in my day trolling meant something

Reaction: Letting you drive .

Reaction of letting you drive him to work or other events for the first time.

Sehun: oh god we made it here alive.

Sehun: as long as she offers to drive i’m going to be walking .

Baekhyun: Theres so many things i didn’t get to do , i want to live .

Suho and chanyeol: save us let us live !(mocking you.)

Y/N: if you don’t like the way i drive maybe you should get your license and drive yourself … oh wait you can’t can you!

D.O: burnnnnnnnnnn.

Baekhyun: ………….. 

Chanyeol: my car ………….( You back into his car)

Chanyeol: theres a scratch .(starts examining the car)

Suho: thanks babe we made it one piece.

Suho: i’m going to get my license .(starts breaking down)

Yixing: my baby is going to drive me ooh yeahhhh ooh yeahhh.

Yixing: (after getting out the car he starts kissing inanimate objects) i love life.

Xiumin: ooh we’re good everyone is okay .

Xiumin: i dare not shall do this again until you get better.

Tao: aww your so sweet baby lets go.

Tao: (next day) looks like i’m walking.

Kai: thanks for the ride , baby baby baby BABY!!!( you started to pull out the spot and his hoodie was caught on the door )

Y/N: i never meant to do that i’m sorry .


Chen: this is the first day my baby is driving .

Chen:(you started to pull out and hit something chen wasted no time trolling you by laying down and made you believe you hit him.)

Chen: you should have seen your face.

Kyungsoo: lets go baby .

Y/N: why is the light blinking .

Kyungsoo:(she doesn’t know what shes doing ?)

Kyungsoo: (so this is how i’m going to die at least the idiots are in the car with me ) oooh fun .

Y/N: what did you say ?

Kyungsoo: you’re doing so well baby.

Luhan: i know you’ve JUST got your license but why do you want to drive me to work? 

Luhan: (nearly hitting him with your car when he took his bike instead.)

Wu Yi Fan:(contemplate for a while ) 

Wu Yi Fan: (send for help please )