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so I’m not really cut out to make a very informative post about important issues…but unfortunately I feel the need to, because what’s happening in Alaska really needs to be talked about at length.

You may have heard or seen reports and news articles mentioning how hot it is this summer in Alaska–how temperatures are reaching upwards of 90 to 100 degrees F, and how very very unusual that is.

You might also have read in these articles, things like… this isn’t the first time Alaska has seen such a heat wave…or how every passing day is breaking new record highs dating back decades.

What isn’t being talked about is the people of Alaska, and how much we are suffering. How hospitals are being pushed to capacity due to heat related illnesses every day. How department stores across all cities are completely sold out of fans, personal AC units and other cooling devices. Bottled water, sports drinks and ice are perpetually sold out, and wildfires surrounding us are lowering the air quality, on top of adding to the already sweltering heat.

Alaska is not adequately prepared to deal with temperatures like this. Our buildings are designed to keep heat in. Stores, offices, government buildings, our own homes—none of these buildings are equipped with any means of air conditioning. Which means internal building temperatures are reaching upwards of 80-85 degrees F. That’s indoors.

In addition to these temperatures being as bad as they are, there is yet another problem that complicates these things even further for Alaska.

Due to its position on the globe, Alaskan summers rarely see the sun set. There’s maybe a few hours in the night of twilight at the peak of summer, but otherwise, the sun is always in the sky. Which means these temperatures never let up for more than a few hours. It is a constant and steady burning we endure all day, every day.

To complicate matters further, Alaska receives much more radiation from the sun than any other place in the globe during these peak summer months, which means while temperatures may only be 80 or 85 degrees F, we as a people are being exposed to much higher doses of the suns radiation, and on bare skin we feel much hotter than it truly is. This is because the suns radiation is spread out over a much wider area.

Consider the normal rise and setting of the sun. It begins from one end to the other, reaching directly overhead at peak daylight temperatures, and then setting once more.

Alaska experiences no such thing. The sun is ever at an angle, never fully setting and never fully reaching the height it normally would in the sky. You might think that the sun being ‘lower’ in the sky means temperatures are lower, but this is not so.

With the sun being at a constant angle, it means sunlight penetrates through building structures at a near constant. 

Imagine a person wearing a wide brimmed hat. In a normal day of the sun rising and setting, the hat works as a shield when the sun is directly overhead, casting a shade for the person wearing it, and limiting their exposure to sunlight and radiation.

Now imagine if the sun never directly went overhead…it was constantly orbiting you, striking you from all angles of all hours of the day, never ceasing, never setting. A wide brimmed hat would never have the chance to block the sun, because the sun is much lower in the sky than a hat could provide protection for.

This is how buildings reach uninhabitable temperatures. Sunlight and solar radiation are constantly streaming through windows. Without trees for shade or protection from the sun, internal temperatures rise dramatically, and with Alaskan buildings created with the intention of keeping heat -in-, and without any air conditioning to mitigate the heat, it’s not unusual for a building temperature to be hotter indoors than it is outdoors.

…And to top all of this off…. If it wasn’t troubling enough… Alaska’s trees and pines have been slowly dying through the past year or two. The forests surrounding my neighborhood are seeing a blight of pine trees. Almost all of them in my area are dead, or dying. Which leaves the trees dry and prone to catching fire…

..Which is where the wildfires raging across the state come into play… And the smoke and heat that they bring blanketing the already incredibly heated environment. 

I’m not sure what can be done to slow or stop this change. But Alaska is suffering, we are suffering, and it needs to be talked about. It needs to be addressed. Our state will never fully admit to being in a state of emergency from climate change, because it is predominately Republican–and more than that, this state’s economy relies deeply on the profits of oil companies that drill and mine off the coasts of Alaska… And to admit there is a problem would mean to admit you are part of it. And I don’t see our current administration doing that right now.

I don’t really have a goal here, I don’t have a charity or anything or any positive message here at the end. I just want people to be aware of the reality of Alaska’s current struggle–beyond just.. “wow it’s hot”. It’s so much more complex than extreme temperatures.

minghaos instagram is the first domino in this chain of events, next is mingyus cooking show, then wonwoos gaming channel on youtube, joshua will leak his tumblr, junhui will star in a movie… with his dual citizenship- hansol becomes president of both SK and the US, seungkwan gets his own variety show, soonseok write, direct, and voice act for somethin weebish, jihoon wins 10 grammys, jeonghan becomes an olympic athlete, seungcheol gets a puppy and names them ‘carat’, chan reveals he’s a wizard, MM launches,


not everyone
not y o u

shieldsandarcreactors2-deactiva  asked:

Hiii, is your Batmom stuff in order like where do I start, like I read some here and there and they're amazing so I was wondering if there's a chronological order?

Hey ! …Hum…there could be a chronological order…Ok well, I’m gonna spend my next hour giving you said order eh. On my masterlist blog, the stories are basically in the order I posted them, but I believe I can make a chronological order and a sort of timeline. Here it goes : 

So there’s two kind of Batmom stories. The ones that are connected, the ones that have the same “main” Batmom, and stories unrelated with those, usually one shots. And here we go, let’s start with my “main” Batmom (also a good way to do a list of all the connected stories haha) and a somewhat chronological order : 

There used to be a story where my main Batmom and Bruce met at a charity Batmom was having (she’s a writer that was starting to be famous and had a charity to give easier access to books to disadvantages population in Gotham) but hum…it got accidentally erased. I still remember the story though, so maybe one day, I’ll re-write it. Anyway. This is where it’s suppose to begin

The first time he saw you

Making him work for it

“You made me hide under the desk” (erotica)

“My last happy birthday was my eighth one…” (Bruce birthday special) 

Insecurities shmunsecurities

The Break-Up part ¼

The Break-Up part 2/4

The Break-Up part 2.5/4

The Break-Up part ¾

The Break-Up part 4/4

Making Bruce Wayne blush

Smol Dickie and Jaybird

Wedding and pop-corns

“My biggest mistake” by Jason P. Todd 

The Batmom Glare

Ma Broosh !

Silly Bat’

The first time they called you mom

Behind closed door (erotica)

“Just play the damn game with me !” 

Period drama with mama 


Pierced (Tim x Batmom)

Fun Fair with the family

The Batkids watching “The Omen”

The Batkids watching “The Lion King”

How terrible it is to love something that death can touch

“Admit it, Bruce” (erotica)

“Your wife is hot”

“Your wife is hot” part 2

“You’re…you’re Bruce’s father !”

“Mother, it’s your day”

Anonymous Hate

Never piss off a magician

“Mother has been poisoned”

Valentine’s day is a stupid holiday

Burrito Blanket Batmom

How to tame a Wayne

Wild Child

“Jigsaw is coming for me”

In which the batboys fight to know which Hogwarts’ house is the best 

Oh shit, it’s father’s day !

The Last Pit (part ½)

The Last Pit (part 2/2)

My mom is better than yours 

Each tattoo is a story

Short bonus convo : Bruce and Batmom gross out the Batboys

“Did this miscreant hurt you mother ?”


“Are we not gonna talk about the elephant in the room ?” 

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 1/3)

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 2/3)

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 3/3)

“That’s not how you negociate !”

Death, Amnesia, and 4 coffee please

“You’re cute when you’re jealous”

“My parents are gross…ly in love" 

“Where did the coffee table go ?”

“Vacations are rare for the Waynes”

Beach Bod’

I’m not drunk, you are

The Batkids watching “The Omen” 

The many times Alfred Pennyworth walked in on his master and his wife making love, and that one time his young masters wished they were blind (erotica)

“It’s her, but it’s not her !” (part ½)

“It’s them, but it’s not them !” (part 2/2)

“Talk to my son like that again, and I will end you” 

“Let me get one thing straight…I’m not !”

Early Mornings with the Bat

“Is Father…drunk ?”

A Mother’s love : Burst of Affection

“I’m done with you, Mr. Wayne”

“I can be myself around you”

“I want a divorce !”

Alive (NSFW)

How to remove a Wayne safely


“Hopefully, no one will notice”

“She should cut her nails” (part ½ of the League teasing the “batlovers”)

“Bruce…sucks !” (part 2/2 of the League teasing the “batlovers”).

The Talk


“You slept with Superman ?”

The List (erotica)

The wrath of a short woman

Random convo between Batmom and Broosh

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore… 1/3 (Marvel Crossover)

“I don’t like cats”

Odd socks

Halloween in…December ?!

I’ll always be here for you

Tickles and loss

Happy Holidays

“My last happy birthday was my eighth one…” (Bruce birthday special) 

Short bonus convo : Batboys want a sibling

Baby Wayne

“I’m lost without you…”

The Great Mall adventure

Master of Diaper

Shaky steps and bad teaching


“Go away, you’re confusing my baby”

Wild Child 2, “We want them back”

How do you make babies ?

Don’t wanna go

And when I’m gone… 

My Mother’s apple orchard

After Batmom’s death

And then all the unrelated stories, and obvs those are not in any particular orders : 

“Bruce, my heart, I think Alfred likes my mom !”

Catching the Bat’s heart 

Sneaky Bastard (Erotica)

A chance to say goodbye

Fate is a bitch part 1/?

Fate is a bitch part 2/?

Relationship headcanons part 1/?

“You could have anyone you want !”


“I don’t wanna get married”

There is nothing left of him

Three parts of a whole (Batman x Reader x Superman) (Erotica)

Professor Wayne ¼ (Teacher!AU)

Professor Wayne 2/4

Professor Wayne 2.5/4

Professor Wayne 3/ 4

Professor Wayne 4/4

The single rider line

Yeah wow. Most of my stories are the “main” Batmom eh…

PS : I TOTALLY meant to do it by the way, to have a timeline. It was my plan all along to create a sort of universe, with a timeline that makes sense and such. I totally knew what I was doing, definitely didn’t make that timeline up on the spot…Nop’ nop’ nop’. Always meant it. Since day one. Ahem. #whenyourealizethatyoucreatedatimelinethatmadesenseanddidn’tdoitonpurpose

“I just finished medical school.  Now I’m heading to residency, which is supposed to be even tougher.  I’ve been working sixteen-hour days.  Then I’m expected to study every night when I get home.  Some of my classmates only sleep three hours per night.  I tried that for a few months during my surgery rotation, but I ended up getting really depressed.  I felt completely depersonalized.  Everything seemed like a dream.  To make matters worse, a lot of the instructors are jerks.  I think they went through hell when they were students, so they feel like they should put us through hell.  On the first day of rotations, my attending physician told me: ‘I’m an asshole, but I’ll make you a better doctor.’  He made fun of me in front of other students.  He put me down in front of patients.  He’d threaten to kick me out every day.  I guess they’re trying to weed people out and make strong doctors.  But they’re just traumatizing people.  They’re making us apathetic.  I got into medicine because I really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.  But after going through hell, I just don’t care anymore.”

Y/N is Harry’s secretary.

Summary: Harry is a twenty-five year old Co-CEO, and Y/N is his nineteen year old secretary at his multimillionaire company. They try to keep their work relationship professional, but neither of them can help it when they’re the only ones left in the office at closing time.

Word Count: < 7k

Warnings: Daddy kink towards the end, rough office sex, just good ol’ smut in general.

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some aizawas of varying scribbly-ness

“I’m the best uncle.  I think it’s because I have a little more energy in the reserve tank, since I’m the only one of my siblings without kids.  I’d love to have children but just haven’t had the chance yet.  But I do have twelve nieces and nephews, and I try to see them as much as I can.  This morning I called my sister and offered to take these two for the day.  I know how much she needs the free time.  Just a chance to get stuff done.  Maybe get out of the house for a few hours.  And no matter how crazy it gets with these two, it’s always stress free for me.  It’s just golden.  I always want them to have someone they can come to that’s not their mum.  They have a great relationship with their mum.  But mum is always mum.  And you don’t want to disappoint her.  So if you ever have a problem, or you get in a little trouble, and you’re afraid to tell someone, but you still need some guidance, that’s when you come to Uncle Markus.”
(London, England)

On top

Parings: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: You tend to Peter’s wounds after he just got out of a fight with some robbers when things take another course and start to get a little touchy. 

Warnings: Smut, Unprotected sex, NSFW, 18+, little swearing, Cute fluff at the end :)

Authors Note: This actually was not intended to be a smut but ya know, one thing led to another and my imagination ran wild like Forest Gump.



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00fabolous  asked:

How would Shoto, Izuku and Katsuki (separately) react when all of sudden their s/o starts to tell them how beautiful and amazing they are?

This request is so pure!! Thank you for this fluff – I needed it in my life! (。’▽ ’。)♡

– Mod Katsuki


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Shoto Todoroki

Shoto never heard much praise growing up.

While his mother’s mental health slowly deteriorated over the years, Shoto’s father would only praise him for his insurmountable power. And even then, praise was rare; in Enji’s eyes, Shoto didn’t deserve praise because he was born to be powerful. Years of mental and physical torture coupled with hours of brutal training were all necessary to crafting Shoto as a prodigy.

Shoto wasn’t a child; he was a weapon.

It didn’t matter. The half-and-half boy didn’t care – it made no difference to him either way. This was the lot he had drawn in life… there’s no use fantasizing about a functional family or happy childhood.

That’s what he believed until he met you.

Shoto wasn’t used to the amount of praise you’d give him. Sure he was used to being complimented on his aptitude or battle prowess; yet, you were the first to truly praise him for him.

“Everything about you is beautiful, Shoto.”

It was a simple statement, but it meant the world to him. Your fingers gently hovered over his scar, sadness overflowing from your eyes.

“I don’t know if you’re self-conscious about this, but I just wanted you to know… Just in cas–”

The broken boy engulfed you in a tight hug. He didn’t know what this feeling was – love perhaps? – but he never wanted to let it slip away.


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Izuku Midoriya

“You are my sunshine, Izuku.”

It only took those five words for Izuku to stop babbling.

It had been raining non-stop for the past few days, much to your dismay. Rainy days were tough for you because they only brought back painful memories. If it weren’t for Izuku walking you home everyday, you’d have a panic attack every single time.

“[N-Name]-san? What do you mean?”

Izuku was slightly on edge, not because of the sudden compliment but because you never used his full name. You simply smiled and locked hands with him, rubbing your thumb on the side of his soft yet scarred hand.

“I mean exactly what I said, Izu-kun.” You brushed some hair out of his face, eager to see his gorgeous emerald orbs.

“You brighten my day! I’m so glad to have you in my life.”

Needless to say, the boy was a blushing mess. He pursed his lips, enjoying the unfamiliar yet welcome feeling of your hands entwined with his.

“O-oh. I-I’m glad you’re in my life t-too, [Name]-san…”

You tilted your head, grinning at his embarrassment. “I’ll call you sunshine from now on then!”

His face was so hot it rivaled even the sun. How fitting.


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Katsuki Bakugo

It’s a wonder why Katsuki regularly lets you tag along these days as he studied or trained. The boy could only stand having Eijiro, his best friend, around for so long. So why were you an exception?

You weren’t complaining though. Even though the boy barely talked to you as you both “hung out”, maybe this was his way of telling you you’re a bit more tolerable than the others. That said, you still opted to talk even though the conversations would largely be one-sided. For the most part, Katsuki would half-listen but rarely respond.

That’s why you wanted to throw him off his guard today.

“Katsu, even though you look like a thug, you’re pretty dedicated to everything you do.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“You idiot, do you understand English? I’m saying I admire you!”

The blonde deadpanned. “… Eh?”

It took a solid five seconds for this information to process, apparently. For a split second, you thought he’d blush; alas, that stupid shit-eating grin stretched across his face.

“Well, naturally,” he clicked his teeth as if this came as no surprise. Still, he couldn’t hide the light blush on his cheeks. You rolled your eyes and leaned back in your seat, content in flustering the boy if only a little bit.

Looks like you just boosted his ego for the rest of the day.


Word count: 2.6k

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: smutty content, dirty talk, talk of menstrual sex/cunnilingus, Jungkook sticking his nose where it definitely belongs

A/N: The first drabble drawn from the contest! I hope you enjoy it, @mayhembunny, and everyone else who is a fan of our werewolf/human couple. :)

The Kingdom: Tooth and Claw | Moonsent | Mark of the Beast | Gums and Paws

Sympathetic to the plight of the werewolves your kind have culled to near-extinction, life as a human informant has never been one of safety. However, when you catch the eye of an alpha, your situation only grows more perilous. 

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Dark Academia Lifestyle

Remain an enigma, talk less about yourself. In social situations, make it a game, even if you are a rather social person, to shroud yourself in mystery. If others show interest in you, answer vaguely. Disappear at specific times. Reveal little of your background. When you do speak, speak in riddles or quotes. That isn’t to say you should never speak up in class or in debates, have opinions and remain socially active; however, keep people guessing a lot of the time, and, if you’re really into it, only speak when spoken to.

Wear vintage clothes, elegant accessories, monochrome colors. Emphasize sharp features with purely dark or light colors and jewel tones. I usually find nice vintage clothes at random thrift stores. Keep an open mind.

Listen to jazz and classical music. Listening to older, more tasteful music brings a spark of elegance to your life. I, personally, like to hear the used jazz vinyls crackle. There are multiple types of dark academia; to me, jazz demonstrates the erratic artist spirit of revolutionaries, while classical music possesses me with the sophisticated spirit of a Classicist who has preparing tea down to a science.

Light candles. Doing things such as writing, reading, and getting ready for bed by candlelight makes it seem thrice as elegant and academic… going to sleep so late never looked so enticing. On the other hand, you could wake up before dawn, light some candles, and study or read. 

Stay ahead in school. Read your textbooks ahead of time, write essays about anything you’d like at all, just for practice. If you’re learning about something in science, devise experiments to illustrate the concepts to yourself and make them easy to remember. If you’re reading a book in English, read a handful of articles about the author beforehand to prepare, write down quotes from the book, make essay pitches, write to your heart’s content a critique of the book, an analysis of the book, of gender roles in the book. In history courses, find articles about the subject matter, annotate them, and write about them. If you’re taking a math class, devise applications of the concepts and solve problems of your own creation.

Go to libraries, museums, bookshops, and coffee shops. These are all really good places to sit in the corner and read for hours on end. Not only do you get Mysterious Points but you get an aesthetic environment and (hopefully) some peace in which to devour literature. I know that in the upcoming term, I’m going to be in the library from opening time to closing time every day.

Make Ancient Roman or Greek food. To be honest, the food was of so much better quality than it often is today, so I would suggest looking into some ancient cuisine archives to look for some recipes for your dinner party. Not only is it most of the time much better than modern food, but it’s also much more elegant. Not to mention it is fun and enlightening to try recipes which are perhaps completely foreign to  you.

Have routines. Perhaps your life is erratic, but you can feel some semblance of order and elegance by creating rituals for, perhaps, everything. You might start the day off with a walk around the neighborhood or a nearby pond. I start my writing sessions by 1) playing jazz 2)opening my windows 3)reading Belief and Technique for Modern Prose 4)chugging a whole glass of water really fast 5) breathing violently. Feel free to make up really weird Winding Down routines, like, I don’t know, closing all your windows, stripping down, and meditating for 20 minutes before you go to sleep. Literally anything. It doesn’t even have to be useful, it just has to be strange.

Hang stuff up on your walls. Postcards, paintings, drawings, poetry, snippets from books, moodboards, your routines, lists (places you want to go, people you want to meet, things you want to do), playlists. Make it yourself and make it chaotic and, most importantly, make it aesthetic.

READ. Read anything and everything educational. Do it. Just, don’t pick up your phone for 3 days because you’re reading, just ignore everything else. Good things to read would be: feminist literature, nonfiction, mystery novels, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier…

For those of you who watched Bandersnatch and weren’t able to get the ‘secret ending,’ here’s what path I took on my first viewing to get to it.

So there are multiple endings, and one confirmed ‘secret’ ending that I managed to get on my first viewing. Fortunately, my partner and I were being huge dorks and tracing our path, so we have it written out. I’ll put it, and what the ‘secret ending’ are below a read more for spoiler purposes. 

Okay, so the secret ending is pretty basic. But when you’re on the bus to the office the first day, instead of picking music, Stefan puts the Bandersnatch tape into his cassette player, and an audio recording comes out. Apparently it has some code you can put into an emulator that makes a QR code that leads to a website. It’s neat. Anyway, here is the exact path I took to get to that ending. I watched this in Canada, and I don’t know if the secret ending requirements vary by region, because I’ve seen totally different paths also unlock this. So it might be that there’s only a few things in this list required to hit the ending, or it might be a specific order for certain things. I’m sure there are lots of other viable solutions, but here’s what we did: 

  • Pick Frosties
  • Pick Now 2
  • Refuse the Offer
  • Say “Yes”
  • Say “No”
  • Pick “The Bermuda Triangle” Album
  • Shout at Dad
  • Follow Collin
  • Say Yes
  • Pick Stefan, jump out the window to your death
  • Rewind to the ‘jump’ choice, not back to the choice to go to the medical office or follow Colin
  • Pick Colin
  • Pull your earlobe
  • Flush the drugs
  • Hit the desk
  • Pick up your family photo
  • Throw tea over the computer
  • Pick “Netflix”
  • Try to Explain
  • Tell Him more
  • Fuck Yeah
  • Fight her
  • Kick him in the balls - this is the end of this path.
  • You should be sent back to ‘who’s there,’ option.  Pick the white bear symbol
  • Kill dad
  • Chop up the body
  • throw tea over the computer - this should ‘end’ the game again and throw you back to just after ‘kill dad’
  • Bury the body
  • Yes
  • Let him Go - this should end the game, play the credits and put you back to the ‘pick up book/pick up family photo’ but only gives you the option to pick up the book this time. Do not actually select this option, just let the timer run out (I don’t know if this actually does anything different, but it’s what I did)
  • Enter “PAC” as the password. 
  • Pick “P.A.C.S.” When asked who you are
  • Enter 20541 - This should throw you back to the ‘pick up book/select family photo’ stage but with only one option. This time do select the option. Again, no idea if this matters, just giving you the exact steps we took
  • Enter TOY as the password
  • Say “YES”
  • After saying “YES” we got an ending, and then the ‘secret’ ending after the credits. This path also got us some version of all five ‘main’ endings I’m aware of in about an hour and twenty minutes.
Good Bye ♥

Edit: I decided to keep the blogs as an archive since many people wanted it, so the blogs will not be deleted, but I’m still sad to say that I’ll still leave Tumblr.

I’m really really sorry to come with these news, but I decided that I will delete my blogs (the yourdaily blogs) within the next few hours or so. 

As some of you may know, I were away for quite a while on a vacation in Korea. As I came back, I worked extremely hard to keep up with the blogs again. Not only because I were away for so long, but also because I’m going back to Korea to study for half a year and I’m uncertain that I’ll be able to keep up while being there.

I realized after all this extreme hard work that no matter how hard I work, I don’t feel satisfied…

It does kind of feel like I’ve scheduled posts like crazy for nothing, but if I don’t do this now, I think I’ll just keep being stressed over my blogs over there. 

Over these past few years I’ve met lots of wonderful people and I’m so incredible thankful for all of the lovely support you’ve given me through the years. I will never forget you guys! 

Thank you so much and I’m so so sorry once again.

If anyone of you wants to contact me outside of Tumblr, you can contact me on kakaotalk :) 

Kakaotalk ID - Alexandrish

Have a wonderful life! ♥ 

If Morgan or Rapinoe earned more than a top American male national team player in a year, the judge pointed out, it was only because they had to play so many more games — and win more of them. Not to mention attending many more training camps and performing many more duties. If you pay a woman $10 an hour but she has to work a double shift to take home as much as a man making $20 an hour, that ain’t equal. What matters is the rate they’re paid at, not whether she manages, with sheer strenuousness, to make up the difference.

From January 2017 through October 2019, Morgan and Rapinoe et. al. won 83 percent of their games, while the men’s team won just 48 percent. The women racked up a record of 48-4-6. The men went 21-11-13 over the same stretch. The women played 58 matches, with 46 friendlies, five World Cup qualifiers and seven World Cup games. The men played just 44 matches with no World Cup games.

So yes, Morgan made $1,201,449.64 over that period, more than her male peer. But had she been paid at the same rate as him for the same work, she’d have made $4,104,920.65.

For Rapinoe, the difference between being an American woman player and an American man was the difference between $1.16 million and $3.7 million. For Lloyd, $1.2 million versus $4.1 million. For Becky Sauerbrunn, $1.18 million versus $4.17 million.

The notion that a woman has to work two jobs to have a chance to make what a male earns at a single job is not only legally wrong under Title VII and the Equal Pay Act, it is morally repugnant.

What is likely to rile a jury just as much are the crummy little details of their treatment. In 2017, U.S. Soccer pampered its men’s team with charter flights on 17 occasions. It did not charter-fly the women’s team even once. Players consider charter flights a major reprieve and factor in physical recovery, as they allow for more rest before and after games, with no long waits or missed connections in airports. This injury, the judge noted, ‘is concrete.’

For years, the USWNT has made less money for more and better work and has been treated worse for it. A judge has recognized that. Next, a jury can make the federation accountable for it — with back pay and punitive rewards for every little slight and baked-in sexist assumption inflicted on every individual in the entire class of plaintiffs, which includes any woman who has been called up to a training camp since 2015. If the federation was smart, which it isn’t, it would recognize the size of the bill about to come due.

“As a working parent, I’m always tired.  I don’t have time to think.  I speed walk wherever I go.  When I finally get home in the evening, I just want to lie in bed and watch TV.  But it’s summer now.  So the kids always want to do something.  It’s so tempting to tell them ‘later,’ or ‘next week.’  But I force myself to do it.  I get out of the apartment and go to the park.  Or the museum.  Or the beach.  Because no matter how I feel, I know there’s such little, little time.  It seems like just the other day I was pregnant.  I was so excited and nervous.  Now next week my oldest son is turning ten.  I look back and say: ‘Oh my God.’  It all passed in the blink of an eye.  Working, working, working.  Never enough hours in the day.  Just trying to survive.  But I was a good mother.  I’m proud of that.  I always made time and space.  Even if I was exhausted.  Because I knew the time I was exhausted was the only time I had.”

The Sugar Wars (MYG)


Summary: Maybe tasting everything his soulmate eats wouldn’t be so bad if Yoongi’s soulmate didn’t have the largest sweet tooth Ever. Maybe you wouldn’t need to sweeten everything if he didn’t drink his coffee so bitter. 

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

W/C: 5.3k

Tags: Blood, fluff, Intern! Reader, copious amounts of coffee, brief angst

🎵 Song rec: 🎵 BTS - Coffee 🎵


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- In a world where some people don’t get to see certain colors until they meet their soulmates, you know that you shouldn’t really complain about your soulmate system. 

- But somehow the taste of something else echoing on your tongue from deep within that long lost part of you- from someone else- is pretty annoying. 

- The taste of coffee at all hours of the day blossoming on your tongue from a mouth that isn’t yours makes you annoyed at the best of times

- At the worst of times, you find yourself piling sugar into your caramel macchiato making it as sweet as possible in retaliation. Your war against the bitterness on your tongue- against your soulmate.  

- Who even likes black coffee? no one with any taste and that’s for sure. Only Unhappy middle-aged men like Americanos and you are not ending up with a grandpa even if they are your soulmate. 

- That’s your soulmate system- you share taste buds with your soulmate and taste the reverberated echoes of their mouth at all hours of the day- though it’s mostly coffee- coffee at 2 am or 2 pm it doesn’t matter. You find yourself wondering if your soulmate even sleeps when You wake up to bitterness. 

- Besides the ever-present taste of coffee in your mouth at all hours of the day, there isn’t much to go on to help you find your soulmate.

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