in memory of one of my two favorite characters in this game

Reasons why Rohan is my favourite character in JoJo

- He’s one of few characters in the entire franchise who actually changes his outfits frequently

- Highly successful manga artist at the age of TWENTY. His Stand, Heaven’s Door makes him so efficient at this that he is able to draw an entire manga page in two minutes, and an entire chapter (19 pages) in a single night.

- Uses his Stand to LITERALLY read people like a book, and use their memories and personality traits that he reads as either information he can use against them in combat, or as inspiration for his work (or both).

- Is given the opportunity to have his life spared by sacrificing Josuke, who had just cheated him in gambling and is someone who he has always hated. His response is so dramatic that it has become a meme and has been referenced in other animes such as No Game No Life.

- He is one of few characters who actively investigates Yoshikage Kira, so much so that he takes hundreds of pictures of people in Morioh to try and find any clues.

- When his house is set on fire, he is not even remotely concerned with it and is rather still preoccupied with figuring out how Josuke is cheating him at Cee-lo.

 After the fact, his main concern is not the insane amount of furniture that had been lost (that’s a lotta money) but rather that he no longer has a desk to draw manga on.

- This line:

- Uses his Stand ability to decide what afterlife his defeated opponent will go to 

- Later on in the series, he fails to notice the literal end of the universe because he was too busy drawing manga. That is dedication.