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Something I’ve Noticed

There are a stunning lack of people concerned about the right here and now. No one really asks “can I fix this trait about myself” or “what do I need to do to be better” or whatever. It’s always either questions regarding the past like “do they miss me” “do they regret leaving me” “do they still love me” or it’s about the future with “who will I marry” “are they going to ask me out” “what am I doing in 10 years” 

And there’s nothing wrong with that!! But holy, no wonder so many people are upset with their lives or anxious. You need to learn to live for yourself, not for others. Does it matter what someone from your past thinks about you? You’ve changed from then, and they’re in the past for a reason. You want to be with someone? Don’t fret over it, go for it!!! You’ll never know if you don’t try! 

Like idk, I just wish more people were confident enough to like get out there I guess. We let fear hold us back so much, and it’s really sad.


That was a rollercoaster from beginning to end

Just finished the episode and I already need more.

  • Paul and Hugh!! I need the ship name right now!!!
  • Loving that we will get to see their normal dynamic, the way that they behave after falling in love.
  • They almost made me feel empathy towards Lorca, but that’s entirely related to the comparison between him and Mudd.
  • That crewman is dirty, I’m telling you.
  • Stamets getting the top grade of Star Trek craziness and crazy science moves.
  • Hugh and Paul lovingly staring at each other eyes
  • I meant the thing about emphaty towards Lorca, don’t judge me, I’m a softie even to manipulative and tyrannical captains.
  • Team science being excited and worried nerds!!!
  • Saru exploring his feelings and talking with Michael about them.
  • Bros reconciliation in the future???
  • Culber and Stamets. brushing their teeth. smiling. lovingly. stablished relationship trope.

I died and was reborn to watch this episode.

  • Yoongi: Seokjin hyung, come here
  • Yoongi: Shut up and come here, I need to talk with someone
  • Jimin: But I'm right here, hyung
  • Yoongi: Today i went at the first date with Hoseok
  • Jimin: so...?
  • Yoongi: He said I look nice and i said he looks like sponge bob...And I guess he's mad now at me...
  • Jimin: This is not a compliment Yoongi...
  • Yoongi: But I love sponge bob!

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i know maintenance jimin is a one shot, but i basically crafted a part two in my mind where the reader breaks down and goes on a date with jimin. his clothes are fitting him real snug and he’s all soft on the date. then he invites them back to his cute lil apartment. it’s really neat and with cute statuettes but then they get down and dirty and it’s wild bc that’s what happens when you turn jimin down. in the end jimin gifts them with a new scarf and long story short i love this fic a lot 😂

Hahahaha awww NEW SCARF! That would be something he’d do, especially if he still felt responsible for her needing to wear one. 👀

I have WMB listed as a one-shot series mostly as a means of controlling myself. I have too many balls in the air right now and need to scale back some and exhibit some self-control over the WIPs list (fat chance of that, right?). 

some things

i just wanted to post a quick little update so here ya go:

i’m sorry i’ve been so inactive, i’d love to post more but i have a lot going on atm. uni is being quite a lot - don’t get me wrong i’m loving it! i just don’t have too much spare time since i’m at school til 7pm like every day and i’m being quite social too which is unusual for me. i also broke up with my partner of three years - i’m fine - and i need to find a new flat so that’s been a little stressful. like i said, everything’s totally good and fine and you definitely don’t need to worry about me, i’m enjoying uni and making new friends!! i just don’t like spending a lot of time at home right now.

tbh my motivation for ts4 hasn’t been the greatest anyway, i can play for like 15 minutes before getting bored. i’m sure it’ll change when pets comes though! i’m not going anywhere and i’m not too concerned about follower count or anything like that, i just wanted to tell what’s going on to those of you who care 💖 love and appreciate you all so much!

when people say you meet taylor when you need it most, they’re right. memories of friday night are the only thing keeping me strong right now and i love her so much for that

Semi-Hiatus notice

yes hello friends and beloveds. I know I’ve never been the pillar of activity on my blogs as it is, but I’m handling some pretty heavy relationship stuff right now, so I think I’m gonna step away from just about everything for a second, and try to focus on fixing things and getting out with my friends. It shouldn’t be too long, but I just need to be in a better headspace before I’m bumping around here again.

I love you guys! and I”m sure I’ll be lurking, but if y’all want my discord (which I’m… barely on), skype, hell, phone number, y’all’re welcome to ask for it. I’m gonna be okay! I’m just a little exhausted right now.

hugs and smooches,


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Please share some Brick Yardley head canons I love him so much??? Also does anyone in Radiator Springs sing or play an instrument??? Thx man.

I’ve got a load of posts somewhere from several weeks ago talking about RS folks singing and playing instruments. Go check ‘em out! I’m too lazy to go look them up right now XD 

As for Brick, the boy needs more attention!

  • Loves his mama
  • Loves his fans, especially the kids
  • Grew up surrounded by cornfields in Indiana
  • Lives for the state fair every year
  • Gives scholarships to young aspiring racers who want to go to racing schools but can’t afford it
  • He’s a crowd favorite on talk shows because he’s so relatable
  • Quite a bit younger than the other racers in his generation
  • Excellent at empathetic listening, everyone’s friend
  • Doesn’t function well under the influence of alcohol
  • Tied with Cal for least number of swear words ever said

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Hi Imane! I hope you and your cat are doing okay! So I was wondering are you reading any interesting book right now? Besos preciosa 😘

hi angel we’re both doing well thank u! how are you? and to answer ur question, i just picked up “why love hurts” by eva illouz, which talks about the modern conception of love/romantic relationships from a sociological point of view. i don’t often read theoretical books but my friend recommended it to me so i borrowed it from her months ago akjfljgdj i have a gigantic pile of books i need to go through before the year ends wish me luck

Careful With My New Pet (Kol Mikaelson x Reader) / Part 2

Part 1

Summary: Having the Mikaelson brothers fighting over you is a pain. Especially when you only like the youngest brother, Kol. He already knows that you like him but he’s having fun “battling” his brothers for your affection. Jealousy becomes a factor later on, of course, when dealing with Kol’s temper and multiple lovesick brothers. Thus, he decides to teach his brothers a lesson when it comes to you.

Word Count: 1062

A/N: I’m way too excited for this story. Guys, I love Kol too much. Someone send help.

With his focus now on you, you smiled, “Good. Can we not talk about your brothers in the fleeting moment of peace we have right now?” Kol sighed, “Fine. But darling, please be careful with them alright?” You nodded, gently running a hand through his hair.

“You need a haircut. Your hair is starting to get long again,” you commented, changing the topic as you quickly tugged one of the Mikaelson brothers’ shirts you had stolen from the laundry (silently hoping it was Kol’s). He rolled his eyes, “You’re my girlfriend. Not my mother.” You smiled, shrugging, “What? It’s true! Someone has to say it.” 

He narrowed his eyes at you, “Now you’re just teasing.” 

“Maybe,” you shrugged again, kissing his cheek

He intercepted your simple cheek kiss with his lips, turning his head at the last moment. You pulled back and gently smacked him, “Kol! That was supposed to be sweet!” He simply laughed at you, looking at you very smugly, “Well your lips tasted sweet. Perhaps it was the apple I was tasting.” You frowned.

Keep reading

Chapter four Part two. Bellina

Reaching for her phone he grabbed it and threw it to the side “tha’s not needed right now luv” he spoke before she could interject crashing his lips into hers making her lay down she smiled. He was hungry for her, famished, she was what he needed because the hard on he had was becoming painful. His spongy lips pressing on her neck. Love bites around the columns of her neck. His cologne tickling her nose only intensifies her want for him.

Her breaths shallow his hands roamed around her body, trying to take off the dress that was denying him  the pleasure of feeling her skin.

Trying to pull it down Bellina protested “Ow! Ow Harry!” she pushed him back

“Wha’?” he asked confused

“It’s taped to me” she said before turning around and reaching for the areas which had been taped down. He reached for the dress and was able to detach  it with no problem however the tape on her skin was another issue

“Just rip it off”

Without hesitation he did that 4 times twice on her shoulder and twice on her abdomen Harry kissed each spot immediately after she squealed when he kissed her sides. He places soft kisses down her back before turning her around. He continued to feed his hunger and her moans become louder and he knew the music he had set to play was not going to muffle her sounds

Lifting up he looked at her, his voice smooth he says  “yeh gotta be quiet Bell”

“Don’t you want them to hear me scream your name Harry?” she challenged, her nails dragging down  his arms.

His eyes widen in a daze he looked down in awe every other woman he slept with always agreed because  after all company was around majority of the time, and even though they agreed it always ended up with loud screaming and theatrics he didn’t quite care for

She slipped her hands into his shirt “Hmm Harry? don’t you want them to know how good you’re making me feel”

“Do whatever yeh please Bell”  he said breathing heavy he didn’t know it was possible to get anymore harder but he did. He leaned back down to kiss her he wanted to be in better control, take things slow, but he couldn’t, his body was taking over and his mind was there for the ride. He started fumbling with the straps of her teddy mumbling

Sitting up Bellina, said “let me take it off Harry” he sat on his knees watching attentively slowly she unclasped the hooks that were found in the middle of her chest and on the side of her neck she pushed it down, breasts bouncing around being freed from their entrapment. Laying down she brought her knees up and lifted her legs up to take off the rest, spreading her legs in front of him. Once she was done she sat up and  kisses his stomach slowly unbuttoning his shirt pushing it off his shoulders Harry helpless at this point watched as she teased him sliding her hands down she unbuttoned his trouser and unzipped his zipper releasing some pressure dragging her hand down his member.Throwing his head back “Fuck” it came as a whisper mixed with a heavy huff.  She grabbed his hand pulling him down she softly and said “come Harry.” He envied her, her control, she was able to push down her desires to fulfill his. Completely submitting to him she let him take control.

As he kissed his way down,he stops at her breasts kneading them before taking each nipple into his mouth sucking and twirling his tongue around the nipple making suction sounds as he moves from one to the other looking up at Bellina with a sly grin on his face only causing her to giggle. Kissing his way down he places sloppy kisses and bites down on anything he could get his teeth on. Biting spots that causes her to jerk away and giggle.  Reaching her thighs his hot breaths made her anticipate what was to come. He started with a few tender kisses on her inner thighs which led to her pussy. A soft lick to get a taste followed by another more forceful lick that went between her slits and ended at her clit she moans out in pleasure. His lips around her sweet mound he switches between licking and sucking. He dips a finger into her. She gasps the fluids secrete down his finger onto the bed, he makes love to it with his tongue. Her legs shut instinctively to stop the orgasm from happening. Harry forces her legs open, he wasn’t done, not this time not until she sang his name. Legs trembling trying to close shut, back arching it came like a flood of water unable to be stopped. He stayed there for awhile making sure to suck in the juices. Somehow in the process his pants came off and now he was naked. He placed  soft kisses on  his way up stopping once again at her breasts.

Positioning himself between her legs. His penis pulsates near her vagina, the heat radiating from her center causing his tip to go crazy. Harry kissing her gets in the perfect position to become one with her, slowly he inserts the tip which caused a sharp inhale and her body to tense up and clench her legs on his waist. He raises on his elbows to look at her. Her hand covering her face out of embarrassment. “Look at me” his voice raspy and smooth. She removes her hand and smiles at him caressing his arm “relax luv” he bends down to kiss her she puffs, her legs barely force themselves to depart from his waist. He pushes more in only for her legs to retreat to the same position “Bell”  he protests glancing down before  looking back up at her “I’m sorry” she smiles, she couldn’t help it,  it was a natural reaction it had been a while and Harry was blessed to say the least. Digging in her thighs with his hands he pulls her closer and spreads her legs “relax” he soothed he was halfway in and he was barely holding on so this situation wasn’t really helping. Lifting one leg up placing it on his shoulder he leans down he kisses her looking into her eyes removing the strands from her face waiting for her body to relax. he finally pushes all the way in she whimpers in pain grabbing onto the sheets her legs shaky from the muscle spasms letting her leg go he lets her get used to the size while he gently maneuvers his hips. He watched as the pain in her face subsided to pleasure the hands that once grabbed the sheets were now positioned around his waist gripping at his skin.“Slow” she whispered in his ears as her hips joined his rhythm. He was engorged this was pleasure he had not felt in a long time. She moaned his name calling out to him kissing his shoulder. Biting down on her neck he was losing his control. He picked up the pace and changed angles he was now reaching a new spot. “No” she protested feeling her orgasm approaching,she tried pushing him away which made him grab her hands and hold them against the bed. “Harry!” she called out he watched as she tried to containing her moans by biting her lip.

On his elbows he wanted to see her. Her breathing became labored. She was gasping for air. In and out he was making her lose the control she was fighting so hard to keep. Breaking free she grasped onto his arm digging her nails into him. He grunted in pain. The climax building up from the pit of her stomach. He wasn’t going to stop not till she reached her breaking point. Mouth agape moans flowed out of her she was hardly breathing. The chills started from her stomach and spread out through her body she cried out in pleasure. Harry repositions himself hands grabbing her ass sucking on her neck. Scratching his back coming down from her orgasm still trembling with every stroke. Harry reaching his keeps going. There was a loud growl that escapes from his lips his climax had been reached. Bellina caressed his back as he came down from his high. Rolling off of her he stood up besides the bed and pulled the covers back. Picking up Bellina he placed her in the middle before getting in bed pulling her close he kissed her forehead before he drifted off to sleep.

The next day

Harry woke up the next day, his sleep was deep. He didn’t know the time was . His muscles numb. Remembering the events of the night before a smile crept on his face. Reaching over he feels no body only flat sheet he turns his head to face the other way he sees nothing but pillows. Sitting up he looked around the clothes that were sprawled around were put away. Walking out the bathroom Bellina said “Oh good morning sleepy head”

“Morning” he said in a groggy voice,rubbing his eyes he got out the bed exposing his bareness.

She giggled and watched as she put on her lotion.

Harry showered and exited the bedroom before she did.She wore an electric blue dress which had see through patches on the side. Her hair was in a bun, she wore natural make up. Her shoes were green with colorful accessories she wore a yellow blazer to hide her love marks.

When she emerged and walked to the common area Niall teased. “Sounded like yeh two had fun last night”

“We did sounded like you did as well” she said winking causing the other girls to blush

Harry smirked. She owned it, his exes would react in bashfulness filled with defensive behavior and attitudes that ruined every ones mood. But she owned it, she owned that he did make her scream his name.

Grabbing her purse she said “We gotta go. Ladies shall we?”

“We shall” Katie said standing up

Walking to Harry on the couch she kissed him before saying bye.

He watched her walk away. His dick twitched.

“Off it mate!”

He smirked

“ ‘M my lady ‘nd i had 2 rounds cuz of yeh two sounding like a porn movie”

He smiled “yeh see the condition ‘m in mate” holding his crotch

“Aww little  Harold ‘s gonna be alright” Liam teased

“Oh piss off!” Was he going to be able to deal with another night?  Last night was so intense thinking about it made him instantly hard.

With the girls

Emiliano evaluated everyone’s face during brunch “Well don’t we all lookrefreshed and newly dicked down”

The girls blushed “Really Emiliano?” Bellina commented

“Ooooh you got some” he smiled cheekily

She shook her head

“Yes! my lifetime goal is achieved you finally got some!” he joked

There was nothing special about the day.But unlike yesterday it was Katie to go get the men. Bellina decided to wear a floral maxi dress, it was see through from mid thigh down. With a high slit and low cut V and open back. Her curls were combed down into beach waves. Her makeup a dewy look.Her skin glistened in the light. In anticipation the men waited impatiently. Arriving at the restaurant the ladies were already seated Harry sat down next to her this time. Her legs crossed with her leg exposed Harry lightly tapped his fingers across as they tried to play coy. After the restaurant they retreated to a lounge. Harry watched as she mingled like last night the men flocked to her side.

“Bell!” someone called from behind as she stood in front of the men

“Yes? Oh hi Mike!” she greeted Emiliano’s boyfriend


The music was too loud for Harry to make sense of their conversation. Mike leaned in for a hug and all of a sudden lifted her off the floor “And we are up”  she said making a face. He was acting strange gently putting her down he said something in her ear which made her eyes grow wide trying to create space between the two she stepped back

“What is it?” she said trying to take another step back only for him to pull her back and go for her neck “You know what I think?”  she said stepping back and grabbing a glass full of ice water. Swiftly she grabbed his collar and poured it down. “You need to cool of yea!” It should be noted that Mike is bisexual. She turned on her heels and called Emiliano who responded by walking over. “Can you take care of this?” she asked before making a face and walking off. Emiliano looked between the two confused but was able to put 2 and 2 together.

“Really that’s what you’re doing!?” With a slap across the face he walked away

The boys watched in awe as both parties walked away from each other. At some point she found herself sitting across from Harry after dancing her feet were hurting it wasn’t easy dancing in those shoes. Sitting down legs crossed her slit emphasized her legs. Harry stole glances playing it cool at some point their eyes met and she bit her lip looking away. At the end of the night Harry accompanied her to Emilianos room.

“Come on luv his guy got him” he said taking her by the hand

“Ok sleep tight” she said blowing him kisses while Harry ushered her out the door.

They dipped into the secret stairwell where Harry smacked her ass as she walked up.

“Oww!  oooh Mr.styles very naughty of you” she said shielding it from any more attacks

He smirked watching her go up.

As they walked in Jeff was on the couch being coy with a woman. Harry with a strong grip on her waist guided her to his room. Swiftly she kicked off her shoes and put her hair in a bun. Harry grabbed her from behind pushing himself on her so she could feel him she giggled as he turned her around grabbing her by the neck he kissed her backing her up against the door. She kissed him back with the same energy. He picked her up wrapping her legs around him. As things were getting heavy they heard loud moaning coming from outside their door stopping they looked at each other and chuckled both getting up they made their way to the top of the bed.

The following day Bell woke up to Harry laying on her chest slightly snoring. She caressed his hair which made him wrap his arms around her tighter.

“Harry” she called he was deep asleep

“Harry” he moved around “Harry” she sang

He groaned “yes luv” he said in a groggy voice

“You have to get up”

“No” he said nuzzling further into her chest

She smiled “I have to pee” she said kissing his forehead

“Fine but straight back to bed” he warned finally letting go. Her legs were weak walking to the bathroom. That evening they were to have one more dinner before  dispersing to their already busy lives. Getting ready she wore a floral romper. While she worked on her makeup she felt the all too familiar stinging on  her ass. Harry had smacked her ass

She smiled straightening up

“Hello” she sang

“You’re quite the naughty girl aren’t yeh” he spoke in her ear

She stepped back “Am I naughty? I like to think I’m a good girl”

He bit his lip leaning in for a kiss which she gladly accepted. After dinner they hang around listening to music and of course Emiliano doesn’t pass up a chance to show off new routines walking up to her he grabbed her hand

“No you can’t take her from me” Harry joked holding onto her waist. She smiled

“I’ll bring her right back I promise”

“Yeh betteh”  

“Ok we have to do  the drumline routine”

The music started the drums beat played as they started after they finished Bellina bent over

She whispered “My legs hurt so bad” she said laughing

Emiliano whispered in return “That’s  cuz you were getting that di-ni-nick!” he joked causing her to laugh she walked over to Harry as he gladly accepted her back into his arms

After a while people had retreated back to their rooms and it was a few of them around. He was laying with his head on her lap . He grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles lightly “so i was thinking that we should make it official”

She raised her brows “I sexed you down and now don’t want to share huh?” she joked causing him to laugh

“Not at all it had nothing to do with tha’” he said reaching up to caress her cheek “it jus’ feels like the right thing to do”

“So I can profess to the world that  you are my beloved boy friend who gets on my nerves?”

He laughed “yes”

She smiled her comedic side subsided she was now blushing “so what does that mean for our rules, i should make an amendment to them”
“Which is?”

“I shouldn’t go out with you in public, cuz i don’t see this getting better”
“We will cross that bridge when it comes” He gently pulled her down for a kiss

“Oi ! yeh two cut it out we don’t need another porno session”

The room erupted in laughter

@thequeenmothershat replied to your post “Hey guys. What if Poppy Adams is still alive. I have a gosh darned…”

I wanna hear!!!

So, basically, I went to the VIP cinemas and I drank a lot before this occurred to me. And now I love it. This time after the first one, there were theories that Harry was alive, and I haven’t seen a single theory about Poppy yet, so here.

So, Harry said that she would have about 8 minutes, right? It was a hell of a lot shorter than 8 minutes, and Merlin wouldn’t give Eggsy more than enough of the heroine needed to get the job done. He isn’t stupid.

And neither is Poppy. Harvard business school has an acceptance rate of 12% and therefore, she has to be at least close to genius level. She would have thought, since she does state that she finds human beings unreliable and untrustworthy, that someone might turn against her and do exactly what Eggsy and Harry did. 

Therefore, she would have kept a vial of the antidote on her person at all times. 

But, I know what you’re thinking. Their glasses registered her as deceased. Well, sure. But they also didn’t look at anyone else in the paralysis stage. To be honest, I don’t think that even hit that stage. Hear me out. 

We saw other people in stage 2, they had no control and were dancing. Poppy was not. She was extremely calm. Suspicious. There was also the fact that she collapsed. Not a single other person did that in stage 3. They were all still standing, as we saw when they were in their cages, and even Liam and Tilde were just frozen standing where they were. 

She also didn’t bleed out like those that did die. I know, we didn’t see her face, but there is a reason for that. She was playing dead, and had to hide her face during the fight scene. 

Kingsman doesn’t give us stupid villains. They give us MIT and Harvard Business School grads who just want to, respectively, stop global warming and legalize drugs. 

Of course, this is open to debate, but people were still denying Harry was alive until the first trailer for TGC came out, so… I have hope that Poppy is still alive.

WTT: all of this Ouma merch! 

I thought I would love Ouma a lot more than I did when I actually played the game, so I bought all of this in advanced and now don’t need it ;v; 
while I love him as a character, the sparks just weren’t there in the right way! 

Ouma’s character tax is extremely high as you can see here:

 so even buying from Japan, these items were expensive

I’m looking to trade for

  • the blue Komahina button that was limited edition and features both of them in chibi form
  • the Hinata puppet 
  • or make me an item for any rare Komaeda/Hinata items you’re willing to part with, although I probably already own it
  • also interested in Saihara merch since I love him more than expected and bought nothing of him in advanced, but the Komahina stuff takes priority and for either of the first two items I will trade you this entire lot 

Thank you for looking and please signal boost so these can go to a better home! (/OuO)/ 

Rules: answer the questions and tag a few whom you follow that you’d love to get to know…

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01. name: Michelle

02. nicknames: Shell, Shelly and Fooie sometimes.

03. zodiac sign: Gemini

04. height: 5’6”

05. orientation: Straight

06. nationality: American

07. favorite fruit: Pineapple, peaches, nectarines, berries! I love fruit!

08. favorite season: Fall or Winter!

09. favorite book: Right now I’m reading Needful Things by Stephen King and I’m loving it.

10. favorite movie: GoodFellas

11. favorite scent: The smell when it just starts raining.

12. favorite color: Purple

13. favorite animal: Giraffes, rhinos, cats, dogs…all animals actually!

14. coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Depends on my mood really! I love all three.

15. average hours of sleep: 7ish

16. favorite fictional character: Archer, Lana Kane, Jim & Pam Halpert, Blair Waldorf because I want her wardrobe…I can go on haha

17. number of blankets you sleep with: 1-3 usually

18. dream trip: Iceland or Santorini. Or Alaska!

19. blog created: August 2016 I think

20. followers: 2,645

21. random fact: I volunteer for a few ocean/shark conservation organizations and co-founded one of my own.

I’ll tag @thedrunkhermit @lastgunfighterballad @rachielena @sapphire7fire

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Who hurt Scarlet , and can we beat them up? because that last mood board was too much. I almost started crying.i need a comic book science fix it follow up.


Scarlet, even my anons are sending you hugs and love now. We’re gonna have a fandom-wide hug session for you, soon.

(Also for the comic book fix-it, I’m thinking that it wasn’t really Barry who was murdered. It was Malcolm, the twin no one knew he had, staged to look like Barry. And so the case begins to unravel in dizzying, insomnia-inducing ways over weeks that bleed into months because Len keeps seeing him. He’s sure it’s him. Outside, running, catching a train, a cab. He thinks it’s losing it. But no - there’s more to this murder than meets the eye. But if Barry is still alive - why hasn’t he come forward? Why hasn’t he said anything?).