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Jay-Z (1996-2013)

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Hey, if you don't mind me asking, who's foggy's family or his backstory in the comics, also does he appear with different storylines or personality in other universes

    Great question, and thank you for asking! We never feel like we post enough about Foggy on this blog, which is an actual crime. (Trust us– we’ve read a lot of Daredevil, so we’re basically lawyers). Foggy’s backstory is not nearly as well-developed as Matt’s, but we are very fond of his family and there’s a lot to talk about.  

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Do you happen to have a general guide to doing more masculine makeup? Like defining cheekbones and nose and all that stuff because, while I can make up my face, I definitely can't contour and all that. Thanks!

I’m in the same boat. Contouring is a mysterious beast that intimidates me every time I look at my bronzer.

I have a book on cosplay makeup that does have a small section for masculine makeup. How To Cosplay vol. 1 by Cos Note. It focuses on makeup and special effects (idk what the other 2 do, as I can’t find them). This book has been a life saver, and it’s actually how I learned to do my own makeup! 

What you generally want to do is find a picture of a man and see how the shadows define his face. Usually helps for regular lighting, not dramatic. See where his cheekbones and jawline are. Your bronzer, which shouldn’t be too dark for your own tone, will lightly define those places. I know some use creme for contouring, but I always preferred powder. It’s very easy to build up to what you want, avoiding mistakes right away. At least until you’re comfortable enough to move onto creme contours. 

Personally I always lightly bronze the area just blow my cheekbones if I’m doing a young adult, it gives me more angles. If it’s a kid I don’t contour much. 

Surprisingly, this book shows much more contouring instructions for feminine makeup. Though they are showing masculine to feminine and vise versa, so most men do have a lot more to hide in terms of angles to curves. 

Nose is the same way. Though, I’m from an area where we all have the same general features (big Italian town) so I never really knew there was a man nose and woman nose. 

I know with anime characters and non 3d video games, this can be difficult. Find a face claim for them, or a stock photo of someone who has the basic face shape of the character. 

I hope this was able to help! Don’t forget to check out YouTube! There are tons of helpful videos. Like this awesome guy I just found in a quick search!

おしおきセールスマン 忌野狂助-第一話 快楽哀歌-
おしおきセールスマン 忌野狂助-第一話 快楽哀歌-

おしおきセールスマン 忌野狂助-第一話 快楽哀歌-
Oshioki Salesman Imawano Kyousuke vol.1 Kairaku Aika

Imawano Kyousuke (Hirai Tatsuya aka Hirakawa Daisuke)
Motegi Kamui (Yotsuya Cider aka Okitsu Kazuyuki)

THIS IS AN R18 BLCD. Headphones on! ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
Also, my Japanese isn’t perfect. I apologize in advance for any mistakes.


Imawano Kyousuke is a ‘salesman’, whose motto is “I will shine a light on your darkness”. His job is to bring guidance/solution to men’s problems. He doesn’t accept a single payment for his job, as long as his customers find happiness and become able to move on with their life positively through his efforts. This time, his customer is Motegi Kamui, a 25 year-old freeter (someone who doesnt have a steady career but survives by working part-time jobs only). Motegi is a young man who, due to having terrible communication skills, is unable to get a girlfriend. Naturally, Imawano becomes drawn to Motegi’s situation and offers to help him.

So Motegi consults Imawano, telling him why he’s a freeter, about his lack of dreams and aspirations in life. He thinks that if he manages to get a girlfriend (or life partner), all of it will change for the better. The problem is, he doesn’t know how to approach women. And so, this is where Imawano helps.

Imawano gives Motegi a manual containing guide on how to approach women, no matter what kind of occupation/interests she may have. If Motegi refers to this manual, he’ll be able to make any kind of conversation and eventually get a girlfriend. Motegi is impressed and tries it.

Days/weeks later, Motegi meets Imawano to tell him that he has finally found a girlfriend, thanks to the manual! Motegi finally finds confidence and is able to have fun conversations with the girl he likes.

Now that Motegi’s problem has been solved, Imawano tells him that he has to throw away the manual! He’s already got the basics and thus, no need for it! “Motegi got a girlfriend not through his confidence & efforts, but through the manual’s power. The real deal starts from here on. Without using the manual, it is now up to Motegi to build his own happiness with the girl he likes”. The catch is, if he fails to do so and gets caught up in the pleasure of being a smooth talker (or becomes a womanizer), there will be a punishment ಥ‿ಥ.

Motegi accepts the condition and the 2 guys part ways. And just then, he receives tons of email reply from girls on a dating site he signed up on, back when he was still using the manual. All of the girls found him interesting and this tempts him.

1 month later, he became a full-blown (pun unintended) womanizer lol. He broke up with his girlfriend and jump from one girl to another. Imawano suddenly shows up and asks him how things are going with his girlfriend. Motegi lies and even says they’ve started talking about getting married. Of course, Imawano doesn’t fall for this lie, and says Motegi broke his promise despite the warning.

Then we hear this fucking scary devil-like yell from Imawano!! (this is when I came to the conclusion that he’s not human…maybe.)

And then we move on to the next track.

Track 2, is where the sex scenes happen. Motegi wakes up in a room, chained and naked. As punishment, Motegi gets ehem…you know what happens lol. Imawano takes out an aphrodisiac from his suitcase and lathers it on Motegi’s private parts. Then the vibrator. I dont think I need to explain what goes on with that. Motegi resists at first, saying he’s not into men, but the pleasure gets to him, that he later begs Imawano to make him come. Imawano gives him a handjob, a blowjob, ties his penis with a necktie….and then the surprising part of this track: IMAWANO BECOMES UKE and takes Motegi in the ass! ʘ‿ʘ I think Imawano is using some form of hypnosis on Motegi, because when he suggests that Motegi wants to do it with him so badly, Motegi goes into a slight trance before admitting that he’s hungry for gay sex wwwww.

So now, in this particular sex scene, Motegi becomes the seme, Imawano becomes uke. But what I found surprisingly interesting about this is that Imawano’s lines are still seme-ish, leading the sex while Motegi does most of the uke-ish moaning! This part of the track was just extreme and I just couldnt help but LOL-ing. Imawano was half-moaning, half-laughing. Pure gold xD

End of punishment. However, Motegi is still horny so they kind of continue the sex while the track fades out….

Track 3 is called bAD EnD. There’s no good end to this. This is the only end lol. Motegi barges in to the bar where he first chatted with Imawano. He’s looking for him. More specifically, his dick lol. He loses any interest in girls and just searches for him. When he realized that he wont meet Imawano anymore, he switches target to ANY GUY. He randomly asks any guy in public to have sex with him (at this point, he’s lost his mind).

Imawano, who’s been looking from afar, comments on how much addicted to gay sex Motegi has been. From now on, he will never be attracted to women anymore, and how stepping into an unknown world can be scary.

Then Imawano speaks to the listener (us) and warns us to be careful. Cue maniac laugh! ψ(`∇´)ψ

The end of this track is the ending theme, which was really good, in my opinion. The song was a perfect end to this crazy track. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Free Talk. I loooove Free Talks!! Hirarin and Okitsu (of course using their pseudonyms) talks about the CD. Hirarin first comments on how “Yotsuya Cider” sounds like a hero’s name, and they both yell Yotsuya—CIDER!!! like a power ranger or something xD They both agree that their overall thoughts on this CD was LAUGHTER. Hirarin initially thought the plot was scary. He didn’t expect to laugh this much during recording! Okitsu agrees too lol. Okitsu confesses that when they were recording one of Imawano’s evil HAHAHAA!, he couldnt help but laugh. Hirarin urges fans to look for that scene in the CD. Fans were probably laughing at that same laugh part. The mood in this free talk is really light and the 2 seiyuu kept laughing while discussing the scenes. Okitsu says that instead of the story being scary, it turned out to be hilarious!

Hirarin asks if there any challenges while recording. Okitsu says everything was full of hardships (pun unintended lol) right from the start! But thinking about it, it was probably the character development of Motegi (being worried, gaining confidence, being happy, getting stronger, falling, falling further..). Okitsu also says Imawano is too scary of a character!

Thoughts on the CD: This was sooooo good!! Honestly, I bought this CD for the sex scenes and the 2 seiyuu are my bias but when I listened to it, I found that I focused less on the sex and more on how hilarious this CD sounds overall. I mean, there are no gag scenes (again pun unintended) or jokes. It’s just, when you listen to the 2 seiyuu saying their lines, you can really tell how much fun they had while recording it. It’s so intense and awkward that you just cant help but burst into laughter! And I like that! Hirarin is an amazing seiyuu and he did another wonderful job with this. Hirarin uses his low voice for Imawano and his lines are more on the threatening/mysterious side. Despite being an uke in the actual sex scenes, overall he’s the seme in this CD. Okitsu used a slightly higher pitch voice, just perfect for an uke. It reminded me a bit of Shimono Hiro’s voice lol. The seme-uke-switch roles throughout the CD was something new to me. It really surprised me when Imawano turned out to be an uke in bed! xD

Recommend or not? YESSSS!!! Well, if you like BLCDs, this has to be one of those I would highly recommend! Interesting but not heavy plot,  really good intense sex scenes, amazing seiyuu pairing and fun ending theme song. There is no drama in the plot to overwhelm you with feels, so this was a good CD focusing on “supposed to be a punishment but it’s so good you get addicted to it anyway” theme.



The Alleged Stabbing of Lance Rivera.

When Vol 3… Life and Times of S.Carter, my fourth album hit the streets more than a month before the official release date, I was totally at a loss. One night I went to Q-Tip’s solo album release party and at some point in the night I ran into the guy everyone’s been telling me is behind the bootleg. So I approached him, when I told him what I suspected, to my suprise, he got real loud with me right there in the middle of the club. We separated and I went over to the bar. I was talking to people, but I was really talking to myself out loud. Before I even realized what I was doing I headed back over to him but this time I was blacking out with anger. The next thing I knew all hell had broken loose in the club. That night the guy went straight to the police and I was charged with assault.

After a couple of days I called my lawyer and turned myself in at the precinct, that’s when I realized how serious things were because they started setting up a press conference. The hilarious thing, if any of this can be considered funny is that the Rocawear Bubble Coat I was wearing when they paraded me in front of the cameras started flying off the shelves the last three weeks before Christmas.

Here’s my current list for my favorite new movie discoveries this year. It was hard to narrow down because I’ve seen so much good stuff thus far– hell, I even plan on seeing Guardians Vol. 2 a third time!

1. The Young Girls of Rochefort (dir. Jacques Demy, 1967)
2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (dir. James Gunn, 2017)
3. Day of Wrath (dir. Carl Th. Dreyer, 1943)
4. The 3 Penny Opera (dir. GW Pabst, 1931)
5. Vagabond (dir. Agnes Varda, 1985)
6. Twilight of a Woman’s Soul (dir. Yevgeni Bauer, 1913)
7. Bigger than Life (dir. Nicolas Ray, 1956)
8. Fury (dir. Fritz Lang, 1936)
9. Three Outlaw Samurai (dir. Hideo Gosha, 1964)
10. Bedlam (dir. Mark Robson, 1946)


Intro to Jazz

A few months back @espy asked me to do a Intro to Jazz post. I really do not feel qualified to do such a post. However, I do think I can provide a good starting point for anyone who wants to begin a journey in jazz music. This is my list. It is not THE list. What THE list is I don’t know but I can tell you this isn’t it. I suppose THE list is YOUR list. Hopefully, after listening to these albums (pictured above) you will subtract from these and add your own favorites. So here goes…

The world changed when Louis Armstrong stepped off a train in Chicago on August 8, 1922 from his native New Orleans. He travelled there to play with his mentor King Oliver. He was pop before pop knew it was pop. He was MJ before MJ was thought about. He was any artist you think is the best of the best and he was that before them all. Any Intro to Jazz in my view has to start with him.

It never ceases to amaze me how much people know about the mistakes in life Billie Holliday and Charlie Parker made collectively, but how little they know about their music. Music For Torching (1955) is Lady Day with all the sadness, comfort and beauty you expect to hear from her. Charlie Parker vol. 1 (1955) contains some of his most revolutionary work such as “Now’s the Time” and “Chasing the Bird”. Don’t pigeon hole Lady Day and Bird into the drug addict box…they gave the world of jazz and at large much, much more than that.

Thelonious Monk has been described as innovative, weird, eccentric, proflic, crazy, and just about every other adjective you can think of. Sounds like a genius to me. “Round Midnight”, “Straight No Chaser” everybody loves those. Mine? Epistrophy…have some.

Sonny Rollins is what makes me wholly unqualifed to write this post. How in the hell do you describe music that good in words? You could start with Saxophone Colossus (1956) or Way Out West (1957) but I love Freedom Suite (1958) because i just feels like Rollins not giving a damn about anything or anyone and playing…love that.“

Trane. Live at the Village Vanguard man. The fan blowing on a 70 degree night man. The very definition of proflic man. Spiritual man. I’m not explaining this choice any further man. Because Trane. Man.

I’ll admit this straight out. I’m not the biggest Ornette Coleman fan. That’s because I’m not a big free jazz guy. Hard Bop is more my thing. But there are two albums of his that just are everything: Something Else!!! (1958) and The Shape of Jazz to Come (1959). To me, he’s an important part of your introduction because innovated an entire new style of playing. Some have free jazz described as self-indulgent I don’t agree but I’ll let you decide that.

Art Blakey is my favorite jazz artist of all time. It was Lee Morgan (who could have easily made this list) but that changed with Free For All (1964). In my opinion, Art Blakey reclaimed jazz from those who dared to believe that black people were no longer at the forefront of the genre. From Hank Mobley to Wynton Marsalis, any list of "Messengers” reads like a who’s who in jazz music so you would be wise to delve into any and all Blakey albums. “The Core” on Free For All is just a transcendant piece of music to me…beyond dope, but you could probably say that about alot of Blakey offerings.“

You know damn well why Miles is on this list. Miles takes notes, unpacks them, holds them up, shows them to you, puts them back into his trumpet and then injects them into your soul. In his day, he did this while telling you to kiss his ass. Some hate that fact. I, for one, love that. There’s a reason why the two jazz artists you know best is Miles and Trane…a very good reason. I chose the Birth of the Cool(1957) for your intro because dammit I’m just tired of everyone talking about Kind of Blue…enough.

Clifford Brown is a name you should know for two reasons: First, because he’s a jazz musicians’ jazz musician. Artists who were shootin’ up and gettin’ high knew better to come to Brown with that because he wasn’t having it. I’ve read so many articles about Brown that speak to how he influenced a generation of trumpet players. The other reason you know is because he could play his ass off. The Clfford Brown-Max Roach (1954) album features a quintet that many consider the best of all time…all I know is "Jordu”, “Joy Spring” and “Delilah” are songs I play religiously. I want to say this as well…Clifford Brown died in a car accident at the age of 25. One of the things I glean from him is that you can have in impact on this world if you decide you want to. Age has very little to do with that. I consider Brown a revolutionary in every sense of the word.

So…where’s Duke Ellington? Where’s Dizzy? Where’s Mingus? Exactly.

Happy Listening.

The Precession of the Equinox: What is Happening to Us?

Okay, so you’re probably wondering why part 3 of our sacred geometry lesson hasn’t arrived yet. It will be here soon, but first I have to talk about this. I think it’s most appropriate that we discuss the changes that have been going on before we talk about anything else.

Most of you have probably heard of the precession of the equinox. This planet tilts about 23 degrees to the plane of its orbit around the Sun, which causes the four seasons. But there is another slight wobble in Earth’s turn, the precession of the equinox. It takes about 26,000 years to complete. There are many other periodical wobbles in Earth’s turn, but for right now we’re going to look at this one.

The picture above shows the wobble itself. The right end of it points toward the center of the galaxy. The bottom half of the oval shows when the planet is heading toward the center of the galaxy, and the top half shows when the planet is heading away from the center. Slightly after the extreme points on the oval, at points A and C, great changes take place. Change also happens at points B and D, but the change is not as defined and is less likely than at A and C.

When we move away from the center of the galaxy, approximately at point C, we begin to “fall asleep”, or in other words our level of consciousness takes a drastic dip. We fall through dimensional levels until we reach point A, where we begin to wake up again. Each time the cycle continues, we fall asleep less than the time before and we wake up more than the time before.

These time periods are called yugas by Tibetans and Hindus (yugas are just ages). Each yuga has a descending and ascending phase. The age at point C, according to the Hindu system, is called the descending satya yuga. Then there is the descending treta yuga, dwapara yuga, and kali yuga. The kali yuga has both ascending and descending. The kali yuga was when we were in the darkest times, in our deepest slumber (approximately 1,000 years ago).

Many people say that this is why a lot of information written during this time period in books have errors, because the people who wrote them were trying to interpret very conscious information written by people who were more awake. People also say that this incorrect interpretation of awakened people’s knowledge by those who are asleep can be the reason why some Bible stories just don’t make sense to us.

We are awakening right now. In history, at some points it would take thousands of years to acquire a certain amount of knowledge. Recently, the amount of knowledge that we have has been doubling and tripling. We’re at point A right now on the precession of the equinox. According to the Mayan calendar, we hit point A exactly on December 21st, 2012. You might remember this date being very famous, when a lot of people said that the world was going to end.

This again is an example of a group of people wrongly interpreting knowledge from a much higher, more wise kind of human beings. The world wasn’t ending on 12/21/12, it had just begun. We were entering a new age, The Age of Aquarius. The Age of Awakening.

Between 2013 to now, I know I’m not the only one who has seen drastic changes in myself, the people around me, my understanding, my knowledge, my energy, my consciousness. Everything is changing and this is one of the most important times for Earth, or maybe our entire solar system.

So, with this knowledge, you must ask yourself: why did my soul choose to come to this planet, at this very time? Why am I here?

Thank you for reading. Pictures have been borrowed from the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol 1. by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Stay tuned for more lessons from the Indigo School. Love & light!

WANDA: The days when Avengers engage in senseless brawls among themselves are past, as long as the Scarlet Witch can help it – and I most certainly can!

TONY: All right, Wanda! I don’t need your–

WANDA: I have something else to say to Captain America, if you please, Mr. Chairman! I’ll grant you that we’ve had some rough times lately, and it’s pretty easy to blame the team’s ineffectiveness on the leader, but before you do, let’s talk about how much help you’ve been recently! Seems to me you haven’t been a factor at all… except once, when you got in my way and prevented me from defeating Ultron!

[There is a smouldering silence for a moment. Then…]

WANDA: Cap! Wait! Where are –?

STEVE: You win, Wanda! You made your point!

Avengers Vol. 1 #168 by Jim Shooter & George Perez

These panels come after Steve calls Tony a “low life mercenary” and punches him in the face. But the days when the Avengers punched each other in the face are over!

…to be fair, Wanda wasn’t there when that happened.


Fully translated KoukoSuzu drama script, “Smoke Filled Spa Story”.

Translated from Chinese translated script by Redtoken-san! Read it below!

Suzu : Kouko-chan, do you want to accompany me to the bathhouse?

kouko : Now? It’s kinda late already, I’ll just use the shower

Suzu : This time of the day is the best, Kouko-san have been working hard lately, why don’t you take a nice bath, you can sleep better

Kouko : Hmm…since you made your point, then I won’t mind.

Suzu : Well it’s a deal then

  Hehehehe now my (wild) wish has been achieved


Suzu : As expected, there is no one here in the bathhouse at this hour. It’s only the two of us Kouko-san

Kouko : Ahh… right.

Suzu : What’s the matter? There is no one around, you could do whatever you want in the bathhouse, it won’t be a problem at all

Kouko :Who says I’m going to swim in it! Besides, only two of us in this huge bathhouse is sort of…

Suzu : Hehe  feeling shy?

Kouko : I’m not!

Suzu : Well, why don’t you have some fun?

 Today Myoujou Academy’s bathhouse will turn into my favourite spa—Kusatsu spa! (Translator Note: or is it called Kusatsu Onsen? Anyway, it’s one of the best hot spring resort in Japan)

Kouko : Uwahh—What are you doing?!

Suzu : I’ve put in some bath salts , isn’t it amazing, I’ve put 30 packets

Kouko : What are you thinking

Suzu :I’ve always wanted to try this once  Ohhh—the smell of sulphur

Kouko : You… fooling around in front of the class rep, are you prepared for consequences?

Suzu : Ahh Kouko-chan, there is a bug behind you—

Kouko : Uwaahh—-!! ….Shutou…

Suzu : Ohh I thought it was a bug, my mistake.

Suzu :Ohh Kouko-chan, you suddenly jumped into the bath, do you like Kusatsu spa that much? Mmm ~~

Kouko :Shutou…I won’t forgive you, not only you use the bath for yourself, you even got me…

Suzu : I’ve gotten the permission~ the permission from our class rep

Kouko: What

Suzu : Look at you,  jumping in without hesitation and enjoying already

Kouko : Don’t tell me…you invited me to the bath   for this reason?

Suzu : Heh… Since you’re already here, we are in trouble together

Kouko : Stop fooling around! To think this kind of plan will wor—

Suzu : Suzu… diving in—-

Kouko : Uwwahh—-


Suzu : Mmmm…. the scent is milder than I thought, even with so much bath salts it’s still not enough

Kouko : Heh… too bad.

Suzu : No…this area has some scent of sulphur….mmm~~

Kouko : Seriously…You’re always such an optimist, sometimes I’ll even admire you

Suzu : Is that so? Kouko-chan you should follow your desire more

Kouko : … I…

Suzu : To quit being an assassin, is Kouko-chan’s wish, right?

Kouko : How did you know?!

Suzu : Few days ago during night time, I heard you’re talking to Nio in the shower, you were talking about the compensation right?

Kouko : I thought you were asleep

Suzu : Because it’s rare to hear you raising your voice

Kouko : ahh….

*flashback* If I succeed, I will not be an assassin anymore, this is my wish!

Suzu : Anyway, I will not get in your way…hmm…it’d be better to quit this type of job

Kouko : What are you plotting!

Suzu : No no no, I don’t, if you were to fail, I’d go for it next, that is all.

Kouko : Shutou…don’t tell me you came here just to tell me that..

Suzu : Nope, I just want to enjoy the bath… People my age only enjoy spa as something life pleasures

Kouko :Aren’t we the same age…

Suzu : Ohh…are we? I guess you’re right, haha

Kouko : Life pleasures eh….

Suzu : Kouko-chan?

Kouko : How is that possible to exist? We’re assassins…. we live by stepping on others

Suzu : But… You wanted to quit, right?

Kouko : Can something like that be written off that easily? Death is not the end of life, it’s the completion of life.

Suzu : Ahh… a famous saying, it’s from Luther, right?

Kouko : A certain someone said it, it’s just something that sounded pleasant. Even if that’s the case, I still don’t understand the meaning of these words… What is life? No matter where you go, it’ll lead to death in the end… Completion? It’s just lies… its just something self-satisfying…

Suzu : That’s right…. All of us…will meet death one day, you can even end it yourself if you want.

   But…can it be accepted? It’s another story.

Kouko : Accepted?

Suzu : Humans are living things that knows how to struggle. Being able to accept one’s own death, is something that sounded pleasuring

  But I…refuses to give up no matter what. I wanted to prove that my life isn’t meaningless, even if it is a small matter, the time given for me to complete whatever I want…

 Then… maybe I can end this life… who knows~

Kouko : Don’t understand….so…

Suzu : Right, because Kouko-chan is still young

Kouko : We are of the same age, aren’t we?

Suzu : Hahaha, that’s right. It’s about time to get up, you’ll faint in the bath ~

Kouko : Time…? Is there something I can complete as well? …I’m just a useless assassin…


Look, the trees
are turning
their own bodies
into pillars

of light,
are giving off the rich
fragrance of cinnamon
and fulfillment,

the long tapers
of cattails
are bursting and floating away over
the blue shoulders

of the ponds,
and every pond,
no matter what its
name is, is

nameless now.
Every year
I have ever learned

in my lifetime
leads back to this: the fires
and the black river of loss
whose other side

is salvation,
whose meaning
none of us will ever know.
To live in this world

you must be able
to do three things:
to love what is mortal;
to hold it

against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it go,
to let it go.

—  ‘In Blackwater Woods’ by Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems, Vol. 1

saesaeseki  asked:

Hi Mayumi! Wanted to say how much I admire and love your stuff! everything you do is so perfect ^_^ I was just wondering, what books would you recommend to any artist to learn how to draw figure drawing and character designs better? I notice how confident and strong your lines are and how they communicate so well in your drawings. Thanks a bunch :) and cant wait to see more beautiful work!

Hi Masae! Thank you! I’m glad you like my stuff ^^
As for books, there are a few that I like to keep handy all the time:

all the Andrew Loomis books
Karl Gnass’s Spirit of the Pose
Mike Mattesi’s Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators
Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing Tips and Tricks

I actually haven’t read too many books on design yet, so I don’t really have any, but I do have a lot of artbooks and artists’ sketchbooks. Here are some of the ones I find myself picking up again and again:

Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s by Rian Hughes
Koji Morimoto’s Orange
Louie Del Carmen’s Muse vol. 1 and 2
Claire Wendling’s books Desk, Daisies
Walt Disney Animation Studios Archive Series: Design
anything with Earl Oliver Hurst in it
anything with Rene Gruau in it
anything with Annette Marnat in it
anything with David Downton in it

Hope this helps!

Last night before going to bed I had one of the most surreal, awesome moments of my life.  I saw that wesschneider had found Battle Vixens and Warlords Vol. 1, liked it, shared it, and wanted a copy! Seeing as a lot of my work is heavily influenced by RPGs and tabletop gaming like Pathfinder, this is a dream come true. Thank you so much for taking a look at both my work and this project!

So without further ado, it’s time for me to announce the launch of my webstore this Friday! I’ve been selling BVWL at comic and fantasy conventions throughout the spring and summer this year in three different states. However, with convention season coming to a close, it’s time to transition towards online sales. 9/12/14 is the date, so mark it on your calendars.


Giant thanks to everyone who picked up a copy at Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend. It was great to meet you guys in person on Saturday. Major props to Rogue, Gambit, and Aela the Huntress who posed with the zine. You made my day and my Instagram feed!

Keep On Movin'
Soul II Soul
Keep On Movin'

Keep On Movin’

Some of you may be too young to recall Soul II Soul but they had some great songs. “Keep On Movin’” is one of my favorites, especially this part:

I know the time, time today, walking alone in my own way
Extreme cold and rainy day, friends and I have fun along the way
Yes we do! I hide myself from no one
I know the time will really come when you’ll be in my life
My life always, yellow is the colour of sunrays

I get super nostalgic from this song… ❤

Hey!  I want to see your Inhuman fan art! 

I want to see your art and am willing to offer out all sorts of crazy prizes to get my way!!  Good artists, bad artists, professional artists, and hobby artists… everyone’s invited to participate and everyone will win!

the fantastic art above by Eric Turner, Shawn Daley, and Dev20W

How to Enter:

  1. step one.  Take a sketch card or blank piece of paper and draw one or more Inhumans on it.  It can be in color or in black and white.  All mediums are acceptable… pen and pencil, crayon, marker, knitting, crochet, decoupage, whatever.  The art can be of one or more of the Inhumans from the comics or an Inhuman you have made up.
  2. step two.  Take a photograph or make a scan of the art so that it is in digital format.  
  3. step three. Submit the art to InhumansForever at the following link.    Kids, ask your parent or guardian for permission before entering.  
  4. step four. Sit back and get ready to win some prizes.  

All entries will be posted, you can enter as many times as you please, and everyone who enters will win a prize!!!

Prizes include:

Digital download codes for Inhuman comics!

Inhuman heroclicks figurines!

Actual Inhuman comics sent right to your home.

A copy of an Inhuman trade paperback, including Realm of Kings, War of Kings, Culture Shock, By Right of Birth, and Marvel Knights: Inhumans!

This weird Black Bolt action doll (cat not included)

A DVD copy of the Inhuman cartoon feature ‘The Inhumans’

Real to life Inhuman fan-art by yours truly

And the grand prize of a near-mint copy of Fantastic Four vol. 1 # 47!!!!!

Winners will be announced June 1st and everybody who enters will win.  Prizes will be awarded on the merits of number of ‘likes’ a given post receives and consideration by me and my esteemed panel of judges.

Please reblog for signal Boost and Good Luck!

So because usually when I tell you guys goals I have for myself, I actually end up completing those goals, I’m telling you about my reading challenge.

Because I no longer have a job and I have serious book-buying impulse issues, I told myself that I wasn’t allowed to buy any more books until I’d finished all the unread ones I already have.

But the catch is: The Raven King comes out February 23rd, 2016, and I still haven’t read Blue Lily, Lily Blue. So I need to read all those unread books with enough time left over that I can buy BLLB and read it before TRK comes out.

I couldn’t sleep the other night, so logically I began organizing my books to see what the damage was. How many books I have to fit into the next ~4 months.

Thirty five books. I have two knee-high stacks of books sitting next to my bed that have to be read before I can buy books again.

Which means, leaving myself a little wiggle room, I have to read about two books a week. Totally doable (if I cut waaaaayy back on my tv time, which is going to hurt). To make sure I get that done, I’m going to list the titles below, and cross them off as I get the books read.

My goodreads reviews are linked in the date that I finish them

  • I Shall Wear Midnight (October 12)
  • The First Fifty Pages (November 3)
  • Throne of Glass (November 8)
  • The 3am Epiphany
  • The Girl from the Well (October 27)
  • Crafting Novels and Short Stories
  • The Racketeer (October 16)
  • The Kite Runner
  • The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing
  • Graceland
  • Thinking Fast and Slow
  • Enrique’s Journey
  • Books of Blood (vol. 1-3) (October 24)
  • The Dark Descent
  • Suicide Squad #1
  • The Arrival
  • Sandhills Boy
  • Artemis Fowl
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • The Red Pyramid
  • The Last of the Mohicans
  • Disgrace
  • The Secret Life of Bees
  • The Old Man and the Sea
  • 100 Best Loved Poems
  • Deception on All Accounts
  • Mystery and Manners
  • Good Kings, Bad Kings
  • Fairest
  • Mere Christianity
  • Last Night I Sang to the Monster
  • Yesterday’s X-Men
  • Krav Maga