in n out fries

a list of self care things that chris made victor do so he can forget about how yuuri abandoned him at the grand prix banquet

  • face masks
  • spa treatment
  • shopping
  • fabulous photoshoots at the swiss alps that got them both 1mil likes on instagram each
  • watching mamma mia
  • watching mamma mia while drunk off tequila and then they start singing “gimmie! gimmie! gimmie! (a man after midnight” off the top of their lungs out chris’ balcony
  • go to brunch hella hungover but still drinking mimosas regardless
  • spent an entire weekend playing with chris’ cat
  • flew all the way to southern california so they can relax at the beach and then try in-n-out and carne asada fries as their fellow competitor leo suggested
  • roadtrip to amsterdam so they can go to cafes and get hella stoned on bon bons
  • gossip about literally any other skater besides yuuri
    • (victor still found a way to tie it back to yuuri)
  • have an entire conversation while completely wasted where it’s just them yelling compliments at each other. Really Loudly
  • gave victor a makeover that broke the internet
  • went to sweden to watch an abba tribute band
    • victor cried six times. i mean he was drunk, but,

(there were a lot of moments were chris had to pry victor’s phone off his hands bc he’s always going back to yuuri’s social media)

(also the amount of times that chris has had to pry a cryingi victor away from his cat) (and his husband) (because his husband is surprisingly a great support system)