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id love to read a fic by you where cassian is jyn's brothers best friend (the brother is bodhi)


She can’t date her brother’s best friend. There are rules.

And as far as brother’s go, she can not complain for a second about ending up as Bodhi’s sister. Even if his soccer friends are, frankly, fine as hell, but she doesn’t get to date them because of the rules.

Bodhi is too sweet to think of these things, phoning her from practice that they were all grabbing dinner if she wants to come, calling her downstairs when sweaty boys filled their kitchen, their quiet scientist parents blinking as they watch food vanish from the fridge. The Ersos, who lived and loved in laboratories, are equally baffled by sociable, athletic son and eyeliner-bedecked, punk daughter. Jyn’s life is entrenched in boys, Bodhi’s rigid sports and extracurricular schedule, and a social life she was swept up in. As a loner, sometimes the only people she talks to outside of school were these boys, Bodhi’s friends. Boys she can not date.

And when Cassian was there, said best friend, her life is centered around being in the thick of these boys, because he is one of them.

Who she can not date.

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I mean best case scenario, enough players on Team USA sit during the anthem, that to bench all of them would mean rendering the team useless. 

I’m talking like, 6+ players. 

If an entire line plus one kneels or sits for the anthem, and a top line especially, Tortorella would have to fuck Team USA over in order to follow through w/ his threat. 

Hell, if all of the goalies refused to stand for the anthem, Tortorella’s threat would be completely fucking useless. 

That’s just three people. If Bishop, Quick, or Schneider sit, benching them would essentially mean forfeiting the game. 

Ideally there’d be entire teams sitting for the anthem, but considering how unlikely more than one player sitting is, I doubt that will happen.