in my mind dean is like a star to cas

fckugk ok so i was thinking of engingeer!dean more and of course my mind went to astronaut!dean and like.  just imagine hes in the astronaut training/prepping program thing and kind of competing with this other guy in the program (cas) whose eyes are the color of earth when seen from space and hair as soft but dark as the emptiness surrounding the stars and a voice as golden and powerful as the sun.  but of course they develop one of those pre-couple rivalry relationships where they’re always trying to one-up one another.  cas does everything exceptionally well based off of his ridiculous book-smarts and way of memorizing information, with not really offensive but certainly underhanded, sly jabs at dean.  dean keeps finding increasingly clever and complicated ways to show cas up.  but then.  then.  as luck would have it they’re both selected.  so now they’re literally stuck in the vacuum of outer space in what amounts to a metal box.  together.  for months.  think of all the tension