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I recently met this guy, and i think he's the shit. I have my eyes on him lol but i think he's out of my league. I wanna know if you have any tips on being a little more confident? Even if i havta fake til i make it but i do wish i had that "i'm that bitch" mentality.

you already started out with a bad attitude by saying “he’s out of my league.”

no honey. you don’t think like that. 

one thing i NEVER. ever ever ever. ever. let a man do is intimidate me. idc how good he looks, how much money he has, how popular he is, idc about none of that. that doesn’t make him better than me. i still hold more value than he does in my mind. stop fawning over these men and placing them on pedestals. when you elevate a man over yourself and view him as something unattainable it makes you look weak and desperate. don’t be so easily impressed, babe. don’t allow men to faze you. talk to him like you guys are on the same level, because you are. you say he’s the shit but you’re forgetting that you are too. 

you’re beautiful. you have a lot to offer. you don’t meet men. men meet YOU. keep that mindset and you’ll be straight.


Alone at last - a Birthday Widowreaper Fanfic

Here is part 2 of my presents for my dear friend @mtex

This is my first “bad guys” fanfic, so be gentle.

Reaper was roaming around the Talon Base, visibly concerned with something. All personnel crossing his path either made way or escape towards the closer door, shutting it behind them. Reaper did not bother with them; he had other things on his mind. Better leave him alone.

“Ola, Gabe! Que pasa?”

The annoying voice of the newest addition to their team called for him. He stopped and looked over his shoulder to the little woman in glowing leggings standing behind him.

“None of your business Sombra. Leave me alone!”

Sombra pouted.

“Aww, Gabe. You are breaking mi corazon. I’m just trying to help you!”

Reaper sighted. He felt he could not get rid of the young Mexican easily, but maybe she could be of use.

“You really want to help?”

Si!” Sombra exlaimed

“Fine, have you seen Widowmaker?”

Sombra started tipping her finger on her chin, trying to remember something.

“Hmmm, last time I saw her she was heading for the roof!” she said, pointing her finger upwards.

“Good, thank you for you help. Now begone!”

Now begone!” she mocked him, disappearing with a flick of her hand.

Reaper climbed up to the roof of the Talon compound. Widowmaker occasionally climb up there to stay alone and think, so it made sense to him that Sombra may have seen her heading there. The problem was that the blue-skinned sniper was nowhere to be found. Seeing no trace of her, he sighed in frustration. All those stairs for nothing. At least, he was alone without that pesky brat.

“Oh, pobrecito!”

Reaper looked at his side as Sombra appeared, leaning on a nearby wall, her arms crossed on her chest.

“You again!” he growled.

“Yup, me again! You know, I made some research and I found something…” she continued showing a profile picture of Widowmaker on her holographic screen “…today is Widowmaker’s birthday! It says it right here in her file. Name: Amelie Lacroix, Birthplace: Annency, France, Age….”

Sombra looked away from the screen and noticed that Reaper disappeared.

“HEY!” she shouted.

Walking down the hallway Reaper looked behind him, no sign of Sombra. Maybe now he could focus on finding his partner in crime. He entered the cafeteria, hoping to find her there. As soon as his masked figure entered the room, the few agents that remained there after dinner vacated their tables and left. He looked the empty tables and once again, Widowmaker wasn’t there. He was alone.

“Ugh, este pudin es terrible! Tastes like dirt!”

Reaper dropped his head backwards, looking at the ceiling. Slowly turning in the direction of that voice, he saw Sombra again, fiddling with a plastic spoon and a cup of chocolate pudding.

“What. Are. You. Doing. Here?”

Sombra put the pudding aside and looked at him, resting her elbows on the table and cupping her chin in her hands.

“I’m helping you, cabron!” she replied with a playful tone.

Reaper kept staring at her, grinning under his mask.

“Listen: have you thought about a gift for her?” she asked.

“Come again?”

“Oh, Gabe, don’t play fool! I know how you feel about her…Uh lala!”

Reaper walked to the table and looked down at her.

“You know nothing, nina!” he told her in a menacing tone.

She was unfazed by his menacing figure and stared right at the eyeholes of his mask.

“Sure, whatever you say, Gabe. So have you thought about something?”

He did not answered and moved away from her. Sombra jumped down from her chair and chased after Reaper, continuing to talk.

“Well, you can always gift her a nice scarf. A girl can always use a warm wool scarf with the kind of cold outside! Especially her, since she stays out on high points all the time. However, now that I think of it, she probably doesn’t even feel cold, given her physiology was altered by Talon scientist. So a scarf may be wasted on her…”

Reaper kept walking, trying to ignore the constantly talking girl following him.

“Oh, now I got it!” she exclaimed “You can take her out for a romantic dinner tonight! You may wanna hurry up though. Tell you what: I’ll make a reservation in a fancy restaurant for you two and you find a plane. While you dress up, I’ll help her get ready! There is this long black dress with an open back that will take your breath away - ops did I say this out loud? - So are we agreed? Should I make the reservation as Reaper or Gabriel?”

Reaper stopped and gestured her to stop and listen.

“Shhh!” he said, raising is open hand.

“You seen her?” she asked, looking around to spot their teammate.

“No, I just want you to shut up!” he responded.

Sombra was pissed off by his rude comment and tapped on his shoulder, demanding he turned around to face her. He slowly turned and looked at her angry face.

“Listen to me, pendejo! I am trying my best to get you and Arana together tonight and you shush me?”

He did not answer and kept staring at her though his mask.

“No answer eh? Tell you what, SCREW THIS! Good luck getting your reservation without me, I’m out! Enjoy your night alone, Jackass!”

She flickered her hand and disappeared one last time. Reaper stood there without moving for a minute. After checking around, he walked away, making his way for his quarters.

He opened the door and entered the darkened room.

Removing his mask, he let out a sight of relief.

“Alone at last!” a female voice commented.

He switched a light on. Laid on his bed, Widowmaker was waiting for him, wearing just a satin nightgown over her black lingerie. The black fabric draped her curves marvelously and the peeks of her underwear turned him on.

“Alone at last!” He replied, taking out his hooded cloak and clawed gloves.

He sat on the bed and started to remove his belt. Amelie crawled behind him, inserting her arms in his shirt and wrapping them around his torso. He could not feel any warmth from her body, but he learned to love that weird sensation. She could sense every little movement he made and she noticed a hint of stress in his breath motions.

“Did she bothered you too much?” she asked, starting to slowly taking out his shirt.

“In the end she walked away, as I planned. It was not pleasant, as I figured.” He stopped a moment for yet another sigh, then he bend down removing his boots and pants.

Widowmaker backed up a little and laid down on the sheets, waiting for Gabriel to climb onto the bed.

As he reached the spot she left free on her side she looked at him with eyes full of desire.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“What will it be?” Reaper replied, putting an arm around her cold, blue body.

“I chose ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ !”

“Again?” he asked as she turned on the large TV screen in front of the bed.

“You promised I could get whatever I want. This year I chose to watch my favorite old movie alone with you.” She told Reaper, leaning her head on his bare torso.

“And I always keep my promises, my little nightmare!” he said, kissing her on the forehead.

She pressed the play button, and the Disney logo appeared onscreen.

Silence! Let me enjoy my Gaston!”

Yes, Amelie is a Gaston fan, you heard it here first!

Again, Happy Birthday, @mtex

I did a very therapeutic exercise in my graphic expression class…
we had to draw with eye closed, the lights dimmed, and with relaxing piano music in the bg, draw how your childhood, teen years and the present felt
what was it, how do you see it in your mind, in the form of somekind of timeline
the drawings I did where like the ones from a lil kid, but they say a lot apparently
my teacher mentioned that it looked like there was a lot insolation and insecurity in these memories, which is sadly true
I like it
the last drawings which are the present are really soft and happy with a lot of smooth curves and flower pattern because these days recent years are the happiest compared to all of the shit from highschool and I didnt noticed that until now, Im a way better place compared to that
Im happy, Im glad we did that exercise, I love my teacher

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Fun fact, i always imagine the vento aureo crew doing challenges like 50/50 dont look away, and dont cringe i can never decide whos better at it. Im my mind tie between abba and fugo

Narancia cracks first
Trish tries to big herself up but fails quickly
Buccellati can get pretty far in these challenges when he puts his mind to it
Giorno’s a tease and acts smug when he gets to the final three
Fugo’s not weak and he’s determined but cracks at the very last moment
Abbacchio is fucking brutal and will not see defeat

If you wanted sasuke dead then

Zabuza arc seemed like bullshit to you.

Haku died for nothing.

Itachi is just a killer

Minto and kushina were selfish bastards that ruined naruto’s life

Pain was an emo character who just killed his sensei for nothing

Nagato giving up his life has no meaning

Obito atonement was a joke , his whole character is a joke.

Who gives a fuck about this shitty manga being all for second chances , love and forgivness

Look as my tastes are the same of an masochist it has crossed my mind several times the possibility of sasuke , naruto or sakura dying . But that’s only cuz I’m dumb and I love tragedies . An ending with tragedy is the best for me as my my emotional attachment is bigger.

So you can’t fucking tell me that sasuke had to die just beacuse your ship didn’t become canon. Like are you fucking kidding me . That’s bullshit . And don’t give me he deserved better because he find the love he was desperaty searching for , and this time no one can bring it away from him. He is no longer the little powerless child . Not more the avenger who desperatly clinged to his revengy and made it his Raison d'être .

Originally posted by evea79

He just  kept destroying  himself with trying to get hated and desperatly clinging to the affection sakura and team 7 gave him.His heart was torn appart just to remind him every time what he lost.

Not only he is the purest character in naruto , He is probaly the most traumatized one , and when people wish his death jut for a fucking ship that makes me want to puke.


I’ve been down with a broken heart since the day I learned to speak.
And I’ll be singing like an angel until I’m six feet deep.
You have a mind to keep me quiet, and although you can try,
better men have hit their knees and bigger men have died.

I sent my love across the sea, and though I didn’t cry,
that voice will haunt my every dream until the day I die.
You took my face in both your hands and looked me in the eye.
And I went down with such a force that in your grave I lie.

I’m gonna raise hell.    

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HE WANTS TO MAKE THIS PUBLIC IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, which makes this scene a hundred times better.

But not only that, look at these other dorks. Love how Otabek is clapping so seriously, like “Oh you’re getting married? you have my most sincere blessings.” While Yurio is like “You’ve gotta be kidding me. Can’t believe that pork cutlet  had finally the balls to propose.”

But what I love most is the fact NO ONE is doubting their engagement, everyone is reacting LIKE THEY SHOULD, without making remarks, just congratulating the two, I love how Yuri on Ice handles this romance story.


shit it blows my mind that there’s black people who still don’t believe colorism is a real thing like I literally remember niggas making dog and monkey noises at school, I remember my own family members telling me I wasn’t pretty enough to pursue modeling because of my skin color, I remember constantly being overlooked for my white and light skin friends, like my own mother telling me to wash my skin better because I was too dark and my skin looked dirty, I mean as a kid I saw NO ONE on tv, magazines, billboards, etc who looked like me. I mean man how can y'all say there isn’t a hatred for dark skin in the black community? come on now

I constantly waited for a text, I waited for a call. Maybe even a knock on my door. I waited for a long time, longer then I should’ve. But it never came. Why didn’t you ever come?“ she asked. Finally working up the courage to give him a piece of her mind.

Looking down at his hands he answers, “I wanted to, I wanted to so bad. To tell you how sorry I was and that I’d change and we could work it out. I wanted you back. It killed me to not do anything but I knew you would be better off. You couldn’t last forever with me. I wanted you to be happy, and I knew that couldn’t be with me.”

“You don’t get to decide if I was happy. It wasn’t up to you to decide if you could’ve made me happy. You were my happiness then you were gone. You broke me and you never even said sorry.”

“I never wanted to hurt you,” he whispered.

“Well you did, and it’s to late to fix what you did.”


Get To Know Me - pairings [3/10]

Kumiko Oumae and Asuka Tanaka [Sound! Euphonium]

“There is something I wanted to tell you. I… I used to not like you. You were senior to me, and we played the same part, so I tried to ignore it. But you seemed so difficult. In fact, I might have hated you. But now, I love you! You wouldn’t ever show your true feelings. You always seemed to look down on people. You said crap like you didn’t care about your friends… But… But now, I’m lonely. I want to hear you play the euphonium again… I want to play like you!”



I don’t care if they are 13, I don’t care if they are 30.

This is what transphobia looks like. This is what being 27 years old and your family is talking to you like a toddler and telling you “Sweetie, that’s just how the world is. We can’t change our minds. I’m sorry, we don’t love Kyle, we love Katie.”

I am strong. I will survive this. But this is what is killing children. This is what is killing adults. This is the ugly reality of things.

I went home for Christmas in the hopes I could show my family how good I was doing. Even after they told me I wasn’t allowed to come originally. I fought to be here. I had gained weight, me depression is better, my anxiety is gone, my smile was real.

But it was crushed. Every. Day. No one stuck up for me. Not even my siblings.

It’s not wrong to be transgender. You don’t need to be fixed! I don’t give a fuck if a book or some old dude tells you it’s wrong. I don’t care if your mom tells she doesn’t love you anymore and your dad hits you. It isn’t wrong. You are normal and you have to be strong and you have to live for you.

It is time to take control of your life. I don’t know what happens when we die. But I know it’s important that we live and show this world that we deserved love and respect and to be a part of a family.

Please be strong. Please choose to live because I am choosing to live and document this in the hope that one day it is going to get better and someone will find this and see even in the darkest hours we can pull through.


Things the signs say a lot:
  • Aries: *in a empathetic voice,
  • "You tried"
  • Taurus: *like the seagulls off finding nemo,
  • "MINE"
  • Gemini: *chillin like a villain voice,
  • "Casual casual"
  • Cancer: *walking off or wiping away tears,
  • Leo: *looking for the deits,
  • "sooo... any gossip?"
  • Virgo: "you uncultured (insert uninsulting word here)"
  • Libra: "bruh" or "y'all"
  • Scorpio: *in a panicky/angry voice,
  • Sagittarius: *in a 'are u serious' kinda voice
  • "Guys"
  • Capricorn: *in strange/strained voice
  • "oh nooooo"
  • Aquarius: *in a 'I'm better than you voice',
  • "I know"
  • Pisces: *in a voice that makes you think they're lying, "i don't mind"

One Piece ワンピース [East Blue Saga] : Shichibukai Dracule “Hawk-Eyes” Mihawk vs Roronoa “Pirate Hunter” Zoro

“My name is Dracule Mihawk!! It’s too soon for you to die. Discover yourself. See the world! And grow strong, Zoro!! However long it may take…I shall await you at the top. Strive with your whole heart and mind to best this blade, fierce one!! Strive to surpass me, Roronoa Zoro!!”

My favorite Shichibukai. In my opinion, what Oda does better than most other mangakas is establishing the power levels of his characters. He introduces many of his “strongest” characters early in the game so we have an idea what the “TOP TIER” looks like and then balances everything from there. Many times in other mangas, the strongest characters are later revealed to become twice if not three times more op than they were and more often than not, there suddenly is a random character that takes them down. In One Piece it’s constant, we know who is strong and they stay strong, and we follow the journey of the lower tier characters through their blood, sweat, and tears until they finally reach the summit that we have so longed for. Oda does this beautifully. That being said, “Hawk-Eyes” was truly an eye opener for everyone when he came out as we really got a taste of the “New World”. Everyone thought this murderous Don Krieg was the Butcher of the Seas and then this single swordsman floats in out of nowhere and cuts his shit to shreds. Amazing. I also love the fact that he duels with Shanks from time to time and through that Shanks’ rep went up. I believe Mihawk is practically Yonkō tier, he just uses the Shichibukai title to travel & cos he’s bored. The Worlds Greatest Swordsman!! 

♪ : Mozart - Requiem Dies Irae