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Nothing But Trouble

Working somewhere relatively isolated meant our local Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals did not have as many resources as it would have in a more populated state. This meant the RSPCA didn’t employ their own vets and used us instead. Mostly this was for desexing anything that moved, but occasionally there would be a cruelty case that needed attention.

On case in particular, was a lovely kelpie puppy and her surviving litter of puppies. They had been seized by the RSPCA when the pups were a few days old, and raised with her in the RSPCA while evidence was gathered and court proceeding did their thing

Only after two months, the ‘owner’ started making noise that they were going to claim their dogs back and were coming to the shelter to ‘claim’ them. the RSPCA inspectors had no intention of letting them have these dogs back, but there were concerns that if they knew where the dogs were, they’d break in later and steal them back. Considering they’d already skipped court there was a good chance we’d never find the dogs again if that happened.

So on the day of concern, it was decided that the Mumma Kelpie and her four puppies would spend the day at my house while I was at work, and the Long Suffering Boyfriend would dog sit. After all, he’d grown up with dogs and the puppies would be in a crate. 

He fell for their cuteness.

He wondered what could possibly go wrong if he let them out of the crate for a little while.

Like Pandora’s box opening, when my LSB opened the crate, four puppies sprung forth, each running in a different direction within the house to find something to destroy.

He could not contain more than one puppy at a time.

Every time he grabbed one to return it to the crate, the previous puppy would escape again. They roamed the house like entropy sprites, seeking things to chew and destroy.

Wonka the cat was not impressed.

Meanwhile, Mumma Kelpie would just follow the LBS around from room to room, looking smug as her offspring unleashed chaos.

Fortunately, when I returned home late from work the RSPCA inspector had already collected the dogs, after corralling them all up again.

I only witnessed a fraction of the knee-high chaos and destruction that remained. A litter of bored 8 week old puppies who have been confined most of their lives and then suddenly have free run of a house can be very creative chaos.

(And if you were wondering, they all got pet homes eventually, even though it took Mumma Kelpie months longer to be adopted.)

Took me about a year of waiting, but today the Dro-m’Athra Senche is finally mine \o/

“Alastor was killed by a deer hunter. Angel was shot and killed by his brother. Vaggie was murdered. Mimzy was sentenced to death. Husk was beaten to death. Baxter died on the RMS Titanic. Nifty committed suicide. Crymini was also beaten to death. See the pattern? None of them were peacefully put to rest…”

-Submitted by Anonymous

Poe Dameron x Reader

Title: On Falling and Flying / AO3
Length: 7k
Rating: T for language
Summary: Pilot Reader has been transferred to D'Qar with high praise from General Organa for her flight skills. And Poe is eager to get her to prove it. But she tries her best to ignore his teasing, certain that he’s only jealous. She has no interest in taking away his precious title as best pilot in the Resistance. But when Reader crashes and almost gets herself killed, she glimpses a side of Poe she hasn’t seen before and she realizes she was wrong about him all along.
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“A Dream of Weep”

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

This was my contribution to LitJoy Crate for their April box. Nothing here is a spoiler for the book =) Lazlo holds many fantastic stories of the mysterious city of Weep in his head. This is am interpretation of what he imagines. I don’t think he really believe it was all just like this, but he has this habit of collecting all the stories. And just keeping them all. All real little jewels in his mind, until the day he might go and see it all for himself, he throws none of them out.

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye // Anger (1978)

I listened to Here, My Dear all the way through twice today. This album is pure emotion at it’s best.

“Anger, can make you old, yes it can
I said anger, can make you sick, children… oh Jesus
Anger destroys your soul
Rage, there’s no room for rage in there
There’s no room for rage in here
line up some place to go to be mad
It’s a sin to treat your body bad..”

- Marvin Gaye

essenangstessen said: this is a personal fav!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure if it’s a success story exactly, but my boyfriend and I had to go on a trip for a week about a month ago and while we were gone we had to leave our dog with his brother. Before we left I made sure to tell him that all he has to do is tell our dog to go to his crate and then give him a treat when he does and he’ll be fine in there overnight (since he chews stuff up if he’s left out unsupervised). When we got back, we found out that he had decided that getting a treat was too much work so instead he had been picking my dog up and shoving him forcefully in his crate. My dog wouldn’t go in anymore. If you walked anywhere near it he would run away and hide. So we backed up and started retraining the go to crate behavior - rewarding him for going anywhere near it, then for going in it, then for going in on command, then for staying in. It only took a few days for him to be back to feeling totally comfortable again. I was very proud of how fast he progressed, since it took us weeks to get him used to it in the first place. Also, it goes without saying that my boyfriend’s brother will no longer be watching our dog for any amount of time.

I’d call it success. You managed to successfully help the dog feel comfortable again in a space that had been made unsafe for it, and it’s a great example of how having a behavior be ruined (either by purposeful mismanagement or just bad luck) isn’t the end of the world and can be come back from. I’m sorry you’re boyfriend’s brother is a jerk and I’m very glad you’ve found someone else - it sucks when the people you trust with your animals aren’t worthy of it.