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“I love you like the stars.”  He waited for her eyes.  “It’s what he told you when you told him you loved me – he replied that I love you like I love the stars.” 

I was reading the fic “Like Stars” by my friend and very talented writer @c1araoswa1d​ again, and I was struck by that line on a repeated read-through. I’ve also always wanted to design something like this, which incorporates a frame into the actual work itself, which then led into the concept of working with a shirt for the canvas itself. I like shirts and I like stars and outer space and I love 12 and Clara so it’s an overall win. (Yes, they’re the wee little guys in the corner there.)

Shirts are available here (printed on my go-to Anvil Lightweight Fashion Tee, 100% combed ringspun cotton) and comes in both unisex and women’s fits. (Contact me for other options!)

I realised I loved you in the fall

and I think about Summer, all the beautiful times, I watched you laughing from the passenger side
Have I mentioned that Taylor Swift is a genius??

Anyway, Baz tells Simon that he loves him
Word count; 600
Triggers; null

I confessed my love to Simon Snow on a warm day in September. The was a park near his flat where tulips flourished in the late spring and resembled works of art in the approaching fall. A statue claimed to me Romeo at Juliet’s deathbed. Beside it was a bench. A bench with a plaque that read On Loves Light Wings. I had secretly decided that that was our bench, where I might propose to him, where I might weep over his body, and surely where I would tell him I loved him. We sat together on the bench, holding our hands together and gazing at the tulips, the petals were withering and the leaves were long gone. I said that they looked like art because art was always death, the most beautiful of it at least. Simon was the exception. I was not really one to loudly gush over my boyfriend. I loved a good romance, and some would argue that I was a sap, but I kept my composure. On that autumn day, I nearly let that composure slip. I had turned my head so that it faced the other boy,

”Snow.” He looked at me, a stupid grin smeared on his face. I couldn’t not smile when I saw that look,

”I need you to know that I love you.” When you strive to keep your dignity intact, you have to practice important words like these over and over. I had made a habit of replaying and replaying those words, rephrasing and rephrasing. But those words had tumbled out, just like that. Somehow, Simon seemed pleased. Not pleased. Simon didn’t do pleased. He looked positively ecstatic, in fact. His cheeks had gone all red and his smile nearly touched his ears, 

“I think I need you to know that I love you.” I grabbed his hand and ran us back to the flat.

I did not expect what happened next to happen. We did not get naked, we barely kissed. It was mostly lying next to each other staring at the other and listening to Snow say I love you until I told him he was driving me crazy. We kissed and I told him that I loved him again. And again… and then he was telling me to shut up. It felt so wonderful to say. I didn’t have to wait very long for myself to start crying. I knew I was going to, no matter how much I wished I wouldn’t. 

Simon had unbuttoned my shirt so that my skin was aginst his Doctor Who t-shirt. I could see all of the shades of blue in his eyes and smell that unwashed Snow smell. He was mumbling I love you again and I started to tear up. At first, only I would have been able to tell, but then the tears began to overflow. One slipped down my cheek and onto my chin. Simon looked into my eyes, 

“No… fuck. Why are you crying?”

I shook my head, “I’m not”

“I’m not that thick, Baz” I grinned, but didn’t say anything,

“You have to tell me.” He coaxed,

“Or what?” I teased. He rolled his eyes and I decided to just confess,

“I’m crying, Simon, because this is what I’ve wanted since I was 15, before that. Since I met you. To be in bed, squished next to Simon Snow while he tells me he loves me.” I was really crying now,

“What do you mean… I don’t understand.”

“Sometimes you’re just so dense. Simon. I have always loved you… and I always will.”

This might sound pretentious, idk I wrote it while highly sleep deprived and confused so who knows


spoopychristinedaae said the Gallifrey characters needed these shirts, so…

A/N: A request on my own accord because I thought of this and couldn’t not write it. :) Requests are always welcome!

Jillian Holtzmann x Female Reader


Its been rainy all day, but only a slight drizzle, light enough for you to walk home from work wearing a sweatshirt to cover your head. The forecast said it should remain this light all day, it was your fault for believing them.

You were about halfway home when lighting flashed in the sky above your head and thunder boomed nonstop. Running across the crosswalk, you stopped at the corner building because it had an overhang you could stand under and avoid getting any more wet.

You expected it to lighten up in a few minutes so when it didn’t, you checked your weather app to find that it will remain this heavy until early hours of the morning. Pulling up your contacts, you scrolled down to find your roommates number so you could call them to tell them you’ll be home late.

“Would you like to come in?” You heard a soft voice say to your right. Looking over you saw a woman you’ve never met, standing at the door to the building you were in front of.

“Oh, I don’t want to intrude. Thank you for the offer, though.” You smiled at her as you took in her appearance. Her wavy blonde hair was pinned to the top of her head, wearing a beige jumpsuit with the name “Holtzmann” sewed into it, with yellow glasses resting on her nose.

“You don’t want to get a cold now, don’t you?” Holtzmann said, now leaning against the door frame with her arms folded and an amused look in her eyes.

“You’ve caught me there,” You answered, moving from your spot to walk inside. Holtzmann moved to open the door more, using her free hand to bow down slightly to you as you walked through the door. “Thank you.” You laughed.

“I was, uh, making coffee when I noticed you outside the window, would you like some?” She scratched her neck while walking past you to the coffee machine.

“I would love some, I probably won’t sleep tonight anyways.” You shrugged off your sweatshirt, which was a bad move, you had to wear a white shirt for your work attire and the sweatshirt wasn’t enough to keep it dry, making your shirt see through.

“Well that’s a pretty view you don’t see everyday.” Holtzmann said looking at your chest with both eyebrows raised. You looked down and covered your chest with your soaking wet sweatshirt.

“Do you have a spare shirt by chance?” You looked everywhere but at Holtzmann. She walked away and returned shortly with a green long sleeved crop top, standing there waiting for you to change, “Can I, uh, get some privacy?” You asked, she made a little ‘oh!’ noise then turned around. You laughed as you changed your shirt. “My names Y/N, by the way.”

“Oh yeah!” She turned to you, “Dr. Jillian Holtzmann, at your service.” She said, doing a little finger salute as she said her name, quickly turning to retrieve both of your coffees.

“Dr? What do you do?” You asked, talking the mug as she handed it to you.

“I’m a science engineer, want to see a few things that I’ve done?” Holtzmann bounced on her feet.

“Why not?” You shrugged and followed her up a flight of stairs.


Holtzmann and you sat for hours looking at the creations she made, it was somewhere around 2am when the lights flashed out and a rumble of thunder followed. Your eyes widened and adjusted to the dark, using your hand, you felt around for Holtzmann’s hand.

“Holtzmann?” You called out when you realized she wasn’t next to you anymore. “Holtzmann, where are you?” Still no response, you turned in all directions. “Holtzma-” your pleaded call was cut short when lips crashed onto yours.

Knowing it was Holtzmann, you kissed back. The kissing turned to a make out session, at one point Holtzmann lifted you up onto an open spot on her desk while she stood between your legs. As Holtzmann was starting to kiss down your jaw with her hands on the bare skin on your hips, your phone went off. Holtzmann backed away as you pulled out your phone and answered the call, knowing it was your roommate.

“Where the fuck are you?! It’s 3am, there’s no way you worked over time for 7 hours!” They screamed into the phone.

“I’m sorry, I forgot to call you to tell you I got caught in the rain, I stopped into a 24 hour café to wait until it lightened up, I guess I got too caught up in my work that I lost track of time. I’ll be right home.” You held a hand to your forehead.

“You better be on your way home, be safe.” They hung up on you.

The lights turned back on and Holtzmann came back up the stairs, “Who was that?” She asked as you jumped down from her desk.

“My roommate, I forgot to call them so they got worried. I should be heading home now, thank you for letting me stay for a bit.” You started to collect your things and head down the stairs.

“I can give you a ride, we have a Cadillac here.” Holtzmann offered.

You smiled at her, “That would be amazing, thank you again,” She nodded and lead you to a garage in the back. “Is that a hearse?” You laughed.

“A Cadillac hearse.” Holtzmann emphasized.

“What’s with the ghost logo?” You asked getting in, that’s how you found out about the Ghostbusters, Holtzmann explained as much as she could about her job on the way to your house.

“That’s insane.” You responded.

“Well I mean.” Holtzmann shook her head side to side with her eyes look up as you sat outside your apartment building.

“Oh shit, I forgot, I’m still wearing your shirt.” You looked down then over to Holtzmann who shrugged.

“Are you free on Friday?” She asked, you nodded. “You can give it back to me then if you let me buy you dinner.”

You smiled, leaned in, pecked Holtzmann’s cheek, and left the hearse saying, “See you Friday.”


Arriving up to your apartment, your roommate yelled at you for a few minutes about how you scared them half to death, before you grabbed a water bottle and went to your room.

Cleaning out your bag, you found a piece of paper with a phone number and “Dr. Jillian Holtzmann” written on it in blocky handwriting and a heart in the corner.

‘Is the doctor in?’ You texted.

'Only for girls who steal my shirts ;)’