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I started singing Bring me to Life as a meme once and I got weird stares from my friends because I actually knew all of the lyrics 

I’m not edgy I just take my memes seriously 

I can sing We are Number One too but I’m not a hardcore Lazytown fan

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I posted an anti reylo meme on my side blog and it got hate within 5 minutes from reylo shippers because I tagged it as reylo but they're acting as if they have the right to chat shit about kylux but no one is allowed to have a different opinion about their ship and it's so funny 😂😂☕️🐸

Ok? I guess you’re entitled to post whatever you like. I mean maybe don’t crosstag into their tag though. We don’t like it when people do it to us. Don’t be hypocritical. No ship is immune to criticism, and I do have a lot of criticism of reylo, but that’s what the anti tags are for.  People are just trying to mind their own business in their own tags and stay in their lane. 

Yuuri @ the beginning : I can’t understand Eros

Victor: But babe-

I guess I’ve noticed a really big problem in the ARMY fandom recently with all the hate, fanwars, and even our opinions on the actions of the members and I’d just like to remind you that they are not American. 

They weren’t raised in western culture

They weren’t raised with western ideals

As much as you want to ship them with members and say sexual things about them, just remember, you put their comfortableness at risk. Of course you can be attracted to them and ship them together (yoonseok for life) but just remember where the line is. They were raised in a society that doesn’t look too fondly upon homosexuals and the excessive shipping and sexual fanart and fanfiction can cause a strain on their relationships with each other. An argument might come up saying “well if they havent come out as gay or said theyre straight then we can do whatever” but id like to remind you again that Korea isn’t very open to gays just yet, doesn’t mean that theres anything wrong with gays and it doesn’t mean that nothing is changing, in fact korea is progressing pretty fast but it just isnt there yet. 

Also when you get offended by something said by a certain member, lets say they said something racist. (Im a poc!!!) we have to remember that they weren’t raised with our ideals and with our perceptions on what is right or wrong to say. And i am no “oppa apologist” because some things can be said that are out of line, but we can implement western societal values and rules onto eastern cultures. 

With all these fan wars and hate being spread around, I’d like to remind you of how heavily Korean culture revolves are respect. They respect groups older than them and they respect each other. So when we set off and start fighting with lets say EXO or Big Bang we are undermining their culture. Once the fanwar becomes bigger, they notice and it puts a strain on the relationships between both groups. It ruins the name of the younger group because they’re supposed to show respect towards the older group. Even if its a younger fandom that’s attacking BTS we shouldn’t stoop down to their level because respect plays a big role in their culture and we’re tarnishing BTS’s name by arguing with their peers.

Lastly, all this fighting amongst yourselves on which members are better or not. Id like to remind you that you are not a true army if you have even a small shred of hatred for a member. Wether you believe that the hyungs deserve better (and they do but I will believe in it while loving the maknae like equally) or the maknae line does. If you dislike even one member for the amount of lines he gets or the amount of stage time he gets then you are not a true ARMY. 

Thank you for reading this, I just want people to understand these things so we can better ourselves as a whole.

so i did a redraw of my first nohr fanart back in 2015