in n out nails


nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks (demo) // panic! at the disco


Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words 900+

Warning: sfw, kinda nsfw towards the end, but it’s mild. 

I was thinking about Calum repainting his nails and this kinda happened. Feedback is appreciated xx


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“No!” Lucifer said, biting his nails in frustration “I get to ask, Y/N out first!”

“Who says?” Michael laughed

“Me, that’s who!” Lucifer replied, rolling his eyes at his brother.

“I don’t care just keep out the way while I go ask her!” Michael said, hushing Lucifer.


“Hey guys, what you arguing about now?” you giggled walking into the room.

The McKittrick Tinies

The McKittrick Tinies

or, how the children of the King James Sanatorium learn their ABCs

A is for Agnes, who’ll get it right quick

B is for Banquo, done in by a brick

C is for Campbell, who drives you to drink

D is for Duncan, now bloodless, not pink

E is for Evelyn, enchanting the night

F is for Fulton, who can’t make it right

G is Gallow Green, the town all now dread

H is for HER, the woman in red

I is injection, they give us each day

J is for James, who takes you away

K is the King, who will sleep no more

L is for lies, behind every door

M is for Malcolm, so out of his depth

N is for nail, coughed up without breath

O is opaque, or your dreams she can see

P is for Porter, whose friend you should be

Q is for question, is that all there is?

R is for ring, you know where it tis

S is for salt, whose protection now fails

T is for turkey, who will tell no tales

U is for ulula, the wolves they will howl

V is violation, as the sword disembowels

W is for Witches, in pairs, ones and threes

X marks the funeral door, and the last Birnam trees

Y is for yes, join us we bid

Z needs a name, for you already did


If you know when to listen, you can hear us

If you know where to look, you can see us

If you know how to feel, you can touch us

We are lost, but not gone