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things we know about hunk canonically that aren’t food jokes:

  • got into the garrison which is the top space program in vld verse for earth and got in as an engineer
  • is super smart. built the tracker for the blue lion in s1
  • empathetic. forged thru his own debilitating anxiety about being dragged into a war to help save the balmerans. also suggests he has a strong sense of morality
  • described as the ‘friendliest and kindest member of the team’ according to his wikia
  • also the strongest of the team after allura
  • has learned how to pilot the yellow lion despite not being a pilot or training for it holy shit
  • headstrong and not scared to stand up for his own opinion. immediately caught onto rolo and nyma being suspicious and spoke up about it despite the rest of the team wanting to be friendly w them. won’t just go w the flow and will call bullshit 
  • the above also implies a v good sense of character and judgement from hunk and that’s he’s v good at reading ppl in general 
  • is the most realistic. points out dangers in certain scenarios and probably has his head on the straightest after shiro
  • a v quick study and good marksman! his aim w his bayard is probably best after lance’s 
  • probably v well versed in xenobiology bc he can?? make human tasting food?? out of alien food?? magic man
  • canonically a badass engineer who can figure out advanced alien tech and work w it despite it being lightyears ahead of what earth tech he had access to before
  • incredibly loyal. wanted to be the leader w yellow as his lion instead of the actual black paladin
  • does actually have a wicked sense of humor and is quite goofy himself
  • reads ppl’s diaries, would not want to cross
  • a good diplomat seeing as he (+lance) were able to make negotiations w alien leaders w/o allura being there in s3
  • wants to make the mice a mouse shower??? wow!!!
  • values his teammates a lot 

 please feel free to add!

There will come a day when

  • Everyone will use your correct pronouns
  • No one will use your deadname
  • You will be able to be fully, unabashedly yourself

If for no other reason,

Stay alive for that day

You know when you silently sit in the bus, watching raindrops hit on the window while listening to your favorite songs with your earphones. It’s afternoon and you are going to home. Your legs ache a little but you know you will rest in your bed soon. Maybe you’ll make some hot chocolate too. Your friend sends you a funny message and you suddenly feel warm with the feeling of love and safety. There is nothing to be excited about at the moment, but there is nothing to worry about either and it’s okay. It’s all okay, my friend.

Not medically transitioning doesn’t make a transgender person a “faker” or a “transtrender” or “basically cis” 

  • Trans people who have a medical condition that prevents them from medically transitioning in the way that they’d like to are valid
  • Trans people who are unable to afford access to medical transitioning are valid
  • Trans people who are minors and have parents who prevent them from medically transitioning are valid
  • Trans people who are waiting to medically transition for any reason are valid
  • Trans people who aren’t comfortable with the end results of certain surgeries and would rather not do them are valid
  • Trans people who are mentally ill and therefore unable to access transitioning because they can’t get a letter in support of them and their mental health are valid
  • Trans people would rather not go through the whole process of getting surgery and going through the recovery are valid
  • Trans people who can’t afford to take time off from work to get surgery are valid
  • Trans people who are comfortable with their bodies because their bodies are their bodies even if most people of their gender have a different body are valid
  • Trans people who don’t want to change their bodies are valid no matter what their reason is
  • Trans people who don’t plan on ever medically transitioning are valid
  • Trans people who aren’t able to medically transition right now but plan on medically transitioning one day are valid

Transgender people who haven’t medically transitioned aren’t “less trans” than trans people who are on hormones and have had surgery