in my parents' garden


“And as soon as I had recognized the taste of the piece of madeleine soaked in her decoction of lime-blossom which my aunt used to give me, immediately the old grey house upon the street, where her room was, rose up like a stage set to attach itself to the little pavilion opening on to the garden which had been built out behind it for my parents […]; so in that moment all the flowers in our garden and in M. Swann’s park, and the water-lilies on the Vivonne and the good folk of the village and their little dwellings and the parish church and the whole of Combray and its surroundings, taking shape and solidity, sprang into being, town and gardens alike, from my cup of tea. - Marcel Proust, Remembrance Of Things Past, Volume I: Swann’s Way

“I actually was looking for a way to go in and out of flashbacks in a way that we haven’t done before on the show. We’ve seen zooming into eyes and all sorts of magical stuff, but because this was all based on memory I just treated it the way a real memory works for most of us - it’s triggered by something in the present. Alec held Magnus’ hands and it triggered that memory of them in bed one morning. The rose reminded him of the ones he used to keep on the table (and you might notice the place he’s sitting right before the flashback to season 1 is where Alec’s head was resting). I was just trying to make their story as human as possible, so I used match-cutting to connect the memory to the present in a human way. - Amanda Row

Snobbishness is a funny thing.

*Me at 22 when I was working part-time at a flower market and then one of the other girls found out I had a degree*

*Her* “You think you’re better than us? Right?” (She was mad. And smoking. Maybe drunk. And really did not know how to apply eyeliner.) 

*Me* “Hey, I grew up poor too. I just thought it would be nice to work with flowers till I figured things out. I always liked flowers. My parents never bothered about the garden we had; but I always did.”

*Her sneering* “Cute. Fucking cute. You and your fancy degree. But you think you’re better than me?”

*Me* “Honestly, at this point, I truly hope so.”

46 Quotes from David John Tennant ❤️❤️:

1. “I see nothing wrong with having an unhealthy obsession with something.”

2. “If they find what they expect, the physicists will party, if not, the physicists will party anyway, physicists are odd like that.”

3. “The audience is the final cast member.”

4. “I was still just the wee boy frae Paisley.”

5. “When you think about it, many aspects of how we look, the way we act…” [looks in mirror] “Or my insufferable vanity, are determined genetically.”

6. [while nuzzling the fur of Arthur the horse, which he is severely allergic to] “Are you going to be my friend?”

7. “Science is as much the pursuit of beauty as it is the pursuit of truth.”

8. “How long can you keep smiling?”

9. “The Doctor is based on who I would be if I had more confidence and didn’t care so much about what people think.”

10. “It’s time to positively rebellious and rebelliously positive.”

11. “I’m only looking at the twinkle of their soul in the starlight.”

12. “I suppose It’s only boring if you don’t have a washing machine.”

13. “Everything’s scripted! The air molecules are scripted!”

14. “We’re just matter. We can dream of flying across the universe, but what it comes down to is just a hunk of bone… The trouble with a cliché is that it loses its meaning.”

15. “But I wasn’t talking to myself. I was making up stories.”

16. “Everyone everywhere has the right to be happy and free… There are so many of us humans squeezing onto this wee planet and there’s no TARDIS coming to spirit us away. We have to look out for each other.”

17. “If I had to be stuck in a parallel universe with one fandom it would be the Doctor Who fans. I think they’re the cleverest. Quickest wits in the internet.”

18. “Sometimes I’m haunted by it, sometimes I’m enlivened by it, sometimes it weighs me down, and other times it’s like a drug and I can’t wait for the next sniff.”

19. “85.3 percent of actors are down-to-earth and reasonable.”

20. “You have to be careful with Shakespeare, because people tend to know it.”

21. “Some of my earliest memories are of being tucked up in bed while mum or dad read to me.“

22. "I have no real ambitions, just to live and fulfill myself, whatever that means.”

23. [about falling down on set all the time] “I would always get up and keep going, but nobody else would.”

24. “I don’t think anyone that is perceived as a villain sees themself as a villain.”

25. “A perfect idea, I suppose, it fires the imagination in such a particular way. Something to do with the fantastic and the futuristic coming together. The TARDIS is the most extraordinary vehicle you could imagine and it’s wrapped up in a scruffy blue phone box. The Doctor is the most clever, extraordinary being, and yet he is scrappy and anarchic. There is something more identifiable with the geek hero. We have to accept that somethings are sprinkled with fairy dust and we won’t know why.”

26. “If you could isolate the elements that turn something into gold you would be an alchemist, wouldn’t you?”

27. “A long table scattered with scripts, water bottles, and paper name plates stretched the whole length of the room. What felt like hundreds of people milled about expectantly, chatting, checking Blackberries, casting sideways glances as I tried to keep breathing and affect an air of insouciant calm.”

28. “In a suburban house in Paisley, a wee boy was sticky-taping his oft-snapped spectacles back together. He couldn’t remember a time when they hadn’t been augmented with at least one area of peeling sellotape.”

29. “I’ve always seen theatre as my natural mode of being.”

30. “I love you all passionately… And possibly carnally.”

31. “I would get to the point where I was rehearsing what I was going to say next: ‘excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, terribly sorry, but I need to go throw up in the dressing room.’”

32. “I’ve chosen to follow my own spirit.”

33. “Shakespeare’s plots and characters are catnip to actors… It sings to us.”

34. “I’ve been to lots of alien planets. You’d be surprised how many of them look like quarries in Wales.”

35. “There is quite a lot of science in Doctor Who, some accurate science, some of it quite elevated, and some of it that’s completely made up.”

36. “I’m always chasing the script that I need to be worthy of.”

37. “I would wander around, pretending to be all the characters. My parents would tell lots of stories of me wandering around the garden, talking to myself.”

38. “I was the one delivering flowers for people who were in actual relationships with actual human beings.”

39. “He’s cleverer than me, he’s quicker witted than I am, he’s more intelligent than me, he’s a better sword fighter than I am… I like to think I have at least a twinkle of all those qualities.”

40. “It’s difficult to describe your own personality… Happy, mostly, maybe a bit bewildered.”

41. “Suddenly, and quite without warning, there was a rupture in the fabric of space and time.”

42. “I thought that would be a very witty and expedient way to exit the room.”

43. “Other hair products are available.”

44. “I always get worried when adults say children don’t understand the difference between reality and fiction, because they do understand.”

45. “Hopefully I’m not as pathetic as I think I am at four in the morning.”

46. “A dream, while it’s happening, is as real and valid an experience as anything else. Until it stops.”

On Urban Farming

So urban farming has taken off lately, among a certain set of people. I’ve been seeing posts railing against lawn culture, offering up pictures of these gorgeously cool traditional vegetable gardens and trellises and vertical gardens and pot gardens and all sorts of combinations thereof and it’s uplifting and solarpunk and really really cool. And I’m here to say that it can be everything it’s promised to be. Five or six years ago, my parents tore up their front lawn and made it into a garden. It’s been amazing - they get troops of old ladies coming up and ringing the doorbell asking for a tour, passersby stopping to stare and smile, little kids looking covetously at the raspberries that my dad always comes out to offer them. (Sometimes he also uses them to get rid of salespeople, but that’s another story.) In peak season, we get fresh tomatoes, potatoes, beets, carrots, peppers, onions, cucumbers, and squash, and that’s off the top of my head and not including the berry bushes we have as hedges and the lovingly-tended fruit trees in the back yard. My parents haven’t darkened the door of a grocery store produce section in more than a month at the moment I’m typing this. It’s fantastic.


My parents are teachers. They get reliable weekends and two months off during peak growing season. They also have a very comfortable middle-class salary (our teachers aren’t in quite the straits salary-wise that they find themselves in south of the border) that means they could afford, at the outset, to hire the labour necessary to get the garden started - I believe Bobcats were involved. And, last but not least, they’re gardeners. If you make the mistake of commenting to my mother that the garden must be a lot of work, she looks at you blankly and informs you that she wouldn’t do it if it were work to her. But if you aren’t a bred-in-the-bones gardener, chances are you’d hate it. I grew up the child of two bred-in-the-bones gardeners and it isn’t a commitment I’d want to make. There’s rototilling and fertilizing and digging and planting and covering and watering and more digging and thinning and weeding (and weeding and weeding and weeding), and then there’s even more digging and picking and washing and chopping and freezing if you want to make sure you get to keep what you’ve grown, otherwise it’s just as wasteful as a lawn anyway - after all, you’ve put all that water into it. My parents had to buy an entire new freezer to store all their produce, and while that sounds great (and it is), it also presupposes that they could afford to buy a new freezer.

What I’m trying to get at here is that if you want to do this urban farming thing that everyone’s so adamant about, you have to have the time, and if you don’t have the disposable income you have to have a lot more time, at least at the outset, and also hope your back holds out for the duration. And lawns aren’t a symbol of the kind of immense wealth they used to be - you kind of just inherit them if you buy a house. A house, mind you - not a castle or a mansion. Lawns have moved down the ranks into the firmly middle-class. Decrying lawn culture is all very well as it goes, but holding up urban farming as the universal solution is, to my way of thinking, disingenuous. Time is money, and not everyone with a lawn is rich.

…All that said, talk to me about solar panels.

WINTER | j.m 

i try to forget the way winter tasted
and the way it crawled all the way down my spine
and set a silent hum over the fields.
the kind of almost-noise you get
after your ears have been ringing for so long
you don’t know if it’s truly stopped or not.

one winter i grew afraid of mirrors
and the way my face looked
in the middle of the night
when i walked down the hall,
unsure of what i was doing or how i got there. 

the plague came in the winter
and turned dead flies over on our doorstep
and killed every half living plant in the garden.
i heard my parents discussing the best way
to make it through the season,
while my grandmother spoke riddles
about how to appease an angry god. 

the lake stays quiet in the winter but the bodies do not.


6:30 pm

Mei had been surprised to learn that Overwatch had it’s own private bar. It made sense, she supposed. People needed to relax after a hard days work, but she’d thought Overwatch was strictly business. After the week long mission in South America dealing with Talon, however, she was more than looking forward to this function.

Function seemed to grand a word for the slightly dingy bar filled with Overwatch agents swapping stories with a beer in hand. But they had a table with nibbles, so she didn’t mind.

Small plate of sandwiches in hand, she propped herself up on the bar and hesitantly ordered a gin and tonic.

“Oh well, looky here. The ice queen cometh…”

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But what about an Ancient Greek or Roman au with the daughter of a high status family and her childhood friend/next door neighbour of just as high status and it's been expected that they'll marry one day and theyve always been kind of disgusted with the idea of marrying each other because they're just friends but then they reach their teens and hit puberty and she's just like damn. Imma leave this one up to you too bc like I think you'd cast it really well idk

《I actually wrote this while being in Rome so I kinda like the vibe of this one》

Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader (Roman High-Status AU)

July 13th, 41 A.D.

“I heard Father talking to Mother in the garden this morning…”
Tetsurou looked up from his sandals slapping against the concrete pavement. The steady summer sun burned his eyes when he looked over at her, mud dusted skin and once preened hair. She was the definition of a disaster after tumbling down the hill behind her family’s estate. She fiddled with the hem of her skirt, a nervous quirk of hers, while her other hand ran against the leaves of premature olive trees.
“So? My parents talk in the garden all the time.”
“Yeah, well this talk was different.” She huffed. The fingers that ran across the olives seemed to tighten, dragging down overripe fruit with quick swipes. “They were talking about a wedding.”
“What wedding?”
She paused, sending him a dirty look out of the corner of her eye.
“Our wedding.” She muttered, the apples of her cheeks growing red. Tetsurou stared at her in awe, the soft pitter patter of his feet ceasing to a stop. He cocked his head, staring at her in utter disbelief.
“Whatever do you mean, our wedding?”
“I mean-” She paused, taking a deep and steady breath. “I mean we’ve been arranged.”
Tetsurou let out a pathetic noise, a whine, perhaps, and sunk to his knees.
“Is this a joke?”
“You really think I’d be joking?” She frowned, plopping down next to him. She slumped her shoulders and spread her legs, something her mother would faint upon seeing, and yanked a leaf off the tree above them. He watched her fiddle with it between her fingers, before ripping it apart at the veins.
“Well, it could be worse. You could be arranged to Nose-Picker Naevius on the other side of the city.” Tetsurou shrugged, flashing her a coy grin when she frowned.
“Please! Like I’d like to be wed to the likes of either of you!” Tetsurou almost laughed at her, right then and there. It wasn’t that he was fond of her, because he wasn’t, she was bossy and loud and let dirt sit under her fingernails, but she definitely wasn’t the worst possible suitor. He didn’t take much of a liking for girls, these days. He couldn’t quite understand the hype of marriage, and why he needed to get married anyways. He was a man, powerful as is, and he was sure he’d live just fine without some girl tied next to him. Girls were disgusting, anyways, spent all day weaving in the commons. __, though, __ didn’t seem like the type to weave, and maybe that’s why he didn’t mind her all that much.
“Hey.” He peeped, “Give me one good reason why I wouldn’t be a suitable husband.”
“You’re disgusting!” She fired back, with no thought in between.
“How so?”
She paused for a moment, eyebrows furrowing. Tetsurou kept staring at her with a smirk so devious, and if it wasn’t for her mother’s voice in the back of her head telling her to be a lady, she would’ve thrown him into the dirt right then and there.
“Well, you cried after emperor Caligula’s death! The man was a menace, don’t you know. Father had him over for supper once and all he did was sass the cook and look at his reflection in the vases! Figures a narcissist like you would feel remorse for that goat.”
“My father had him over for supper once, too, and he did the same. It was hilarious, Mother was trying so hard not to be rude, I thought her head was going to explode. I wish he was still around so I could relive that.” Tetsurou shrugged. “Don’t seem to be getting any laughs with emperor Claudius in reign, now.”
“I think he’s much better suited as emperor! Laughs or not!”
“Really? I saw him stumble down a set of stairs today and crash into a pillar. I could do a better job at that, and I’m ten.” __ pulled another leaf off the tree and tore it apart immediately, letting the remains scatter to the concrete. She wiped her hands against her skirt, adding streaks of green alongside the faded brown of mud.
“Please! You can’t even take care of yourself, let alone an empire!”
“Says the girl who can’t even keep her skirt clean.”
She shot him one last dirty look before rising to her feet.
“I’m never marrying you.” She stated. Tetsurou hummed, jumping up to stand next to her. “We can be friends, but I’m never marrying you. You’re icky and your hair’s a mess.”
“Who said I was ever going to marry you? You aren’t quite the princess of my dreams, either.”
“Father said, but I’m going to let him know that I would rather be thrown in the Colosseum then call myself a ‘Kuroo’.”
“Yes, have fun sassing your father. I’m sure that’ll end up perfectly. Tell me how that turns out if you aren’t killed.”
“Thank you, I will. Filth.”

March 29th, 49 A.D

Her hands were shaking.
Her hands were shaking and her mind was spinning, and oh god, she felt like she was going to puke.
Her mother insisted that today, out of all days, she reunite with her childhood friend, Tetsurou Kuroo, the wealthy boy down the street who she was destined to be wed to. She insisted that she’d rather not, it was her cursed time of the month and God forbid anything happen to her whilst she was draped in her finest white silk. Her pleas had no force though, and she was dragged along anyways. She hadn’t seen the boy in seven years, ties being cut off when she turned eleven. He had changed now, for sure, and she couldn’t fathom what he’d look like.
She imagined he’d be a lot more muscular. Rumor had it he was to be a part of the consul soon, so he had to be of decent shape. She hoped he had somehow learned to tame the childish fringe that hung in his face when he was younger, although she couldn’t imagine Tetsurou without it. Thinking about him put a small smile on her face, before her mother hit her on the arm.
“Are you excited to see him?” She pondered, and __ could feel her cheeks grow hot.
“I mean…” She shrugged, cocking her head towards the ground. “I’m a lot more nervous than excited. We’re not eight years old anymore, Mother.”
Walking through the Kuroo courtyard made her stomach roil even more than it was before. Her mother grabbed her by the hand, gave it a gentle squeeze, before marching up towards the gate and giving the lion mouth door knocker a heavy rap.
“I’m sure he’s just as nervous as you are. You do not need to worry, you’ve bathed naked with him before, you’re friends.”
“Mother! That’s not helping with the situation!”
Her mother only shrugged, straightening her shoulders when a slave opened the door for them. He nodded curtly, making way for the two of them to pass by. There was a rushed click of shoes against marble, and an all too familiar woman stumbled out into the commons.
“Oh, __, __, it’s so wonderful to see you again!” The short woman hobbled over to her and her mother, throwing her arms around both of their shoulders.
“My, what a beautiful young lady you’ve wound up to be, __. Tetsurou’s going to want to marry you right here once he sees you.”
__’s breath hitched, but she nodded, paying her respects towards her elder. Mrs. Kuroo looked the same as she did seven years ago, except the roots of her ebony hair started staining a deep gray.
“Thank you, Mrs. Kuroo, you look lovely yourself.” She managed to stutter out. The woman clapped gleefully, rushing into one of the doors at the end of the commons. __ looked up at her mother, furrowing her eyebrows in chagrin.
“I really don’t want to discuss my marriage whilst blood is dripping from my private areas, Mother.”
“You don’t have a choice. You don’t have to say anything. I’ll discuss things with Mrs. Kuroo, and you just have to sit there, drink the wine that’s served to you, and make yourself look presentable, understood?”
__ nodded, relaxing her eyebrows amongst her mother’s violent gaze.
“Yes, Mother.”
“Good girl.”
Mrs. Kuroo came stumbling out once more, an excited hue of pink dusted along her cheeks. If anything, Mrs. Kuroo was more excited about the wedding than either of the two actually being wed.
“Tetsurou should be out in a bit. He’s a smart boy, he’s studying the stars. He’s been very into science lately, and growing things.” She boasted.
“__ here, she’s very into literature. Her tutor remarks her as one of his greatest students. She took up playing the harp about a year ago, didn’t you, __?”
“I did, Mother.”
“Oh, isn’t that wonderful!” Mrs. Kuroo clapped. “It’s lovely to see you’ve grown up a proper girl.”
She wanted to ask her what she meant by that statement. Was she not proper before? Of course, she didn’t mind her clothes getting dirty and mussled up her hair, but she had the decency to be respectful. Behind closed eyelids, she rolled her eyes, but kindly accepted the so called compliment.
“Come here, ladies. I’ll have Brutus fetch us some wine while we wait for Tetsurou.”
Hearing his name out loud made her even more nervous than before. She clutched at the ends of her tunic as she took a seat, eyes nervously darting around the room. Mrs. Kuroo immediately noticed this, because she placed a hand on her shoulder and laughed.
“You don’t need to be nervous, my dear, __. He’s the same boy you knew when you were a child.”
She wanted to retaliate and say that no, he wasn’t the same boy she knew as a child. The Tetsurou she knew as a child only took interest in dirt and gladiator battles, never science or stars. Mrs. Kuroo kept yammering away, but suddenly silenced upon the sound of footsteps.
“Bragging about me now, are you, Mother?” Came a deep, hearty chuckle. Immediately, __’s heart dropped. It was him.
She didn’t dare turn around to greet him, although every part of her wanted to. God, his voice was attractive by itself. Her mother slapped her on her knee, an indication to stand up and greet him. So she did. She slowly stood up, brushed off her skirt, and faced him, eyes immediately widening upon the sight in front of her.
He was more attractive than she imagined. He was tall, extremely so, and had to be a good child larger than her. His face was thin and sharp, hazel eyes still youthful and attentive. He still had the horrible fringe, but it only added to his charm. He held a book in his hand, of some sort, and the vibe he gave off just made her want to melt.
Forget the consul, he could be a god, if he wanted to.
“Hello.” She stuttered, trying hard not to break eye contact.
“It’s been awhile, huh?”
“If seven years is while.”
Tetsurou chuckled, the tips of his ears growing visibly red. She could see the slight shake of his hands around his book, and that assured her that he was just as nervous as she was. The laughs that spilled out of his mouth were fake, but she didn’t have the audacity to confront him on it. She knew the ugly cackle that he was cursed to, and she couldn’t help but wonder what kind of facade he had pent up over the years.
They took a seat at the table, and __ didn’t dare touch her wine. Her hands were shaking so hard in her lap that she would definitely break the glass if she grabbed it. Tetsurou seemed to be sticking to the same thing. Although her eyes were glued to the table in front of her, she could feel Tetsurou’s eyes on her. This entire time, he’d been staring, as if he’d been analyzing her, like she was his prey. Needless to say, it was intimidating, especially when he was oh so attractive. At this point, she could feel her cheeks burning, every so often taking quick peeks upwards to catch his gaze. This time, once he’d caught her eye, she hadn’t looked away. He held her there with a stern gaze, before he took a quick glimpse at his mother before flashing her the nastiest silly face her could muster. At this, she couldn’t help but giggle into her fist. What he had done wasn’t at all humorous, but for some reason, she had laughed. She knew deep down in her heart that it was out of relief, that maybe he was the same, old idiotic Tetsurou from years past. Knowing this just made their arrangement all the more sweet.

Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Summary:  Y/N passed away, and Luke can’t cope with the loss of the love of his life.  But there was this saying Y/N would say “The rain will make the flowers grow” from her favorite show Les Miserables.  Luke never got the meaning of it until she was gone.

Requested: no

Warnings: grieving, death, loss, depression

A/N:  I’ve been listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack the past few days and I can not stop listening to “Little Fall of Rain”.  It’s so beautiful and heart breaking, and I just fell in love with the words Eponine would use “The rain will make the flowers grow.”    This is not edited, I apologize! I hope you enjoy.  Requests are open on my blog!  Also feel free to stop by and talk to me if you’d like! :)

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“The Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow”

Luke’s POV

It has been one year, 3 months, and nine days since the worst day of my life.  I remember getting a call from Y/N’s mother saying she collapsed and died unexpectedly and there was nothing anyone could do.  The hours before getting the phone call had been normal.  Y/N would always wake up before me, shower, prepare breakfast, make coffee, and I would always wake up around the time she was getting ready to leave.  

It was a routine.  I loved that routine.  I would sit down at the counter while she sat across from me and we would eat a quick breakfast together before she had to go.  We would talk about what was happening in the day ahead, and when we would both would get home, what was for dinner that night, you know, that normal stuff.  You never realize how amazing the “normal stuff” can be until it’s gone.  Something so simple as a cup coffee every morning, or little conversations.

She left for classes, and she kissed me before she left.  She texted me after her first class telling me she was heading to the gym then, and that she would meet me for lunch at the café close to campus.  I remember waiting there, and getting an uneasy feeling when she was late.  She was never late.  And then, I got the call.  In the very moment, it felt as if someone had ripped my heart out and stomped on my chest.  I couldn’t breathe,  I couldn’t cry, I was just frozen.

When the funeral came around, everyone kept telling me that time will heal the wounds.  Time has done nothing for me.  I still feel pain, everyday.  I wake up alone, I eat breakfast alone, I am alone all the time.  My whole life has changed.  She was my life.  

As I was cleaning out our apartment I was going through all of her stuff.  My family and hers thought it would be healthy for me to move back home, and not be surrounded by things that will remind me of her everyday.  As I was cleaning out, I was going through all of her old magazine she would read.  I remember she would put mini sticky notes on certain pages.  And that was when I remembered her dream for us.  She wanted us to live in a small, quaint house with a white fence on the outside of it, with a garden.  She loved flowers.

When I told my parents of me planning on buying a house exactly like that, they thought I was crazy.  Maybe I was, but I was determined to find it.  It felt like decades, but I found a house that she would have loved.  I painted the house white, and painted the door red, just like she wanted.  I built a fence on the outside of the house, and painted it white also.

I went to the local stores and showed the workers there the magazine pages with the flowers that she wanted, bought the seeds, and went home and started planting.  I put the seeds in a pattern so that they were in the color order like she wanted them.  Then it was waiting time.  I went out everyday and watered them.  I planted them so they would be in the direction of the sun, but nothing seemed to work, the flowers just wouldn’t grow.

“I was so frustrated, so I came here to relax and talk to you.”  I say to her gravestone.  “You’d love the house.  The kitchen is big enough to bake all the cookies and cupcakes you want.”  I say laughing.  I then start to laugh really hard, so hard, that I begin crying.  I start crying so hard that I can’t stop.  

I sit on the bench with my head in my hands, and just have a long cry.  As my head is down, I feel prickles of rain drops hit my back.  I didn’t even care at that point.  

“I miss you so much.”  I choke out.  “They say time heals, but you have not left my mind since the day I met you.  How can I forget the love of my life?”

“I should stop crying.”  I say rubbing my eyes. “Because we both know that if I am crying, then you are crying, and we don’t want that.”  

I stand up from the bench, and place the flowers on her gravestone, and I drive back to the apartment.  When I am back at the apartment, I play guitar lightly to the sound of the rain outside.  After strumming random chords for about a half an hour, I decide that it’s been a long day and I head off to bed.

When I wake up, I don’t have the feeling of loneliness that I have woken up to feel everyday.  I make a cup of coffee, and eat a proper breakfast, which I haven’t had in a long time.  I turn on a playlist that I made for Y/N a few years ago for her birthday, and decide to eat breakfast outside on the porch, because the sun is shining, and it looks beautiful.  When I step outside, I see the flowers starting to bloom in the garden.  I almost cry with happiness, “Rain will make the flowers grow”  I hear in the background.  That was Y/N’s favorite line of the song.  It always stuck with her, she was the most optimistic person I knew.  I never had understood that line, until today.  

A/N:  I know this is short, but I just thought of it and thought I’d post it, it may not be my best work, but I just liked the idea, and thought to just get it down.  Requests are open on my blog!

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How do you balance a check book? How do you organize anything?! Like, what even is this ancient art of organization? How might one go about with the ritual of dating? Sorry to bombard you with all these questions, I'm just freaking out as I hurtle towards adulthood.

Sorry it took so long to respond! I just want to say to everyone who has sent me an ask that I will respond by the end of today. I try to write out long, detailed responses so it takes me a while to write out my thoughts. So hang on- I’m coming!

Balancing A Checkbook

First off, it’s definition time! There’s a huge difference between managing/budgeting your money and balancing your checkbook. Balancing your checkbook literally means saving your expense receipts and checking them against your bank account for discrepancies. This is most useful for people who own their own business or are looking for tax write-offs. I’m going to level with you, I don’t balance my checkbook and I don’t know anybody my age who does. If you’re a young person living on your own for the first time, you’ll quickly realize then there are hundreds of finance-related things to do, all of which are more important that balancing a checkbook. I think what you should really be concerned about is budgeting/managing your money. Check out Budgeting guide and How to Budget.

Disregarding that, here’s the real answer to your question. My parents have a gardening business, so I balance their business checkbook every couple of months for them, and this is what I do.

1. Expenses. Get yourself a folder/binder/plastic bag and write on it “expense receipts”. This is where, if you haven’t guessed, you will start keeping your expense receipts. Many stores will ask if you want a copy of your receipt- start saying yes. Go home and immediately take them out of your wallet and put them into their new home. If you make any online payments, print out the confirmation page and/or email. If you don’t have a printer, get a piece of scrap paper and write down the expense name, date, and amount.

2. Income. Get yourself a folder/binder/plastic bag and write on it “income receipts”. If you deposit a check or cash at a bank, keep the deposit slip they give you. If you deposit a check using your phone keep the voided check with your paperwork. Lots of us have direct deposit now, so make sure to write the amount and day you were paid on a piece of paper. 

3. Bank Statement. At the end of the month, find your bank statement. Most banks either mail you a paper statement or email you an electronic one at the end of every month. However, you can always go online and it will be listed on your account. I find it easier to work with hard copies as opposed to electronic copies, they make my eyes hurt less.

4. Get comfortable. Sit down with your bank statement, expenses, and incomes. Go through each receipt and make sure that there is a corresponding expense or income on your bank statement. Make note of any excess ones. Hopefully you just forgot to ask for a receipt, if you didn’t you may have been charged for something you didn’t purchase. I would allot yourself a good hour of time to do this. Put on NPR, get a good cup of tea, put on a TV show- whatever you need to get through the tedium. 

5. Reconcile. After every expense and income on your actual bank statement has been accounted for, you can either choose to save your receipts or dispose of them. And voila! You have balanced your checkbook. 

6. Alternatively. There are lots of websites and apps that do this in a paperless way. Check it


There are lots of different ways to organize things, but the most important part of organization is that it makes sense to you. It really doesn’t matter how neat or pretty something looks, if you can’t find what you need in a timely manner then what’s the point? 

Can you be more specific about what you want to organize? Is it a new home, important papers, old socks…? If you tell me exactly what you’re looking to organize than I can give you a specific response instead of a general one.


I have been in a relationship for four and a half years at this point, so I haven’t been in the dating game in a long while. Three of my close friends have been in and out of love over the past couple years, and this is my takeaway.

1. Identify. Before you can even consider going on dates with people, you need to figure out what YOU want. Not what romantic comedies say you should want, not what Cosmo says you should want, not what your friends or family say you should want. Take some time to get to know yourself. Decide whether you want a strong commitment or to have a good time. In my opinion, there is no middle ground. You either want a committed relationship or you want to explore different relationships. No judgment either way, but be decisive. This will help weed out doomed relationships. You need to stick to your guns and not compromise. If you see someone who looks gorgeous and they tell you that they just want to mess around, take them seriously. Don’t engage with them hoping to eventually change their mind because it won’t happen. It will just hurt you in the long run.

2. Your perfect date. Plan your perfect date ahead of time. It doesn’t need to be set in stone (I would definitely have at least three alternative restaurants), but a plan is always helpful. No more making out in the back of a car for lack of better plans, this confidence and decisiveness will look sexy to your prospective partner. 

The typical date outline: Activity + Meal + Activity:

Activity: The first activity should be something public. Maybe this is a hike, a museum visit, going to a theater, etc. This allows you both time to focus on the activity at hand and get some one on one experience with one another. Conversations don’t need to be too deep or meaningful at this time, just worry about having fun!

Meal: Definitely consult with your date about their food choices before choosing a restaurant. Always tell you date about the expected attire beforehand so that they don’t feel overly or under dressed, I would recommend casual attire to start with. This first date meal should not be overly expensive, try to stay around or under $40 for both of you.

Activity: This second activity should be more private, mostly so that the two of you can talk talk talk. If the date has gone well hopefully this means going over to their home or them coming to yours. If that’s not possible, try a more secluded public activity. Maybe go for a romantic stroll at night, get dessert together, sit on a park bench and stare at the stars.

3. Get off Tinder. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, Tinder is not the answer. True, a friend of mine recently started dating someone she met on Tinder, but this was after talking to ten other guys who didn’t work out. Honestly, it doesn’t seem worth the effort to me.

4. Be social. If you see a cute person, go and talk to them! We are all so afraid of what other people think of us that we get in our heads and run around in circles instead of being direct. The worst thing that can happen is that you get friendzoned, but at least then you have someone you can get bubble tea with who might have cute friends that they can set you up with. I was actually best friends with my boyfriend for three years before we started dating (crushing on him the whole time), and I was too afraid to say anything to him. Thank goodness I finally did!