in my beginning is my end


i did damien’s first date right out of the gate, realized how much i was going to enjoy his route, and then saved his second date until the very end. who knew the one playing to my aesthetic favorites would also be the most relatable?

Creepypasta #1196: This Story Does Not Have A Twist

Length: Short

This story does not have a twist. You won’t find out that I’m really the killer at the end.

Because I’m telling you so from the beginning. I am the killer.

I was the one who killed him.

I was the one who scouted out the old man hobbling along while out walking with my son.

I was the one who wanted to follow him down the street that day.

I was the one who had brought a pair of scissors along to do the killing.

I was the one who followed him into the alleyway, leading my six year old boy in hand.

I was the one who stabbed him thirty-six times.

I was the one who consoled my crying child.

I was the one who made him promise to lie to protect me.

Just please believe me. This story does not have a twist. I am the killer.

Credits to: Mrmrlol (story)


WOW. Um…I honestly have no words to describe how incredible this is to me…Never did I ever even dream that I would get over 50 followers! And I now have twice that…It’s extremely special to be able to do something you love for others and make them happy…to make them smile…to bring them joy. Writing is one of my man passions along with singing and song-writing…and the fact that I can take my love for writing and use it to spread joy and love to people who request stuff from me, is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for continuing to love me and my works, and I hope to see more requests and people enjoying my works in the future…seriously thank you. I’m sorry I haven’t been as active recently, I’ve had like no inspiration whatsoever, and I’ve gotten really busy with my summer work as my summer begins to come to an end…please be patient! I’ll have more requests out soon. I love you all so much, thank you for your continued support and love and requests.

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@princeyoungho: Let me tell you about Jennie…Jennie is the softest, sweetest, most kind-hearted Johnny/ NCT Stan ever. She is incredibly kind and always tells me that I’m doing a great job and that I’m talented…She encourages me to keep doing what I love both on and off of Tumblr…If you like NCT and you like Johnny Seo, go check her out.

@nottodaygot7: My first K-Pop mutual who actually stuck around…Bel…you’re the one who gave me my final push to start this blog…you helped me with the coding for posts in the beginning, and assured me that people would like my stuff and that it would all be so worth it. Thank you for always encouraging me and telling me that I’m doing a good job. If you like BTS, GOT7, and Seventeen, go check her out, shes hilarious and super sweet and talented.

@kitanthegay: CHILD. I love you…and I have the pleasure of knowing you in person. You are so sweet and loving, and you never fail to make me feel incredibly special…thank you for all your love and support! Please go check out his page for some really great art!!!!

@clearly-shady-bouquet: You’ve been so kind to me since the beginning…when I was almost at 100 followers, you reblogged that post and assured me that it would come soon…you were right…you told me how much you loved my work, and that reading it made you happy…I’m glad I could return the happiness through answering your requests.

@princeminhyung127: You are so nice!!! I know we met in our group chat, but after you requested some mood boards, we started talking and I think you’re hilarious, and so incredibly nice. You say the nicest things about my mood boards and my works in general! Thank you for all the love and support, I hope we become great friends!

@evalocity: Ma nouvelle amie! Nous avons rencontré notre ami Donnabelle, et je suis si ravi que nous devenons des amis proches! Je t’aime Elo!~ 
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I’ve gotten a couple messages mentioning/asking about the Pokemon Go Fest, so here’s my report:

While the lines at the beginning were HORRENDOUS and the server was definitely dicey at points, at the end of the day, I still had a lot of fun! I think Niantic made up for their poor planning with the refund and various giveaways, though I feel bad for those who bought tickets second-hand and/or came into Chicago from far away solely for the Fest.

My Sweet Rose

like a flower, my sweet rose
forever I will hold…
you were precocious
you were ferocious
you were delicate
spectacular, full of emotion
mine to have and to…
I will never let you go
though you have flown…
soft petals in fragrant wind
until we meet again
know where you end, I begin
I love you, rose

FollowCB | Copyright 2017

anonymous asked:

There's a girl at my school who at the beginning of the year was talking about how "trans guys are so much hotter than real guys!!" And making me kinda uncomfortable in the locker room. but by the end of the year she was talking about one of my friends (in front of me and two other trans guys) and ranting about how you can't be a guy if you don't have a dick. When I called her out she looked at all of us and said "yeah. No I know!" And kept ranting. Tbh that still pisses me off a lot

I don’t blame you for being pissed off, it’s really horrible and transphobic to say things like that. You could try talking to a teacher about it and seeing if they can help you out, they may be able to have a word with her about it and make her stop saying things like that. It sucks that there are people like that out there, but there are more supportive people out there than unsupportive, just got to weed out the bad ones. I’m sure you won’t have to listen to her views for much longer, no matter what she says you are valid!


anonymous asked:

hi!!! i'm a huge fan of your cowboy au (i'm living for your dialogue snippets atm) and i was wondering if we could get another update on how long it's getting? every time there's more and i'm super super excited!!!! thank you so much for putting your writing out there it's so so so good and i hope you have a good day!

I don’t mind giving another update — forgive me, as I’m staying up way past my usual bedtime, so this may not be my most coherent reply :)

Right now I’m at … *checks* … 52,060 words, right on the dot. Cool. I consider what I’m writing right now to be the beginning of the end of this part (at last!), but who knows? My fingers sometimes go ahead and do stuff without my brain’s permission.

Your excitement makes me excited to keep writing — even when I’m nodding off as I type. Like right now.

But before I crash, lemme find a good line to give you which isn’t super spoilery … And I’m just gonna give you literally the last lines I’ve written tonight:

They’d stopped seeing it as a matter of honour more than half a year ago, and instead a practical choice. Now it seemed to be a tiny piece of leftover decency, a surprise to himself …

Hopefully that makes some kind of sense :) *hugs* *many hugs* Thank you, thank you! Hope you’ve had a great day yourself! :D

((I’m closing the askbox right now, so many asks I haven’t answered yet and also replies I haven’t done. Not to mention I have to work on my merchs because the con is getting closer ;;A;; I’m also dropping out from BDSpaceAU. In the end I didn’t really participate in the event lol aaaaa I’m really bad with sci-fi orz but I had fun seeing other people’s designs and interactions! I’ll do better in my next event.))


July 23rd 2010 at 8:22 pm. From the bottom of the stairs to the top of the world. How has it been seven years already? Time flies really fast. It has been seven years since we’ve been blessed with five amazing, talented, hardworking and wonderful guys. Thank you for being with us. For sharing your talents. Your stories. Your music.

Words cannot express how much i love you and how thankful i am that i got to know you and be a part of this family. I haven’t been here since the beginning but i know for sure that i will stay till the end. This is the first fandom that i’ve been a part of and i wouldn’t change a single thing even if i could. You hold a special place in my heart and you will always be the first to me. I may like and support other artists but please know that you will always be my number one. My priority. I couldn’t even imagine a world without you, and i’m glad that i don’t have to. You mean the world to me and i owe you so much for all the happiness that you’ve caused me. You’ve changed my life and i will never be able to thank you enough. You have been an inspiration to me and to others for so many years now. We’ve been through so much together and the past years have been a roller coaster of emotion. We’ve shared many memories together, and i know that those memories will stay in my heart forever.

Thank you for spreading love in the fandom. Thank you for keeping us together. Thank you for being with us during the tough times. Thank you for staying. Thank you for existing.

It has been seven years and i couldn’t be more proud of all of your achievements and how much you’ve grown as artists. You’ve come such a long way. You’ve conquered the world and captured the hearts of millions. I know that each of you are doing your own thing now and you all are doing a great job at it. Please keep on doing what you love, continue to inspire more people and to spread love and happiness like what you’ve been doing for the past years. You don’t know how many lives you’ve touched and saved with your music and just by being yourselves. We will always be here for you. I miss you guys so much. I want you to be back again soon but please come back when it feels right in your heart. We will support you no matter what. We’ll be here waiting for you until the day you decide to come back. I wish you nothing but the best and i love you with all my heart, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond.

“One Direction is who we are, and it’s who we’ll always be”

You’ve promised to come back, we’ve promised to stay. Till the end.

“We are legends. And legends never die.”

7 years and counting. Here’s to more years of 1D. 🎉🥂


❥ my royal otp
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► Yes it’s a plot twist
► So here’s my first edit (reposted) since the first time the upload messed up the coloring. Sorry that it gets off beat towards the end, thanks svp for rendering it weird over there.
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It’s been months but I’m still not over this.

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Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!


Whose bad end is this again?

aka thoughts that keep me up at 2am if we had his ROUTE