in my wig

there were other potential solutions, is all im sayin

though i was thinking while doodling these and it occurred to me that the haystack is kind of teru in a nutshell?  instead of dealing with the underlying problem he just fronts so hard that it’s obvious to an objective observer exactly what he’s overcompensating for.  and he doesn’t have anyone who gives a shit and isn’t just afraid of him to tell him honestly that he looks silly.

and now i made myself sad

Posted this on IG already but for all my friends on Tumblr-

I’m slowly working my way towards putting out my own original customs/repaints for sale instead of personalized commissions and my first work is almost ready for release! I will be hunting down a good wig for my ‘Precious Jewel’ Pullip and then selling her as a full set once she’s complete.

me: i don’t care about acowar
me: *reads one (1) spoiler* my gay heart is fluttering,, thriving,, this is the White Gandalf arc i’ve been waiting for,, here are all my wigs you can have them & every inch of my lesbian soul

I’m getting my wig from PSWG in the mail soon and soon my full outfit ❤ theres this guy with a serious asian fetish and worships the ground i walk on and he spends all his paychecks on me now


“Let’s study together?”

Lovelive! Sunshine!!
Mizuki(me) as You Watanabe
Photo thanks Tsuki

Photos from yesterday. I am really glad to take cosplay photos in my old college…that is nearly a dream!!
Thank you JCS for holding this event ;o;;;

I bought this new wig for better styling and color, however its color looks like the same as my old wig after photo retouching…(but its color really nice and exactly as You-chan if u see it by ur eyes!!)

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KARD always snatching my wig. hELP.

anonymous asked:

You should try cosplaying Daenerys from Game of Thrones, you look a lot like her when you wear a platinum blonde wig!

Ah man, I’ve been considering trying to do her for a while tbh, it seems like fun!!! I might after I de-Darling my blond wig