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All It Took Was A Joke

Word Count: 1340

Warnings: curse words, fluff

A/N: this one shot was requested and awe I thought the idea was very cute! Sorry it took so long to write! I’ve been so sick the past couple of days! I’m currently sitting in a doctors parking lot writing this oops! Much love!

Requested: after leaving Archie and Betty a few years back to be friends with Cheryl, Y/N rekindles her friendship with them, and ultimately becomes friends with Veronica and Kevin as well. She’s not so sure about Jughead though, but who knows maybe something will spark…

     "Betty! Archie!“ Y/N exclaimed, standing from her booth at Pops. The two look over to her and smile, and Betty walks over with her arms wide open.

    "Y/N!” she exclaims, embracing her in a hug. Archie comes over and wraps his arms around the both of them, and Betty and Y/N giggle.

    “I’m so glad you two could join me! I’ve missed you two terribly!” Y/N said, breaking free from Betty and Archie.

    “We’ve missed you too,” Archie smiled. “You look great!”

    “Archiekins, you see the girl every day at school, stop acting like you haven’t seen her in years.” Veronica teased, walking up to Y/N. “Veronica Lodge.” she confidently said, holding out her hand.

    “Sorry Veronica, I only give handshakes to people I’m not friends with, and I like you already, so bring it in.” Y/N said, holding her arms out open. Veronica stared at Y/N a second with a puzzled expression. It soon turned into a smile, and she hugged her.

    “Finally someone with my confidence!” she said, giggling.

    “Sorry Y/N, I know you were hoping for this to be just you, Archie, and I, but we brought three of our friends with us.” Betty said, and Y/N chuckled.

    “Don’t worry about it Bets, any friend of yours is a friend of mine.” Y/N smiled. Kevin came up and hugged Y/N by surprise. Y/N giggled, and when he released her she turned to face him.

    “Kevin Keller.” he said, and Y/N nodded.

    “Sheriffs boy?” she asked, and Kevin rolled his eyes, and chuckled.

    “Don’t worry, I’m not a snitch.” he joked, earning a laugh from everyone.

    “Good to know,” Y/N said, giving a mischievous smile. She looked at Betty and Archie and their two friends, and looked for the third, but they were no where to be seen. “Didn’t you say you brought three friends?” Y/N asked. Archie and Betty looked around for their friend.

    “Jughead!” Archie called. And Y/N gave a puzzled look to Kevin and Veronica.

    “Jughead?” She questioned and the two of them laughed and shrugged. Just then a tall boy wearing a grey beanie and dark clothing walked up to the group of friends, and Y/N stood, awestruck.

    “Jughead this is Y/N, Y/N this is Jughead.” Archie introduced the two, and Y/N collected herself from her thoughts and held her arms out to hug him.

    “I don’t do hugs.” Jughead said, and Y/N quickly put her arms down.

    “Oh-I… Im sorry.” she mumbled, her cheeks burning red with embarrassment.

    He may be cute but he’s kind of an ass… she thought.

    “Let’s sit down and eat.” Betty said, noticing the tension and motioned to the booth. Y/N slid into the booth and Jughead slid in after her, then Veronica. On the other side, right across from Y/N was Archie, Betty and then Kevin. Small talk between the friends went on, talking about things like school and family life, although Y/N was distracted by the tall boy sitting next to her. Part of her didn’t want to be around him, he was kind of a moody, outcast type. But the other part of her found him intriguing and handsome, and she wanted to know more. Y/N was quickly snapped out of her thoughts when Archie waved a menu in front of her face.

    “Y/N? It’s your turn to order.” He said, giving her a worried look. “You alright?”

    “Of course.” She said, nodding her head. She turned to the waiter, and smiled. “I’ll take my usual, a burger with fries and a chocolate milkshake.” The waiter wrote down her order and Jughead turned his head to Y/N and smiled.

    “You’re name was Y/N right?” He asked, and she felt a blush rise to her cheeks.

    “Yeah, Y/N  Y/L/N. Sorry it’s not as easy to remember as Jughead.” she teased, earning a laugh from him.

God he has a cute laugh, maybe he’s not as bad as I thought…

    Y/N looked around the table and saw everyone’s jaws wide open.

    “What?” she asked. And Betty shook from her trance and smiled.

    “You got Jughead Jones to laugh, like actually laugh! How..? I-we can almost never do that.” Jughead rolled his eyes and Y/N looked up at him.

    “Not much of a laugher are you?” She asked, and he shrugged.

    “Not much to laugh at.” he said, and she nodded her head.

    “Because no one has the same dry, sarcastic sense of humor like you. Got it.” she said and he chuckled, earning another round of surprised looks from everyone at the table.

    “Exactly.” He said and Y/N bumped into him.

    “Well it looks like I do.” she said, and he nodded.

   "Looks like you’ve met your match, Juggie.“ Archie said. The rest of the night, Jughead and Y/N talked and teased the rest of the group, and everyone stared at them knowingly. Much to Y/Ns surprise, Jughead ordered the same thing as her, and they ate their food and laughed at each other’s jokes. When the food was gone and everyone was tired, they all stood up deciding it was time to leave.

    "It was very nice meeting you,” Veronica said, hugging Y/N again. “You should definitely hang out with us more often, or all the time. Preferably the second one.” she joked and Y/N laughed.

    “Sit with us at lunch!” Kevin said, and Y/N smiled.

    “Yeah, you’re always welcome.” Archie said.

    “Well majority says I should so I guess I will!” Y/N said, and everyone smiled.

    “Good, I’ll have someone to actually talk to.” Jughead said, and Y/N rolled her eyes and laughed.

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it, you have no one to talk to because no one understand you and your humor.” She teased and he smiled. “Well Jughead, I think it’s safe to say we are friends now, so how about that hug?” she asked holding her arms open.

    “If she gets him to do it, my whole life will have been a lie.” Kevin whispered to Veronica, but Archie and Betty heard it. They looked at eachother and nodded in agreement with Kevin.

    “She’ll need a miracle to get him to..”  Archie said.

    “Come on Jones…” Y/N said, giggling. Jughead rolled his eyes and hesitantly walked forward, and wrapped his arms around Y/N.

    “Oh my god.” Kevin said, and the whole group sat there in silence. Jughead pulled away slightly, his hands still around her waist.

    “You know I was so convinced I wasn’t going to like you.” He said and Y/N rolled her eyes. “Damn was I wrong.”

    “What changed your mind, Jones?” she asked, confidence laced in her voice.

    “I’m not sure, but I’m glad it did.” he said. He leaned down, his eyes flickering from her eyes to her lips. She met him half way, and they kissed.

    “OH MY GOD!” Kevin yelled. Jughead quickly pulled away, and they both turned bright red.

    “I forgot they were there.” Y/N mumbled. Jughead collected himself and made his way to the door.

    “Well I’ll see you guys tomorrow at lunch,” he said, waving. “Right Y/N?” he asked.

    “Wouldn’t dream of missing it.” she called and he left. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin just sat there staring, and Y/N laughed. “Come on guys, close your mouths. You’re drooling all over Pops floor and I don’t think he appreciates it.” she said, laughing.

Nope, he’s definitely not as bad as I thought.

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Dating Richie Tozier would include…

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-He’d probably flirt with you all the time before you started dating

-And still continue to say dumb pick up lines after you start dating

-“Hey Y/N, ya know what’s on the menu, me ‘n’ u”

-Helping each other out with school

-Always standing up for each other

-Taking his glasses all the time

-“You’re the prettiest blurry blob ive ever seen”

-Him trying to sneak into your room at night

-Him coming over when his parents are being assholes

-Doing shitty accents together

-Always making the other laugh

-Showing each other new music you’d heard that day

-Random deep conversations at night

-Arcade dates

-You winning some game and he insists that you cheated somehow

-Playing with his hair

-I feel like he’d tap on your hand or leg or something with his fingers

-Like tap a tune to a song he heard that day or something random

-him being surprisingly good at staying on beat when he’s tapping or singing

-but ask him to dance… thats a whole other story

-that boy has two left feet

-but if you ask him to dance, he sure a hell will

-he wouldn’t be the best at expressing his emotions and feelings

-which is why he uses crude jokes and dumb one liners

-But he knows you’re someone he can trust and talk to about anything

It’s a Bet

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JB X Mark Series

Chapter 1

Word Count: 1,558

Genre: Angst, Light Smut, AU

Warning: Will contain Angst and Smut in other chapters; POV changes in some chapters

 Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5 Chapter 6

 A light chime rang as the door opened to the shop.  You began to take a deep breath and looked up to give a customer a big smile. “Welcome! Let me know if you need anything!” You say as delightful as you could be only in realizing that the customer were customers. A couple at that. Reminding you it had been five years since you’ve been in a relationship which in fact, next month you would be turning 23 and still single.  Another sigh left my mouth as the couple went to check out the menu of the café.

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Five Times Interrupted


Fandom: Doctor Who
Warning/s: Some serious sexual frustration, also some SMUT
Rating: Explicit 
Pairing/s: 10 x Reader

Summary: FIVE TIMES FIC- Another ‘Five Times Interrupted’ fic because so many of you loved the Benny Weir one and have requested more. Basically, you and the Doctor can’t seem to find some time alone when all the world’s a cockblock. 

Words: 1,461


You’d been back on Earth for two days now and currently had your back pressed against the inside of the door to the guest bedroom in Donna’s house- a friend of yours and the reason for your meeting with the Doctor. 

The Doctor had his body pressed firmly against yours and was sucking and nibbling and kissing his way along your throat and collarbone as you moaned quietly. 

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when you go to in-n-out, you gotta know the secret menu. watch this

(to order taker) i’ll have one burger, Oppa Gangnam Style

(gangnam style starts playing in the restaurant, everyone dances, the burger is never made)

Look Out

Summary: Y/n Stark, finally got asked out by her crush Steve Rogers, she’s excited to go out. But Tony her older brother not as excited for the date. Not knowing how he can make sure that nothing is happening Tony spies on your date dragging Rhodes along. 

Pairing: Steve RogersXReader 

Warning: Swearing

A/n: I had a lot of fun writing this one. 

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You had waited 2 years for Steve to ask you out, yes you will admit maybe your crush should have faded away and at times it did, but it always came back, but really he was Captain freakin America, that’s every girls dream is to go on a date with him. Your brother had introduced you 3 years ago and the first year he seemed like a great friend and it wasn’t until you terrible breakup that you started having feelings for Steve, and it took 2 years but Steve finally got the guts to ask you out. Everybody already wanted you two together, well everybody but Tony. If it was up to Tony he would go back 3 years and never have introduced you. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Steve I mean they were great friends and they saved the world together but Y/n, Y/n was his little sister.

“Bye Tony!” you yell a you open the door up to see Steve in a dress shirt and a vest.
“Hey Y/N! YOu look great!” Steve says holding his arm out for you to take it you smile and grab his arm and head towards his car. 

Tony watched as Y/n and Steve got into the car. “Can you believe this?” Tony asks angrily, Rhodes took a drink of his beer before shaking his head. 
“Everybody had bets that they would end up together. Now it’s finally happen and your mad.” Rhodes says chuckling a little. Tony huffs, you were his little sister. He would do anything for you he didn’t like the thought of you and the Captain getting handsy with eachother tonight. 
“How am I supposed to know if Steve will behave himself?” Tony asks watching the car pull away. Rhodes shakes his head and laughs. “Tony, Y/n could have done way worse in her choice. If anything we need to hope that she will behave herself with Steve. He hasn’t really been on that many dates since he came out of the ice.” Rhodes says standing up. Tony turns around, a shit-eatting grin spreading onto his face. “What Tony? If you think I”m going to fake an emergency to get Steve to leave I won’t do it.” Rhodes says and Tony scowls at him 
“I only said that as a sugesstion. But this idea is bulletproof. We’re going to go and stakeout their date.” Tony says heading towards his closet to get some dark clothes. 
“No Tony. I won’t do it.” Rhodes says shaking his head, “Y/n has been excited about this date for the entire week you aren’t going to ruin it.” 
“Rhodes I only want to protect her, plus if you want me to add those upgrades to your suit than you will be joining me in about 10 minutes once I get changed.” Tony says walking out of the room while Rhodes groans and rubs his hands down his face, what was Tony going to do? he wondered.

Your date was going perfectly, you and Steve were now at a beautiful reasturant, and were just enjoying eachothers company. “I’m so glad you agreed to going out with me.” Steve says taking a drink of his water. You smile and was about to say something when the waiter walked up to their table. 
“Hello, what can I get the lady to drink?” he asks smiling, Y/n studies the menu, “Can I get red wine?” she says putting the menu down, “Of course, and for you sir?” the waiter now turns to Steve, “I’ll have the same.” he says smiling at the waiter who nods than quickly leaves back into the doors.
You burst out laughing, and Steve looks up suprised. “You have never been to a place like this have you?” you ask and you see Steve blush while he looks down. 
“I will admit I usually don’t go to places this fancy.” Steve says, and you nod. BUt than look at him confused. “Than why did you bring me here?” you questioned as Steve looked down at the empty plate infront of him.
“Well I just thought you know this is what you are used to, so I wanted you to go somewher eyou would enjoy.” Steve says glancing up at you. You reach over and grab Steve’s hand. whcih suprises him. 
“Steve I would have gone anywhere with you.” you look around and notice all of the fancy dresses people have on and the tuxes, than you sigh. “How about we get out of here? Go to a diner.” Steve looked up and chuckles.
“You never cease to amaze me Y/n,” he stands up and pulls our your chair once the waiter comes out seeing the two of you getting up. 
“Does the lady not like the table?” the waiter asks, Steve looks at you not knowing what to say and you just giggle a little. 
“No everything was wonderful but it seems like there is an emergency that we have to go attend to.” you say easily, the waiter nods than smiles and invites you to come back again, Steve puts his hand on the small of your back and leads you back to his car.

“Where are they going?” Tony asks watching Steve and Y/n exit the car, one of the Waiters seems to follow them out seeming to be wanting them to come again. “They wouldn’t have time to eat they were only in there for 3 minutes.” Tony complains to Rhodes who was on his phone.
“Maybe they didn’t want to eat anymore.” Rhodes suggests, he looks up to see Y/n smiling as Steve opens up the door of the car for her to get into. “Steve seems to being a perfect gentleman towards her, and she seems to be having a great time Tony.” Rhodes says smiling at himself.
“Yeah but that’s how it starts. Gentleman dine and wine the lady than you go for the goal.” Tony says pulling out binoculars. 
“Where are you taking her Capsicle?” Tony asks following Steve as they drive away. 

Soon Steve and Y/n got into the diner, some people gave them weird looks for wearing fancy clothes but they quickly found a booth and climbed into it. “I’ve never been here.” Y/n says looking around. Panick struck Steve, What if she didn’t like this place_ of course she didn’t like this place, it was a small town diner, that nobody knew about, Steve put his head into his hands. 
“I’m sorry Y/n I shouldn’t have brought you here, Gosh I’m so stupid.” Steve says, glancing up at Y/n who looked confused, 
“Steve I love it here.” Steve looks up shocked. “I mean I love things that are like a blast from the past.” she says winking at Steve, “That’s why I like you so much.” Y/n says smiling, while Steve looks up his face slightly changing into a blush. 
“Hey sweetie what can I get you two?” a girl walks up with a worn notepad in her hands. 
“Um I’ll have the cheese burger, with everything but the pickles, and a medium fry, and I’ll have a coke. And maybe for dessert I’ll have a chocolate shake.” Steve says not even looking at a menu, Y/n smiles than shakes her head. 
“and for you sweety?” she turns to Y/n who looks at the menu, 
“I’ll get the Bacon burger, a medium onion ring, with a Dr. Pepper, and a vanilla shake for dessert.” Y/n says putting down the menu. 
“Sure thing. I’ll be out with your food soon.” and with that Steve and Y/n were alone again. 
“Gosh these shoes are killing my feet.” you say taking your feet out of your stilettos. Steve undes a few buttons fron the top of his shirt and than unbotton all of his vest buttons, Y/n name takes her hair our of the updo that it was in.

“It took her a whole hour to do that hair do.” Tony says watching them from his car. 
“Well she’s trying to get comforterable.” Rhodes says watching Y/n and Steve laugh while they talked to eachother. 
“I can’t see what’s going on. We have to go in there.” Tony says climbing out of his car. 
“Are you kidding me Tony! Y/n and Steve are fine they are having fun with eachother they are enjoying eachothers company.” Rhodes says a bit annoyed with his friend. 
“Come on just one look maybe listen to their conversation than we’re gone.” Tony says and Rhodes rolls his eyes but than follows Tony anyway. Once they enter they go straight to the bar and sit at it. 
“Hya. What can I get you?” Tony looks up to see a young lady standing infront of him and Rhodes, 
“Uh_ I’ll have um. Some of your_” Tony looked around, “I’ll have some of your blueberry pie.” Tony says pointing to the pie in the cylinder. 
“Of course and for you sir?” she turns to Rhodes, 
“I’ll have a strawberry shake.” Rhodes says smiling at her, she nods and turns back. “So what’s going on with the happy couple?” Rhodes asks. 
“Shut up Rhodes.” Tony says angirly. 
“She isn’t even my sister why am I here Tony?” Rhodes asks, looking at Tony who had his eyes glued on Y/n.
“I just don’t want her to get hurt.” Tony says looking down while the waitress puts the pie infront of him. 
“Of course not. Nobody wants Steve or Y/n to get hurt.” Rhodes says putting his hand on Tony’s shoulder. “They’ll be fine though. I mean if Steve does hurt her I think Y/n can kick his ass.” Rhodes says which makes Tony laugh and nod his head. “Can we go now?” 
“No way I just got my pie.” Tony says taking a bite. 
“Crap I think Y/n and Steve just saw us.” Rodes says.

“Is that Tony and James?” you ask, and Steve looks over too at the two guys quickly ducking behind the counter. “Should we go see what they are up to?” you ask giggling a little. Steve smiles than stands up and the two of you walk over to the counter. 
“Hey Tony.” Steve says and Tony slowly appears from behind the counter. 
“Oh hey guys fancy meeting you here.” Tony says grabbing his pie and taking a bite of it, you smirk at Tony. 
“So how often do you come here?” you ask leaning your elbows on the counter. 
“They have great pie.” Tony says looking at you than hanging his head. “Rhodes wanted to make sure Steve didn’t do anything to you.” Tony says and Rhodes quickly pops up scowling at Tony. 
“Well Rhodes. You don’t have to worry.” your gaze doesn’t leave Tony even though your saying Rhodes, “You don’t need to protect me this time_ okay Rhodes.” you say smiling at James who was now chuckling a little. 
You quickly give Tony a hug from across the counter than whisper in his ear. “He’s perfect.” Tony smiles at you than looks at Steve apologetically, Steve just nods. 
“So_ blueberry pie anyone.” Tony asks looking between Rhodes, you, and Steve.

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What are your top five fast food places and what is your favorite thing off their menus

1. In N Out. Double Double, Animal Style. Animal Style fries.

2. Chick-Fil-A. Chicken Sandwich with Chick Fil A sauce and/or Polynesian. With lemonade.

3. Jack in the Box. Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich.

4. McDonalds. Fries.

5. Wienerschnitzel. BBQ Bacon dog or just a corn dog.

I wanted to list Five Guys here but… is that fast food? Like, that would have been #2 on my list, I love it, but it’s like $40 to eat there and has no drive thru. I think they are just a regular food place doing an expensive fast food cosplay.

I’ll Be Your Waitress

Y/N sighed as she leaned against the diner’s counter, playing with a piece of her hair, her Y/E/C sweeping the empty booths for what felt like the millionth time. Her manager had thought with the media convention happening, that there’d be more business, and there had been, but now it was nearing one in the morning, and everyone was either back home or out at the club.

She let out another puff of air, shifting on her sore feet, wanting to just go home. It was bad enough her manager made her work the late shift, but he had also prevented her from going to the convention, and she had been saving up for months to go, determined to meet her favourite YouTubers. Instead she was stuck here, getting paid minimum wage.

She had only closed her eyes for a moment, hoping that time would suddenly speed up, when she heard the bell above the door ring, signalling new customers. As she reopened her eyes, male laughter echoed around the diner, and a group of men stood in the entrance way. Y/N’s breath caught when she realized who was standing before her.

Jack and Connor Maynard, Josh Peters, Oli White, Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, Caspar Lee, and Joe Sugg. She blinked once, then again, to be sure her tired mind was playing tricks on her before she shook herself mentally, she couldn’t just stand there and stare at them.

“Hi guys, take a seat wherever. I’ll be there in a moment.” Her hands shook, but she hid them behind the counter, but her face had that classic waitress smile, acting like it wasn’t a huge deal. There was various head nods from the group, before they nudged each other and headed for one of the larger corner booths, but Y/N’s eyes followed one body: Joe Sugg. Apparently he could feel it, because he turned, and the blueness of his eyes struck her, she was unable to pull her gaze away. He offered her that half smirk of his, one she had seen many times in his videos on her computer screen, and he only broke their gaze when he turned to take his seat in the booth.

Heading over to grab a few menus for them, Y/N could hear their low voices and laughing, and she wondered what they felt they had to say so quietly as to not be heard by her.

Taking a moment to mentally prepare herself, Y/N took in a deep breath. They are just regular guys, Y/N. Stay calm. With that thought, she plastered that smile on once again and headed over. All their eyes turned to look at her as she walked over, and they stopped talking, but remained smiling. A few of them shot sideways glances at Joe, but he ignored them and continued to watch her.

“Hi guys, I’m Y/N. I’ll be your waitress tonight.” Y/N started the regular spiel, handing out menus across the table. “Can I grab you anything to drink?” Her eyes swept across the table, stopping for a moment longer at Joe.

“Hi Y/N. Lovely to meet you! Isn’t it Joe?” Caspar said, nudging his former roommate sat beside him. The shorter man turned his head and glared, clearly trying to shut him up.

Y/N lightly laughed and shook her head, not trying to understand the men before her. A few moments later she had taken their drink order and left them to decide on their food.

It continued like that throughout their stay, each one taking a jab at Joe, finding random excuses to get Y/N to come over to the table. They tried to coerce her into sitting and eating with them, but she kindly refused, knowing with her luck her manager would find out, and she wasn’t sure she could handle it emotionally or mentally.

As she stood at the counter once again, this time filling sugar containers the guys began to head for the door.

“Thanks Y/N!”

“We’ll come back just for you!”

“Hope to see you again!”

They called out various things, waving and smiling at her as they left. Y/N waved back, the smile on her face real after getting to meet those she had only ever seen on her computer screen before. Just as she was about to focus back on the task in front of her, she noticed one of them separate and walk over to stand on the opposite side of the counter.

“Thank you for putting up with my idiot friends.” Joe said, his eyes crinkling as he smiled at her. Y/N could feel her cheeks warm as she blushed, her heart racing at me so close to him.

“All part of the job.” She replied, trying to act calm.

“This may be really crazy,” He started, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his phone, glancing down at the screen to do something quickly before he continued. “But if I don’t do it, my mates will never let me live it down, and I’ll regret it.”

Y/N watched as he placed the phone on the counter in front of her, the screen prepared for a new contact to be entered.

“Would you mind if I asked for your number? I’d really like to see you again, this time without that bunch, and maybe when you aren’t being my waitress.” Y/N could not believe this was happening, it had to be a dream, but there he was, Joe Sugg, standing in front of her, asking for her number.

With a nod and a smile, she grabbed the phone and quickly entered in her name and number.

“Any where but this diner, and it’s a date.” She said, handing his phone back over to him, and their fingers brushed each other slightly as he grabbed it.

“I can’t wait. Good night, Y/N.” Joe said before turning and heading out the door, her eyes followed him through the glass windows, and he turned back to look at her one last time, ignoring the teasing he was probably getting from his friends.

Y/N shook her head, a smile stuck on her lips as she went back to filling the sugars. Maybe it wasn’t so bad her manager had scheduled her for tonight after all.

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hi I'm sorry you probably get this a lot but I'm going to LA and was wondering what places you could recommend to eat, like casual dining including places like in-n-out and like dessert places. Nothing that would break the bank. I know you're not yelp but I trust u. Soz if its a hassle lol ily keep writing

Haha I’m not sure when this “ask Niki” trend started, I don’t know if I’m qualified to be giving advice like this! But I’ll tell you what I enjoy. No guarantees you’ll love it, but I’d be a little surprised if you didn’t end up loving at least one. 

-You know In n Out but like…read up on the “secret menu” (it’s not a very well kept secret) before you go. Animal style burger. If you get it regular, you’re doing it wrong, and you won’t get the hype. Fries there aren’t my thing unless they’re animal fries. Animal everything. 

-If you’re in/around Malibu go to Burgerfi. It’s…fuckn good 

-Sushi. It WILL break the bank. But honestly so good, if you like it. If you like more Americanized shit, Katsuya in hollywood, Sugarfish if you like strict ass rules, Nobu if you drive a maserati and want a little dorky teen to valet it for ya

-Tacos,,. Pinches Tacos is pretty good. The best tacos are like guerilla cart tacos and honestly I can’t point you to one so good luck. Ricky’s Fish tacos are bomb too 

-Y’all know I like Salt and Straw Ice cream by now. Go to the one in studio city. Or the one on abbot/kinney. Or west hollywood. Just NOT the one on 3rd st. in the arts district…’s real seedy down there. anywhom,,, they specialize in waffle cones and weird flavors. I like the honey lavender, the double fold vanilla, and the chocolate brownie flavors. Try stuff. 

Imagine Meeting Dean and Sam For The First Time

Request: Can I request a dean imagine? The reader has an accent (Spanish) & gets turned on when she speaks? – Anonymous

Author’s Note: I looked forever for a gif like this. I wanted just Dean but I couldn’t find it, so I went with the one with Dean and Sam. I just want to say that NONE of the gifs and pictures are ours. We have a disclaimer on the about page, but I just wanted to put it out here. Also, let me know if the Spanish word I use is correct. - Haley xx 

Your name: submit What is this?

You smirked as you saw the Winchester Brothers slide into a booth. You were a bartender at night and a waitress during the day at Harvelle’s Roadhouse. Ellen rolled her eyes at you while you grabbed two menus and headed their way. You heard from Ellen that Jo wasn’t interested in Dean anymore so now was your time to pounce. You had always eyed him and his brother from across the bar, but today was the day you were going to speak to him.

You grinned at them as you walked up to the booth and handed out the menus. “I’m Y/N,” you said. “I’ll be your server today. What can I start you off with?”

Dean shifted in his seat and looked up at you through his lashes. “I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Dean, and this is my brother Sam.”

“I don’t think we have. Ellen only hired me a few months ago.”

“It’s amazing that she could find a beautiful girl like you in the middle of nowhere,” Dean said, smirking up at you.

“A girl like me?” You asked, rolling the r a little more than normal.

Spanish is your first language and whenever you speak English, you have an accent, like most people do. The accent didn’t bother you, what did though was how complicated the English language was. You’ve gotten a lot better at speaking it, but whenever you couldn’t remember a certain word, you would always say the Spanish equivalent. That probably made Ellen and everyone else here mad because they couldn’t understand you, but who cares. It’s your native tongue.

Dean inhaled sharply and shifted in his seat once more. You played innocent and bit the corner of your lip. Sam laughed, “Are you okay?”

“Are you causing trouble?” Ellen asked from behind you. She walked up to the booth and put her hands on her hips.

“Me?” You faked gasped. “Nunca. I’m just working,” you purred.

“Mhm,” Ellen narrowed her eyes at you. “You boys order anything you want, it’s on the house,” Ellen said before patting Sam’s shoulder and walking away.

You left Sam and Dean alone after bringing their food to them. When you walked passed their booth, you would shoot Dean a smiled that made him look like he was going to exploded from inside causing Sam to laugh.

When cleaning up another table, you heard someone clear their throat behind you. You turned around and saw the Winchester Brothers behind you. “Leaving so soon?” You asked.

Dean opened his mouth before snapping it shut.

You walked over to him and grabbed the pen from your apron, taking his hand into yours, you wrote your phone number on the palm of his hand. “Call me,” you whispered before planting a kiss on his cheek.


So I didn’t know if you mean Jay Zoom or Harrison Zoom (because I called him Zoom before) if I got the wrong one just let me know :)

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Y/N: This place is beautiful Jay.
Jay: I’m glad you like it.
Y/N: How did you mange to get a seat here? I’ve been trying for months.
Jay: Well I have some connections.
Y/N: Oh I never knew that.
Jay: There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me Y/N.
Y/N: I’m looking forward to…oh my god.
Jay: What?
Y/N: *hides behind a menu* Barry is over there.
Jay: What? Where? *looks around*
Y/N: Don’t look! You’ll make things worse!
Jay: Well if he doesn’t see me, he’ll hear your voice.
Y/N: *sticks your tongue out at him*
Jay: *laughs*
Y/N: *looks out behind the menu* We have to get out of here. Let’s go.
Jay: *grabs your hand and walks past Barry quietly.
Barry: Hey Y/N, Jay!
Y/N: RUN! *runs ahead of Jay*
Jay: *laughs and chases after you* Wait up!

Not A Date

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Steve and reader with these three? Loads of fluff and an oblivious reader please “Their pick-up line wasn’t as good as any of mine, I’m just saying.” “You can share my jacket with me, since you’re shivering.” “Let’s hang out, but I’ll pay for everything, and we can go to this fancy restaurant– No, not a date.” “Okay, I guess this is a date, actually.”

A/N: AGH this is so long but I’m really happy with how it turned out.


“UGH!  I swear I am DONE with dating!”

“What foolish mortal has wronged you this time?” Thor asks from his seat at the breakfast table, as the other Avengers chuckle.  One look from you silences all of them, except Natasha, who smirks.

“What did you expect?” she asks, pouring herself a cup of coffee.  “You keep signing up for shit dating websites, you’re gonna keep going on shit dates.”

“I’m gonna ignore that comment,” you glare.  She shrugs at you and takes a sip.

“You know I’m right,” she says, nonplussed.

“And so what do you suggest?” you ask.  Natasha raises an eyebrow and her eyes flit to Steve.  You blush and the grin on her face grows slightly more sinister.  You decide to end the conversation before it gets out of hand.

“Right, ok, thank you for your unsolicited advice,” you retort.  “Anyone else have any pearls of wisdom to offer with regards to my love life?  Or lack thereof?”  

Everyone knows better than to chime in.  You head to the refrigerator to grab some breakfast and when you turn around, everyone’s getting up from the table.  Everyone but Steve.  Natasha catches your eye and winks before heading out.

You sit down across from Steve, who looks up at you with a sympathetic smile.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he offers.  “Your date, I mean.”

“Not much to say,” you reply.  “He didn’t show up.”  Steve’s jaw tightens and he looks vaguely annoyed.

“You got stood up?” he asks incredulously.  You nod and scoop a spoonful of ice cream out of the carton you’re calling breakfast.

“Not the first time,” you say, your mouth full of ice cream.

“Seriously?” Steve asks, his voice rising.  You nod.

“Of the last five times I’ve gone out,” you say.  “My date’s showed up…twice.  I’m two for five.”  Steve shakes his head and seems genuinely angry.  You chalk it up to a general sense of frustration with the 21st century. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N),” Steve says.  You shrug again.

“Eh, it’s ok,” you dismiss.  “I’m pretty much resigned to it.  It’s just…not exactly a huge self-confidence booster.”  

Just then, your phone buzzes.  You check it to find a text from Tony, asking you to come check out one of his various projects.  You grab a doughnut from the box on the table and stand up.

“(Y/N).”  You turn to look at Steve.

“What’s up, Steve?”

“Are you busy tonight?” he asks.

“I’m supposed to go out with the guy from last night,” you reply.  “I mean, if he shows up-”

“Cancel it,” Steve says.  “Let’s hang out, but I’ll pay for everything, and we can go to this fancy restaurant–"

“That sounds dangerously close to a date, Rogers,” you joke, not daring to believe that he’d actually ask you out.  “And I’m pretty sure I just swore off of those.”

“No, not a date,” Steve says quickly.  “Come on, (Y/N).”

“I don’t want your pity, Steve,” you say evenly.

“(Y/N), you deserve so much more than these shitty dates you’ve been going on,” Steve says.  “Let someone do something nice for you.  You deserve it.”  You stare at him for a while before nodding your head.

“I really appreciate this, Steve,” you say quietly, allowing yourself a small grin.  

“Hey, it put a smile back on your face,” he says, making you beam even more.  “Does six o’clock work for you?”  You nod, and suddenly, you’re actually looking forward to tonight.


Like clockwork, at six o’clock, there’s a knock on your door.  

“Steve!” you call from across the room, heading towards the door.  “What are you wearing?”

“What?” Steve asks through the door.

“What are you wearing?” you repeat, picking out a pair of heels and slipping them on your feet.

“Besides the smile you gave me?”  You shake your head and head over to the door.  You open it to find Steve, dressed in a suit, looking gorgeous as usual.

“I wasn’t sure how to dress,” you say quickly, smoothing the fabric of your lilac dress.  “Is this too fancy, or-”

“(Y/N), you’re perfect,” Steve says.  “And you look beautiful.”  You blush and your lips curve upward.

“Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?” Steve says, and you can’t help the way that your smile spreads across your face.

“Cheesy pick-up lines,” you say approvingly as you grab your purse.  “You’re already making me smile.”

“If I had a star for every time you made me smile, I’d have a whole galaxy,” Steve says, and even though you know it’s a line, you can’t help the butterflies that flutter in your stomach.


“If you two will just follow me,” the waitress says, offering you a charming grin before turning to escort you to your table.  She stops in front of a table, pulling out a chair and gesturing for you to sit.  You feel Steve’s hand drift up to the small of your back, guiding you forward.

You sit down and the waitress hands you a menu, her fingers brushing against yours.  You don’t notice the way Steve’s eyes harden as he directs a pointed glance at the oblivious waitress.

“You look absolutely stunning tonight,” the waitress remarks.  “What’s the occasion?”

“There is none,” you say, reading over the menu.  “Just two friends hanging out.”  The waitress nods.

“Any questions?” she says, lingering far longer than normal, Steve notes.

“Is there anything special tonight?” you ask, your eyes still scanning the menu.

“You mean besides yourself?” she says and Steve’s grip on the menu tightens.  She seems to notice and her eyes widen slightly.  “The soup of the day is a lobster bisque and the catch of the day is mahi mahi.  The chef’s special is spaghetti in clam sauce.”  She turns and hurries away from the table.  Steve releases the menu, which now has small indentations from his fingers.

“Her pick-up line wasn’t as good as any of mine, I’m just saying,” he says casually, his eyes fixed on the menu.  You look up, startled.

“What?” you ask, genuine confusion in your voice.  Steve meets your gaze, his irritation giving way to amusement.

“She was hitting on you,” he says and your eyebrows lift.

“What?” you repeat and Steve lets out a low chuckle.

“(Y/N),” he says, returning to his menu.  “You’re completely oblivious.”  You’re left to wonder what exactly he means.


Dinner is absolutely lovely.  Steve is kind and attentive and endearing and for the first time in a while, you feel genuinely happy.

You wait outside for the valet to bring the car around, your arms wrapped around yourself.  The wind whips through your air and you suddenly realize how cold it is.  

“You can share my jacket with me, since you’re shivering,” Steve says and you nod in appreciation.  He pulls you to him, wrapping you in his jacket so you’re curled up against him.  You look up at him and try not to think about how little space there is between the two of you.

“I had a wonderful time tonight,” you say quietly.  “Thank you, Steve.”

“I just took you on the date that you deserved,” Steve said.  “Since none of those idiots seemed to be capable of that.”  Suddenly, everything clicks into place, and you realize that maybe this isn’t as platonic as you thought.

“I thought you said this wasn’t a date,” you tease.

“It’s not,” Steve says.  “I mean, you don’t want to date, so this is not-”  You cut him off by crashing your lips against his, something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.  

“So?” you ask, pulling back and resting your head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat that seems to be racing almost as fast as your own.

“Okay, I guess this is a date, actually,” Steve admits.

Mali’s Makeup Artist ~ Luke Hemming’s Imagine ~ - Part 1-

Y/N = Your name
Y/M/N = Your mum name

~ Luke’s POV ~

“I made Y/N go in half an hour early because I know she wouldn’t be able to handle the crowd.” Mali said when she hopped in the car. I thought that as a smart idea, also because of the fact this car has no more space. 

We quickly went to the airport because apparently Y/N’s mum can only stay for so long, I didn’t understand. We got there in twenty minutes and when we got out we signed a couple of things and took photos before we had to go inside

We went into the quiet cafe where we saw Y/N and her mother, Y/N was quietly eating and drinking while her mother was on her phone “Hey Y/M/N.” Mali greeted and waited for her mother to get up and hug her. Y/N looked to Mali and cheered silently and got up quickly to give her a hug. 

Y/N then turned to us and gave us a quick wave. Y/N as very shy yet very beautiful, though I have learned the hard way that looks can be deceiving. Y/N went back to her mother and hugged her tight before getting dragged by Mali. It was quiet between them, it was weird honestly, like usually friends never shut up but this was really different. 

Y/N grabbed her two massive bags, gosh, I will never understand a girl’s needs but I did feel so sorry for her at the same time “Y/n, you can put your bags on my trolley I have spare space.” I said. Though she completely ignored me. Rude much? I guess looks are deceiving once again.

Calum tapped Y/N’s shoulders and we stopped once again for her. Then Mali let go and did sign language… I noticed as Y/N pulled her hair back she had an hearing aid. I felt so awful for thinking her as a bitch… My cheeks went red, I felt so stupid. Though everyone seemed to ignore me and helped Y/N put her bags on my trolley before counting. 

We checked in all our bags and everything else that was necessary before boarding the plane. Everyone rushed around getting comfortable while Y/N just sat don anywhere. I was starring for to long and she saw me staring at her and I couldn’t just say it isn’t what it seems. 

Y/N patted the seat across from her, I smiled and walking over I almost tripped over which made her giggle, what a shame she can’t hear her voice, I reckon she could of been a great singer… Oh well, she started to do sign language and I didn’t understand it and felt awful, any more perfect timing Mali came and looked at me and then at Y/N and signed her something I wish I could understand. Though it was like if a light bulb lit above her head. Y/N got out her backpack and took out two white boards, one pink board and one with silver. Y/N took a white board marker of the colour green out of black, blue and red and wrote ‘Sorry’.

“Go on Luke, reply.” Mali said “Well I am going to chill with the boys at the back.” Mali said the last part but also did sign language. 

Mali left and I turned to Y/N this was just extremely awkward but I went along with it getting the silver white board and black marker saying ‘It’s fine :)’ I replied with. That made Y/N cheer a little that I responded, which made me happy, she as over the moon for me to just talk to her. I quickly rubbed out what I wrote ‘I have to learn sign language, don’t i?’ I wrote and gave her a silly face but I really did want to, to understand her more easily but she went along with it and replied on her board ‘I’ll teach you’ with a lovely smile.


It’s been a month or two now and everyone’s communicating with Y/N, even I am doing better than Ashton and Michael but then again I have talked to Y/N more often. Some fans have caught Y/N already and it hasn’t been long, I was worried they would hate her but its the opposite, they are proud of where she has come from, she can’t hear but she is still very creative with the makeup she does.

Y/N came to me with a smile “Can you be in online video with me.” She said in sign language. I gave her a smiled at her and agreed, she then got out a white board with a lot of writing because I can only understand sign language in small groups so when she wants to say a lot she writes it down, which isn’t often.

I was recently tagged in a boyfriend does my makeup and you are my closest male friend I got, so I was wondering if you would be apart of it.

I laughed and still agreed to it, Y/N cheered and hugged me tightly. Y/N took me to her room where Mali was behind the camera and proud to see me with Y/N.

Y/N sat down and had laid out a little bit of her makeup in front of us. Mali started the camera and we decided to do the makeup straight away and do the intro with her makeup.

“Okay, okay. Here we go.” I said and also did sign language at the same time. Y/N clapped and sat down and watched me. I got what I thought foundation was, I looked at Y/N and she gave me a thumbs up and I smiled and got a brush and put the foundation onto the brush before putting it on. Y/N laughed here and there but I didn’t mind, I knew I would do a crap job.

I got to the eye shadow and used what a I thought as right. I picked a creamy a dark blue colour and I did a crappy job and then I went on to eye-liner and I think I made it worse.

Y/N lent back “Do I look beautiful?” She asked.

“You always look beautiful, trust me.” I said out-loud but with sign language I only said yes, trust me. Cheeks went red but I kept on doing what I promised Y/N would do. 

It as five minutes later and I finished her whole face and I was scared. Mali passed the mirror, Y/N looked in the mirror and screamed a little, Y/N looked towards me with a death glare “I look terrible” she said using her hands. 

I laughed at her cutest then Y/N did the whole intro doing sign language which she will put sub titles on later. Y/N also made it clear she didn’t have any crush feelings for me and I felt like my heart broke, probably cause I didn’t see the way she was going to say it so harshly.

There was a knock at the door five minutes after we finished editing, I knew I could leave but I wanted to stay with Y/N for the hell of it “Come in!” Mali called and it was Calum.

“Hey do you guys wanna go out for dinner?” Calum asked,we all agreed so I got up and left the girls to get ready, well specifically Y/N after what I did to her ahah. I love how she didn’t hate me for it. 


We got to the restaurant, the girls were coming separate for Y/N’s sake. They finally game in and people starred at the girls which wasn’t appreciated by Calum. Y/N came by and sat besides me, she smelled and looked so good. A waiter came by and he served out menus, there wasn’t enough so Y/N and I shared. Y/N kept of pointing at weird food on my behalf, it was so lame but Y/N was laughing so hard.

 "Excuse me, can I assistance you?” A waiter asked, everyone looked to him, though he was looking at Y/N who was blushing, did she like a guy like him? She could do so matter, not that I should care or anything just want the right guy for her.

“Oh, that’s Y/N and she is deaf.” Mali said.

He stepped away and walked away, not one slight interested in her because she is deaf what a freaking asshole. So for the whole night I have to make Y/N feel beautiful when she should already know it.  Though as I talked to her, her eyes sparkled, she was beautiful and funny, made my heart skip a beat.

I bit my lip and looked away, fuck. Do I like Y/N?