in my eyes it is

“Do you like me?”


I wanted to redraw that scene from the last original chapter in my style ^^; (all credits for the reference goes to the wonderful Old Xian!! <3) ~


  • The boss of the guys
  • Completely greedy
  • Thinks she deserve everything from her gang cos she is training them
  • And giving “love” a weird kind of. Opportunist of the skills of every boy of her
  • Give different jobs according to their skills
  • She has a favorite: Fell TH!Ice

1. Going always woth her pet to social gatherings, she show herself as a cute, kind and mercyful person. Being the completely opposite of it. Best on clean murders .

2.  No one go against it! But she is like a so manner person. Edgy and with a great manners to threat ppl. The worst murderers.

3.  If she want clean murders that will be like a sniper or assassination person.


“A couple weeks, maybe.”

At my going away happy hour thing someone asked how long I was planning to take off before looking for a new job. “That’s it? Take a month, at least.”

Today marks 3 months.

My former manager offered to review my resume when I finally got tired of hiatus-ing. I sent it to them last week.

So now I’ve got a resume I can send out or whatever one does with those things these days. Put it on LinkedIn, I guess. I’ll worry about that when I get back from Sweden.

Every YouTube video I’ve watched on ‘traveling to Sweden’ or 'how to speak Swedish’ or 'what have I gotten myself into with this whole Sweden thing’ has included a line about how almost everyone in Sweden speaks English so just go with that, no really, it’s fine. So there’s that.

Extended versions of the above have been on my mind a lot lately. I thought I’d worked through it all and settled on a plan, but apparently there’s something I’m missing.

I was hoping this concert would distract me for a while, but since I wrote most of this out between the penultimate and ultimate bands, I guess that didn’t work out.

The talking smoke detector with an overactive imagination also didn’t work out. It may have been murderized after thinking there was a fire between 2 and 5 am for the fourth time in a month.


so ive been seeing this meme “meet the artist” go around for a bit now and ive always avoided it because acknowledging my existence makes me incredibly anxious but today i decided to fight it and do a this little thing

drawing myself was the hardest but im glad i did the challenge

(i never realised how much pink stuff i own)

((and im so sorry about my handwriting!! but yeah i thought maybe my followers would appreciate knowing who i am and stuff so! yeah!))

If anyone asks I am gonna go watch the ilysm videos because irregardless of how cute ledd (Liam and zedd) are being I need some ziam back in my life even if it is just memories 💖❤️💛

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