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tfw u go to the same uni as your friend but he keeps hitting on u but ur a tsun mess

i love how i crop drawings cause im too lazy lmao

나 열나 (Fever) - Rap
  • 나 열나 (Fever) - Rap
  • NIEL (니엘)

Niel’s rap in ‘Fever’



((This TFA Whirl design was largely created by @cadaverriffic!!!!!!!! It’s super good and I feel slightly bad about the horrible stuff that happens to Whirl. Slightly.))

I bet you thought I forgot about the beautiful bird daughter of the TFA Lost Light AU, eh? Well. I didn’t. But also I’m tired of inking/coloring right now so this shall have to suffice. Whirl is…complicated, and young, in the TFA Lost Light AU. There can be no Autobot victory while Decepticons maintain complete air superiority and the Jettwins open the door for further experimentation, for better and more refined attempts at recreating warbuilds. All the better for Whirl’s existence.

Not so great when she’s fair game for darker forces still.

Okay but sheith cheaper by the dozen au

or not really au, just post canon

Keith was an orphan and never had a family growing up.

Shiro had very loving parents, but was an only child.

They both want so many kids they’re bursting out the wazoo.

Keith signs them up to be foster parents, and they get a giant house with a ton of land, and the kids start rolling in, and they end up adopting so many.

And it’s hard sometimes, with keith seeing the abuse and neglect he had all throughout his childhood reflected in his kids’ eyes. But because of it he knows how to help them even more. He make his home a loving place, where they don’t need for anything, where he sits them down and asks them about their day, and he helps them with their homework, and hey can have as much food as they want, because fuck you, the fridge will never be locked in his home. And he makes an effort to spend time with each and every one of them, and learns their interests, and notices when something is wrong, dammit. And he won;t ever let anyone hurt his kids again. No one gets to label his kids as ‘problem child’ or ‘trouble maker’, not while he’s around. Just mama lion keith okay.

And shiro never having to fight again. Coming home to 13 people (and 3 dogs, and 2 cats, and 8 chickens, and 1 cow) who love him. Who help him on his bad days, who help him look out and avaoid his triggers, who absolutely unconditionally love him no matter what, because he is not a monster.

And they live their lives, never being alone again. They have giant, loud meals, and chaotic outings, and plenty of drama sometimes. But they also have giant cuddle piles, and fill up an entire row and a half and musical recital and graduations, and the christmas tree is practically levitating from the flood of presents spilling out underneath it, and thanksgiving dinner is always late because it takes ages to get though everyone listing off what they’re grateful for.

And sure, the kids grow up, and move out and have their own families, but that’s okay.

Because they have 36 grand kids.

The kogane-shirogane house is never quiet, but it’s never empty either.


The end, thank you all for reading!

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*I didn’t know english dogs bark, so I asked a friend how russian dogs sound
*now toby dogfox barks russian
*It’s not wrong, it’s just my headcanon!

*(also everyone send me dogpuns for the next chapter pls)

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*This is a fancomic of @tratserenoyreve webcomic THE THOUGHT. You should probably check it out since this comic continues from page 40 of theirs!. And also Trat is awesome.  

*(Undertale and sprites belong to Toby Fox!
Also thanks to @eagleofmars for advice he!)

reasons to give servamp a chance


dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This

right so, i’ve started to notice that there’s some people on here who see me as this Amazing Great Person and like?????????

the only reason you think i’m cool is because i have a lot of followers, and that’s it. if i was the exact same person except with 19 followers instead of 1900 nobody would act that way! of course it’s very flattering and sweet when people look up to me but honestly, i’m just a kid w a blog like anyone else on this website. (and of course, this doesn’t just happen to me– i’ve seen it a lot over the past 3 years that i’ve been here, spread across fandoms etc.)

big doesn’t equal good in every aspect!

(+ if u REALLY want me 2 follow u you can just message me “why the fuck arent u following me yet” and i probably will)



Today will be request day witch is were my whole day will be filled with suggestions on witch to draw your oc, make crack babys, make n put out adopts, do collabs, do art trades, n much more if ud like! Everyone can ask for a request n a crack baby every one gets 3 request , thank you all so much I love you all!

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