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Sam watches in a daze as Toni crosses the room to her companion’s side. He keeps waiting for the hallucination to crack, for Cas to turn into the brunette with the blowtorch, for Dean’s warm presence at his side to evaporate, for the scraping at his wrists to return as he finds himself suddenly back in chains. He keeps waiting for Toni to wake him up with a triumphant grin on her face, because she got him to fall for her tricks again. It doesn’t happen.

Mick takes her by the arm, squeezing, controlling. Before he leads her out, she throws a last glance over her shoulder. The look isn’t triumphant. It’s murderous. He’s too tired to answer her stare.

He counts the stairs she takes out of the room. There are twelve. Her heels make a hollow sound as she ascends them. With each beat, he expects them to turn around and rescind the olive branch. He’s seen what their peace looks like, and it’s not this. It’s lies and tricks and brain-liquefying substances. His breathing is shallow as he tries to hold in enough air for when they cast their choking spell on him.

But they reach the top step without incident, and the doors flap open, and a few seconds later, they disappear from sight.

With a whimper, Sam collapses to the floor, falling heavily against Dean.

“Whoa! Whoa!” Dean’s gruff voice, too loud but so very gratifying to hear. Dean’s rough hands as he tries to hold him upright. “Castiel!” Dean bellows, but the angel is already at their side. He reaches out to heal him.

“No!” Sam throws out his hand, clumsily slapping Cas’ hand aside. “Not yet.”

Cas freezes for a moment, then he slowly withdraws his hand. He casts a worried glance at Dean.

“What? What do you mean not yet?” Dean demands.

“Sam, it’s me. Lucifer is gone,” Cas says softly, trying to be understanding. “I promise I mean you no harm.”

“’s not the point,” Sam slurs. He sits up laboriously, ignoring both their worried looks. If all of this is part of a hallucination, he’s not going to give in to it. He’s not going to let them heal him only so he can endure more torture.

“He’s delirious,” Dean says, talking over Sam’s head. “You’ve got to help him.”

This time Sam’s more focused, and he grabs Cas firmly by the wrist. “I said,” he hisses through gritted teeth, “Not. Yet.” He shoves the hand away, and begins to painstakingly pull himself to his feet.

“Sammy,” Dean says, a note of anger creeping into his voice. “You’re not thinking straight. Let the man heal you.”

“Sam, please. Let me help.”

Together, Dean’s irritated worry and Cas’ soft words are almost enough to persuade him, but Sam stubbornly shakes his head. He’s not even sure he understands it himself. But somehow, unless he can get out of here on his own terms, he’ll never accept it as real. “I’m walking out of here on my own strength.”

He’s on his feet. His right foot is throbbing, his left thigh is aching, and he’s wobbly and uncertain, but he’s upright, and he’s going to walk out of here. Beside him, Dean straightens up, and pulls Sam’s arm over his shoulder without another word. Together, they limp towards the exit. Cas hovers uncertainly behind them, and somewhere behind him is a figure that Sam can’t really think about right now. One miracle at the time. He looks up at the wooden staircase.

Twelve steps. Twelve steps to freedom.

It takes an agonizingly long time to climb the stairs, but they are steps he can remember. He won’t doubt his escape this time, because he’s felt the wood underneath his unbandaged foot, seen the concerned look on Dean’s face, heard his own labored breathing. This is real. He’s getting out, and this is real.

They reach the top just as the sun goes down. When he sees the Impala gleaming in the reddish light, he knows he’s made it.

“Cas? If you don’t mind, I think I’m ready to be healed now.”


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To everyone asking who I ship on Supergirl:
The Alien puppy and the very tiny & fierce new DEO director.

I refuse to apologize for my desire for Sara Lance to find her happy ending with either Nyssa or Leonard. I also refuse to apologize for disliking the idea of her being with anyone else other than those two. And I will NEVER apologize for using her name or their name in the tags while tagging my work alongside the ship name. I also refuse to be judged for my shipping choices because of others who are upset over the bitter tea they are desperately trying to drink. 

Leverage Fic Recs

Nothing says “fandom binge” like posting a fic rec list before you even finish the show ~*~*~ 

Descriptions here are by me, with apologies to the authors. (sorry/not sorry these are basically all ot3)

Odd Jobs (series) - Parker/Hardison/Eliot, 18,026 words, Explicit - this is a gloriously charming ot3 get together series. Part slapstick, part romance, part casefic, each of the three (as well Nate and Sophie) are so in character and so disgustingly in love. Also there’s kittens.

Shelter Me (series)Parker/Hardison/Eliot, 21,193 words, Explicit - there’s this recurring theme in this fandom of “Eliot is watching Parker and Hardison’s relationship and wants in but doesn’t think he deserves love” and this fic is probably the most amazingly well done example of it. For all your angst and very hot, slightly weird porn needs, look no further.

Odd One OutParker/Hardison/Eliot, 27,697 words, Explicit - my notes on my bookmark of this one just read “Yessssssssss” because this is such a satisfying read. It’s a get-together ot3 fic, but with Parker and Hardison in a romantic relationship and Eliot as casual third, but where they all love and take care of each other (as in canon). Each one of them has complex needs and emotions and it makes such a good read watching them all figure it out together. 

Nerds of the Earth, take note! - gen, 7951 words, G rated - Hardison POV MCU crossover in which he’s kidnapped by SHIELD to stop one of Tony Stark’s AI’s from taking over the world. Even if you’re not a Marvel fan, this is an excellent, fun Hardison-centric fic with lots of team-feelings.

like a map of a place you’ve never beenParker/Hardison/Eliot, 24,549 words, Explicit - this is what the fake!married trope was made for. While Parker and Hardison are already together, Parker and Eliot have to go under cover as a married couple. Sexual tension, angst, and feelings ensue, with a happy ending.

Fair ShareParker/Hardison/Eliot, 9,579 words, Explicit - starts out with cute comedy and friendship through food sharing, winds up as an equilateral get-together with excellent porn + feelings.

The Safe and Sound Job - Parker/Hardison/Eliot, 15,721 words, Teen - Eliot-centric case fic + ot3 get together. Eliot is injured on a job and then hurt/comfort, angst, feelings, and romantic realizations ensue. Excellently plotted and fantastic characterization of all three of them.

It’s a Long Way to ZanzibarParker/Hardison/Eliot, 11,722 words, Explicit - circa season 2, the trio go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. I love a road trip fic, and I love a porny fic, and I love a slow dawning of feelings fic, and this is all of those.


what are you talking about this is a perfectly normal comic just two guys being bros just two dudes being gay

@colanom for… reasons


A little something I started on a few days ago for Sakura’s birthday and just finished today so hAPPY NOW BELATED BIRTHDAY SAKURA ≧(´▽`)≦ This is actually an idea I’ve had for a while now cuz I lOVE Kaden and Sakura’s support SO MUCH THEY’RE SO CUTEO;IRG So when i was trying to think of something to draw for her birthday I remembered it and knew what I had to do ᕙ(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿) ᕗ

I’M SO GLAD I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO DRAW THIS CUZ IT WAS SO MUCH FUN AND I’M SO SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT CAME OUT OAIRHG I’m especially proud of how the positioning came out and Sakura’s design is so pretty and I adore her so much.  Both of their palettes just made me so happy (the fe:a/f palettes are my Favorite) and I couldn’t stop wheezing at the colors as I was working o;airhg I’ve also been wanting to color with greens lately since I don’t actually use them very often so I’m really glad I got to do it in this ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

Full view pls!