in my rp folder

(ginny & luna, deleted scene)

Luna: I thought you flew very nicely, given the circumstances. 

Ginny: [side-eyeing] And what circumstances would that be? 

Luna: Oh, I’m quite sure there was a Blibbering Humdinger on the Quidditch pitch.  

Ginny: [laughs] You’re wonderful, you know that? 

Luna: Yes, I believe you’ve mentioned it. 

[OOC: found this in the deep dark depths of my RP folder, left over from when @youvegotenoughnerve​ visited and everything was wonderful, so hey! internet! have some gay shit! @rainbow-tonks for good measure] 

alias: kristen/kris!! 
age: 21
pronouns: she/her
timezone: central
favorite pokémon + type: GLOOM/GRASS…..MY BEAUTIFUL SMELLY CHILD
casual or competitive? casual!! 
what was your first pokémon game/generation? which is your favorite? i think my first game was diamond and pearl bc #lateaf and it’s prob my fav just bc nostalgia but also I LOVE SUN AND MOON
who was your first starter? which one is your favorite? CHIMCHAR and that’s prob also my fav?? bc wow what a cutie
what would your nature be if you were a pokémon? probablyyyy quiet?? or docile idk
what would you like to see on revolution? all of ur beautiful smiling faces…ty
what don’t you want to see on revolution? u tell me B)
a gif/image/shitpost that describes you:

            ━  ❛  •    by clicking HERE, you’ll find [ #60 ] roleplayable icons of luke hemmings.  (they could pass for recent? he’s got longish hair or he’s wearing a hat so !  )  they’re size 65x65 and decorated with a transparent circle border !  LIKES or REBLOGS would be greatly appreciated if you decide to use/save !  request more icons here.

106 icons of Barry Allen.
  • All icons are 100x100.
  • All icons were made by me.
  • Grant Gustin as Barry Allen.
  • If saving, please DO NOT claim as yours, ALTER/EDIT,
    or add to icon hunts! DO NOT EDIT THE ICONS.

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lol just kidding about that last post. so it’s come to my attention that my entire time being here, nyhri javon taylor has been horribly neglected and has had not one fucking thread on this entire blog lmao. so we bouta change this today!! if you’d like to plot with nyhri, or would like a place in his main verse plot line at all, we are both begging you here — please please like this post. we appreciate you kindly.


Bunch of random doodles sitting in my folders, mostly for RP!shenanigans. We got us:

  • Joelle dressed as Dean Ambrose for Halloween, probably cutting a blistering promo on someone not into the candy-giving spirit :‘BBB. Gonna make her favorite uncle proud. 
  • Cesaro in his Swiss military dress uniform. My version of him is slightly AU'ed in which it focuses a lot on his past in the Swiss Militia, with a backstory of him being involved in Kosovo Peacekeeping missions around 2000-2002 and on the hunt during his free time for the men responsible for detonating an IED which killed his squadmates. (The bomb-sniffer dog, Hildegarde is the only survivor of the attack asides himself and he cares for her as of now)
  • Cesaro/Natalya ship piece gift  for an RP partner. 
  • Roman/Nikki ship piece gift for an RP partner
  • And last but not least, seasons greetings from Christmas Baymax—Roman’s gift to Bayley who’s obsessed over the movie :'3 

Many thanks to the fine folks at Champion of Champions for making the past half a year awesome! Y'all be bitchin’ RP partners haha~


all I wanna do in RPs is take screeeeens

seriously I have so many screens from RP situations, wether just poses or surrounding environment, my folder is full of ‘em.

I love Dragon’s Stand though, the colours are so nice and there are just so many areas for nice screens - too bad everything wants to murder you everywhere you go.

This was taken while the charr eyes were still bugged, maybe I’ll go back to retake them now that the issue has been fixed … hmmm …