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Aaron Tveit performing at Wolf Trap on 1/21/17 - All Broadway Tunes!

1. Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’ - Oklahoma
2. Daybreak - Floyd Collins
3. The Streets of Dublin - Man of No Importance
4. Fighting Dragons - Big Fish
5. Love I Hear - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
6. Proud Lady - The Baker’s Wife
7. Disney Medley (1) - When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio) // Belle (Beginning) (Beauty and the Beast) // I’ve Got No Strings (Pinocchio) // Cruella De'Ville (101 Dalmatians) // Belle (Ending) (Beauty and the Beast)
8. Disney Medley (2) - Proud of Your Boy (Aladdin) // Go The Distance (Hercules) // Out There (The Hunchback of Norte Dame)
9. Les Mis Medley - Bring Him Home // I Dreamed a Dream // Do You Hear the People Sing (Sing-A-Long)
10. Sondheim Medley - Good Thing Going // Finishing The Hat
11. Sandy - Grease
12. Marry Me a Little - Company
13. At The Fountain - Sweet Smell of Success
14. It All Fades Away - Bridges of Madison County

(Thanks for the setlist @lovable22)

I snuck this from the front row so theres a few moments I realized he wasn’t on screen haha but very few (only twice?) enjoy!

all the people saying that hallelujah money doesn’t sound like a gorillaz song really confuse me because, really, this is one of the most gorilaz-y songs gorillaz ever made, imo. both in terms of the lyrics, and the beat itself.

it’s just not made of the same brand of the more pop gorillaz songs (like feel good inc or 19-2000). it’s definitely a lot like their more experimental tunes. this one reminds me a lot of ‘fire coming out of the monkey’s head’ in it’s style, really.

of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to like it or find it a good song, but even so, the fact still stands that it’s not a deviation from gorillaz’s usual style


all i know how to draw is cute girlss ;_;

(srry for no mags, didn’t have an idea for him yet)

Poppy sings- Get Back Up Again
  • Poppy sings- Get Back Up Again
  • Jammie
  • probably something i might do fhgsdf

heeyyyyy its been a while since ive done a coverrrrrr

I really, really like this song. I really, really tried to belt. but oops I cracked a bit here  and there :0


ep 2: dream

CW: contrast, disturbing content

People leaving.



Clack, clack, clack, the sound of footsteps moving away.

Shadows- a hand reaching out-

S_tA__y –

­Yoongi woke up with a start.

Sweat rolled down his face, catching onto eyelashes and everything just feels like it’s on overheat. He didn’t have a nightmare that intense for a long time, not since…not since they actually left. The urge to just curl up and do nothing was overwhelming, but that stupid morning graphic design needs to be attended. Or else, he ends up failing and his perfect grade track records will be ruined and his future come crashing down along with it as well.

And so he chose the future. No point in lingering in the past.


Oh, Jungkook seemed to be here already – wait, Jungkook was already here?

“…good morning.” Yoongi muttered out a small response, not wanting to start any conversation. The night was tiresome enough, socializing seemed more and more of a chore. He leaned into the comfort of his arms, blocking out the light of the lecture hall.

“Yoongi-ssi? Are you alright? You look a bit beat-up there…”

“I’m alright.”

He’s lying.

(hello! thanks for reading ep 2!)

( again, the ask tag for arc related questions are “(arc)”!!! )

(also, in this au yoongi is clinically diagnosed with depression, social anxiety, and mild ocd.)