in my next life i want to be a pretty korean man

Min Yoongi, the dangerous man pt. 2

What do I have to do to make Yoongi happy?
Yoongi: Stay like this always

Yoongi oppa♡ Pretend that I’m your girlfriend and say something that would make me feel flustered~!!
Yoongi: Keiko (fan’s name) you’re mine

Yoongi why are you not my oppa… ㅠㅠ can you say something that would make me feel flustered? 
Yoongi: Call me oppa

I like Yoongi so much what am I supposed to do? Please make me recover my senses~ 
Yoongi: Come to see me 

Do you know that this era’s clothes is too sexy? I can’t even work properly, because I’m only thinking about you everyday ㅜㅜ 
Yoongi: Just think about me then

What word/ phrase do you think of when you see me?
Yoongi: My love

Suga oppa always appears in my dream, so I hate waking up, what should I do?
Yoongi: Come and see me in person

If I was dating Yoongi, where will you take me to?
1. Your (Suga’s) home in Daegu
2. Studio
3. New York
4. Amusement park 
(Yoongi *circled all*: These are not enough, we will travel around the world♡)

I like my vita-min Yoongi so much, I can’t even go through my daily routine ㅠ_ㅠ   tell me a solution… ♥
Yoongi: Give up this life completely!! Just look at me

Fan: What song do you think of when you see me?
Yoongi: I NEED YOU
Fan: Why?
Yoongi: Because I NEED U

Say something that would make one feel sleepless when they think about it at night! 
Yoongi: You’re mine

Yoongi-ya! I get nervous and my heart hurts when I see you, but if I don’t see you my heart hurts as well.. what should I do?? (apart from going to the hospital..)
Yoongi: Just come to see me 

Yoongi oppa! First Love is piano, can I be your Last Love?!
Yoongi: Ok

Yoongi oppa, how about dating me?
Yoongi: I will be happy 

A fan lost 20+kg and went to their fansign after a while. Suga heard the name of that fan, it’s a name that he has heard before but (the name) doesn’t match up (with her face), so he was distressed. The fan told Suga that it’s her name and that she promised to go on a diet and attend their next fansign! That fan said: “if I successfully lost weight, you said that you will date me.” Suga didn’t say anything and stared at her. That fan felt awkward and asked: “even though I have lost weight I look ugly, right?” Suga: “you’re really pretty, really pretty that’s why (I’ve been staring). You’re really pretty.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her. That fan received his autograph and moved onto the next member, but Suga said: “so today is our first day?” ㅅㅂ


Yoongi: I want to be with you

Pt. 1
English Trans: KIMMYYANG

Compiled by: Adolessa

Who is Sehun?

♡ *Chokes*

♡ You:oh!

   Me:You mean Oh Sehun

♡ He was only 22 when he saved all of us with his dance in lotto

♡ E X O

♡ Maknae

♡ Dance line

♡ His instagram deserves to be in a museum

♡ B E S T  P O S T S  E V E R

♡ The lost one

♡ Owner of iconic lines that will always be remembered

♡ Shawty imma party till da sun down

   Never don’t mind about a thing

   That’s right my type

We actually love SM for giving him lines

♡ His line in sing for you got me crying

♡ An angel indeed

♡ Sang Baekhyun’s part in cloud9 

♡ We were all proud

♡ #Givesehunlines2k17

♡ Innocent af

♡ Doesn’t really understand dirty jokes and stays away from that stuff but who knows

♡ When he and kai-also the maknae- went to a chinese mukbang show,he didn’t understand a dirty joke 

♡ and stood there like an innocent baby while kai was laughing his ass off

♡ Is a fluff ball

♡ He isn’t the aegyo type 

♡ but his presence itself is cute

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♡ He is so loved

♡ not just by members but by the staff as well

♡ All of them love him but

♡ He has a special bond with The “shopping crew”

♡ Sehun+chanyeol+suho+vivi

♡ Suho loves him aaaa llooooott

♡ and he loves him back

♡ sehun basically grew up with suho while suho was taking care of him

♡ Wants to join “THE BEAGLE LINE”

♡ but age matters only in korea

♡ Has a lovely relationship with every member

♡ Plays with baek’s hair

♡ laughs with xiumin

♡ Makes fun of people with d.o

♡ Chanyeol is his partner in crime

♡ Learns chinese from yixing

♡ Runs in the concert with chen

♡ Him and kai are basically two hoes

♡ His relationship with suho is just adorable

♡ he also learned how to roast people from suho

roasted suho countless times

♡ which proves that he’s an angel sent from above

♡ He grew up a lot

♡ After Luhan left,he got more mature as he said

♡ “With luhan,i learned the true meaning of friendship”

♡ Is a soft baby

except when he dances in the water



♡ He can be an angel but he’s also a sexy god

♡ He can literally beat anyone with his sexiness

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Why do fuck my life

♡ He is handsome

♡ really handsome

♡ I’m pretty sure he could be a model if he weren’t a member of exo


♡ He is seriously no joke

♡ He was chosen as the best dressed in LV Paris show


♡ *proud tears*

♡ Goes to fashion shows a lot

♡ SEBOOTY who we all worship

♡ This mans body is no joke

♡ His face

♡ His abs

♡ His arms

♡ His legs

♡ Especially his booty

When did a get in such a perverted fandom

♡ I have no regrets

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♡ Looks good

♡ while eating

♡ while walking

♡ while existing

♡ Looks hella good in glasses

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♡ Looks good in anything

Would look better without

♡ Also rocks every hair colour

♡ Sehun in black is hot

♡ Blonde sehun is god

♡ The rainbow hair

I hear people cringing 

♡ We don’t say thathe doesn’t look good but

Why rainbow?

♡ Is a big meme

♡ A really big one

♡ He is a living meme legend

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♡ Got embarrassed and was shocked when jhonny called him sunbae

♡ He thought he was talking to jhonny from nct but you never know

♡ He soon found out that the person was jeonghan from SVT 

Jeonghan spilled all the beans to monsta x

♡ Is still embarrassed 

♡ In paris,manager told him to stop doing the peace sign

♡ Did it inside his pocket

♡ His vlives are a meme itself 

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♡  V I V I

♡ There’s a rumor saying that if you say vivi 3 times

♡ A worried sehun will appear behind you and ask

♡ “WHERE?”

♡ His biggest passion in life

♡ His love

♡ His will to live—->

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I ship them

♡ He is the type of boyfriend that will let you drown when he goes to save vivi

Vivi is a dog and knows how to swim

♡ I feel sorry for his future wife bc his first love isn’t her


♡ he has the most sass on earth

♡ I ain’t joking

♡ There’s a korean joanne the scammer  in his soul

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♡ We all know where this convo ends

♡ Suho said that he used to cry a lot since he misses his family

♡ His acting in exo next door was priceless

Why do they all act like they never filmed it?

♡ He has this upcoming movie called “dear Archimedes”

♡ S U P P O R T  H I M

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♡ He is a soft fluff ball who needs protection and love and more lines



I never thought this would happen.

I  never thought I would just  ‘Slip into the Shining life’ 

I never thought I would be a  Carat.

I fist discovered Seventeen with Adore U, their debut. But at that point I had only joined the kpop fandom for a few months and only liked older groups. I thought ‘how can someone Stan young groups?’ And so many of them…. I just learnt the names of Exo and Super Junior, how will I learn them too?!’

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Good Girl CH 1: Tequila and Bad Decisions

Chapter 2, CH 3CH 4, CH 5. CH 6, CH 7, CH 8, CH 9, CH 10, CH 11, CH 12 CH 13, CH 14, CH 15, CH 16, CH 17, CH 18, CH 19, CH 20, CH 21, CH 22, CH 23, CH 24, CH 25

I scan the crowd of both Asians and Americans but regardless of races I can say confidently that they are all pretty shady. My eyes go to my grinning friend Jihyo, who has somehow convinced me to come to a very nice club that just happens to be crawling with creeps. Some of her other friends had told her how amazing the club, EXO, was but seem to forget that you have to either look really slutty or really rich to get in. That is how I ended up having to take off my jacket and stockings and now have to stand in line in the freezing cold in nothing but a tight leather skirt and one of Jihyo’s crop tops that could pass for a bra. She is in a similar skimpy out fit, but she is actually wearing her only pair of shorts like that which meant I had to wear the skirt.

“How much longer?” I groan as I begin jogging in place, something I found easy in her five-inch heels.

She rolls her fake green eyes at me, “We haven’t been waiting that long.”

“It’s been an hour. What are they waiting for?” I glance down the line toward the closed doors.

“I thought you didn’t wanna come?” She teases with a confident grin.

I scoff at her, “I still don’t, it just happens to be better than freezing my ass off out here.”

“Maybe if you go shake it up there we can get in.” She gestures to the large bouncer standing outside the main door.

“Fuck that, I would much rather fuck Hoseok to get in,” Jihyo grins at the mention of her friend that works in the club and also happens to have a massive crush on me.

“Would you please? I offered but he didn’t believe me that you would follow threw.”

I glare at her, “You offered what?”

“Your precious virginity,” She grins at me evilly.

“Ugh don’t say stuff like that.”

She continues to tease me, “What, can’t handle the truth that you’re a 17 year old virgin?”

“Not all of us can be lucky enough to lose their virginity in a school bathroom when we were 14,” I snap back. She just grins at my mean words. “I can’t believe that you offered my virginity to some guy to get into a club,” I pause as I rethink my words, “That’s a lie, I expect nothing less from you.”

“I learned my bitchiness from you.”

“I’m giving this place five more minutes than I’m leaving, with or without you.”

She fakes hurt, “You would leave me to get drunk at a club by myself?”

“Yes, what will you do without someone to take care of your drunken self?” I pat the younger girl’s head.

Just then the doors to the club opened and the bouncer starts weeding through the people lined up in front of him. I’m not surprised when lots of the guys or undeniably less attractive girls start getting denied and pushed out of the line as others get to go inside. When it’s our turn to be checked out, again, I’m not surprised when the bouncer waves us in without as much of a glance at the fake IDs we worked hard to get, though I understand why. Jihyo is an undeniable beauty with her long raven locks and perfect doll like face. With the body of a fitness goddess and legs for miles, I have always envied her 5’6 height. Standing at a small 5 foot but thankfully 5’5 in heels, I’m still dwarfed next to the beautiful girl. Though I won’t admit it out loud I’m quiet a looker myself.

Being from a Korean father and a mother who is a mutt herself I was lucky enough to inherit some very good qualities from different races. The nice curves and wavy locks that I received from my dark skinned mom seem to fit my cat like eyes I got for my dad. Though I also got my short height from my dad’s side of the family too. My hair is a blend of them, giving me perfect loose, black waves that hang daintily against my back.

“Jooyoung!” Jihyo brings me out of my thoughts to have me gawk at the massive club with her. The bar is to the left; circle booths line two of the other walls while the huge DJ booth takes up most of the other wall. Lights flash as the music blares through the massive speakers making it hard to hear what Ji is trying to say to me. Realizing that I can’t hear a word she is saying she just nods her head in direction of the bar. I follow, our hands locked together to make sure we don’t loose each other in the thick crowd. Once we reach the bar Ji manages to find an empty stool that she quickly places me on. She stands close behind me, her hands resting on the bar, locking me in and all the others out. Even though I’m older Ji is taller and a little bit bigger than me, something that has made her a little over protective, though I don’t really need it in places like this. Even though she is always the one bringing me to them and the trouble along with her.

“Four shots of tequila!” She yells to the hot bartender, who grins at us. Farther down behind the bar we see none other than Hoseok busy mixing drinks and flirting with customers. So different from his normal cutesy self, he seems so much hotter with his hair pushed back and a sly smirk on his face.

“Damn,” I accidently say out loud. Ji follows my eyes and grins. That grin stays as the bartender places the four shots in front of us. Giving me two and keeping two for her self, Ji raises the first one and holds it up to me expectantly. I hold my little glass to hers’.

“To getting drunk!” She clinks our glasses and moves to drink but stops as I begin downing mine, “And to getting layed!” With that she does hers’ in one go like me. We both slam the shot glass back down on the counter, grimacing as the awful liquid burns its way down our throats. I glare at her little add in to our toast.

“I’ll sleep with someone when I want to!”

“Who said it was for you? I need some fun too, it’s been way to long.” She teases as she rests her head on my shoulder, grabbing her other shot and, again, holding it up to mine. “How about to you just doing something that will get you out of your funk and make you that happy go lucky girl I met in elementary?”

I give her a soft smile, clinking our glasses and down the shot. “Four more!”

“That’s what I’m talking about!”

“I’m so going to regret this in the morning.”

“Oh shut up, when was the last time you got actually drunk? You are the best person to be around when your drunk, you’re just so cute and friendly.”

“I turn into a child. That’s not how I want to be in a public area with creepy guys all over the place.”

“You’re a step a head of most since those killer instincts seem to keep working threw your buzz. I wouldn’t question anything if Freddy Kruger himself came up and offered me a ride home. But you, you can see threw the best con man after downing a bottle of tequila.”

“It’s a gift.”

“One of few,” She tease as she holds up a shot, “To me becoming a better judge of character and to you becoming more careless. I’m tired of being the only one walking up in a stranger’s bed.”

As more and more shots are downed and things wrong with my life are listed I have never been so grateful but so annoyed with this girl at the same time. She is the only person I share anything with, the only person who even somewhat knows what’s going on in the mess I call my head. But as she stands there telling me all the things I should be worried about or work on I get kind of angry. After having enough shots for now, I pull the tall girl to the dance floor with me, hoping to shut her pretty mouth up. We dance like there is no tomorrow, forgetting all that is troubling us; actually I seem to be the only one with troubles.

As hours fly by of dancing and more shots here and there my mind begins to fog. I stop caring about the unknown hands that grope me, too focused on my high and the music. My feet are numb and my legs feel like jello but I some how continue to stay on my feet. Jihyo is a grinning mess in front of me, twirling around and stumbling every few minutes. It has been along time since I’ve felt this good, this free, like nothing could ever hold me back. Jihyo would have usually abandoned me by this time and I would take that as an okay to find a way home but not tonight. I am no one’s babysitter tonight!

Suddenly the crowd starts moving toward the DJ stand, they all huddle, trying to see something that must be pretty interesting. Being the nosy girl she is, Ji tries to drag me along with the rest of the crowd to find out what is going on. I try to pull her away from the gawking people, knowing whatever it is, it can’t be good.

Running away isn’t a possibility with Ji trying to pull me the other way and the crowd pulling me as a whole. As my instincts scream at me to run, the sound of gunshots can heard above the music. The pull of the crowd towards the noise is gone as people try to avoid the bullets that are flying in every direction. My eyes scan the crowd, seeing at least a dozen people on the floor either crying out for help or already dead. Blood covers the almost empty dance floor. Without another thought I start dragging Jihyo to the bathroom as the rest of the crowd breaks out in a panic as they all drunkenly scramble to the front door. Some how through my very drunken state I’m able to maneuver Jihyo and myself through the small bathroom window, out into the empty alleyway. The cold nips at my cheeks as the wind blows it’s freezing air around us.

Jihyo lands on her butt, “Ya! That hurt!” She whines loudly.

“Shut up you idiot!” I scan the alley for anyone else who exited the club, finding a van waiting. On the other side of a massive garbage bin the back door to the club busts open. A long line of extremely attractive guys strut out, the last one, who is taller than the rest, has something large, and strangely human shaped, hanging over his shoulder. I slam Jihyo and myself up against the wall and pry that they don’t see us. To be completely honest, I couldn’t careless about my own safety but Jihyo has so much to live for, I don’t want to risk her life.

“Joo-ah!” She calls out drunkenly, drawing the attention of the last of the men.

God dammit you dumb bitch! I love you, but you dumb bitch! I scream in my head as I hear their footsteps coming our way. In a desperate moment I whisper an apology as I punch her across the face, knocking the drunk girl out easily. Quickly I throw the stray trash bags on top of her, hiding her from who ever is coming. I’m crouching down next to where I’m hiding her, behind the garbage bin when someone comes rushing down the alley way on my side. The person stops when he sees the group of men coming his way. I can easily see the terror on the poor man’s face as he reaches one of the over hanging lights just a few feet away from me.

My heart stops when another gunshot rings out in the alley. I watch as the man drops to his knees, clutching his stomach his eyes drift away from his killers to me. The anxiety building up in my chest almost bursts when the gun fires again, this time hitting the man’s forehead, making him collapse, his eyes never leaving mine. But as if my heart knows what is to come it pounds harder than I’ve ever felt it before, as the footsteps continue toward us.

The suspense of them finding me begins to annoy me. My chest is hurting from the tightness of my anxiety and my thighs don’t appreciate being stuck in a low wall sit for this long. But it finally happens. A man dressed in all black stands over the body for a minute before crouching down and going through his pockets. He pulls out the dead man’s wallet and flips it open, automatically finding something that makes him sigh.

“Poor bastard had a family. What a shame, should watch wear he wanders.” The man mumbles to himself, dropping the wallet on the man’s chest. I debate on whether I’m a horrible person or not for not busting out in tears at the fact an innocent man was just murdered in front of me and that I could possibly next. The low amount of empathy I normally have for people seems to have reached an all time low when I realize how I feel absolutely nothing for the dead man in front of me.

But instead I study the killer. He looks young, but from the way he carries himself I feel as if he must be older. In a nice suit, which was obviously made for him, he is extremely handsome. The uncaring expression on his child like face tells me this is something he has done many times before, something that should disturb me more than is does. Just as he is about to stand up he pauses, his eyes not really focused on anything. I resist the urge to scream as he tilts his head and his cat like eyes find me. “Hello there baby girl,” The cat man purrs with a threating yet attractive smile.

sugar ❖ sehun (3)

❝I’m not sure what the Boss does, probably nothing, but he’s always the first to come in here and the last to leave. He’s at the last floor and that’s where you’re going❞

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, smut (in the next chap), pretty huge age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo!sehun, angst

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

The next morning Mina was at your door, just like any other Saturdays and took with her some pastries and two cups of chocolate with cream. That was usual for the two of you, she always came to your home to spent the weekend, so you gained a little bit of bravery and asked what was pricking in your brain since last night.

Is Sehun really your father?

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Zhang Yixing//Oh God

Prompt: You’re a teacher filling in for another class, and having trouble from one of the students. In an attempt to sort it out, you discover that you’re a lot more friendly with his parent than you originally thought.
Scenario: Fluff, smut mention
Word count: 3,837

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Is it fine if you recommend any kdrama from this year? I already watched Goblin btw >_<

Hey there! I’m so sorry for the late reply. I’ve been so busy with college and post-graduation plans. D:

I would love to recommend 2017 kdramas for you. Here a few that I recommend and they’re not in any particular order. I’ve included a brief summary of the dramas that I absolutely recommend, to help give you an idea what the drama is about. I hope you find some to your liking! 

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Originally posted by ohdongu

I really liked this drama! If you’re looking for a fun, quirky, and cute drama to pass your time – then this drama is perfect for that! It will not fail to make you laugh and smile. In general, I love Park Bo Young and she does an amazing job of playing Do Bong Soon. Plus, how can you pass up a drama with both Ji Soo and Park Hyung Sik as the male actors? This drama is about the heroine, Do Bong Soon, who’s born with awesome super strength that is passed down to the women in her family. On the other hand, Bong Soon wants to be an elegant and graceful woman, the ideal woman of her childhood crush In Guk Doo, unlike being unruly and brawn. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She lands a job being the bodyguard of the CEO of a gaming company, Ahn Min Hyuk. However, one day, a series of kidnapping occur in Bong Soon’s neighborhood and she becomes determined to catch the culprit, with the help of Min Hyuk, after her friend was almost kidnapped.

2. Chicago Typewriter

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

I’ve recommended it before and I’m going to continue to recommend it because this drama highly deserves the praise. Lol… all I can say is that this drama is the definition of friendship, love, and loyalty. I freaking balled my eyes out, not because of the romance, but because of the friendship!!! This drama is about a writer who experiences a “slump” while writing his book, but two important people come into his life and help him write it… while also a bit of reincarnation and time traveling to the 1930s during the Japanese occupation in Korea. One thing that may tick you off a bit is the main guy’s temper, but after that… he’s an adorable cute floof ball entranced by love. 

3. Tomorrow With You

Originally posted by wonpilimiri

Though I never finished writing my review for this drama… I still recommend it because it has a really beautiful story. Plus, I love Shin Min A. The story is about a CEO of an estate company, Yoo So Joon, who can travel through time via riding the subway. He foresees his future self and a woman, Song Ma Rin, in a terrible accident. He decides to marry Ma Rin in order to avoid that fate. The drama is kinda slow, but the story is very well written and organized. 

4. Duel

Originally posted by kdramastuff

I’m still watching this drama, but damn is it good that it lands in my recommendation list for kdramas 2017. Probably one of the best crime and mystery dramas I’ve watched in a while! The story follows the Chief of the Crime Squad, Jang Deuk Cheon. His daughter is kidnapped and the suspect is a human clone. I haven’t seen the ending yet… but I totally recommend this drama if being on the edge of your seat and suspense is your cup of tea!

5. Queen of Mystery

Originally posted by alittledramas

Another great crime and mystery drama, “Queen of Mystery” is about a bored housewife, Yoo Seol Ok, who is passionate about solving crimes by reading mystery novels. She has always wanted to become a detective, but gave up on her dream and married her husband who is a prosecutor. But one day, she gets involved in a real case and solves it, which leads her to team with detective Ha Wan Seung. 

6. My Secret Romance

Originally posted by r-a-n-x-i-e

I have mixed feelings about this drama, lol. I enjoyed watching it, however, the main guy character’s supreme “male alpha-ness” was overbearing sometimes. Don’t get me wrong though, the main guy was really sweet; I’m a sucker for guys who “fall in love at first sight” and “head over heels” for the girl. Probably one of the best rom-com so far in 2017. The story is about a nutritionist, Lee Yoo Mi, and a director of an underwear company, Cha Jin Wook, who have a one-night stand that would change their lives forever. If you like cheesy and cute romance with the cliche drama, this is a funny drama to laugh about and pass time with a friend who is also a romantic. Lastly, the art is absolutely amazing (art goals T__T)!!! 

7. Hospital Ship

Originally posted by smittenskitten

This is the drama I’m currently watching… and I am absolutely obsessed about this drama (not only because I want to go to medical school >.>). I love the actors and actresses, but this is Min Hyuk’s FIRST LEAD ROLE!! Anyways, even if you’re not a fan of Min Hyuk, this drama is a little different from your typical drama, as it focuses more on the professional life of being a doctor. Other people have different opinions because they complain there’s not enough romance, which I argue because the romance is not the focal point of the story; it’s more about the stories of each character and their struggles in their professions. There’s actually romance, you just have to be patient. It follows a team of young doctors who travel on the hospital ship to treat patients. Particularly, a genius surgeon, Song Eun Jae, who is a strong and independent woman, joins the team after an incident at the Seoul hospital. There, she meets Kwak Hyun, a doctor of internal medicine, who is the son of the highly regarded physician known as the “Korean Schweitzer,” but he wants to become a good doctor different from his father. Overall, I think this drama is great so far with the character development, especially if you like dramas that portray a more realistic approach to the professions of the characters. This aspect is actually one thing that really annoys me sometimes in kdramas, they’ll throw in a medical profession for the main character just for convenience, but not accurately write out the profession (*coughs* The Bride of Habaek *coughs*). Please give this drama a chance, especially if you like good character development and awesome medical action! And it’s an added bonus if you love Min Hyuk and Ha Ji Won!!!! ^__^

8. Rebel: Thief of the People 

Originally posted by leejaeshins

Oh man, this drama is AWESOME! One of the best Hong Gil Dong storylines I’ve seen. Full of action, thriller scenes, and a kickass historical drama… Rebel is a must see… especially if you love historical dramas. The writing is spectacular and the characters are all well developed/written. Set during the reign of the tyrant King Yeonsangun, the story follows Hong Gil Dong who is the son of a servant who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. The story tells the journey of Hong Gil Dong becoming Joseon’s first revolutionary activist. There are 30 episodes, but trust me, you’ll wish it was longer. The plot is not your typical predictable historical dramas and will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

9. Tunnel

Originally posted by kdramastuff

This must be the year of crime and mystery kdramas!!! Tunnel is about a cop, Detective Park Gwang Ho, who enters a tunnel, in the year of 1986, chasing a killer and ends up time traveling thirty years into the future in the year of 2017. The serial killer has resumed his killings and it’s up to Gwang Ho, with Detective Kim Sun Jae and Professor of Criminal Psychology Shin Jae Yi, to catch this killer. Each episode always kept me at the edge of my seat begging for the next episode – really great and suspenseful cliffhangers! 

Special Mentions: (Dramas I’ve watched but not going to give a brief description because I’m lazy, but highly recommend them too)

  • My Only Love Song (Historical, comedy, romance): Watch this if you love Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon from “We Got Married”
  • Circle: Two Worlds Connected (Crime/mystery, comedy, romance) 
  • Defendant (Crime/mystery, thriller/suspense) 
  • Save Me (Crime, Revenge, Thriller, Action, School) 

Normal Mentions: (Dramas I’ve watched but not going to give a brief description, but they were enjoyable enough for me to recommend) 

  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Sports, comedy, romance)
  • The Bride of Habaek (Fantasy, comedy, romance) 
  • Lovely Love Lie (Music, Romance, comedy)
  • Ruler: Master of the Mask (Historical, Romance, Action) 

Blind Recommendations: (Dramas on my to-watch list and recommended to me by other people) 

  • Band of Sisters (Family, Melodrama) 
  • Suspicious Partner (Action/thriller, Crime/mystery, comedy, romance)
  • Doctor Romantic (Medical, melodrama, romance): This is definitely on my “to watch list”!!!!  
  • Voice (Melodrama, mystery/thriller, crime, action) 
  • While you were Sleeping (Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance): This just started (Suzy and Lee Jong Suk) and I’ve heard pretty good comments about it so far

And as always, my #1 2017 Kdrama recommendation for those who have not seen it or just need a good rewatch….. drumroll….  is Goblin!!!!!!!! (lol still gonna add this cause it’s my bias >.<)

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let’s talk about aron.

because I’m in my emo mood, but let’s talk about aron.

i’ve been in this fandom for the 5th year now (i joined post hello era) and in some ways, i’ve felt like I’ve not only just watch these boys grew up, but grew up along them. so, let’s talk about aron. i was an aron stan before i truly knew it - i just liked how he seemed so fun-loving and derpy, how he can sing and rap and writes his own lyrics.

and what really sealed the deal for me was him on radio with music access. it’s not the most stellar of his records - we all knew about the past that haunt him till this date. but this post isn’t about that because it’s long over. for those that had never, ever heard music access, you wouldn’t know how much the radio meant to international fans. aron not only hosted the most successful radio show in arirang that he got an article written about him connecting international fans to kpop during his stint, he also helped to build this community known as music access family.

loves who tuned in from all over the world sort of knew each other, some closer to others as they’ve interacted. i kept to myself more, so i don’t really know others, but i remember hearing certain names from different regions, seeing certain ids over and over again. and aron does too, because he might not have seen our faces, but he remembered our stories if you write in to him enough. he remembered the time he name a pet or the time you’ve met a slump, he gave words of encouragement to people who felt like they’ve hit a wall, he made us laugh at some of the silliest things.

there were moments where you can tell that he’s not in the mood, that he’s sick and he’s tired, but aron is human and we know that. so we appreciate even more the effort he tries to keep focus on the show. and he has helped so. many. people in ways that people don’t seem to realise.

aron lost a ton of fans after his supposed controversy, and as an aron bias, this hurts a lot. it hurts a lot because we see how his apologies are buried over by sheer hate; we see how a man so confident and straightforward has changed for the better but ignored and dragged on for months, even now. it hurts because we know - he knows - that no matter what, this thing has stained his history and there’s no turning back.

and yet, at the same time, we have taken steps forward. aron’s changed a lot. but him appreciating fans a lot is not new. in many fancams you can see how aron interact with loves, and how he make his rounds during fanmeeting to shake as many hands as possible. someone i knew said that she missed out on a high touch with aron during a fanmeet, but aron rounded back on his way to the stage; personally, i’ve see them twice in real life going down the stage to greet fans and twice, aron has impressed me how thorough he is with high touch or greeting them.

it’s the reason im an aron bias, after all.

aron always had very little korean fans, and even lesser fansites. a lot of his old fansites ceased operations, not because they disliked him, but because real life has taken over. a fansite i knew stopped because they wanted to focus on their career. another left the country. and then…for what seemed like close to a year or two, we had to look at aron through previews of other members. on some days, it felt like aron wasn’t there - he’s cut away from the previews or only an arm’s showing in the next; his face was blurred and there were none of his personal photos.

it got to the point where other member fansites posted photos of aron because there was none if they didn’t, because they wanted to help their fellow friends and fansitemasters who weren’t able to make it to the event. and we cherished it, all aron-stans. for every preview we had, we cried in joy, hyping it in our social media and kakao chats. we’re glad to see a photo of his full outfit, because most of the time, an arm or a leg or part of the back of his head is all we got.

( and even then, we told ourselves that we were lucky, because at least we knew the color of the shirt he wore. )

and it hurts too, frankly speaking. i’ve shed tears over this because of how more aron seemed to be hidden away and invisible. i’ve pondered why my bias doesn’t seem likeable to others when i firmly believed otherwise. i wondered, worried, if aron actually knew?

and i think he does. because he tries.

“i’d work on my korean.” “thank you for coming” “i’d try to post in the fancafe more often” “thank you for cheering on me too”

you’ve heard him said the last sentence in their last fanmeeting as nuest w, but did you know he’s pretty much been saying it since forever?

but now…im glad. there are more and more aron fansites again, and ice tea nim even came back briefly. for all the slumps we’ve witness aron gone through, to seeing his tears on their first win, we’re truly, truly happy for him. because now people are loving him as a member of the group, and people are willing to learn about him.

and most importantly, they knew what he said and they acknowledged his apology, and they’re giving him a second chance like how they’re giving nu’est a second chance, and it’s in this that i cannot be more grateful about. because i don’t think aron - or the boys - are perfect, but they aren’t as mean or an asshole as some people make them out to be, and they learn and matured and poured in their hard work time and time again to be who they are today.

words just can’t describe how proud i am, and glad to know that they’re accepting aron as he is, his changed self and his derpy self, his smart caring self and his hardworking self.

so yes, let’s talk about aron, because he deserves to be loved as a member of nu’est too. and thank you, to every love out there, who may not like him (yet) but at least given him a chance.

as an aron stan, thank you, for giving him a reason not to regret staying for his dream, for his brothers and fellow loves. this boy gave up new york university and was apart from his family members, coming to seoul alone when he speak none of the language nor understand the culture and it would never have been easy. but now, i think, at least he wouldn’t leave with any regrets years down the road.

so, thank you. ; u ;


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[Junoflo falls for the one person he’s not allowed to]

Even after being here for a year Sam still couldn’t get over how Seoul was. The booming nightlife that never seemed to sleep, the growing hip-hop scene that was thriving in the smallest parks in Uijeongbu. It was both awe-inspiring and dumbfounding.

He took a sip of his beer as he found himself being drawn into a crowd of people just spitting a few bars.

The true essence of hip-hop was always found in neighborhoods. People just rapping about what they knew, and what they loved. It didn’t matter the language, the message was the same.

“Aye, Juno what’s poppin?” Dumbfoundead chimed, pulling him into a hug.

“Oh Hyung, what’s good?” he grinned. “What brings you here?”

“Meeting Jessi and YOX tonight, but I had time to kill. You wanna spit some?”

Figures, Dumb had a way of bringing the culture with him, no matter where he went. “Nah, Just watching tonight.” His eyes wandered to the next rapper who seemed to unwillingly get the mic. He was instantly peaked hearing the English roll off your tongue. There was something about the waviness of your rap, and how easily you found the rhythm.

It was familiar yet unrefined.

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Infatuation - Part 2

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Summary: You are now a Pre-K teacher and you meet Jaebum, a single dad. 

Genre: Romance, teacher, single dad

Warnings: smut in later chapters, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

Authors Note: A lot of unanswered questions in today’s chapter! I am trying to make this fic interesting. I apologize for the grammar! Again, this is my first fic. I am trying my best! I started off with 4 followers, but now I have 113 after part 1! Also, Part 1 has 283 notes! I am really happy! Thank you so much for reading! Please message me or ask me if you have any questions about this fic! 


It was the weekend and that meant partying. Although you were a teacher and you had to maintain your professional aura, everyone deserves some fun right? You went out with your best friend from college, Ashley. She always encouraged you to have a bit more fun, out of your comfort zone, but sometimes she had some shitty suggestions. 

You guys went to your favorite club, and as per usual,  Ashley got drunk after like one drink.

“Hey Y/N, I dare you to sleep with someone tonight and then tell them you have a boyfriend to freak them out. Tell them that your boyfriend will kill them, tell them he’s in the mafia!"  she giggled drunkenly to you.

"What the hell is wrong with you Ashley? You have bad ideas.” you playfully hit her.

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When Stars Align | One

Member: Jungkook 

Genre: Angst, fluff, long distance relationship 

Word Count: 4.1k 

Summary: You were only going to South Korea as a little present for yourself. Nothing more than that, but when a stranger drops his phone and then becomes your seat mate on the plane, all your plans to be a tourist in another country changes. (lol i suck at summaries) 

A/N: Enjoy?! This is a SERIES. I don’t know how long it will be, but I’m excited and I hope you are as well. 

Two | Three | Four 

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“Now boarding flight number four-seven-eight-two. Please make your way to the gate and present your boarding passes. Thank you.”

The speaker’s voice announces your flight and you make your way with your boarding pass. As you’re walking through the rows of seats, you notice a phone that drops out from a man’s pocket. He doesn’t seem to notice so you rush over to the phone and pick it up before anyone steps on it.

“Excuse me,” You tap the shoulder of the man wearing a camouflage jacket. “I think you dropped your phone.” You hold up the phone for the man to look and he smiles.

“Ah thank you so much.” He takes the phone and proceeds to check into the flight.

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Some unneeded Klangst

Not tryna be indie
Not tryna be cool
Just tryna be in this
Tell me are you too?

Lance lay in Keith’s lap, gazing up at his boyfriend’s face. Keith smiled back at him, running his fingers through Lance’s chestnut brown hair. “You’re beautiful.” Lance smiled, the sunlight streaming in through the window creating a halo of golden light around Keith’s body. Keith smiled back, planting a small kiss on Lance’s forehead. “You’re beautiful too, pretty boy.”

Can you feel where the wind is?
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room?

Lance yelled in exhilaration, hugging Keith’s waist as the two of them sped down a highway at way more than the actual speed limit. Keith smirked at Lance. “You scared, pretty boy?” Lance laughed and choked as Keith’s dark ebony hair whipped back into his face.

“Me? Never.”

“Tell me about it.”

‘Cause I wanna touch you baby
And I wanna feel you too
I wanna see the sun rise
On your sins just me and you

Keith and Lance lay in a field, gazing up at the heavens. Clasping Keith’s gloved hand in his own, Lance let out a small sigh of contentment as Keith squeezed it comfortingly. “Look. There’s the Ursa major. And the Ursa minor.” Keith raised his hand to point out the constellations. He held Lance’s hand as he showed Lance the constellations. “Was your father an astronaut?” Lance grinned, turning to Keith. “Uhhhh… I…. Don’t think so.” Keith replied, confused. “Cus there are galaxies in your eyes.” Lance finished, planting a small peck on Keith’s cheek.“Not another one of those pickup lines. We’ve talked about this, pretty boy.” Keith groaned, but a small smile played on his lips.

Light it up, on the run
Let’s make love tonight
Make it up, fall in love

“Happy Birthday, Keith.” Lance whispered into Keith’s ear, Keith yelping and pulling his hands up into fists. “Lance! Quiznak! You scared me!” Keith hissed, putting down his fists. “What did you want?” Lance smiled and took Keith’s hand. “Follow me.” Leading Keith to the kitchen, Lance covered Keith’s eyes with his hand. “It’s a surprise.” Lance nodded at Pidge, Hunk, and Shiro. They gave him a thumbs up and flicked on the lights. “SURPRISE!” They all yelled in unison, big smiles adorning their faces. Pidge placed a flower crown on Keith’s head, while Hunk and Shiro carried a big marpizan cake. Lance lit the candle and nodded at Keith. Keith looked up at Lance, tears in his eyes. “I-i can’t believe you guys did this for me!” Lance grinned, kissing Keith on the lips to cheers from Shiro, Hunk, and Pidge. “ I SHIP IT!” Pidge screamed, highfiving Hunk while Shiro stood there like a proud father.

But you’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here
I’ll hold you when things go wrong
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn

“Lance? Lance!” Keith screamed, hot tears rolling down his cheeks, mixing with the raindrops falling from the skies above. He picked Lance up, cradling him in his arms. He got onto his motorcycle, staunching the blood coming from Lance’s head wound with his red jacket. “Why are you always so stupidly stubborn? You just had to show me that you could ride a bicycle without hands?” Keith yelled at Lance’s limp body, revving the engine of his red motorcycle. “Don’t worry Lance. Everything’s going to be okay. Stay with me.”

Baby, I’m right here
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here

Keith lay by Lance’s bedside. Holding his clammy hand in his gloved one, Keith wearily brushed Lance’s soft brown hair out of his face. “Mr Kogane, Visiting hours are over. You can come back tomorrow.” The nurse politely informed the tired Korean.

“I’m not going anywhere! You can’t stop me from staying here!”

“Mr Kogane, please, this is a hos-”


“Mr Kogane, if you don’t leave now, we will call security.”


Wandering outside of the hospital after being kicked out, Keith caught a glimpse of himself in the glass windows. Dishevelled and exhausted, his reflection stared back at him. Crumpling up into a ball, Keith’s body shook with sobs.

We were shut like a jacket
So do your zip
We would roll down the rapids
To find a wave that fits

Lance smiled at Keith. “So…I heard someone was very rude to the hospital staff.” “Shut up.” Keith grumbled, sipping his coffee. “What did you get?” Lance asked after a while, pointing to the thermos in Keith’s hands. “Black. Bitter. Like my soul.” Keith muttered, taking a large gulp to prove his point. Lance grinned. “You’re so funny, Keith. Your soul is the definition of positivity.” Keith sighed. “Sweet Jesus. We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms.” Lance shot a grin back at him. “Nope. Don’t remember, didn’t happen.” “Exactly! It’s just you keep denying it!” Keith huffed.

Can you feel where the wind is?
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room?

Lance shrieked as Keith splashed water at him. “Nope! NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE” Lance yelled, chasing after Keith with a bucket of ice-cold water. Cornering Keith at the fence surrounding the garden, Lance smirked. “Got you now, Mullet.” Flinging the water in the bucket towards Keith, he grinned in triumph. “Victory is MINE!” He cackled gleefully as he stood atop a rock and lost his balance. The next thing he knew, Keith had caught him in his arms and the two were soaked and shivering. “N-Now you will remember me c-cradling you in m-my arms.” Keith smirked, pecking Lance on the forehead before dropping him. “Keith! Buddy? My man?” Lance sighed as he flailed around helplessly in a wheelbarrow.

'Cause I wanna touch you baby
I wanna feel you too
I wanna see the sun rise
On your sins just me and you

Keith sneezed and grabbed a tissue from the box. “T-this is all your fault, L-lance. I h-hate you.” Shivering, he blew his nose into a tissue for what seemed like the millionth time that hour. “I-if you keep blowing your nose s-so hard, it might f-fall off.” Lance sniffled, wiping his nose with a tissue. Keith laughed. “A-as if. Netflix? I’ll get some pizza.”

“Shiro will kill us for this.”

“You can join me in my death then.”

Light it up, on the run
Let’s make love tonight
Make it up, fall in love

Lighting up a match, Keith whispered into Lance’s ear. “You ready?” Lance scoffed and lit one too. “I was BORN ready. I bet mine will fly higher than yours.” Keith narrowed his eyes. “Oh, it’s ON.”

“3…2…1… Go!”

They released their sky lanterns simultaneously, two glowing lights in the night sky. “You drew your FACE on it?” Keith deadpanned, unimpressed. “Yeah! Wait… what did you draw on yours? Is that… a HIPPO?” Lance shrieked, gaping up at the giant hippo lantern floating in the sky. “Yes. That is correct.” Keith gazed up at his lantern adoringly.

But you’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here
I’ll hold you when things go wrong
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here

“Keith? Can I come in?”

“Go away, Lance.”

“Please, Keith, let me in! I want to help!”

“Lance, go away. Please.”

Keith stared at the x-ray, tears clouding his vision. Stage four lung cancer.The doctor said that it’s particularly hard to cure. Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy may be needed. I’m dying.

Go give love to your body
It’s only you that can stop it
Go give love to your body
It’s only you that can stop it
Go give love to your body
It’s only you that can stop it
Go give love to your body
Go give love to your body

Lance held Keith’s hand, the two of them sitting in silence on a park bench. “So…Where do we go from here?” Lance asked, eyes trained on a pigeon pecking the seeds Keith was throwing at it. “Dunno. Where do you want to go, pretty boy? I’m not going anywhere. I’m dying, Lance. I hate myself. I hate my life.” Keith quietly said, putting his head in his hands.

“Keith… You’re amazing. Don’t say that you’re dying. You’ll live.”

“Thanks, Lance.”

“I love you, Keith.”

“I-i love you too, pretty boy.”

But you’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here
I’ll hold you when things go wrong
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here

Lance tucked his hands into his pockets and shuffled into the flower shop. “Hey, Lance. The usual?” Lance nodded stiffly, barely acknowledging the florist. “Alright. that will be 3 bucks.” Lance paid quickly, stalking out of the shop without another word. Grabbing a coffee for Keith, he made his way back.

Lance sat on the ground, putting down the coffee for Keith. “Black and bitter, like your soul, just how you like it.” Lance smiled. He took out the single red rose and put it beside the coffee. “For you. You love red, don’t you? Don’t worry. I’ll be with you shortly.” Lance smiled, getting up and returning to his apartment. Keith’s things were strewn all over the place. Normally, Lance would have stopped to clean up but he walked past them without batting an eye. He stopped and turned back, picking up a framed polaroid from the coffee table.

Standing on the roof, Lance inhaled the fresh air and looked at the Polaroid. It was taken when Keith and Lance visited the amusement park.

“Lance! Let’s go!” Keith huffed, unhappily being dragged into a photo booth.

“Come on, Keith. We need some memories of this day!”


The two sat on the jetty, watching the sunset.



“Will you be my boyfriend?”


Keith pitched forward, hugging Lance in a warm embrace. Lance sighed and ran his fingers through Keith’s hair.

“You know… About your hair?”

“Are you going to insult it again?”

“No. I love it. You look great.”

Lance choked back a sob. Keith was gone. He tucked the picture into his jacket pocket and stepped towards the edge of the roof.

“Lance! Stop! Please!”

“Lance! Stop!”

“Please! Keith would never have wanted this to happen!”

“I’m sorry, guys. I promised him that I’d be with him soon.” Lance took a deep breath and stepped off the building. Freefalling, tears streamed down his face. “I’m coming, Keith. Wait for me.” He whispered, closing his eyes as he crashed into the sidewalk, the sound of police sirens and the ambulance wailing in the distance.

An: I’m sorry. I just had to do this. This will be available on my wattpad rand0m_un1c0rn from tomorrow!

Friends to lovers!au: Johnny


• slight mention of drinking

• okay I’m on mobile so please forgive the typing quality, I just had to get this out my head because it’s been haunting me FOREVER

• edit: this turned out so long I’m SORRY

• I saw that old smrookies pic of Johnny visiting Chicago so it stirred something in me 

• Let’s goooooo

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I hope this can be the start of a new series for me! I got this idea entirely off of a click and drag I did so credits to the user who gave me this idea. I made both Joshua and the reader be transfer students from America so if you aren’t in any way American, bare with me here. (fair warning that this is going to sound really cheesy and corny like most fanfics)

  • Joshua is such a softy
  • And a sweetheart
  • I feel like he would be that cute boy that everyone just kind of likes
  • But he would be so quiet due to the fact that he’s a transfer student from America
  • He doesn’t really know his Korean very well and would be super anxious to say anything in front of the class
  • Of course he knew his basics and could put together some really simple sentences
  • But he was afraid that he didn’t know enough to carry on a full conversation with his peers
  • So he just kind of kept to himself and sat in the corner by himself
  • He would also be super shy when it would come to meeting new people
  • Like he considered himself socially awkward and he thought he wasn’t able to make friends easily because of that
  • He constantly thinks about all of the friends that he could make if he actually became confident in himself with his Korean
  • But he’s too nervous to ask for help
  • And his online Korean classes are too confusing for him
  • So that’s the main reason why he rarely spoke
  • He pretty much blames it all on his lack of self confidence as to the reason why he’s so quiet and shy and won’t speak to people
  • But that all changes when you arrive
  • You had become a transfer student to a new school in Korea due to some issues you had at home
  • Basically your parents hadn’t always been the best to you
  • And it got to the point where you didn’t really feel safe being around them
  • So you found out that you actually had an aunt who was living in Korea at the time
  • And lucky for you
  • The school you went to was offering for some students to have the chance to study abroad in Korea
  • So wanting the chance to finally get away from your life in America you managed to somehow convince your parents to let your study abroad
  • It didn’t really take much convincing to be honest
  • Sometimes you felt like they could care less about what you do
  • But luckily your aunt was willing to take you in as her own daughter and allowed you to stay with her in Korea for a while
  • To prepare for transferring schools
  • You signed up for a couple of online classes to help teach you Korean
  • And within a few months you knew your basics
  • You weren’t terrible at it
  • But you also weren’t exactly good
  • Your aunt had reassured you though that your Korean was just fine to get you through an average day in Korea
  • And finally the day came when you were able to transfer schools for the next year or two
  • Korea did take some getting used to at first
  • But the people there were pretty nice
  • A lot of your neighbors seemed impressed that a young teenager was willing to spend a couple years in a foreign country to study abroad
  • They all seemed to praise you for knowing Korean so well in such a short amount of time
  • Your school was impressed too
  • They had told you that you would fit in just fine with their students
  • Having the reassurance from so many people had kind of made you less nervous about talking to your peers
  • On your first day the principal had so kindly escorted you to your first class
  • The teacher had welcomed you inside with a warm smile and motioned for you to stand in front of the class to introduce yourself
  • Your peers looked kind of dead and bored
  • You couldn’t blame them though because who ever really wants to be up at this time in the morning to learn
  • You took a deep breath before speaking in your best Korean
  • “hello my name is y/n and i’m a transfer student from america. i hope you all take care of me~”
  • The class had responded with a couple of deep mummers before the teacher showed you an empty desk in the back of the room
  • You had happily taken your seat in the back and set your stuff down as the teacher began to speak
  • During her lesson
  • You couldn’t help but let your mind wander as you looked around the class room
  • Your eyes landed on a cute looking boy who was a couple seats down in the row next to you
  • He had soft brown eyes and his hair was nice and silky looking
  • His uniform looked clean and well put together
  • Basically he looked like a cute little school boy who was ready to learn
  • You couldn’t help but notice that he had a really handsome face
  • Your favorite feature of him was probably his lips
  • They looked so soft and full
  • You couldn’t help but think about what it would feel like to kiss them
  • You found yourself so caught up in daydreaming about the cute boy that you didn’t notice him turn his head in your direction
  • And you didn’t even realize that your eyes had locked for a couple seconds until you saw him turn away with a blush on his cheeks
  • And you finally realized how creepy your probably looked starring at this really cute boy and damn you thought that you really messed up that first impression
  • The first month you spend at the school actually went by better than you expected
  • You managed to make some really good friends there
  • You even had a small group of people who willingly accepted you into their friend group
  • You remember them introducing themselves as Hansol, Seokmin, and the ‘I’m-that-really-annoying-guy-who-you’re-probably-going-to-hate-at-some-point-bc-of-my-lame-jokes’ (a.k.a Kwon Soonyoung)
  • They basically took you under their wing and were the first people to accept you for you
  • You proabably got along most with Hansol, who was a freshman, due to the fact that you both were American
  • The two of you were basically best friends
  • And your favorite activity would to speak in english in front of Sookmin and Soonyoung just to see the look they would give you as they tried to figure out wtf you were actually saying
  • Eventually they just started getting the idea that everything you said was a compliment
  • Like you could say that Seokmin’s screeching reminded you of a whale and he would just kind of
  • “yes i know i’m the most handsome man in the who school you don’t have to remind me”
  • And you and Hansol would just kind of roll your eyes
  • As much as you loved your best friends
  • You couldn’t help but want only one person to talk to you
  • And that was the same cute boy that you shared your first class with
  • Actually he was in a couple of your advanced classes
  • But you guys never crossed paths or spoke with each other since the incident where you basically ruined your chances of getting him to like you because just just had to be creepy and stare at his cute face and kissable lips
  • You began to give up on ever getting the chance to talk to him until one day after class
  • You had been called down to the office for a quick screening and you were already ten minutes late to your next class so you grabbed all of your things and rushed as quickly as you could down the empty hall
  • You were making great time until you just had to crash into a tall object
  • Or person
  • When you looked to apologize to the person
  • You noticed that you were now face to face with the really cute boy in your advanced classes
  • “are you okay?”
  • You swore you never heard an angel speak such good english as this one right in front of you
  • You just kind of stared at him for a bit before letting out a weird jumble of words
  • Like you couldn’t even remember what you were saying because it was that messy
  • The boy just kind of laughed and helped you pick you your books
  • As he handed you your last one, your fingers brushed together
  • And you both just kind of stood there without moving
  • You were sure in that moment that the boy felt the same fluttery feeling you did judging by the look in his eyes
  • He was the first to break the silence and smiled at you
  • “my name is joshua and i think we have some of the same classes”
  • You would just kind of stare at him and stutter
  • “i’m y/n and i think you have a really cute face”
  • It would take you a moment before you would facepalm at the words that just came out of your mouth
  • Joshua just seemed to kind of laugh at your response and move his other hand to push a stray piece of hair behind your ear
  • “i’ll see you in calculus, darling”
  • And he would strut off just like that
  • Just leaving you standing there wondering what the hell just happened
  • Later that night you would be fangirling to Hansol over the phone and he would just kind of sit there on the other line ready to hang up because of how girly you were acting
  • But you knew he was too much of a sweetheart to do that
  • Hansol understood how much you like Joshua
  • It’s not like he’s all you ever really talked about or anything
  • Nooooo, not at all
  • Every day for the next few weeks you and Joshua would always stop to say hello whenever you saw each other in the halls
  • And you would always work on classwork together in your classes
  • You found yourself falling in love with Joshua and his character
  • He was actually a really interesting person
  • You found out that the reason he was so good at english was because he had lived in LA for most of his life before moving to Korea
  • And he was always quiet because he was afraid to speak in Korean because it was apparently really bad
  • All of your classmates began to ship the two of you together because it was so cute seeing you and Joshua acting all cutesy with your new friendship
  • Seokmin and Soonyoung would always tease you about it saying that you and Joshua were going to get married and live on a farm in America with 12 kids and 30 pigs
  • And it would make you really embarrassed to the point where Hansol would sigh and respond sassily to them
  • “at least in her future she’s going to get married unlike you guys who will probably live with each other and a million cats”
  • And that would get them to shut up
  • After the first 3 months of school you realized that you managed to survive a whole season at a foreign school
  • As the month of Winter began everyone began to buzz about the fancy Winter formal that was coming up
  • And Joshua was beginning to act weird around you
  • You noticed that he would become quieter and quieter as the weeks rolled on and the formal grew closer
  • It eventually came to the point where he grew distant
  • And it kind of scared you because talking to him was the only way you could be close to him
  • He never really did work with you anymore and basically ignored you in the halls
  • It got you thinking about what you did wrong to make him ignore you
  • You talked to your friends about it asking them why guys were always so weird
  • But they didn’t give you a legit response and it kind of upset you
  • A week until the formal and you were kind of hoping Joshua would ask you to go with him but your hopes were slowly washing away because it got the point where he didn’t even acknowledge you
  • One day when you were about to head home after school
  • Hansol pulled you in the opposite direction despite your protests for him to stop
  • Once you got the the school yard he told you to sit down at the fountain and just wait
  • You looked at him confused but you listened to him and trusted that he knew what was going on
  • A couple minutes after Hansol left you began to hear the soft strumming of a guitar
  • You sat quietly and listened as an oddly familiar voice began to sing
  • You furrowed your eyebrows before standing up from your spot on the fountain and walking to the other side
  • There you saw Joshua looking right back at you as he continued to sing
  • When he was done, he set his guitar next to him and waited for you to say something
  • Only you couldn’t
  • You just kind of stood there like “wow this man can really sing”
  • Joshua stood up and took your hands in his own
  • He looked right into your eyes and smiled sweetly and you swear that your heart melted
  • He pushed a strand of hair behind your ear just like he did when you first ran into each other
  • “sorry i’ve been ignoring you, i just couldn’t find the right words on how to say this”
  • oh boy
  • Now your heart was beating so fast you swear that it was going to burst
  • Joshua could probably hear how hard it was pounding at this point
  • “y/n i’ve liked you since the first time i caught such a pretty girl starring at me and i was hoping that you would go to the formal with me???”
  • And that’s when your heart exploded
  • All you could do was nod your head a super speed and wrap your arms around his neck
  • Joshua was taken aback but hugged your back and gOD IT FELT SO GOOD
  • Immediately when you got home you gave Hansol a ring
  • And you found out that he basically helped set it up by telling Joshua that a special someone had a huge crush on him
  • At first you wanted to hit Hansol for spilling to your crush about your crush on him
  • But you couldn’t help but love him at the same time for it because you would never have had the guts to talk to Joshua about it on your own
  • Fast forward to the night of the dance
  • You had the prettiest ball gown that anyone had ever seen
  • Your aunt made sure to take lots a pictures for her memory book
  • And when you answered your door
  • Joshua basically stopped breathing and looked so awestruck at how beautiful you were
  • He would be so cheesy with the compliments he would give you
  • “wow, i thought that just seeing you was the most beautiful thing in the world but here you have invented a whole different level”
  • And you would blush so hard at his compliments
  • Your aunt waved as the two of you headed off the to big dance
  • Once you got there your heart was pounding because you were so nervous
  • You wanted his night to be perfect
  • Well, with Joshua it already was
  • But you wanted to have every girl’s dream dance
  • You had the perfect date and now all you needed that romantic dance where you got your first kiss
  • Sadly that didn’t happen because Joshua didn’t really have the balls to kiss you yet
  • But you did have a great time
  • All your friends showed up and basically joined in on yours and Joshua’s date
  • He didn’t seemed to mind so you just kind of went with it
  • You did get your slow dance with him on the plus side
  • He was kind of awkward when first dancing with you
  • But as he became less tense and nervous he looked basically like a pro
  • By the end of the night
  • Being the gentleman that Joshua is
  • He walked up up to your door
  • You thanked him for having such a great night
  • And he just kind of stood there with his cheeks flushed pink saying that it was not problem
  • Before he left he placed a sweet kiss to your cheek
  • And right after the two of you heard a snap of a camera so you pulled apart and glared at your aunt who just giggled and ran away
  • So in the end you kind of did get your kiss even if it wasn’t as perfect as you wanted it
  • The next few weeks at school you and Joshua were basically stuck together
  • Everyone thought you guys were a couple at this point because of the tings you would do
  • Like walking through the halls hand in hand
  • Or always making sure to sit next to each other at lunch
  • And confronting Seokmin together when he started a rumor that you actually were dating
  • But you kind of had to thank him for that one because after that Joshua was just kinda like
  • “why not”
  • And that’s you you guys became an item
  • He would be the sweetest boyfriend awe
  • He always made sure to hold the doors open for you
  • He helped you with your homework
  • And he always made it his priority to spend time with you everyday to make sure you didn’t feel alone
  • After 3 months of dating your friends began to bug you guys about why you haven’t had your first kiss
  • Hansol smacked them both on the back of their heads and apologized to you guys for your friend’s stupidity
  • But you too kind of began to wonder why you haven’t had your first kiss yet
  • You didn’t want to rush Joshua though because you knew he got really shy and nervous about these things
  • Joshua on the other hand felt bad because he felt like he was holding you back
  • So he did plan to give you both yours and his first kiss
  • When he was over at your place on a late Friday night
  • Your aunt had gone out with a couple of friends and told you that she wouldn’t be home until the next afternoon
  • So Joshua said he would stay the night with you to keep you company
  • He showed up with tons of snacks and movies for you guys to watch
  • You sat for hours upon hours watching corny old movies
  • You got really tired and you leaned your head on Joshua’s shoulder
  • You felt his lips press to your temple, not moving from their place for a while
  • You pulled away from him and looked up at him with concern asking if he was okay
  • He bit his lip nervously and played with his fingers in his lap before looking at you dead in the eye
  • “can i….kiss you?”
  • You were kind of taken aback in shock
  • You just smiled and giggled at him before cupping his cheeks
  • “you don’t have to ask silly”
  • And you pressed your lips onto his own
  • And damn were your right about your first impression of his lips all those months ago
  • They were just as soft and sweet as the looked
  • Kissing him was like being in a dream
  • It was something beyond what you could have imagined
  • The two of you pulled away only when you needed to breathe
  • “wow”
  • was all that he could say
  • You blushed and leaned your head on his shoulder again as you finished watching your movies
  • If you thought that you and Joshua were close before
  • Well damn you guys were even closer now if all possible
  • You were that couple that couldn’t bare being away from the other
  • But everyone thought it was more cute than annoying
  • Mainly because they’ve never seen a girl make Joshua so happy before in his life
  • In fact they were shocked that you were able to help him open up more
  • He talked a lot more in classes
  • Made a couple more friends
  • But what really shocked them is when he stood up for little Chan being bullied in the hallway
  • They were basically beating the poor kid up to a little pulp until your boyfriend stepped in and threw a punch at the kid who was beating up Chan
  • He did get in trouble and ended up getting detention
  • But you didn’t mind because he had the right heart
  • Chan couldn’t stop thanking Joshua and was basically a puppy to him for the rest of the school year
  • He always followed you guys around
  • It did get annoying, but you understood that Chan didn’t have any friends so you took him under your wing
  • The school year seemed to fly by so fast and now you and Joshua were graduating
  • The only person who was a worse mess than you that day was your aunt
  • She was so proud that her niece was graduating high school
  • The whole thing was such a sad moment but one of the best in your life
  • She even gave you and Joshua cute couple ideas for your graduation pictures
  • You were kind of worried about losing Joshua after graduation because you were returning to the states for college
  • But he promised you that he would wait and visit you every chance he got
  • It didn’t happen that often
  • But you guys were able to spend winter break and summer together
  • You guys were the high school sweethearts that ended up getting married later in your life
  • And everyone thought you were goals okay
  • You were so grateful that you got to meet a man like Joshua
  • Going to Korea was by far the best choice you ever made in your life
best friend! Joshua

requested by anon: “could you do a joshua best friend au?”

  • you’ve known Joshua Hong for most of your life
  • went to the same school all the way into highschool
  • elementary, not much happened
  • probably just say hi and stuff like, “can i use that glue stick when you’re done” 
  • middle school came along and the two of you were officially in the 7th grade
  • you weren’t really the type of person to have a lot of close friends, maybe only a little over a handful
  • but you did have a lot of friends, made from your classmates and friends of friends 
  • because you never really had a problem having a fun and nice conversation with someone
  • Joshua was one of those friends, just the nice boy in your math and history class who actually knew all the states and their capital 
  • until your history teacher decided your class wasn’t allowed to choose their own partners anymore and chose them herself
  • “Y/n and Joshua, you guys have ‘Causes of The Civil War’ ” 
  • so as you gave up your seat for someone else, you scooted into the now empty desk next to Joshua
  • “hey Joshuaa, so what do you want to do first”
  • “hmm we can look at the text book first” 
  • the whole project had some class time available to work on it but was expected to be worked on at home
  • “do you want to do a powerpoint then?” he asks 
  • “yeah! what’s your number so I can send you the links and stuff” 
  • so you guys finished your project a day early and got an A of course
  • and the conversations should’ve died there or something 
  • except when you had to sit next to each other for presentations he leaned over and looked at the paper on your desk 
  • “you like Naruto?” 
  • you look down at you rough doodle of Naruto’s face and grinned
  • “yeah do you??” 
  • so that’s how the two of you became close because later that night, you texted him ranting about the latest episode  
  • and the conversation went on to other animes
  • then somehow led to whether you finished your essay
  • then to which flavor of ice cream was best
  • the two of you, probably the most unlikely friends ever
  • the nice, quiet boy who hung out with his group of guy friends 
  • and the social butterfly who pretty much talked to everyone,
  • and now him
  • highschool came around and you watched as he taught himself guitar
  • and joined choir 
  • “what the freak Josh why am i just finding out you have such a nice voice, it’s not fair” 
  • “oh,” he laughs as you poke his shoulder over and over again at lunch, “sorry my bad”
  • even though you and Joshua had many different classes and were involved in different groups, the two of you never failed to hang out
  • one of the these times being towards the end of highschool, where you went to this annual Korean festival together
  • “look i wanna go there! there’s fried fishcake” you saying tilting your head towards the stand and proceeding to tug on his arm
  • “hold on please!” 
  • the both of you pause and turn to around to face a foreign voice
  • your eyes meet a Korean man, who’s facing Joshua
  • “do you know what kpop is?” 
  • he continues to explain how he’s a manager for Pledis Entertainment and scouting for trainees, then asked Joshua if he wanted to join
  • “ah can i please think about it?” he says, while you just look at them back and forth
  • the guy hands him is contact information and gives him a couple days to decide
  • “JOSH!” you squeal, even though you didn’t really understand the situation much, but you understood something, “you could go be a singer!”
  • “i know i know, but can i do it? live in another country? how do i even know..” he trails off nervously
  • you grab his shoulders and look him in the eye,
  • “Joshua Hong. I know you kay, you finna spend the rest of your life regretting it, and i know how much you want this okay. What do i always say?” you stare at him pointedly
  • “if life gives you ramen you take it and eat every last bit,” he says, a smiling forming on his face
  • “right!” you say laughing
  • so for the next two or so years, you guys always stayed in touch
  • without fail, you guys would at least text every other day
  • and when he debuted, he sent you tickets to his showcase with the backstage tickets 
  • so what other thing is there to do besides go
  • and be extra af 
  • so of course you went disguised as a fan 
  • with a baseball hat with seventeen written across 
  • and a giant neon poster with ‘JOSHUA HONG’ written across 
  • and a bright orange t-shirt with the derpiest Joshua face you could find from Seventeen TV 
  • and let’s not forget the gift you prepared him 
  • you almost lose your voice from all the screaming you did but whatever it’s worth it 
  • and when it’s over, you go backstage
  •  and basically tackle Joshua, proudly 
  • “JOSH YOU MOTHER FREAKING DEBUTED” you scream loudly 
  • “Y/N WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?” he exclaims holding his laugh in poorly 
  • svt crowds around you dying of laughter from your outfit 
  • the two of you catch up on everything and you end up pretty much being the last friend or family backstage 
  • with the other members screaming excitedly around you guys, you talk to them a bit 
  • “guess WHAT i gotchu a gift” you say wiggling your eyebrows at Joshua 
  • he laughs, still on a happy high, “what what, i have expectations" 
  • "oh TRUST me, this will be the best gift you’ve ever gotten" 
  • you hand him a gift bag 
  • as he pulls the tissue paper out, looking inside the bag, and immediately bursts out laughing
  • pulling the item out, the others are laughing and seal clapping 
  • "thanks for the matching shirt”
  • "anytime, now there’s more!!” you say winking 
  • he grabs the last thing from the bag and laughs, extremely amused
  • dropping the bag in surprise he holds the item to his face 
  • a water bottle with 'DRINK WATER NOT ALCOHOL’ printed on in big, bold, black letters 
  • “you’re gonna be dancing a lot so you need to stay hydrated!” you grin, winking excessively 
  • “ah you’re the best, seriously” he grins and pulls you into a hug 
  • fast forward 2 years or so later
  • your have your life together as best as you can for a college student, and find the time to attend his concert
  • like last time, nothing will ever compare to seeing Joshua and his group live
  • as you walk backstage, the more mature ish side of you doesn’t play jokes and engulfs him a tight hug
  • “you’ve made it so far” you say looking at him with tears in your eyes, ruffling his hair
  • “what is this you’ve turned soft?” he jokes ruffling your hair also
  • “college does that to a person i guess” you joke
  • the two of your haven’t seen each other in over two years after all
  • and with this limited amount of time you guys made the most of it
  • right before you have to leave, he tells you to wait 
  • so you settle down at the edge of the stage, where the two of you were, legs hanging off the sides
  • he comes jogging back over, a box in hand
  • “what is this? you already gave me a set of merch” you say laughing, accepting the box as he hands it to you
  • “a gift” he says, flashing his eye smile
  • you make a surprised sound,”hmm? what did i do, you already give me a bunch of free stuff” 
  • “aye we’re best friends, besides it’s nothing burdensome, promise” he claps his hands together and grins
  • you pretend to glare at his seriously, “imma hold you to that Hong” 
  • opening the box, that was clearly wrapped by a staff member or possibly Mingyu
  • you know your best friend after all
  • picking up the object, the first thing you register is it’s a really nice looking water bottle
  • well as nice as they get
  • you’re a pretty quick person so 0.1 seconds later you register the giant bolded words in your favorite color
  • you stare at the bottle then turn at Joshua who’s looking at you excitedly
  • “wow i’m a freakin philosopher” 
  • “yah!” 
  • “just kidding~ i love it i’m going take it with me everywhere” you smile, wrapping an arm around his shoulder
  • “good and drink water-” 
  • “and alcohol because yes i’m definitely gonna fill it with vodka or something” you tease
  • “no no no you better not!” he says pretending you scold you
  • “ssshhh we’ll see” you smirk
  • “y/n l/n” 
  • “that’s me your bff dude” 
  • he doesn’t bother to try to further the conversation, knowing he’ll lose
  • and so the too of you sit there 
  • basking in the stadium lights and sipping on water not alcohol ;) 

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Introduction to the boy group M.O.N.T

Hello! So I noticed that there was only one blog dedicated to this super lovely pre-debut group, so I’ve decided to support them here and promote them as much as I can!  *update* there’s another blog here :D

Their name is M.O.N.T. (Members of the National Team) and there are currently 3 members, but they will debut next year with 5. Our fandom name is MINT. The current three members have recently released their first single, “Sorry”, so check that out here! 

Okay, first things first about this group: they’re not your average idol trainees. No seriously. They live in what they call “the mountains”, where they clean the yard, shovel snow, have barbecues (then play paper scissors rock to decide who has to do the dishes outside), look after dogs, go camping, do gardening, pick berries, have photo shoots in their forest, make furniture, and even have visits from Unicorn the neighbourly goat. Oh, and if living in the mountains wasn’t already enough, one of the members yodels. They manage to do all this while practicing to be proper idols in their adorable farmhouse practice room. 

On top of this they have really unique names that are pure Korean: Roda, Narachan and Bitsaeon. Plus they LOVE communicating with their fans, and even try to learn languages to talk to us! They have YouTube videos subtitled in Polish, Hebrew and English, and MONT can be seen learning other languages such as German to speak phrases to fans in live videos. You will always hear them saying “kocham cię” to their Polish fans in lives!   

If you aren’t already in love with this quirky style of trainee-life, I’ll prove all of what I’ve mentioned to you under the cut! 

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Little Helper(Namjoon Smut)

{Hi, could I please make a request? [I joined tumblr not too long ago and I’m actually nervous putting forward a request since this is my first. I’ve ready your work and it’s amazing] A smut where there is an British exchange student and Namjoon helps her out around school because her Korean isn’t perfect and she’s very awkward and shy around everyone besides him. He likes speaking to her in English and after a while she opens up to him and wants to thank him by giving herself to him. He’s hesitant to have sex with her though, but she says it’s okay and they do the deed. She seems innocent but has a very kinky and rough side which she shows to Namjoon one day after school. After a while she discovers his daddy kink and yeah something like that. Sorry if it’s weird. Thank you in advance :) }

Your name: submit What is this?

Here you go!<3 @kxxkiemonsterx I hope you enjoy!

 Namjoon’s POV:

Sitting there I watched as the multitude of the student body glided across the campus. Everyone in their little clicks and gangs or the cute little nerds that decided to stay alone. It always made me feel a bit saddened to see some people walk alone but then I remembered that some people prefer to be alone and that I, myself have sometimes experienced the joys of a quiet walk by myself. Just to focus on an important test or performance that I may have to deal with that day. But lately I haven’t been able to have me time. It’s not that I dislike it, in fact I think it’s the complete opposite. Chuckling to myself I lifted a hand up to comb through my freshly dyed purple hair blue contacted eyes looking around the main campus for her.

“Looking for Y/N again?” A familiar voice asked me. Turning my head back I looked at Jin smiling sheepishly.

“Don’t sneak up on me.” I avoided the question and he clapped my back before he walked off.

“I know you’re waiting for her because you avoided my question. Have fun Namjoon. Don’t drool too much.”

Rolling my eyes, I stretched out my legs hands moving down to straighten out the lines on my crisp dark black skinny jeans. It was a bit windy today so I had to dress in warm clothes but I think I overdid it at first and I had to change out of it. Ever since she came into my life, I’ve been overthinking my outfits and instead of being myself she had me as a nervous flustered fool. Playing with my black cardigan I heard her melodic voice shaking me to my core.

“I’m sure if no one has noticed you by now they never will.” Her voice shook me right down to the core. How she addressed me in English because we both knew her Korean wasn’t that great. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face hearing the accent of her native home come out of her tongue. Biting on my bottom lip I did my best to give her a full dimpled smile because it always charmed her. “Oh put it away.” She teased moving to sit beside me. I let myself drink in the beautiful sight before me. How her beautiful hair feel down her face. How the simple white shirt and black skinny jeans fit her body not too tight or too lose just perfect accompanied by her leather jacket. She was smiling at me, and fucking hell it made me weak. Her strong scent hitting my nostrils and driving me deeper into a world of bliss. I couldn’t stop taking her in everything was breathtaking and her she was before me utterly perfect.

“Are you just going to stare at me?” She asked in Korean this time, causing a soft frown to etch across my features before I responded in English.

“Ah, is it weird that I stare at you so much? I’m sorry let’s get going then.” Of course it was fucking weird to be gawking at an exchange student. I should have known better but it was just something about her that made my heart speed up a little bit even if it was only for some seconds upon a time. Standing up I grabbed at my backpack slinging it over my left shoulder pushing my right hand into the confines of my pocket walking beside her. I could see how everyone looked at her, with curiosity or hatred. They wanted to know her story, what was she about and above all if we were a thing. At first when I saw how they glanced at us I must admit I was nervous for a few seconds, but then I decided fuck them and their judgment. I’m better off without it.

“So how was homework?” I asked Y/N. She gave me a sheepish smile jumping a bit and it seems like she was out of it too. I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty like I was the reason she was acting that way. She responded back to my question though with her own answers. I know it must have been hard on her to be so far away from home. But she had come so far and she had done so much in this short little time span of a couple of months. I was one proud teacher of her growth. I continued to smile at her as she explained the things going on with her and how she still kind of fumbles with some speech things and her homework. I had to do my best to motivate her and encourage her because we all make fumbles and falls but the most important part is that we keep going, which she did. We had always decided to talk in English for her sake but I didn’t mind the different language because it helped me make sure I kept up on my language skills as well.

“Namjoon.” Y/N addressed me as we made our way into the building close to her first class. Humming to show I was listening I looked down at her, seeing her pull out a slip of folded white paper with a deep shade of lovely red painting her features. Wordlessly I took the slip of paper from her freezing as she stood on her tip toes and kissed my right dimple. Opening her mouth, I could feel her heat on my skin causing my eyes to flutter. I was pretty sure my own face was burning at this point. “I love it when you stare at me.” Those simple words she spoke to me as she ran into her class with a nervous chuckle waving goodbye.  I stood there like an idiot for some time after until it dawned on me that I had college algebra and I knew my ass would be handed to me if I were late again. Picking up my feet I glided myself through the crowds arriving to the class at a perfect timing. The teacher looked down her nose at me and I bowed my head apologetically moving to the back of my class to my seat.

I sat in class thinking about her. The sound of her voice when she laughed or just simply talked. When she made little squealing noises or random noises of approval as she ate. How she was so full of life and all the energy around her. My perfect little bundle of happiness. I knew deep down inside of me, I would be sad when she had to leave and maybe that was part of the reasons I never tried to be overly friendly. Just then, my mind snapped and with quick fingers I was pulling the slip of paper open that she had given to me in the hallway. My eyes feeling like they were going to pop out at any moment.

Dear Namjoon,

               I will have to leave in the next month or so, and I have been really grateful of all the things you have done for me. I wanted to give you a present but not knowing what you would really like or how to ask for it in Korean I have decided to give you my body instead. If you want this offer, please come to my address stated below. I promise I will make it worth your wild. I just want to show you how thankful I am.


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My heart was beating out loud! I was sure the teacher would look at me. She would notice I wasn’t paying attention. Was the room hot or was it just me? I couldn’t contain all the feelings inside of me. Because yes, I wanted her too, it should’ve been obvious how bad she captivated me! It was no secret I’ve snuck glances at her body especially if she had to bend over to get something and it just so happens her ass is right there to view. I tried to be discreet. Holding my notebook over my raging hard on just so that she would be comfortable. And as soon as I would get to my dorm room, I’d almost die every day trying to get my boxers off and dick in my hand to get myself off. So many tissues had been used I was surprised the cleaning ladies didn’t tell me off for it. But Y/N was leaving! So, what could I do? I didn’t want a few moments with her. If I indulged in her I know that I would want her more. I would want to be in her every waking moment, I would want to hear my name roll of her pretty pink lips. I would want to pull her hair and make sure with every snap of my hips she was a fucking puddle under me not remembering any man but me. No other name but mine. Sighing, I slipped the paper into my pocket jotting down the notes I had so carelessly forgot to take while I was caught up in my own self turmoil.

Standing in front of her apartment I didn’t know what to do. Pacing back and forth I was hesitant, to want it and to go for it. But why deny her of something she wanted to do for me? Especially when I wasn’t the only one feeling things. At least this way I could have some kind of moment with her before she left my life for a while and hopefully not for good. Squaring my shoulders and giving myself a short macho man prep talk I walked up to the door letting my fist knock against it lightly. Standing there I shoved my hands back into my pocket keeping my eyes down on my feet. After a few minutes, I got worried that this was just some joke. She was fucking with me! But before I could get too paranoid about my own thoughts the door opened. Slowly she was revealed to me, standing there with nothing but a towel around her waist. Her hair was wet, the water droplets leaving trails on her body that I just wanted to lick up so bad. My tongue darting out to lick my lips, I had no words for her. And what she did next would probably stay in my wet dreams forever. She dropped her towel revealing her body to me, everything that I had called myself imagining was nothing compared to the real deal. My mouth went dry I was too flustered to even say something beyond ‘damn.’

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck me?” She questioned pulling me into her place with her hand on my belt. My body went forward, seeming to snap out of the trance I was in, I slammed the door with my foot picking her up and carrying her to her bedroom. Our lips pressing together it felt so good to finally feel her soft lips against mine. Biting down on the flesh I tried to mold our faces together kissing her with every ounce of passion I had. We knocked against some things before I had her in her bedroom and on her back on the small bed. My hands were roaming her flesh touching the wet skin and loving the feeling of it under my fingertips. She was already reacting to me arching upwards and sighing into my mouth. She bit harshly on my top lip and when I reacted with a gasp her tongue slid into my mouth. Battling me for dominance she was grabbing at my shirt, ripping at it a bit trying to get it off. I was so shocked, dizzy almost from the surprised pleasure coursing through my body. She broke the kiss first moving to slam me on the bed, I couldn’t believe my eyes and if my dick was to get any harder I felt I wouldn’t have one left. She undressed me and I let her not going against anything she wanted to do to me. Usually I took the lead and I took pride in it, but today I knew that I could let her have her fun. At least for the first round that was. She gripped onto my raging member, pressing her breast on either side of my shaft she let her mouth take me in. I groaned grabbing at her sheets knowing if I grabbed her hair I was going to bury my dick until she was crying. I watched her move her breast up and down along with her mouth, the tight suction and space had my head rolling back. Loud moans of her name rolled of my tongue slowly the room getting hotter by the second. My vision blurred it felt too good. The walls seemed to be listening to how my voice rose louder in volume and fuck her neighbors let them hear. My chest rising and falling I almost stayed there but then I remembered she said she was giving herself to me.

Leaning up, I grabbed at her hair pulling her off of my dick with a wet pop, spit trailing from her lips to my shaft. I crashed my lips against hers picking her up and slamming her lightly on the bed. Crawling in between her legs I let my lips trail down her neck wetly and towards her ear whispering hotly. “You’re my present remember? Mine to do with what I want. And right now, I want to fuck you.” I admitted ghosting my lips down her body to place more kisses on her skin. Cupping her breast, I couldn’t tease them too much, sucking on each I gave them attention before my mind wanted more of her. Moving to her heat I spread her legs wider, pressing them down against the bed I flicked my tongue up and down her slit before burying it in her tight pussy. She was so warm and she felt snug around my tongue. I was quick with my movements, I wanted to stretch her out for me, but I knew we could play after this. The heat in the air was too thick for us to waste any more time. But fuck she tasted so good, almost close to water with a sweet taste to it. How she grabbed at my hair and moaned my name had my tongue flicking every direction until I was finding her spot and abusing it. Pulling back after a few moments, I licked my lips aligning myself with her entrance. My hands moving to grab her hips, slowly I pushed inside of her, digging my nails into her skin her name rolling off my lips as I filled her up.

“Y/N..” My voice trembled out. My dick buried to the hilt inside of her warm pussy. She was so wet for me, it was sucking me in. How she squeezed around my shaft and wiggled her hips had me snapping mine forward just to feel more. Letting my hooded eyes meet her gaze I was slow to fuck her at first just wanting to stretch her out and really feel her. I wanted my mind to remember how snug her walls were around me. How she moaned out my name softly, her tiny hands gripping at my biceps. How I leaned over her and she gasped from feeling my hit a deeper angle. My hips circling to snap harder against hers and create pleasure that she would always remember. I was gone and so was she. I could feel some of her juices drip down onto my balls and it only made me loose myself more. Building up my speed slowly until I was pounding into her. The bed shaking under us as I gave her everything I had to give. My hard dick sliding inside of her wet walls creating the wet sloppy sounds of skin on skin contact.

“Slap me.” She moaned weakly and I opened my eyes wide growling.

“Excuse me?” I asked her switching my hips to angle away from her spot.

“Slap me.. Daddy.” That was it, any control I had left went out the window for this little vixen under me. One hand reaching up to grab at her throat I used it to pin her down. Shifting my hips once more to deeply fuck her pussy I lifted my hand up slapping her cheek lightly not wanting to hurt her.

“Harder!” She shouted out and I slapped her again just a tad bit harder. “You fucking hit like a girl.” She teased smirking up at me. I don’t know what felt more insulting the phrase itself of the fact that it was said in English with her accent.

Lifting my hand up to land another slap on her cheek to turn the skin red she gave a cry of yes and I smirked. She thought I was done with her. Pulling out of her I flipped her on her stomach entering her from behind without mercy. My hand swooped around her body to grab at her neck pulling her body back against mine. I slammed her down on my dick abusing her sweet little cunt with every thrust of my hips burying my dick forward. She was trying to moan but she could barely get it out, her eyelids dropping closed as my hand clamped down on her airways more. I waited until she was almost out to let her go, releasing her neck my hand went to grab at her hair, my free hand moving down to rub her clit fast and hard. I knew she was going to cum by the way she kept gasping for breath, her voice hitching and body trembling against mine. It was like her juices were a river overflowing and pouring out all for me. She cried my name out loud, hanging on by a thread as she gave me her orgasm, and I took it all delighted to say the least at the state I put her in. Kissing along her shoulder blade, I created a few more hickeys that I knew would be visible tomorrow, while she was here she was mine and everyone would know that I was the one fucking her from behind. Looking down I could see my dick entering in and out of her heat, her ass clapping back against my hips. It was too much for me, without warning I pulled out of her pushing her down on the bed, gripping at my dick I jerked it off quickly cumming thick ropes of cum in the dip of her lower back. Releasing all my pent up want for her (though there was still more) I kissed along her skin up to her shoulder blades and then the back of her head. I left the bed searching for a small wash cloth in the bathroom. Warming it with warm water I went back in the room to clean her off watching as she took deep breaths. She was glowing and she looked so flustered with her hands clinging onto the sheets. After I made sure I was cleaned up a bit I scooped her in my arms kissing her temple as she avoided my gaze.

“You didn’t want it?” I asked after a few moments of silence feeling my heart sink.

“No. NO! Of course I wanted it!” She slapped at my shoulders repeatedly and I winced squirming. “It’s just that.. Was I good enough for you?” You asked looking down at my hands. I couldn’t believe it, the girl I was so head over heels for was insecure about one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

“It was all perfect, because it was with you. But of course, if you want to try your luck again.” I teased flipping her over on her back with a crooked smirk. “I’m sure I could give you a lesson on bondage and toys if you’re into learning that kind of stuff.”

Roasted Sesame Seeds

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“Today we will have a male and female guest. Originally it was only going to be the female guest but she only agreed if she could bring a plus one.” The producer stopped to see what everyone’s reactions would be. 

“I heard our guests are a real life couple.” Jaesuk began to stir up the members. He wanted to create a dramatic atmosphere before revealing the guests to the rest of the cast since he already knew who it was. 

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My EXO’rDIUM in Manila Experience!

[Personal Blog Post]

Hi guys, this is Admin J, the sole admin of EXO CHART RECORDS. I thought it would be fun to share my EXO’rDIUM experience from Manila, Philippines.

It was a 2-Day concert, for Day 1 I was seated in the Upper Box section, had a nice view of EXO and got to enjoy the performances as a whole, everything went smoothly and my heart was captured by EXO from start to finish. 

Now let’s talk about Day 2, because this is 100% the most unique concert experience I have ever had in my life. 

  1. I lined up at 3PM, entered around 4PM and the concert started at 5:15 PM. The concert ended around 8:45, it lasted 3.5 hours.
  2. I was in VIP Section, Floor B, Standing (AKA the pit - right side). So I was standing for 6 hours straight, but it was worth it.
  3. Lay was not present during the shows in Manila. The political climate between China & The Philippines is still complicated and he has endorsements, contracts, etc. I understand his situation, I’ve seen EXO 5 times without Lay, so hopefully, one day, I hope to see you on stage with your brothers soon Zhang Yixing. <3
  4. I was extremely close to the stage, only 2 people were in front of me, which I was totally satisfied with, considering I’m very tall and broad, so no problem.
  5. 2 people fainted, 1 Filipino girl & 1 Chinese girl, I need to applaud my fellow Filipinos for handling the crisis with compassion, holding up the girl, calling for bouncers quickly and feeding her water. That’s why, if you are planning to watch inside the pit, DRINK UP AND STAY HYDRATED, very important!
  6. Concert started and boom, they push.
  7. See this is where I don’t play, I like to consider myself a gentleman, so I’m not going to push this tiny girl in front of me just to get closer. Good thing I’m strong because those in the back are not going to push me out.
  8. FANSITE MASTERS EVERYWHERE. At one point during the concert, there was a huge camera lens to my left shoulder, a huge lens to my right shoulder, and another lens right in front of me. They were so close, I could hear the rapid sniping of their cameras, photo after photo. 

I need to make a pause here and kinda highlight my experience with these fansites. Disclaimer: If you like fansite photos (because I do as well) that’s okay, if you don’t like them, that’s okay too. It’s up to you to decide if you like them or not. 

MY EXPERIENCE however, was both Good & Bad, let me start with the bad first. The fansite girl to my LEFT, was… for the lack of a better word, a complete beast. She was pushing me so hard to get closer that I would have fallen, but NO, SORRY GIRL, you were NOT going to ruin this night for me. I pushed her back so hard, she tumbled back and looked at me, and I gave her the biggest death glare of my life. The people around beside me saw us and if you search on twitter, MANY Filipino fans had less than stellar experiences with these girls. Listen, as a man, I’m not going to put my hands on a woman, but you aren’t going to elbow your way to the front and you will NOT DISRESPECT ANYONE to get there. 

My advice when dealing with them is, if you can, stand your ground. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a guy and I’m tall that she didn’t try and come for me, because I’ve read experiences online of them pulling on the hair of female fans. If you feel threatened, call the bouncer right away and have them escorted out because these cameras are not permitted. Don’t allow them to touch your personal property (your camera, phone or lightstick), some will try to push your hands, grab your phone, do anything to get a nice shot. Don’t allow them, try and get the bouncer’s attention.

I’m not the type to retaliate, God tells us to never take revenge and to leave it to the Lord. So around 15 minutes later, a bouncer parts our section like the red sea, grabs her around the waist and hauls her OUT of the pit! I’m happy that happened during around the start of the concert, because everything after that was amazing!

My Good experience with a fansite, was a shorter girl who was pretty nice! She had a fellow fansite girl with her and they weren’t being disrespectful or rude. She was talking to me, but I couldn’t understand her, sorry bes. :( But at one point, she thought I was leaving or something, and lightly grabbed me to stay and I think she wanted me to hide her cause I’m tall and I was like “lol ok”. When she wasn’t taking photos, there was a short fan beside her trying to film EXO on stage, but her arms couldn’t really reach EXO since they were on the extended stage; so the fansite girl took her phone and started filming EXO for her since she had longer arms, it was cute. She gave it back and then left, but grabbed me to get into her spot, and I ended up even nearer to EXO. 

Overall, I’m happy my experience with these fansite girls was both positive and negative. It showed me two different sides. My guardian who was waiting outside saw a girl leaving a decoy camera lens before entering the arena but her real lens was strapped to her leg, underneath a long skirt. (She saw it when the girl ran). And then AS SOON as the concert ended, all the Korean fansites RAN LIKE WILD, they were probably the first ones to leave. On Day 1, my guardian saw 5 girls, caught, having to leave their lenses before entering. She couldn’t believe it.

OK! So, back to EXO! I will highlight each member.

  • Suho: Leader Kim! He gave THE most fan service. He’s so grateful, it didn’t matter whether it was a ballad, a dance track, an acoustic session, or whatever, the guy is always waving to the fans. His English is incredibly thoughtful and cute. Please support our leader, he’s someone to be cherished. 
  • Xiumin: SEXY.  When ‘White Noise’ came on and he was elevated right in front of my face. Winding down, and body rolling, and everything was EXTRA. Extra face, extra body, extra everything. That’s a man, yet, also a child because 3.6.5 would come on and if you were next to me, you would think that was my favorite song with Xiumin jumping in my face. I haven’t played that song on my iPod in 2 years and I KNEW ALL THE DAMN WORDS.  
  • Chen: FAN SERVICE KING. I know he saw me, we had a connection, I’m currently in his mind as of this moment. But seriously, he was such a performer! Everyone I know thought he was the most handsome that night. His arms too. And his voice, the vocals were on point. It’s such an experience to watch him hit those high notes up close. 
  • Chanyeol: TOBEN HAIR, is a Q-T-PA-2-T, is a real life human puppy. But suddenly transforms and slays the electric guitar while eye body slamming me. His guitar skills were SO GOOD! What a multi-talented king. Last January 2016, for EXO’luXion, he was serving sex with arms that could choke and straight hair. This time, he was too cute, all cuddly and his tummy was FLUFFY, I LOVED IT. His shirt would raise and I would see glory, I’m happy you enjoyed the lechon babe. 
  • Baekhyun: When EXO first appeared, the first person I saw was Baekhyun, and I immediately thought “Shet, the pit is worth it, I see the eyeliner, I see heaven”. There was a fan who got hurt on the middle side of our section, and Baekhyun was staring at the scene the whole time. He was concerned, you could see it in his face. I think a Korean fansite was escorted out after that. His vocals were perfect, not a single imperfection, and he’s an amazing dancer. He really is.
  • D.O.: I feel like I saw D.O. the most, I probably made the most eye contact with him. He looks like and felt like a man you could bring home and everyone would love him. He had a really beautiful aura around him. He was so beautiful in person, sang like an angel and he also looked so manly in person, all I saw was TopD.O. I’ve converted.
  • Kai: Absolutely… I need to take my time, because words cannot describe how this human being exists. Photos, Videos, do not do Kai justice, NO JUSTICE AT ALL. His body moves and curves in all the right places, I was stunned, truly the Dancing King. The stairs were right in front of me, so when he came down after performing, I saw his face up close, and God, he’s so handsome. 
  • Sehun: My Pyak Pyak. TT_TT My UB, oh how perfect you were last night. You danced like an angel and I heard your wonderful voice. You had the tiniest waist, the longest limbs and the cutest smile. During ‘Run’, you would jump and I would see your tummy and UGH you killed me. I honestly didn’t care I was probably the only fanboy in my area screaming your name, an Introvert who starts using his voice when you appear. 
  • Lay: He wasn’t there, but he wasn’t forgotten. Lots of EXO-Ls still had their Lay banners, headbands, and screams would become even LOUDER when his face would appear in the screen. Trust and believe, I will see you one day!

My EXO’rDIUM experience is something I will always remember and cherish. EXO sang ‘Hawak Kamay’ again, Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ was suddenly included in the setlist, Baekhyun’s PHIXO made another cameo, Kai did some kind of Chicken themed rain dance, which inspired me to order Jollibee for today’s lunch, thanks KimKai, and the Philippines will always love EXO. The loyalty of a Filipino fan will always be with you. I know you guys will come back, probably next year, so until then, I will continue to support my loves. <3 Thank you for a wonderful 2 nights.

Thanks for reading! Now back to your regular programming.