in my heart

real talk, i don’t know what to put on my christmas list this year now that yuri on ice has given me a viable ship for yuri plisetsky with a character i actually really like. otabek just shows up out of nowhere with his gruff antisocial ways and then fuckin sweeps yuri off his feet on a fucking motorcycle because he might not like most people, but he has been planning to court yuri for ages?? like shut the fuck up, this is some next level mr. darcy type shit. 

Okay so my job is very boring and mundane so it allows me to sorta just get lost in my head and I spent the entire day thinking about Skam and parallels. What I noticed is so far the seasons have a pattern in story telling? okay like:

The Protagonist Carries a Secret. (a secret they are aSHAMEd about. get it.)

  • Eva: She stole Jonas from Ingrid/Hooked up with Chris
  • Noora: William wants to date her/ She likes him
  • Isak: He’s gay/Major unresolved issues with his parents

They Have a Significant Love Interest Throughout Their Arc.

  • Eva: Jonas (I still cry about this)
  • Noora: William
  • Isak: Even

They Witness Something That Hurts Them. 

  • Eva: Text from Ingrid to Jonas. Ingrid “confirming” she and Jonas were together the night of the dinner.
  • Noora: William smashing the bottle over the yakuza guys head.
  • Isak: Even kissing Sonja after he said he broke up with her. 

They Confess to a Friend.

  • Eva: Tells Isak she hooked up with Chris (lmao oh man)
  • Noora: Tells Vilde she is dating and in love with William
  • Isak: Tells Jonas he’s into Even. (coming out)

They Have a Moment of Bravery. 

  • Eva: Walking into school and talking to all the girls, seprately. 
  • Noora: Telling the girls about her assault, going to the doctor, meeting him at the bar. 
  • Isak: Walking into school between the person he hurt and the person who hurt him. 

They Fight for What’s Right.

  • Eva: Girl Power and being your own person
  • Noora: For William and their relationship
  • Isak: ???

and the most important of all………………………………..

They Have Sex with Their Love Interest in the Last Episode. 

  • Eva: break up sex with Jonas
  • Noora: I love you sex with William
  • Isak: ??????????

These are just a few. But I’m feeling MUCH better now about that clip.