in my state


Two women seem to get hit INTENTIONALLY by an SUV and the police protect the DRIVER (who was in no danger) while actively ignoring the clearly injured protesters. 

America’s looking more and more like a police state every. single. day. :’(


So a couple of minutes ago I was on my way home when some guy tried to rob me - he asked for my cellphone and then proceeded to punch me in the face and pushed me to the ground. He took ny purse but a biker came along and managed to retrieve it for me.

As I’m feeling super frustrated I’m venting with luimielw and she drew a cute Ryouma for me <3

I love you lui even at the worst moment you can make me smile


I haven’t been on the last few days because finally, finally, finally my best friend and partner, moonstruckmusings, was able to visit me in the flesh.

We went to the fair on Sunday. We got squid hats and were stoked. We did the traditional pics with the Cal Expo bear and were stoked. And we were especially stoked to take pics with Bobo the monkey.

We took plenty more pics than this, of course, but these were some of my favorites. The rest can wait to be sorted.

Wonkette Broken, Please Send Money

(CLICK HERE TO SKIP THE LONG VERSION AND GIVE WONKETTE MONEY, due to the site is broken and we need new computer machine thingies.)

Are you reading your Wonkette right now, getting all the important Donald Trump and Sarah Palin and Dana Perino’s husband arrested news? NO, YOU ARE ON TUMBLR, which you didn’t even know existed. WELCOME! So, our computer machine thingy is probably down RIGHT NOW!!! Funny story! Actually it isn’t, it is very boring, but what is funny is that our husband, Shypixel, is in charge of making the hamsters run for our Internet-machine to work, and the mean people who own the hamsters have killed all the hamsters, and then they are telling Shypixel HE IS THE REAL MURDERER!

And now Shypixel’s brains are essploding all over the computer screen and he is yelling and scaring the baby! Honey, stop scaring the baby!

Oh. Too late.

For the price of a 2012 Honda Civic, we can have a server that does not lie to us constantly to our face and call us murderers when we are not murderers, and other things of this nature and also the website going down for no fucking reason, also, too.

And it would probably have less downtime!

Plus, it would make Kaili’s life easier if she didn’t have to spend half her time paging us back from maternity leave to tell us “503 error, panic panic!” or whatever she panics about, we don’t know, maybe THERMONUCLEAR WAR???

Don’t you want to make Kaili’s life better? What about Dok’s? We’re sure new servers would affect him, somehow, too. And our newest Wonket, Evan, we are sure he would much prefer a new server to a raise, he is making a perfectly livable wage for Tennessee. Or you could make Evan’s life even more better than just new servers!

Anyway, please send us like 10 grand for about a year’s worth of better servers that don’t make Shy angry (don’t worry, you would still like him when he’s angry) and maybe possibly the new server will be able to support the AD-FREE SUBSCRIPTION MODEL we are never going to give you ever but maybe someday we will give it to you, or not, who can even tell anymore? Certainly not us, we can’t tell anything any more.

Hush the baby. Give us some money.

The end.