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It’s another gods-be-damned Time Travel Concept Fic

Yeah so I’m calling this one A Widening Gyre because I’m not at all pretentious. XP


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friends to lovers ⮩ jackson wang

annyeong! this is going to be a friends to lovers series with the ultimate ult jackson wang but it’ll also include the other got7 members. this is part 1, i will add all the other parts on this post! 

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Jackson Wang, best friend of your best friend Mark Tuan, and now also your friend. Or as you soon found out, maybe even more than that. If only falling in love would be as easy and cute as you two wanted it to be.

PART 1  (1.3k words)

Jackson Wang was somehow becoming a big part of your life you realized one morning when you woke up to one of his texts. You met him not too long ago through Mark, a mutual friend of yours. You knew Mark since many years and since he became a part of Got7 he couldn’t stop talking about how much you and Jackson would actually go along.

And you did. Two extroverts with the strong urge to entertain people and have fun everywhere. When you met him at a party after a whole year of Mark telling you about him you knew you’d get along just great. But here’s the problem with having another friend in Korea: You actually still need to get a job here. When you moved to Korea you thought you’d find something easily but it soon turned out that it was way harder than you thought. So now you always sleep at Mark’s apartment for a few weeks while you are having interviews for jobs and then you fly back home to America. 

“So when will I be able to see you again?” - The last text you got from Jackson. It’s kinda embarrassing how close you got to him in about two months. So thinks Mark, even though he was always telling you how great it would be if you and Jackson would be friends now he got kind of jealous, not in a romantic kind of way, just because the little time you have together is now shared with Jackson.

“I’ll be back in 5 days. Mark said he’ll pick me up from the Airport so if your weak heart can’t stand being away from me any longer you can join him! I have a good feeling about the upcoming interview. Maybe I can finally stay.” - You really wanted to stay. 

“(Y/N)!”, Mark came straight towards you with a big smile on his face. You hugged for a few seconds and then you turned to Jackson.

Except there was no Jackson. Instead of Jackson you spotted Bambam which wasn’t what you expected but you still were happy to see him again. “Hey Bam, nice to see you again. How have you been doing?”, you asked while giving him a hug.

“Noona! I’ve been great. It’s good to see you.”, he answered really cutely but you could feel yourself blush. 

“Bam, I told you you shouldn’t call me Noona. I feel flustered.”

As soon as the basic banter was over you started to think about Jackson again. It’s weird that he wasn’t here when all he did the last day was texting you about how he can’t wait to hang out in real life again and you felt a feeling of dissapointment and a bit anger coming over you. You obviously didn’t want to ask Mark about it because you still didn’t really know how he feels about you and Jackson’s new friendship. So you just continued to check your phone every few minutes to see if he wrote you. 

You sat down in a little cafe not too far away from Mark’s home and after you checked what felt like the 300th time Mark snatched your phone from you. “He was really drunk yesterday and is still asleep. He told me I should wake him up when I go and pick you up but he just needed the rest. I bet as soon as he woke up from his coma he’ll write you. What even is the situation between you two now?”, the question didn’t sound mad at all. It was more a mixture of curiousness and teasing you.

“Mark!”, you laughed out, “Dont you think if I’d have a crush on him you’d already know, right? Like I’d tell you, you know that. We really just get along great.”

He rolled his eyes and leaned over the table while his eyes were shining, “So here is what I am thinking. I’ve known you for quite a long time now. Like our whole embarrassing puberty. Just as you said I know when you have a crush on someone. You were always miserable at dating because even though you’re so outgoing and funny you tend to label guys you might develope a crush on as, as you call it ‘such good friends’ because you are afraid that you might fall for them and they won’t. This just made me think you probably had a crush on me!” - you interrupted him with a sound that sounded like you were puking and shook your head, laughing. - “Anyways back to my monolouge. You like him. Maybe you do not know this yet but I do. I’m never wrong when it comes to you. So tell me your thoughts on him. If you’re honest I’ll take you to a super cool party tonight where not only your best friend, me, is but also all of the other members including no one else than Jackson.”

“Do you really think that if you won’t invite me Jackson wouldn’t?”

“I swear to god, (y/n)! This. is. not. the. point.”, he was getting impatient so you thought about what to tell him. But your mind was just a big blank space. 

“What do you want me to answer? I mean, yeah, he’s definitely a really handsome man. If I would have met him without knowing who he is I would have probably shown more interest in him but all in all he’s part of your group and I never thought about this and probably won’t. Why, what would you think about that?”, you asked. It made you worried how much you wanted to know if Mark would approve of you and Jackson, even though until a minute ago you never would’ve thought that there might be something like a “you and Jackson”.

But before he could answer you heard the door of the cafe opening followed by an out of breath voice loudly saying “Mark Hyung, I’m going to KILL YOU! Why didnt you wake me up?”. You didn’t have to turn around to know who it was but you still did. A blonde and sweaty Jackson stood there, coming over to you two hugging you immediatly, whispering “Sorry. I swear to god, it’s Mark’s fault.” which you just answered with a small “I know. It’s okay.” while you hugged him back. Even though you wanted to see him since you arrived now was the wrong time. You really wanted to know Mark’s opinion.

“Did you run all the way here? I texted you where we are five minutes ago. I’m impressed.”, Mark asked Jackson with an amused face. “I actually have to go now, so you came just right. Make sure (y/n) is getting ready soon enough though for Youngjae’s birthday party tonight.”, Mark got up and gave you a small wink.

“You’re here!”, Jackson sat down beside you. “You also cut your hair. Makes you look more playful, I like it.”

It’s Youngjae’s birthday?”, you completely overheard Jackson’s compliment while starting to panic. “I have no present and it’s already noon. Jackson, we have to leave right now.” You put money on the table, took Jackson by his wrist and went outside. There was no way you would go to his party without a present and since you had no idea what to get him you were really relieved that Jackson was by your side. You always were relieved when being in Jackson’s presence. You tried to get these thoughts out of your head and you blamed Mark for them. Without him you’d never got those kind of thoughts in the first place. 

And now you found yourself looking at Jackson, studying his face and hoping he won’t notice. This needed to stop.

*Thinking about what to name my novel*

Internal Monologue: You want a catchy title, not a cliche, old books have interesting titles, or titles that don’t make sense so you have to read them. New books seem to all have one or two word titles like verbs or ideas and such. I need a title that when you look at it, it says interesting but not old, modern but not cliche. I can’t do the John Green thing, because it’s just that, the John Green thing. I need my own thing…

Me: “I’m gonna title my book: Hello My Name’s Craphole, I’m Seven and I’m Male! “

Me to me: “No. No you are not.”

protip: don’t ever get out of shape, because getting back in shape absolutely sucks. 

today’s workout was day one of i hate rowing therefore i am going to row as much as possible 

a - 4 x 500m row (w/ 1:1 rest ratio) 

this was originally supposed to be a 2k row time trial, but honestly i did 400m row in my warm up and just, i feel like death. so i decided to save that for a better day 

one - where my internal monolouge consisted largely of ‘what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck’ for the 2:10 it took me to finish the damn thing. other thoughts included: why are the foot straps on these so loose and is my ass supposed to hurt this much, maybe i’m rowing wrong. 

two - my favourite technique to get through pretty much anything i don’t want to do is the time tested ‘lie to myself and say that i can just do 2 x 500m and it’s going to be fine’. too bad i did all four and things were Not Fine. 2:11 for this round and i keeled over onto the floor afterwards. 

three - me @ me: i thought you said we were only doing two of these. why are we back on this damn machine? but in real talk this was the hardest round, i just felt like absolute shit, partly because i’m stupid out of shape and didn’t pick a pace i could maintain but also because i think i’m getting sick. but mostly the former. 2:21 and i call this round, rip my calves. 

four - i think i can. i think i can. i think i can. i think i - what the fuck do you mean it’s only been 100m???? by ass hurt, my legs hurt, my lungs were screaming at me. honestly this was 0% fun. 2:17 to finish. and thank fuck it was over. 

b - 12 9 6 of kb goblet squat and box jumps (w/ 30s handstand hold btwn) 

don’t ask me why but my favourite superset on the planet is 


box jumps 

pull ups 

so i stole two of those movements for this part. this was mostly okay, just getting that first round of 12 out of the way took about a minute and a half without the handstand hold. 

but it was here that my stomach really got pissy with me. i have consistent issues of feeling nauseous/actually throwing up in workouts. i have for a very long time, but recently it’s been getting worse and it’s such a deterrent. i’m experimenting with different foods and eating at different times before my workouts, but honestly it’s not something i enjoy at all. 

time - 5:10 

c - 12 9 6 db snatch (12.5kg) and toes to bar (w/ 30s handstand hold btwn) 

we can also call this ‘alex is an idiot and somehow thought that it would be easier than the last round’ 

surprise it was not. 

i love db snatch, so that was lovely. however toes to bar, fuck me. like it was all in my stomach as well. like just the hanging and the swinging, it made me feel, and then actually be, sick. so it took ages for that reason. but! i do love handstand holds, 

and for this being my first workout since power ranger wod, 

i fucking did it. 

time - 6:42 

overall thoughts: i need to do so much more cardio