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Hi Laura! Huge fan! :) There's another awesome prolific Arrow reviewer who says each season is a pendulum swing from Pt A and conclusively ends at Pt B, i.e. s3 started w/ Olicity breaking up, ended w/ them happily driving off together. Given that s3 was a "series finale", do you think writers will continue this pattern or start new? If they do and Olicity starts happy, what if they break them up end of s4 to perpetuate the drama!?! Ugh DNW more angst like s3, just love/partnership/teamwork! <3

Hi! Thanks for the kind words. :)

Arrow is a very thematic show. The structure of each season so far has allowed the annual theme to be more or less self-contained. Season 2 didn’t see Oliver dealing with his demons via murder spree as he might have in Season 1, Season 3 didn’t see Oliver refusing to consider himself as a hero as he did in Season 2, and Season 4 hopefully won’t have Oliver conflicted between the Arrow and Oliver Queen as a repeat of Season 3. A pendulum swing from Point A to Point B is a great way to phrase it.

Despite the “series finale” feel to the final episode of Season 3, I do think that Arrow will continue to introduce a season’s theme in the premiere and deliver a payoff in the finale of an individual season. That does not mean that a Season 4 opening with a happy Olicity will necessarily end with an unhappy Olicity. The show isn’t about Oliver’s romance with Felicity, and I think that taking their status in the premiere and trying to interpret the relationship action of the subsequent 22 episodes through the lens of undoing what has been done will cause unnecessary headaches. Oliver is making progress, and I think that his major Season 4 dilemma(s) will occur in new arenas. It’s easy to attach extra significance to preferred aspects of the show, but the moments that may seem huge to you or I or anybody may not be of the most relevance to the ongoing thematic narrative. 

So, to answer your question, I think that the writers will continue the pattern of premiere Point A to finale Point B…but I also think that the show entering a whole new era of development and Oliver’s love life being pretty settled has taken Olicity out of the spotlight for a season-long arc of melodrama at this point. I definitely don’t expect for their relationship to be 23 episodes of smooth sailing, but I’m not worried about a repeat of the Season 3 angst-fest with regard to the hero’s romance on the show in Season 4. 

I’ve had a fab time watching fmwl this week and I just want to say how much I love this portrayal of Fanny/Frankie, both as a vlogger (informative without being overbearing) and as a version of the character, the mix of shyness/self awareness whilst not being a pushover is perfect and her dynamic with ed & the whole family is delicious, big claps for the actress wowow

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You stuff is glorious as ever, and getting better and better! It inspires me everytime..

Thank you for the kind words, dear, it means a lot. :) However, I wasn’t referring to drawing alone, sorry if my post was vague. It’s just that, the theme for drawings used to come to me easily, I could come up with headcanons, without consciously thinking about it, spotting parallels between characters/stories, think of possible interactions for them and wanting to draw it all… Simply felt more involved with the characters, stories, OTPs… That vending machine post was totally spot on even in this aspect, the light inside is broken, but I still work - I still draw stuff and enjoy it but just don’t feel the same enthusiasm and excitement over it. Hope this made sense. :D

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Im sorry to hear that you feel this way. However…

Thank you for the encouragement, dear! It’s like I said to FireEagle above, not just about drawing itself but the process behind it. I think you’re totally spot on about peaks and troughs, only in my case it feels like peaks are getting fewer and farther in between. And you’re especially right about the course draining my energy, in the end it’s I’m like stuck in a limbo without being fully invested into either. On one side I have to struggle against my escapist tendencies and finish my course and on the other I need to immerse myself completely in order to be creative the way I envision creativity should be. It’s just hard to find a proper balance. Hopefully it’ll be alright once I get my life in order. :D