbors who were staring at you with a mixture of annoyance and amusement. Shaking your finger at them, you shouted, “You guys have no respect! Don’t you have any regard for the people around you? All we hear from you guys is constant shouting matches!” Hoseok flushed, feeling second hand embarrassment as he quickly stepped forward and wrapped his arms around you. Coaxing you inside, he yelled out a squeaky apology before following you inside.

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Rap Monster: He would sit back for a moment, soaking in the irony of the situation. Here you were, having a shouting match with your neighbors while drunk out of your mind, when earlier you had been talking about just how much of a mess Namjoon could be on a daily mess. He would never let you live this down,especially since he had video proof, and he soon stepped in before you said something that would cause the cops to get called. Angrily tugging away from his grip, he would watch on with a amused smile as you stormed back into the house, shaking his head as he realized how embarrassed you actually were going to be in the morning.

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Jimin: Jimin would be the embodiment of second hand embarrassment. He would be cringing as he listened to you fumbling with your words, half of what you were saying making no sense as you continued shouting at the perplexed neighbors. Not hesitating to get a hold of you, he yelled down at them to forget your nonsense and that they could expect an apology in the morning, but they only laughed in response. Watching your pouting form sitting on the bed, Jimin could only shake his head in disappointment. What am I going to do with you?

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Taehyung: Taehyung would let you have your fun, but only for a moment and before things got too aggressive. Secretly, he enjoyed not being the one who needed to be looked after for once, and he soon realized that you would not be thrilled to find out about your antics of screaming at innocent bystanders due to your drunkenness. So, he would then proceed to gently persuade you to come inside, offering up snacks and cuddles which led you to falling asleep before he knew it. Sighing, he would call his neighbors and apologize profusely, hating the idea of someone looking down on you, but they reassured him that they understood some people have their nights. Holding you close, he didn’t look forward to your reaction in the morning, nonetheless he would be there to help you through the trauma.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would be frozen, unsure of how to react as he took in the situation before him. You were dangerously leaning over the balcony edge, egging on the hotheaded neighbor and insulting him because he failed to throw out his trash consistently. Jungkook knew for sure that you could practically get under anyone’s skin quickly, and his point was proven when the neighbor grew red in the face. “Come on,” he tried tugging on your arms, and you only slightly put up a fight before you gave in and let him lead you inside. “You are one strange person when you’re drunk,” he uttered, sighing when he noticed your unfocused gaze, “And let’s hope the neighbors can forgive you for your stupidity.” “Hey!”

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- paradoxically, the boy can cook reasonably well with good ingredients, as he was forced to by his mentor. this is one of many skills that he wouldn’t otherwise have, but was forced to gain in order to be ‘well-rounded’ as was his mentor’s preference. he might have already lied and said that he can’t cook. press him on this if your muse and he are hanging out around any meal time. it’s obvious that he’s got technique from how he chops vegetables, can eyeball amounts of water/oils/cooking times.

- yori lies as a defense mechanism. if your muse notices inconsistencies, push what they feel like isn’t lining up. he’s deathly afraid of letting down the people he cares about, so if you’re someone he wants to impress, he will try to gloss over his faults. but embellishment isn’t often healthy coping for him, and he will get a lot more out of a relationship in which he can be honest. however, the most important part is that he’s not going to ham it up and pretend his life is perfect, rather it will look more like this: he will purposefully set the bar the low, and claim that he can’t do something. he knows about seven languages (3 he grew up with, and 4 others formally learned, per his mentor), but will claim he’s only really comfortable with 2 or 3. he knows that it’s unfair to expect people to be honest with him while he’s not upfront with them, so he will actually let down the guard and be very frank once his desire to impress your muse outweighs his desire to hide. 

- speaking of guilt, this boy is far, far too guilty to buy himself nice things. so buy him nice things. he will pretend/lie like he can’t accept something for a few minutes, and then get super, super flattered. especially relatively small purchases like cool clothes that fit well (emphasis on fitting well). shoes/sneakers/boots. tracksuits. he is saving his personal money to try and get his family out but getting them out is a lot more complicated than just the monetary side of it, so anything short of stuff that’s super exorbitant like cars/jewelry, he will definitely feel the love.

Haytham has saved(hanging), spared(where they made the truce) and shown mercy to Connor, so it’s shown several times he take family over ideology. It’s why he killed the Birch when he found out the truth, it’s why he didn’t kill Connor(something he could several times). He wanted peace between the orders. Connor breaking the truce and attacking their base afterwords didn’t help either, he most likely didn’t want to kill Connor(he’s his son after all). He did strangle him but he has Hidden Blades so he could have killed him, but he didn’t. He let his arms free and gave Connor the opportunity to kill him. Haytham couldn’t bear losing another family member and defiantly not by his own hands, a shame Connor didn’t show him the same mercy. He’s a family caring man standing and sacrificing himself for his ideology. I like that.

Miniminter Fluff

“Babe take a break from editing. We need to hang out.” Simon begged as he began kissing my neck.
I bit my lip to keep back a moan. I eventually came to my senses and pushed him away.
“Simon I have to edit these videos then we can hang out alright.” I said as I edited my prop hunt video.
“Babe just take a fucking break for once.”
“Si I have to edit now leave me alone.”
“Why do you have to be such a bitch? All I want to do is hang out with my girlfriend but when ever I try to you’re always busy.”
“Well Simon I’m sorry that I have to fucking work in order to be able to support myself.” I said before mumbling to my self quietly,“Now you know how I feel when ever you ignore me to hang out with the boys or to record videos.”
Apparently I didn’t say it as quietly as I had thought because Simon soon said, “When have I ever ditched you Y/N?”
I spun my chair around so that I was now facing an angry Simon. While he glared down at me I glared back at him before clenching my teeth.
“Do you have really want to know?”
“Yea because I know for a matter of fucking fact that I haven’t ditched you for anything.”
“Alright let me give you a couple of examples. You ditched me to hang out with the boys on our 1 anniversary, you ditched me last month to go to Vegas when we were supposed to go have you meet my family, and you ditched me on my fucking birthday to go to some fucking party. You know what Simon, go fuck your self and get out of my flat.”
He opened his mouth to speak but when I sent him a menacing glare he shut it and walked out of my flat. I let out a groan before turning my chair around and editing once again.
~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~
After a couple of hours I had finally gotten the video uploaded to my channel. I walked to my kitchen to get some food when I heard a knock on my door. I walked over and opened the door and was faced with a guilty looking Simon with a bundle of roses in his hand.
“I’m sorry for the way I acted. I just wanted you to myself for a while. Can you forgive me?” He questioned while looking down at me hopefully.
“I forgive you Simon.” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulling him into a kiss.
Yo so sorry for not posting. I’ve been having major writers block lately. But yea you can request smut, fluff, or regular imagines Sidemen and Calfreezy.

today i was play A. O. T. Wings of Freedom (PS4 game) and well i have a funny conversation between Connie, Jean & Hitch [and yes the language in my low-shots is german, but i can translate this discussion in my english]. XD

Connie: “Hey, Militarypolice! Doesn’t hang so lazy around! We have to lead a fight!”

Hitch: “Oh, really! I decided myself to go to the military police in order to haven’t fight!”

Jean: “I should’ve be one of them. What’s happened with this plan?”

Hahaha :’D good question, Jean, but you can still change (maybe in the manga) XD His plan was to fight against the titans, but after the timeskip he could change or something LOL or maybe not, but i hope we see him together with Hitch!!

Shoes - Part 7 

Toshinori wasn’t sure how he had gotten himself into this situation. He sat cross-legged on the ground, slouched forward as Inko Midoriya wiped blood from his face with a stubborn frown. He blamed his inability to argue against the motherly instincts of particularly strong women.

The moment he and Inko separated, she had spotted the growing red stain marring the back left of his torn shirt in addition to the scrape at his temple. In seconds, she had ordered him to sit down so she could examine him and sent Izuku off to get the first aid kit she had seen hanging by the door.  
“H-here,” Izuku said as he jogged up to her and handed her the large box.

“Thank you, Izuku,” she replied, quickly opening the first aid kit and rummaging through it with a keen eye. Tears shined in her eyes but her brows were drawn in concentration. “Doesn’t have gauze,” she muttered with a frown. Without a thought, she took off her white cardigan leaving her with her floral, sleeveless blouse. She handed it to Izuku and ordered, “Tear this into strips.”

“That’s really not necessary,” Toshinori said with a tired sigh. He knew full well he was fighting a losing battle. “The target only just grazed me.”  

Inko ignored him, “You need to remove your shirt.”

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'Blindspot' recap: 'Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd Did I Live'

Blindspot really left us hanging a few weeks back when the show went off the air just as Nas was being attacked by a Sandstorm operative and choked by an assailant in the backseat of her car. Things weren’t looking good for the former NSA employee. “Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd Did I Live” makes the smart choice and immediately jumps right back into that car, showing Nas fighting off her attacker, smashing his head through a window, and ultimately shooting him in order to get away.

While Nas is fighting for her life, the rest of the team is having quite the drunken night. Shot after shot flows, all while Patterson insists it’s bad luck to not cheers before every single one. Jane is finally asked if that’s true, and when she says it isn’t, Patterson has the perfect response for writing her off: “Whatever, she has amnesia.” It’s good that everyone’s at a point where they can joke about traumatic, drug-induced memory loss.

After learning that Nas has been attacked, everyone meets back at the FBI headquarters. I’m not exactly sure how the team manages to go from drunk to super FBI agents in a matter of moments, but surely the government is hiding some sort of super recovery pill from the rest of us. Anyways, Nas not only comes away with her life - “you should have seen the other guy,” she wryly says - but also a USB drive that contains some sort of encryption. It’ll take Patterson a bit to crack it, so everyone goes their separate ways for a while.

For Zapata and Reade, that means hitting the gym - again, weren’t they just hammered? I am envious of their magical recovery. That’s all well and good, until they’re both chosen for a random drug test. That’s bad news for Reade, who’s still recovering from his coke and booze bender.

So, while Reade sweats his drug test and Zapata tells him to get some damn help for once, Patterson cracks the code contained on the USB. It gives her a login for an FTP site, and once she’s in, that triggers a call from Nas’ source. He says he knows where Shepherd will be that day. He wants $500,000 in exchange for that information, and Nas is meant to deliver the money to Trinity Plaza.

The team argues about whether or not the whole thing is a trap, but they don’t really have any other options, so off they go to Trinity Plaza. Once there, Nas gets a call and is told to go to the fifth floor of a hospital and put the money in a laundry bin. Jane and Weller keep an eye on the money and watch as a hospital employee sends the bag down the laundry chute. Knowing that the Sandstorm contact is in the basement waiting for that money and that the stairs are an inefficient way to catch a bad guy, Jane jumps down the chute and tracks down the source, who turns out to be quite familiar: Cade.

Cade has been Nas’ source all along, despite the whole “he tried to kill Jane” thing. Back at the headquarters and under arrest, he details his recruitment and how wanting to get back at the government that covered up his father’s death led him to Shepherd and Sandstorm. But once he saw that they were more terrorist cell than resistance group, he began leaking information to Nas. Now, he wants $500,000 and a get out of jail free card in exchange for Shepherd’s location.

NEXT: Smuggle bug

After Weller reluctantly agrees to the deal with Cade - “it’s our only option” is a common refrain on Blindspot - the former Sandstorm operative gives up the information. Shepherd will be meeting with a fixer who smuggles people into and out of the country. Odds are she’s looking to smuggle herself out before Phase 2 gets underway. They’re meeting at a copy store at 3 p.m., so the team gets going.

Somehow, some way, though, Shepherd gets their first. Despite the team showing up 30 minutes early, they find the fixer dead and Shepherd nowhere to be found. Weller nearly blows a gasket accusing Cade of tipping off Sandstorm, but as he points out, he’s been in custody all day long. So how could Shepherd have possibly known about the FBI being on to them?

That’s where things get real interesting. Remember when Patterson was kidnapped and tortured by Shepherd and Borden? Well, as it turns out, while Patterson was knocked unconscious, Shepherd used the opportunity to plant a bug in her tooth. Sandstorm’s been listening in this entire time, which explains how they’re always one step ahead of the FBI.

With Sandstorm unaware that Patterson has discovered the bug, she decides to use it to the FBI’s advantage. After writing a script that suggests the FBI is using Cade to trigger Roman’s memories and then setting up a safe house location for a transfer, the team heads to said safe house in the hopes that Sandstorm will follow in an attempt to kill Cade.

Sure enough, Borden overhears the call and doesn’t think twice about going after Cade. Shepherd is apparently on a barge in the middle of the ocean, so it’s just him and a number of heavily armed Sandstorm soldiers against the FBI. The plan works, at least in the beginning, as the Sandstorm soldiers are drawn out into the open while Patterson shoots Borden before chasing him into a barn.

Then everything goes off the rails. One Sandstorm soldier kills the rest and then kills himself; clearly they’re trained to die for the cause. Then, as if that weren’t enough, Borden blows himself up after offering up a ridiculous apology to Patterson. That brings the FBI back to square one, even if Weller seems to think that this is a sign that Sandstorm is vulnerable.

Based on the closing montage though, the only people who seem vulnerable are part of the FBI. Patterson is actively seeking out pain as a way to avoid her trauma, Zapata is seemingly about to tell Weller about Reade’s potential addiction problems after he barely passes the drug test, and just as Oliver and Jane make up, two masked men break into the apartment and shoot them with tranquilizers. So much for the FBI being closer than ever to catching Sandstorm.

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