in memory of red

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People always joke about taking both the red and blue pills from 'The Matrix'. But the blue pill apparently wipes your memory of meeting the people outside the matrix, while the red pill ejects you from the matrix. So wouldn't taking both just end up with you kicked out of the matrix butt-ass nude with no idea what the fuck was going on?

thats me when i wake up every goddamn day

hunk: *pulls out his 12 Times New Roman double spaced essay with main points highlighted and marked with sticky notes* so have you guys finished this yet :D

lance: he assigned it YESTERDAY

pidge: i’m running on less than two hours of sleep and approximately ten red bulls time is but a sweet memory my friend 

keith: we had to write something


A little series I want to start doing–whenever I have time for doodling–of Zack taking selfies/pictures of his teammates. He seemed to like observing people in the film, I can imagine he would love to capture their moments together.

Have ideas for more cute selfies? Send them to my ask and I’ll check them out!