in nolan i trust

one day more until the dunkirk trailer is released!

okay inception fandom, brace yourselves. we need a game plan. lol.

first of all, i think between now and the end of the summer we’ll see a mass influx of new tom and cillian fans coming into inception, so it’ll be just like the may 2015 mad max effect… a sudden explosion of new fans! 

i think the trailer and the movie will also bring back some of the old crowd from the nolan batman trilogy that kinda died off…

MOST IMPORTANTLY, HOWEVER - we need a strategy for the one direction fans lolol seriously though, while i had my boyband phase in the 90s, i have no idea what it’s like now, and i’m old, and i’m a bit scared of what harry styles will do to our fandom. am i stereotyping by thinking they are all tweens + nobody above the age of 20? i trust mr. nolan 1000% so i am not doubting his casting and i hope i will be very pleasantly surprised, but i admit i know NOTHING about the one direction fans other than that they’re like 7000x the size of our fandom and much much younger (the inception fandom skews older when it comes to current fandoms in general) so am i worried for nothing? should i even be worried? WHAT IF THEY’RE THE ONES WHO DON’T LIKE US?

(pfft, everyone likes us, inception fandom is the best fandom)

it’s crazy that when dunkirk does the press tour, tom and cillian will be relegated to the has-been sideshow… fionn whitehead (who i am very much looking forward to seeing and wow what a way to launch a career) and harry styles will get all the attention. everyone will forget mark rylance and kenneth branagh are like, fucking legends. the 1D fans will be like who dat?


I just want to thank all of you for supporting my blog, and my second blog

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Thank you @tabbyrh for being the most amazing person I’ve ever met online, and one of my greatest friends. Thank you @annabellee25 for your support, tips and love. Thank you @leeleesims1 and @nolan-sims for listening to me, I know I can trust you and count on you. Thank you @syreni-sims for the support, feedback and inspiration. Thank you @qdogsims and @jackie7sims , I’ve known you girls from the gallery, you’ve always supported me and you are doing the same thing in here, I appreciate it so, so much. @prudence25 , you are an amazing person, thank you for comforting me and trusting me. @whatsitlikeinsimcity , you’re a sweet person, like your super cute sims, thank u for checking up on me. @galfromrio , thank you for being there when I needed a person to talk to, you really helped me, I will always remember it. @islerouxsims , you’re a sweetheart, thank you for all your support, here and at the gallery. @samikattsims , @simstress@claudiasharon , @freakishlyme  , @cindyue, @god-of-thedead thank u so much for the happy thoughts.

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I am sure I’m forgetting people I am really tired at the moment, but I needed to say that also in public.  thank u all, it means a lot to me, I am going through really difficult months, I am having the worst time of my life, and you are so nice to me here, I can’t thank you enough.

Mai x


“Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.”

Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar by Christopher Nolan

I love Matthew, I love Anne, I love it just.. trust me, go to see it. Better than Gravity and all the other sci-fi and drama films I’ve seen before. It’s just amazing.

  • Mary Margaret: Emma's never going to forgive us.
  • David: I'm pretty sure she already has.
  • Mary Margaret: What do you mean? She just left us behind here with Henry.
  • David: Right. She asked us to look after Henry. The person she loves most in the world. Not Hook, not Archie, not Granny. She asked us.