in my goddamned bathroom

Me when seeing Lys’ outfit in the episode preview

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I mean Imma ride or die loyal for Nathaniel BUT DAMN SON my eyes appreciate the view.


“ANAKIN SKYWALKER WHERE IS MY GODDAMN TOWEL!” You screamed from the bathroom. You knew he had taken it, he always does. You could hear him laugh from outside. “You mean this towel?” He steps in with a huge smirk across his face eying your body up and down. “Yes” you snatch the towel from his hands and cover yourself. “Oooo, you’re so sexy when you’re angry” he winked and left.

on and on and on.

Wasn’t sure if I was going to get away for the weekend with the leak upstairs. But the contractor worked on it most of the day last Thursday, and nothing was wet when we left Friday, so I got to go to coven. Unfortunately the leak started dripping again sometime while both J and I were away - the wall and mirror are covered in a film of melted soap from the drips splashing off the vanity.

Spent today crawling to the back of the closet in the bedroom turning the house water on and off. Hopefully the leak upstairs is actually fixed. (PLEASE be bloody fixed.) Now I just have to hope the neighbour actually follows the instructions left to him to not sure the shower while the silicon’s drying (and, frankly, while there’s a goddamn hole in the wall straight down into my bathroom).

I will be beyond happy when I can actually put everything back into the bathroom and it is going to stay clean and the walls aren’t going to weep anymore.

Had a nice coven weekend - quiet and peaceful. I played for a good while with my goddaughter while her father played some music for us, and we had a fantastic raclette - 6 people is about the perfect number.  We’ll be at a new covenstead from the start of June, so there’ll be packing and deconsecrating spaces (and not a little chaos) in our future.

Here’s a witch tip for you: If your period is late, just wear a white robe for ritual. It’ll show up! >_<

Bríd was unveiled today, and I burned a little incense. That’s about as much as I am doing for the Equinox, here at home. The snow has mostly gone, and I think it’s going to be a little warmer in the days coming. We’ve had some nice sunny days and I felt the seasons turning when we did ritual on the weekend, which isn’t always the case. The crows have come back from their winter roost. I’m still going to have to wait until after Beltane for flowers, but I can see the tips of the lilies poking their green spears through the grey carpet of leaves over the flowerbed.

I’m glad I decided to wait this year to unveil Bríd. Imbolc is my favorite holiday, but this year I really wasn’t feeling it. Spring just plain comes later here, than many other places. I can’t change that. So my ritual calendar has to adjust to my seasons, and not the other way around. I almost don’t need two spring holidays - one’s probably good. When I was younger I didn’t mind the winter dragging on and on, because I hated the sticky heat of Summer. As I get older, the harder it is to want to put up with Winter’s moods for so long.

At any rate, it feels like Winter is loosening its’ grip, and I am more than ready to move on. Synesthesia is fun sometimes - the colours in my head are a lot nicer than the bedraggled greys and browns of the outside world at this time of year. March, all teal and aqua and bright acid green is slipping away from my Sight, to be replaced with the pale yellows and earthy greens and rusty bronzes, the colours of April. 

Hopefully everyone else had a nice day today, too.