in nolan i trust

  • Mary Margaret: Emma's never going to forgive us.
  • David: I'm pretty sure she already has.
  • Mary Margaret: What do you mean? She just left us behind here with Henry.
  • David: Right. She asked us to look after Henry. The person she loves most in the world. Not Hook, not Archie, not Granny. She asked us.

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okay, I know a lot of you think Harry can’t act……but I honestly refuse to believe that Christopher Nolan would cast him if he for real still acts like he did on iCarly. I mean… it’s Nolan… I might not trust in Harpo acting skills but I for sure trust Nolan.

Though there were many awesome and spazz worthy things in the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises (CAINE. BALE. OLDMAN. BANE LOOKING LIKE A BADASS. CHAOS, RIOTS, AND CHANTING. AN ENTIRE FOOTBALL FIELD COLLAPSING UPON ITSELF. and last but not least DAT SOUNDTRACK), I think my favorite thing overall was the 2 seconds we got to see of the Batwing flying through the streets of Gotham.


wow just had a moment of complete awe. Harry is going to be in a movie!! not just any teeny bopper movie, but one with a very well-known director and cast. the real deal. i was just reading the message boards for the movie and people pointed out that when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker, people were outraged…but as we all know, he blew us away. i trust nolan in his decision to cast harry. I’m so proud of my baby 😭😭