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Real Talk

If I saw the inner circle walking down the street I would be so fucking intimated because
1. They’re all insanely hot
2. They have so much power it radiates off them
3. Cassian would probably give a wolffish grin and you know I’d be bolting away (and meeting him later that night but shhh)

Circumstance (Part 9)

This took me all day and I’m not even that happy with it but I hope you guys like it. 

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Emberlei waits by the open window as Cadewyn raises an eyebrow at her. Slowly, she is getting over her shock and regaining her confidence. And at this moment, even though she is dreadfully worried about her sister, Ember is also not above using the knowledge of their bond to her own devices. Which is why she holds her arms out for Cadewyn to pick her up.

He hesitates for a moment and Ember briefly wonders if he knows her secret - she wouldn’t put it past Brexton to tell Cadewyn about her flying abilities - but then he just shrugs and scoops her up. The sensation of his arms wrapped around her is almost too overwhelming for Ember. And she notices Cade’s hold tighten a bit around her too, pulling her closer to his chest.

He looks down at her with a slight smile on his face. Ember realizes that she is close enough to kiss him if she wanted to, the bond slightly pulling at her to just move that extra couple inches, but she doesn’t. She refuses to let the bond force her into loving a man she doesn’t even know, although she feels like she does after the last three weeks of living in his room.

“Let’s go,” She orders, back to her Crown Princess mode. As far as she can tell, Cade doesn’t know about the bond yet and until she has talked to Gusty, she isn’t going to bring it up.

Suddenly, they’re up in the air and Ember’s arms hurriedly snake around Cade’s neck. She would like to say that flying with Cade is no different than flying with Cassian or Brex. But that would be a horrendous lie.

She is desperately trying to ignore the urge to tug the the ends of his hair that tickles her fingers. Ember cannot deny that he is extremely attractive. The dark blue-black hair, defined jawline, firm chest that she is being pulled into at this very moment. And his eyes, well, she has been dreaming of his eyes for years now and still, seeing them in person makes her mind spin. The violet-blue makes Ember realize that this is real. It’s all real.

“You’re staring at me,” Cade accuses, not looking down at her as he flies over the city. 

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