in my mind young stars are young forever

So I was going through photos because I thought I’d make a compilation of my favorite Adam photoshoots....when I came across

and a thought flashed through my mind. I have always said that I would LOVE to see Adam play a young Severus Snape, (because while I love Star Wars, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter, PS Anyone else psyched about Cursed Chid??) but for some reason when I came across this photo I felt like he would also make an amazing Sirius Black. Am I crazy?? Maybe it’s just this photo but I swear

Maybe it’s just that one photo that’s making me freak out like this, but I don’t care. Forever in my mind now Adam Driver should play a young Sirius. 

I just feel like the type of actor Adam is, he would do a pretty good job. I feel like he portrays the misunderstood, “bad boys’ (Kylo Ren, Philip Altman) really well. I mean Sirius had to fight against his family who wanted him to become a dark wizard and instead he did what he knew in his heart was right. I feel like this whole character is right up Adams ally. 

But then again I could be completely wrong. 

Anyways I hope you guys are having a wonderful Saturday. 

***and I just realized it’s Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family FreeForm, and it’s Harry’s birthday tomorrow so this post is super appropriate for this weekend.***