in my own humble opinion

I don’t care who came up with the idea or whose name is used in all the promotion for the movie.

To me, Strange Magic  has always been and will always be a Gary Rydstrom film.

Yo I’m seeing some nasty words bein thrown about regarding Judes reaction to being called gay and like. People are blaming him for being upset? Really? Okay.

I’m a girl who is dating a girl, but I’m a person who identifies as bisexual on a good day but mostly only likes to use the word queer. When people assume my sexuality? Ask if I’m a lesbian? It makes me hella uncomfortable. Why? I don’t know, I just know that I’m not a lesbian; that’s not the word I associate with myself. And it pisses me off and makes me feel wrong and upset when I get labeled as something I’m not.

So yeah, Jude had a right to be pissed off that all of a sudden everyone was gonna start labeling him something he doesn’t think he is. Not to mention the shock of being outed when he didn’t even want that yet. He got scared, and he thought his best course of action was to make sure people didn’t label him as gay before he even figured out what a good label for himself was. He’s 13. Come on. This stuff is hard to deal with even when you’re older than that.

As for Connor, he KNEW Jude didn’t want to be out, and as proud of him I am for sticking up for himself and being proud of who he his, he could have denied it. Or he could have outed himself and not Jude. Connor didn’t necessarily do much wrong in my eyes, but he set himself up for Judes reaction. If you wanna go on about how Jude embarrassed Connor, take a moment to understand Judes situation and how embarrassed and confused and scared he was in that moment.

I love both of them, and I’m proud of them both for different reasons, and I’m really hoping that the show focuses a bit more on Judes mindset on what he is and who he likes and what he wants to use as a label, because it’s such an important thing that people are starting to acknowledge that there is more than just gay and straight.

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