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When people I know are not African-American utilize AAVE to me, I look at it as “dumbing down” their language and mocking my own as a means to “relate” to me. They sound so damn uncomfortable, especially when they’re black foreigners. It doesn’t sound sincere. It’s awkward, and I would rather them not do it than to treat me like an alien they’re trying to figure out through coded language. I can tell when a person is thinking very hard to say African-American slang or terminology. They are looking for ways on when it is appropriate, and a lot wink or nod their head at me as if I’m supposed to smile and congratulate them. As a professor told us, I rather for you to say a word incorrectly than to try to say it correctly and failing at it.

Remember that one time I locked myself outside of my home while naked and had to crawl through a window to save my own dignity and was like “god that was dumb I’ll never do that again”?
Well uh
I did it again anyways

  • Victor: happy birthday, lyubov moya!
  • Yuuri: oh, you found out?
  • Victor: Phichit texted me last night because he had the feeling you'd conveniently forget to mention it...
  • Yuuri: I didn't want you to think you had to do anything special, you already do so much for me...
  • Victor: well, since I didn't have time to go shopping, I made you a present instead.
  • Yuuri: ... what are these?
  • Victor: favors! Whenever you want me to kiss you or something, you just give me the slip that says-
  • Yuuri: *grabs Victor by the collar* you think I need an "I owe you"? If I want a kiss, I'll take it.
  • Victor: ... please do.
Can we just appreciate that Miss Skullnick congratulated Star for trying even though she got the answer wrong?

It was just a really nice moment

The Devil wears Prada is such an interesting movie because there’s just something about it that IMMEDIATELY clicks with lesbians.

The strange thing is that, despite being so extremely obvious to lesbians, it flies right over straight people’s heads. Straight people see no tension, no hint of anything even remotely gay (even when I made a slideshow for my mom, yes I actually did that, she still didn’t see it) and yet this silly little movie which came and went back in 2006 still has a following/fandom 10 years later. There is still content being created for it. Lesbians kept it alive …It’s always nice to know you’re not weird, straight people are just oblivious haha

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