in memory of paul walker


Yup! A new CD everyone. Our boys surprised us with a new MV and a new CD. It’s not called “secret" for nothing. Goodbye my money 😂

All ready for purchase both offline and online at ¥1800 before tax. It’s a mini album. So far, it’s already listed at and CDJapan. Not yet on iTunes as I’m typing this.

Track Listings

  1. The Anthem
  2. 終焉レクイエム / Shuuen Requiem / Demise Requiem
  4. 君のいない夜を越えて / Kimi no inai Yoru wo Koete / Beyond the night without you
  5. See you again (Cover)*
  6. Love Affair

* Original song by Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Puth composed for Furious 7 movie in memory of actor Paul Walker

** The album’s theme seems to be about “loss" and “death".😳

Look at the display at Tower Records Shibuya!


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A part of my childhood ended.

I watched Furious 7 tonight. It was an excellent movie, and may possibly be my favorite one. But the thing that makes it my favorite isn’t the ridiculous scenes and high-octane action seen in every movie within the series, no. What makes this movie my favorite is the heartfelt way they honor Paul Walker. Many people may think it’s silly to be so upset at the death of a celebrity, or a tribute on film or even the end of a series but these movies were a huge part of my childhood. I was in my pre-teen years when the first one came out but since that first film, I’ve been a huge fan of these movies and they’ve molded me. Paul Walker became my hero. Even now, those who know me know my influences. They can see it in the car I drive and how I drive.

I teared up at the end of this movie and I’m not ashamed to say it.
For Paul.
Gone too soon.