in my day trolling meant something

abstractedthinking  asked:

There's gotta be a missing piece with storm anon over there. Maybe tumblr are something? Maybe the message before the storm anon said that they were replaced meant that someone else went on as Storm anon and sent that? Cause literally anyone can turn on anon and say theyre someone else. So maybe you were talking to two people? Or maybe Tumblr ate an ask or didn't let their message go through? Idk man but it's weird, are you alright my friend?

Yeah, there was a lot of weirdness with that whole thing. 

My conclusion now, at the start of this new day, is they were probably a troll. My suspicions are due to the following evidence: 

1) Their first messages were very sweet, but very vague, other than asking me about my follower count–no mentions of Thomas, of my art, of my writing, nothing. Just “you’re amazing, how many followers do you have?” I believe they were ‘feeling out’ my blog, to see if I had enough followers to be worth messing with. 

2) After they had obtained that number, they sent a couple more nice messages, then things started to get weird. They started building this narrative in the asks trying to make me look bad, or trying to confuse me, or both. 

3) Once I issued an ultimatum and said I’d block them if they didn’t start giving me straight answers, they stopped responding. In other words, they’d gotten as much ‘fun’ out of me as they could, and there was no point to keep up the ‘game.’ 

4) There were very long pauses between their replies, making me think I may not have been the only blog they were messing with. 

I don’t know if any of this is true, but if I don’t hear back from them that’s what I’m going to assume. If I do ever hear back, I figure it’ll go one of two ways: either they’ll explain what was wrong and we can work it out like adult humans, or they’ll continue their little drama narrative, and I’ll block them and delete the asks without posting. Either way, I’m done with the weirdness. 

I’m publishing this so that no one else who was involved last night will have to wonder what’s up. :) Thank you all for offering your thoughts/concerns! 

If on the off chance something strange really DID happen–an eaten ask, or a case of ‘stolen anon identity,’–then I’ll be more than happy to chat with them and sort things out. Otherwise, I’m done with this. 

As one last side note: if I ever say or do (or SEEM to say or do) anything that feels mean or offensive to any of you guys, all you have to do is talk to me. I’m a human, so I make mistakes. But I’m a human who would very much like to learn to be a better human, so I’m happy to try to learn from them. And it is never, ever, ever my intention to hurt any of you guys. 

Love you all! 

Storm anon, if you were a troll, I hope you had fun! But this playground is closed now. 

Reaction: Letting you drive .

Reaction of letting you drive him to work or other events for the first time.

Sehun: oh god we made it here alive.

Sehun: as long as she offers to drive i’m going to be walking .

Baekhyun: Theres so many things i didn’t get to do , i want to live .

Suho and chanyeol: save us let us live !(mocking you.)

Y/N: if you don’t like the way i drive maybe you should get your license and drive yourself … oh wait you can’t can you!

D.O: burnnnnnnnnnn.

Baekhyun: ………….. 

Chanyeol: my car ………….( You back into his car)

Chanyeol: theres a scratch .(starts examining the car)

Suho: thanks babe we made it one piece.

Suho: i’m going to get my license .(starts breaking down)

Yixing: my baby is going to drive me ooh yeahhhh ooh yeahhh.

Yixing: (after getting out the car he starts kissing inanimate objects) i love life.

Xiumin: ooh we’re good everyone is okay .

Xiumin: i dare not shall do this again until you get better.

Tao: aww your so sweet baby lets go.

Tao: (next day) looks like i’m walking.

Kai: thanks for the ride , baby baby baby BABY!!!( you started to pull out the spot and his hoodie was caught on the door )

Y/N: i never meant to do that i’m sorry .


Chen: this is the first day my baby is driving .

Chen:(you started to pull out and hit something chen wasted no time trolling you by laying down and made you believe you hit him.)

Chen: you should have seen your face.

Kyungsoo: lets go baby .

Y/N: why is the light blinking .

Kyungsoo:(she doesn’t know what shes doing ?)

Kyungsoo: (so this is how i’m going to die at least the idiots are in the car with me ) oooh fun .

Y/N: what did you say ?

Kyungsoo: you’re doing so well baby.

Luhan: i know you’ve JUST got your license but why do you want to drive me to work? 

Luhan: (nearly hitting him with your car when he took his bike instead.)

Wu Yi Fan:(contemplate for a while ) 

Wu Yi Fan: (send for help please )