in need of a shave

anyway victuuri because it’s 4 am

  • Makkachin steals the blankets.
  • Victor loves being little spoon and when he wakes up with Yuuri’s arms around him he just nuzzles them or traces over the skin until their alarm goes off. 
  • Yuuri wakes up FAST but he still hates it. Victor is more of a morning person but he still needs a coffee before he can actually think beyond “Hold fiance. Take shower. Call fiance cute.” 
  • Yuuri drinks his coffee black because college hurts us all. Victor is shocked and disgusted and dumps 60 cookie and cream creamers into his coffee before he deems it semi-responsible to drink. 
  •  When they grab the wrong coffee cup on accident it’s turmoil. 
  • Y: “You need to shave.” V: “I don’t wanna shave.” Y: “And I don’t want beard burn. Go shave.” then 5 mins later he’s kissing Victor’s cheek.
  • Wearing each other’s clothes is just routine to them. They’re about the same size. (Most of Yuuri’s clothes tend to be looser anyway due to his weight changes through the year) so their closet is just a mix of clothes about a month after Yuuri moves in. Especially their work out stuff.
  • Wearing each other’s jackets though will always be their favorite and when Yuuri has bad days he’ll just wear Victor’s hoodies and sleep on the couch with Makkachin. 
  • Victor does the same thing only in Yuuri’s sweats. 
  • They both love touching each other. Like, Yuuri will be talking and Victor would touch his lower back. They’ll hook pinkies or hands without thinking while walking. Their hands will overlap on the boards as they talk to other skaters. Leaning on each for balance while stretching, messing with their skates, or exhausted by practice. 
  • They just love touching each other. 
  • Yuuri loves the all natural stuff the Inn uses and used to get some in his care packages from home in college, and when he moves to Saint Petersburg Victor stocks their bathroom up with it. Most of it are oils to put in the bath or home made soaps. Victor’s skin is just #Thankful.
  • Yuuri rambling pet names while kissing Victor because it destroys Victor. He can dish it out but he can’t handle it. 
  • The same when Yuuri cuddles him and wraps his arms around him.
  • Seriously. They love each other. 

So I’m really excited to play Magic: The Gathering, if that’s what you guys want us to play. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t, but uh, you know.

[AHWU #261]


I never post the Kardashians but this is goals 🙌😂

you have to be pretty

Girls have to spend so much money to buy “feminine things”: tampons, menstrual cups, shaving products, make up, lingerie, cute clothes.
Girls have to spend so much time exercising in order to “get in shape”, portion controlling because gaining weight is something that should be avoided at all costs, shaving because body hairs looks gross on girls.
It’s draining, it really is, emotionally and mentally, always striving for perfection, trying to change your body because everyone around tells you it is wrong.
You’re not doing it because you want to, but because you’re afraid no one will ever love you if you don’t.
It’s wrong to accept yourself as you are because you should never be content with what you are.
Being aware of your self-worth is not attractive, especially if you don’t fit in nowadays beauty standards.
That’s out number one worry, the constant voice in the back of our heads telling us we’re not enough.
I, as a girl, have to look pretty all of the time. 
My mum demands me to wear makeup and “look presentable” when I go out with her.
She frowns when she sees me lying on my bed in my pj, messy hair and no makeup on, because I don’t look good
Girls are afraid to go out barefaced because we are teached from a very young age our natural state is something to be ashamed of.
And what drives me up the motherfucking wall is to see guys strolling across the street with stained t-shirts, sweatpants and facial hairs without feeling self-conscious.
They can do that. They can have fizzy hair, dark circles, pimples, a fat tummy, hairs everywhere. That’s normal.
They can roll out of bed and hit the streets without feeling like a fuckin’ trashcan.

I can’t do that.
Girls can have fizzy hair, dark circles, pimples, a fat tummy, hairs everywhere. That’s normal, that’s out body works. But we can’t look ugly. We can’t go outside not giving a damn because people will think we’re not attractive and we can’t bear it.
We can’t stand it because we are told the male gaze is the measurement of our worth

I’m a girl and therefore I should look pretty.
If I don’t I’m wrong

This is so sick I’m going to throw up.

Polyjuice Potion itself only lasts for a couple hours at a stretch, which is why Barty needed to keep Moody alive–even if he shaved him, the hair would’ve run out in less than a month. Furthermore, sperm can actually take DAYS to travel all the way up into the uterus and fertilize an egg, so chances are, if a girl changed into a boy and had sex with a girl, the sperm would just disappear after an hour, and pregnancy would be impossible.