in n out animal style fries

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Seventeen As Foods?¿

Sorry this took so long!! Hope you enjoy~

S.Coups: Yakitori (chicken on a stick)

Jeonghan: Croissant

Joshua: Animal style fries (from In-N-Out)

Jun: Mala soup (tongue numbing soup)

Hoshi: Funfetti cake

Wonwoo: Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles)

Woozi: Bitter melon

DK: Rainbow sherbet

Mingyu: Sloppy Joe

The8: Red bean mooncake

Seungkwan: Donut

Vernon: Tamago sushi (egg sushi)

Dino: Dinosaur chicken nuggets

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The REAL reason OW fell apart
  • Jack: Ahh it's good to be back in the good ol USA. Let's get some burgers.
  • Gabe: Good idea. There's an In'N'Out 10 minutes from here.
  • Jack: 5 Guys is better. Better customization options for your burger. Besides we get all you can eat peanuts.
  • Gabe: Really Jack? Peanuts? You would rather have peanuts than animal style fries?
  • Jack: Animal style fries are overrated and once they cool down...yuck. Plus 5 guys has more items other than burgers.
  • Gabe: You can't be serious....we
  • Jack: You leave me no choice Gabe, I'm pulling rank. As Strike Commander we're going to 5 Guys and that's that.
  • Gabe: *thinking to himself as they go to 5 Guys* I'mma kill him.

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What are your top five fast food places and what is your favorite thing off their menus

1. In N Out. Double Double, Animal Style. Animal Style fries.

2. Chick-Fil-A. Chicken Sandwich with Chick Fil A sauce and/or Polynesian. With lemonade.

3. Jack in the Box. Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich.

4. McDonalds. Fries.

5. Wienerschnitzel. BBQ Bacon dog or just a corn dog.

I wanted to list Five Guys here but… is that fast food? Like, that would have been #2 on my list, I love it, but it’s like $40 to eat there and has no drive thru. I think they are just a regular food place doing an expensive fast food cosplay.

Southern California gothic

  • You drive to In n Out for lunch and order a double double with animal style fries. But what does the animal style mean. Why are there animals? 
  • You get stuck in traffic on your way to work. You never get to work. You stay on the 101 forever. 
  • You turn on the sink to fill your cup with water but nothing comes out. The Arrowhead water bottles in your fridge are completely empty. Nothing exists in your pool except your pool cleaner, driving in circles around the dust. The drought has finally hit. 
  • Someone posts on Facebook, “going to Cali for spring break!” They never leave their home state. No one calls California “Cali” 
  • The fires are never ending. The exist forever in the hills, burning away the dead brush that is always growing back. 
  • Your neighbor is walking their dog down the street. But is it really a dog? It is very small with white fur and red eyes. It might be a rat. 
  • You eat fish for dinner on your back porch. A seagull lands on a tree a few feet away and stares at you, unmoving, until you have almost finished your dinner. That’s when it attacks.