in my defense it was a lot funnier in my head

Plow Me

Because I’m self indulgent

In my defense, @secretschuylersister started it [And yes, it is based off of The Tag, her Legendary tag, id you could not tell by the title]

Lin x reader (I think? I mean, it kind of turned out more Daveed x readerish. I was thinking that if people actually like this, I might do a second part and put more Lin in it… Unless y’all want it to be a Daveed fic? That works too.)

Warnings: probably OOCish characters (Taylor included? Not sure if she swears… Never mind yes she does) Sexual references, hardcore shipping, fangirl Daveed, some swearing (okay, lots of swearing) - that’s it, I think

Confession time: I was the anon who sent in the idea for the plow me fic when the other anon requested it in a prompt

I have no regrets

Summary: The Hamilcast finds out about something that they maybe shouldn’t have

Special thanks to @timeforhamilton who let me send this for her for advice and encouraged me to keep going, @secretschuylersister for answering my questions for “research” and @on-written-wings for her oh-so-helpful Industrial Revolution list! If you haven’t met any of them, check them out! They’re all awesome! :)

Words: 2188, I believe


“You’re joking.”

“Do it.”


“But why not?” Daveed pressed.

“Because it’s creepy!” Anthony defended. “Why would I look up Lin?”

“Trust me, the results are very amusing.”

“How exactly would you know that, Diggs?”

“I’ll give you three guesses… And ten dollars if you do it.”

Anthony sighed, folding under the promise of money for his troubles.

Daveed grinned, letting out a fist pump into the air.

“The things I do for you people…” Anthony breathed, even as he pulled his laptop closer to him, Google already getting up and running.

His fingers began to lazily drift over the keys, but after a few seconds, they stopped, a smirk curling on his face as his eyebrows lifted further.

“Oh, Diggs, you were right.”

“Why? What’d you find?” Daveed asked eagerly, moving so he could see the screen, eager for the scoop on something he might’ve missed.

Sitting there, all too innocently in the search bar, were the unfinished words Lin-Manue.

In the drop down list of frequent searches just below it, from the bottom up, it went lin-manuel miranda net worth, lin-manuel miranda drunk history, lin-manuel miranda moana, lin-manuel miranda, and, at the very top of the list, securing it’s spot as the most searched topic with his name on it, lin-manuel miranda plow me.

The two shared a mischievous look, devious grins slowly growing on their faces.

It took all of two seconds for them to silently agree, and immediately afterwards, Anthony had furiously clicked the first option, repeatedly doing so until the next page had loaded.

Scrolling down, he murmured, “So, Tumblr is the blue void from whence this came, eh? Let’s see if we can find out where this started…”

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This was my entry for @destieldrabblesdaily fanfic contest! I’m seeing everyone sharing their amazing work so I thought I’d jump in too :)))

[Read on AO3]


“Hey Sammy, did you see this?” Dean shoves the crumpled piece of paper in Sam’s face.

“Is this…”

“Cas wrote a bucket list. Ain’t that cute?”

“Are you sure we should be reading this?” Sam makes a face. Party-killer. Dean just happened to find the damn thing on the floor. It’s not like he could leave it there.

“Yeah, I mean… The guy’s got tons of wishes,” he says then. “And he’s a frickin’ angel, why is he wasting time when he could be doing all of this in a week? We should take some time off and help him.”

“Right, and that Wendigo in South Dakota is just going to hunt itself…” Sam mutters under his breath, but then as he reads his tone changes and he smiles. “You know what? I can take care of that myself. I’ll ring Jody, maybe Claire will come along too. You go play genie.”

It beats Dean why Sam would give up all the fun but he just shrugs and thanks him.

Then again, he and Cas don’t spend as much time together as they used to, so this could be good for them.

 1. Learn how to bake pie

“Hey Cas, you got a minute?” Dean’s prayer is short of details, but he doesn’t want to risk giving anything away. Cas appears in the bunker’s kitchen after seconds. He tilts his head, probably confused as to why is he seeing Dean wearing an apron and facing piles of flour and sets of eggs.

“Dean, what are you…” Dean promptly shows him the piece of paper. Cas’s eyes grow wide in surprise and Dean could swear he even blushes a little.

“Did you read it?”

“Just skimmed the first points. But I took the week off, and God help me, I’ll help your lazy angelic ass to go through all of this bucket list.”

“Bucket list?”

“That’s what this is, right?”

“I guess,” Cas shrugs. “So I assume this is…”

“Baking pie, hell yeah. I got you an apron.”

As Cas glances at the green apron and smiles, Dean lets out a breath of relief. He’s happy Cas didn’t get mad at him for poking around his things. He had wanted to do something nice for Cas in a long time.

“In my defense,” Cas jokes. “I always thought they’d taste better without the effort of making them.”

“Well, you’re wrong. Some baking is good for the soul. Now break this egg.” Cas follows through, with slightly more strength than Dean imagined. Enough strength to make the egg explode all over them.

“I said break it, not smite it,” Dean laughs.

“I’m sorry,” Cas says, his face even cuter with that ridiculous orange bits in his hair. Weirder, Dean meant. Not cuter.

“Do you have other ones?” He asks, hopeful, and Dean nods.

“Sure Cas, we got plenty.”

 2. Go to a Led Zeppelin concert.

“If you had time-travelled to a Led Zeppelin concert without me I’d have kicked your ass,” Dean warns him. Since when did Cas even like Led Zeppelin?

“Glad that’s not the case,” Cas says. He puts his hand on Dean’s shoulder and suddenly, Dean reckons at a first glance, they’re in Oakland, California, on 24th July 1977. The crowd is insane, wearing some of the weirdest outfit Dean has ever seen. Although he and Cas must probably look like the most out-of-place types in there.

“Is it like you pictured?” Cas screams in his ear.

“Yeah, it fucking rocks!”

They’re playing Thank You and Dean just closes his eyes, letting the melody sink in. When he opens them again, he can’t help but look at Cas, and for a moment he doesn’t care about the stage at all.

3. Try Peter Luger’s Bacon Burger.

Dean is sitting on a bench in Central Park, eating America’s best bacon burger and thanking God for ever letting him get rescued by Cas.

“I can’t believe I’m trying a burger worth a 100$ dollars.”

“I doubt it costed that much, but it is indeed very tasty,” Cas ponders.

“Man, did you see how fancy that place was?” Dean’s mouth is stuffed with delicious bread. “You’re wasting your invisibility gift. We should sneak into Hollywood, not just steal burgers, I’m telling you.”

“We can add that to the list, if you’d like,” Cas offers, looking at his feet.

“Maybe later,” Dean answers, playfully bumping Cas’s shoulder. “I like it here.”

It’s late at night when Cas finally suggests they zap themselves back at the bunker.

4. Watch a “chick-flick”.

Dean can’t help but laugh whole-heartedly at this one.

“You and Sam use that term all the time…” Cas protests, putting on a grumpy face.

“Guilty, it’s just funnier if it comes from you,” Dean turns on the laptop. “So, what do you wanna watch tonight, babe?” The term leaves Dean’s lips as a joke though he can’t help but feeling a little heat rush to his cheeks.

“I’d suggest something with Swayze.”

“Something Swayze is alright,” Cas shrugs, unbothered. Dean snorts: the guy’s got a lot to learn. He looks up “Dirty Dancing” and figures he should start from the top.


One hour, twenty-five minutes and many questions later, the big scene comes on and Cas is adorably smashed against the screen in trepidation. Dean has seen it so many times - not that anyone knows - that he automatically hums along to it.

You’re the one thing, I can’t get enough of… ‘Could be love ‘cause I had the time of my life…” Cas’s eyes suddenly leave the screen and dart towards him. He doesn’t say anything. He just stares. It’s something Cas does rather
often, so why does this time feel so… Urgent? Dean gives him a little smile and keeps humming, for some unknown embarrassing reason.

So we’ll just let it go, don’t be afraid to lose control…” 
Cas’s eyes aim lower now; Dean can feel them all over his moving lips.

I know what’s on your mind when you say stay with me tonight…” Their foreheads are touching now. Dean doesn’t know if it’s Cas’s skin tingling or just his own. Then the crowd in the movie erupts into an applause and Cas jumps a little, surprised, thus breaking the magic.

Dean clears his throat.

“Maybe we should just move to the next point, what do you say?”

The previous tension is now so awkward that he can’t even glance at Cas. He grabs the bucket list and reads.

5. Just kiss him.

Ouch. That cuts deep.

“Maybe I should explain…” Cas starts, but Dean cuts him short.

“It’s fine, Cas, really. Clearly you’re into someone. A guy. That’s… That’s great, really. I’m - I’m sure he’ll appreciate your baking skills.” The smile he pulls on is probably the fakest he ever pulled, but he can’t help it. He had read too much into those past days. After all the time they had spent apart some old feelings had risen and he had been an idiot for listening to them. They never got him anywhere.

“Dean, listen. I have to be honest with you. That “bucket list”, as you called it… They weren’t things I wanted to do for myself. They were, uhm, possible ideas… For dates. With this guy.”

Dean definitely needs to get away from the room before he bursts into tears. Not only his pride is hurt, but he feels like a giant idiot for making himself the third wheel.

“You see, this guy…” Cas continues, without mercy. “He loves pies. He listens to Led Zeppelin all day long, it’s pretty annoying to tell you the truth. And don’t get me started on bacon burgers, his liver will collapse one day. Did I mention he’s a sucker for chick flicks? He even knows the soundtracks by heart.”

Oh. Oh. Dean really is a giant idiot.

“So, would you like to help me with that final point?” Cas’s tone is more insecure this time and Dean doesn’t have the heart to leave him in agony for too long. He looks at Cas until their lips are millimeters apart.

“Consider it done,” he whispers before Cas kisses him. 

“Did it hurt darlin’? When ya’ fell from heaven?”

“No, it did not.” Hanzo replied, eyes focused on the screen of the tablet he was currently engrossed in, completely unfazed by Jesse’s first flirting attempt of the evening. He could be so dense sometimes. 

“Well then.” The cowboy brushed his fingers through his beard, observing Hanzo from across the room, realizing he’d have to up the ante to finally catch his lover’s undivided attention. That tablet was mighty distracting and boy was he was aching for a kiss. How ridiculous would his pick up lines have to get this time?

 “On a serious note have ya’ been to see Dr. Ziegler lately, ‘cause I think you’re lacking a bit of vitamin ‘me’.” He was already grinning like a fool.

At first the bowman thought he was genuinely concerned about his well being, but had instead demolished the next weapon in Jesse’s arsenal with an exaggerated eye roll. The cowboy could’ve sworn Hanzo’s eyes flipped around so far into the back of his head, that he could see him internally face palm. It wasn’t the desired reaction, but hey, at least he was getting somewhere. Sort of. Perhaps a different tactic was needed. 

It was true, McCree and his god awful pick up lines were back for another round, but he’d have to try harder than that. Hanzo had adjusted himself in such a way on the couch so that the smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth went unseen. Two could play this game, but he’d wait for the right time to strike. 

Jesse stood while he beckoned the archer over, gesturing at his shirt and rolling the fabric between his gloved fingers. “Hanzo, could ya’ come over here real quick and feel my shirt?” Oh, this was going be good. 

Finally setting his tablet down with an audible huff, Hanzo strode across the room trying to figure out what the cowboy’s exact motive was.The request in itself had seemed innocent enough.  

A peculiar look met Jesse’s eyes as the texture of the fabric was studied between a few nimble fingers. It was soft, yes, but really that was it, there was nothing special about it. Though the moment Jesse began to open his mouth Hanzo quickly narrowed his eyes, letting the shirt fall from his hand. What a fool he had been, completely forgetting about the cowboys incessant delivery of pick-up lines. 

 "It’s made out’a boyfriend material.“ He beamed, quickly blurting out his punch line before the opportunity passed. 

The 'I can’t believe I just fell for that’ look plastered across his face had said it all. Hanzo crossed his arms defensively trying avoid the red tinge now flushing his cheeks, he was embarrassed, but this cowboy sure was something else. And the puns, they were just as awful as always, never ending.

Jesse’s head and hat tipped backward as he turned into a chuckling mess, metal hand gently finding its way onto Hanzo’s shoulder for support. He gave it a light squeeze before closing the remaining distance between their bodies. Hanzo just stood there, trying to rid the abashed half smile off his own face by shaking his head, this was getting ridiculous. 

"So now that I’ve got ya’ where I want ya’ good lookin’, how 'bout this. I’ll stop with the pick-ups lines and give ya’ a kiss. And if ya’ don’t like it, it can be returned." 

Jesse sighed as his eyes studied Hanzo’s face, delighting in the bit of blush that remained before they traveled to his lips. Only to lose himself in thought, his lover’s intoxicatingly attractive presence bringing the intentions of his own mouth to a screeching halt. 

"Well are you going to kiss me, or am I going to have to lie to my diary again?” Hanzo’s face drew closer to Jesse’s, tugging his shirt collar confident as ever and practically purring into his ear. He had learned from the best after all.   

Red cheeked and flustered, Jesse quickly pressed a kiss against Hanzo’s smug smile. 

“I see you’re finally catchin’ on now, huh?”

Figment//Isaac Lahey - Part 2

Characters: Isaac Lahey, Stiles Stilinski, Ghost!Reader.

He’s in the kitchen, making breakfast when you show up at the counter. He glances up at you, “Jesus Christ.” He jumps. ​

“Sorry. I probably should’ve said something.” ​

“That would’ve been nice..“ He looks over at you. “So, tell me something.“​

“Anything.” You nod. ​

“When did you die?” ​

“Oh wow, um….about a year ago.” ​

“Jesus, I thought you were like a hundred years old. Also, am I offending you by saying Jesus? Am I going to get struck down or something?“​

“Nope. I’m seventeen..I guess. I was sixteen when I died. Um, no. I mean, I won’t strike you down. Someone else might.“​

“Oh.” He nods sarcastically, “Nice to know.”

“Do you want to know why I’m here?” You sit at the counter.

“Yeah. That’d be nice.”

“You have issues.”

“Wow, thank you.” He cocks an eyebrow.

“I mean, you do…but I mean, issues I’m here to help you fix. Mend your mind, in a sense.” You try to correct yourself.

“Mend my mind?”

“Isaac, don’t ask me.” You shrug.

“You know my name?” He looks shocked.

“I’m sitting on a barstool in your kitchen while you make yourself an omelette. Yes, I know your name.”

“I think you’d like my friend Stiles. He’s actually not my friend. More of an annoyance.”

“Oh yeah, I like Stiles.”

“You know Stiles?”

“I know all your friends. Now, back to the reason I’m here..I’m basically your guidance counselor. I won’t say guardian angel because that’s a whole different level of a ghost. Guidance counselor is a good metaphor.”

“Guardian angels? I’m really losing my mind.”

“Just…give me a chance. I’ll disappear and night so you can sleep and I’ll be here when you wake.”

“Okay. That’s fair.”

“Is Derek here?” You look around and Isaac shakes his head.

“No, he left not long after you did last night. I haven’t seen him since.”

“Okay, that gives us more time to talk.”

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“Y/N.” You state.

“Pretty.” He nods.

"Thanks.” You smile up at him and he returns it.

“Can you like…touch things? Is that weird to ask?”

“No, I can’t…I could, some ghosts can..I’m new so I can’t.”

“So like..” He walks over and puts a finger on your arm. It goes through you, as if nothing’s there.

You look down at his arm inside of you. “Thanks for that.”

He quickly retracts his arm, “Sorry…you just..look real. You don’t look like a look human.”

You shrug, “I was human. This isn’t a movie, Isaac. Ghosts don’t a have a white sheet over their head.”

"Yeah. Sorry.” He shakes his head and sits beside you. “So..what do we even do?”

“I’ll follow you around, y'know..make snide remarks only you can hear.” You joke and he laughs.

“Why me? Why do I get you?” He looks at you.

“We’re suited for each other. That’s why.”

Isaac nods.

"What else do you want to know?” You ask him and he shakes his head.

“Nothing…I think that’s it for now.” He shakes his head.

“Okay. What are your plans for today?”

“I have a pack meeting at…” He glance at the clock. “Wow. I’m late. I have a pack meeting in ten minutes.”

“Lets go then.” You stand up.

“You’re coming?” He raises an eyebrow as he puts his plate in the sink.

“I told you I was. I’m your Velcro now.”

Isaac puts his jacket on. “Okay.”

Derek had given Isaac a car while he lived with him. He was in and out a lot and he’d told Isaac it was only fair that he wasn’t stuck. Isaac didn’t tell you this, you’d watched the interaction.

You get in the car and he looks over at you, confused. “Can’t you just like…pop up there?”

“Yes. But I’d rather ride with you.” You shrug. He opens his mouth to speak and you cut him off, “I know that look on your face. Don’t say it. Don’t make me pop out of this car. One dirty joke and I’m gone.”

He puts his hands up in defense, “Okay okay. I won’t say it.”

He drives you to Scott’s. You’d seen him come her a couple of times. You’d never followed him inside. The whole drive consisted of the two of you laughing and joking.

“You’re late.” Stiles glares at Isaac.

“I’m five minutes late…” He rolls his eyes.

“Late is late.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did my dad dying and me having to move into Derek’s inconvenience you? I can find real estate in the neighborhood if you’d like.” Isaac retorts and you giggle.

“How many times are you going to play that card, huh?” Stiles crosses his arms.

“Until I’m tired of it.” Isaac sits on the couch and you sit beside him.

He gives you a look before whispering, “What if someone sits on you?”

You laugh, the cute expression on his face making the question even funnier. “No one will sit here. Just trust me.”

He shrugs and turns to Scott. “So, what’s going on?”

Scott explains everything, plans for future attacks. You listen closely, not that any of it applies to you. You can sense Isaac’s mind filling with information. You watch his expressions as he soaks everything in. You watch as he learns. This was all you’d wanted for the past five months.

All you had hoped for was one interaction with this human boy, and now you’re going to protect him.

anonymous asked:

Please do talk about Sam Clemmett's brilliant acting a bit more! Tbh I feel like his acting is more subtle than Anthony's... which is, of course, neither a good, nor a bad thing, just a different approach I guess, for their characters are so different in many ways. (For instance, Albus is not a boy-shaped spinning top, unlike Scorpius. :)) So, not really a specific question... just tell us about your favourite Albus moments or anything you'd like!

Oh my dear anon. This is basically the best question you could have asked me, because I could talk about Sam’s acting for days. I will try not to do that though. 

First, I agree about the subtlety, and I think part of that is Albus himself. The character is generally more subtle and restrained, and the part is a lot less exaggerated. There is definitely range there, but it’s not like Scorpius where he literally goes from singing about sweets to being plunged into hell. So I think it’s easy just to read Albus, and by extension Sam’s acting, as one note and angsty, which it definitely isn’t. 

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Stress Relief


Request: Do you think you could do a one shot where you and Sam are in college and he sneaks into your dorm room at night and lots of fluff please?

Request: What about a Sam x reader where she’s super stressed for finals, but he hangs out with her and helps with whatever he can and eventually one of them admits they have feelings for the other and its just really sweet? I love your imagines btw :)

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Title: Five Hours
Rating: PG
Summary: When you get shot at you get a little slack in your schedule, it turns out. 
Notes: A bit set in the Leader Of The Free World ‘verse, where Clint is president, Steve is the VP, and Tony Stark is the shadow lord. 

“Shots fired, shots fired!”

There was a way a crowd reacted, Clint thought absently, like a flock of birds – when the gunshots went off, everyone ducked in sync, in waves, and from his place behind the podium he could see it sweep through the gathering in the park in gorgeous detail.

Not that he had a lot of time to contemplate it. Even as he was admiring the way human instinct took over, he was vaulting the security gates around the podium.

“Ah fuck, Hawkeye’s on the move,” he heard one of the Secret Service guys call. As he raced past another one, who was scanning the crowd for the shooter, he ripped the wireless radio out of his ear and plugged it into his own.

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'Scream Queens' Finale Killer Speaks: Lea Michele Interview
The star also gives hints about what a possible second season of the horror series might look like.

When were you told the truth about Hester?

I was literally told when the script came out. And actually, I was in New York with Emma [Roberts] and Keke [Palmer] doing a press event for the show and I was at this event and I hadn’t gotten the script yet because I wasn’t in New Orleans. And Keke had just gotten to New York from New Orleans and she had gotten the script, so I was like, “Oh, did you guys get the final script?” And Keke was like, “Yes, did you not read it?” And I said, “No. Who is it?” And she said, “It’s you!” I was like, “You’re lying.” “No, it’s really you and you get away with it.” Are you kidding me? And then I had to ask Ryan, obviously, and he was like, “Are you happy?” I said, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” He approached me with this role a year ago now, and he said, “Yeah, I think this will be good for you. And I think it will give people a chance to see you in a different light. You’ll get to be really funny.” And he didn’t give me a clue about what would happen. Not a clue.

So you were genuinely surprised by the reveal?

Yes. I had a feeling that I was in some way involved but not that it was all me. I really thought it was all Oliver [Hudson]. I thought it was Oliver the whole time.

Was that your theory the whole time?

Him or Skyler [Samuels].

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Training (Bucky and Reader)

Word Count: 781

Warnings: None!

This isn’t exactly a romantic fic, more just you and Bucky being friends, but that’s okay. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

“Are you trying to kill me?” You panted out, struggling to keep up with the punches and kicks being thrown at you, too fast for you to defend yourself let alone fight back.

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Endings II

I’m so glad someone requested this.

Part I

Boo Seungkwan;

You walked into a coffee shop for your daily order. It was getting colder, day by day. It had been months since you had broken up with Seungkwan. And truth be told you were much happier. It was a healthy break up, one that happened for the better. 

But Seungkwan. Seungkwan was a wreck. He missed you. Every day he missed you more and more. He knew it wasn’t healthy to miss someone this long after a break up but he couldn’t help it. He needed you back in his life. 

You felt a tap on your shoulder so you turned around with your mocha in hand. 

“Minghao!” You exclaimed, “How’ve you been?”

“I’ve been good.” He smiled, “I’ve gotten over Da Xia.”

“That’s great. I’m happy to hear that.” 

“How’ve you been? You know, breaking up with Seungkwan and all?”

“Good. Great, in fact.”

He looked away and mumbled, “That makes one of you…”. He delved into a story about how unhappy Seungkwan has been. That he once had to stay in the dorm during practice because he couldn’t handle the fact that you two had broken up. He wanted to text you, call you or anything but at the same time he wanted to give you your space.

“I know this may be asking a little too much,” Minghao started, “But could you maybe talk to him? He really hasn’t been himself lately.”

Seungkwan may be your ex but he was your friend long before all of this. You couldn’t deny that a large part of you still cared for him. Yes, the romantic feelings were gone but you still cared for him.


“Seungkwan.” You knocked on his door. 

He couldn’t believe it. The sound of your voice. It was you. Quickly he rushed out of bed and ran his fingers through his hand. He checked his breath and when he realized it stank he popped a mint into his mouth before opening his door. 

“Hey Boo, how’ve you been?” You said before adding, “Your room smells like shit.”

“That… that’s Vernon’s stuff? He never does laundry.” Seungkwan lied and it was obvious. You laughed. How he had missed the sound of your laugh, brightening the room especially when paired with your eye smile. 

He brought himself closer to you and cupped your face in his hands. 

It didn’t feel right to you. You gently placed his hands at his sides and shook your head.

“I came here as a friend. I hope that despite our past we can still be friends.”

His heart felt heavy. He didn’t want to be friends. But if being friends meant that you would still be a part of his life he would take it. 

He gave a weak smile, “Friends.”

Chwe Hansol;

Everyday there would be a new string of text messages from Hansol. And everyday you would delete them all. 

To say that you were tired of it would be an understatement. 

Your phone sounded; 

Hansol: Talk to me. Please.

You replied with a short ‘Where and when’.


“I know it was wrong. I’m sorry. But please believe me when I say that it’s you I like!”

“Hansol, nothing has changed. From the day you kissed her until today at school. You two still hangout, you two still hold hands. Just be with her.”

It wasn’t terribly cold. More like brisk and chilly. Autumn was ending soon. The sun had just set. You two were sitting on a bench at a bus stop with the streetlight shining bright above you. 

Hansol remained quiet. Thinking of ways to prove that he cared about you. 

You remained quiet. Thinking of ways to get Hansol to see that he belongs with someone better than you. 

“Why do you put me on a such a high pedestal?” He said, his voice just above a whisper. 

“I don’t.”

“Yes. You do. You keep saying things like ‘you deserve better’ or ‘shes who you belong with’. No one’s better than anyone else. Where are you getting these ideas?”

“Everyone thinks so! Not just me!” You were beginning to get defensive. 

“Why does it matter what everyone thinks?”

“You never hear what I hear. I’m always inferior compared to you. Everyone says that you’re out of my league. That you belong with someone better looking and smarter and funnier than I am. And you do.” You added later, “you deserve the best.”

“You are the best. I don’t care about what they say. You tell me stupid dad jokes all the time, you do these cute little dances whenever you’re excited or in a good mood. You never hesitate to help people out when they need it. I like you because of who you are, not what people think of you.” He paused before continuing.

“And… I think I love you.” 

Lee Chan; 

He hadn’t returned any of your texts. The texts that you sent late at night, the texts that would always have the check marks next to them, showing that he read them. 

And now out of the blue, your phone buzzed and his name appeared. 

You answered the call, desperate to talk to Chan. 

“Hello?” You spoke, trying not to let the nervousness that clouded your mind be evident in your voice. 

“I miss you.” He spoke softly. 

You stayed quiet. You didn’t want to let him back into your life this easily. But you were desperate for him. Your first love. It was pleasant. The time you two spent together was great and you craved it. 

“I miss you too.” You said, even quieter.

He cleared his throat before continuing, “I miss you. I miss holding you hand. I miss building forts with you. I miss our meme wars. I miss seeing your good morning and good night texts. I miss our movie nights. I miss telling you about my day and I miss hearing about yours. But most of all I miss you.”

You were overwhelmed. Chan, who hadn’t spoken to you in a month missed you. 

“Why did you break up with me?” The one question that had been bothering you for a month. Chan never told you the real reason as to why you were breaking up and it drove you to the brink of insanity. You didn’t know if you were at fault, or if there was someone else in the picture or if Chan simply didn’t love you anymore.

“I don’t know… I thought that our spark was gone. But I’ve learned a lot. You don’t need a constant spark to keep a relationship going. It’s more like still being able to be together even once that spark sort of dies down.” 

You remained silent, could someone really mature so much over the course of a month? Was it possible?

“Please…” Chan spoke again, “Please give me another chance.”

The pros of letting Chan back into your life outweighed the cons by far. You were still worried that he would break up again. You loved Chan but you didn’t want him to play games again.

“You promise not to pull any of this shit again?”

“I promise.” You could imagine his smile as he said it. 

“Then yes.” You smiled.