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Makorra briefings

@makorrayear asks a great question: what made you start shipping makorra?

Gather ‘round kids. Get comfy, bring popcorn. It’s story time.

I’m gonna be honest with you, I entered the fandom a few years late. I actually didn’t know the show existed/that it was a continuation of atla until I saw the commercial for the b1 finale (while watching a tmnt DVD with my bro on Nick) and later stumbled upon it on amazon prime, a little over a year and a half ago (whoa, that feels like a lifetime!!). Then I thought, hmm… Why not? I was really unsure of the whole thing originally. What could possibly amount to atla? How could the fictional universe that blessed my childhood possibly get any better? But I pressed play anyway.

That’s when this naive, headstrong, adorable little waterbender entered my life. I was skeptical. She kept making pretty impulsive decisions, but I have her a chance bc I knew her development would be pretty great.

So I go along, completely thrilled to see some of the original gaang and where they ended up. And then… Mako appears. I knew from the little footage I’d seen that he was the trademark handsome brooding boy, so I was like “ah yes. The cliché love interest emerges.” I know I had no idea what I was in for but You have to bear with me–I didn’t have the best attitude towards the show, like I said earlier. (A mistake that made me the wiser person I am today lol)

But they had so much chemistry? From the very beginning I feel like they were perfect. Plus, my favorite trope is the haters/antagonizers to lovers. And I still had atla in my head, so they were basically zutara that did shippy-things. And… Mako was so hot??? That scene in the Revelation where he’s at the factory and takes off his face mask and wipes sweat off his forehead, gazing broodily into the distance???? Holy cheese and crackers, that was it, I was hooked, swooning, dead. No wonder Korra fell for him so quickly. She didn’t have a chance. (Frankly, he didn’t have a chance either, she looks like a goddess)

Ahem, anyway. The Revelation was when my shipper heart took over. They were the power couple that was actually canon (*eye twitches*) and they were so realistic to me. Yes, they had issues, but literally every couple does, and they worked out those problems.

I remember watching the entire b2 in one night… And they broke up… And I was devastated… But I was sure they were going to get back together because you can’t just toss all that development out the window, you know? That’s when I joined tumblr, and started getting involved in the fandom. And then b3 was added to Amazon, and I was like “ok yay otp gets back together!” Boy, I was naive. Then… I saw posts about the b4 finale and it looked like they were at a wedding, and I was like “Oh!! They get married! Yay!… They get married, right?” I’d never been more wrong.

So, I finally watched b4 kinda recently, but of course I already knew what happened basically. The rest is history.

Sorry I rambled wayyyy too much and strayed from the original question! in summary, I had a feeling they were supposed to be together from the beginning, but I didn’t start REALLY shipping makorra until The Revelation.

((I was irritated about the whole brain/focus/time thing not aligning lately, so I started writing a thing with no actual idea what I was writing.  …This happened, so here it is, slap a “standard dream sequence” label on it and ta-da.))

What is your earliest memory?

“Of what life?”

Of any life.

The chuckle is too soft and short to be in any way honestly amused, but he humors the question anyway.  “The lab, I suppose.  What I’m assuming was the lab, at any rate.  Steel and plexiglass, closed-off areas.  The stench of mako.  It’s a very vague memory.”

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Junkenstine AU: part 2

Also up for consideration! Jamie and Mako were a married couple living in the town together. A horrible accident killed Mako and left Jamie brain damaged where he could not remember much. (The headphone outlets in his head were part of his medical operation)

He didn’t know who he was or his history, he didn’t recognize anyone though he could remember bits of Mako, just enough to know something was missing. He would have occasional flash backs to vauge bits of his past that only distressed him more and caused him to feel less grounded.

His passion for science didn’t leave with the accident, so once out of the hospital he continued his works and began to obsess over robots, trying to fill a space in his heart. Without Mako he couldn’t keep up with their life style and he had to move to the outskirts of town, where the solitude drove him further into insanity until he finally lost all memories, and no longer resembled Jamie.

Mako was an organ donner and parts of him were preserved. The mad doctor stole into the hospital and the clients name ‘Mako’ really stuck out to him. (He later forgot entirely about the name. And where he even got the brain)

While building his monster his subconscious built a body shape similar to Mako. He became oddly attached in a way he never was to robots. He cried when his attempts failed, he didn’t know why he got emotional over some corps but his emotional well being was entirely dependent on his success. Eventually selling his soul to the witch just to give it life.

Optional: the town’s people killed Mako and injured Jamie because they disapproved of their relationship. In Makos last moments he knew what was happening, which helped drive the monsters rage when he awakened.


KILL la KILL (キルラキル) illustration by animator Ishida Kazumasa (石田 一将) from the C86 book "TakePro“ (竹プロ) ! Ryuuko & Satsuki with Mako Mankanshoku at a Japanese Festival creating beautiful memories with The Four DevasAikurou and Tsumugu on the background. #MakingUp4LostTime #HavingFun :’) 

Note: 1)The girls/boys wearing kimono/yukata, except Ryuko and Hoka. 2)Nonon with Skeleton-monkey hairgrip. 3)Hakodate and Fukuroda (Tennis/Boxing Clubs’ captains) behind Ira

The Beautiful Emo, Cloud

This, above, is Cloud Strife. Look at him. Doesn’t he look sick?

Yes, he does. And that why I love this depiction of him so much. 

Now lets look at some of the other depictions we have had of him through the years.  

The original. See the hard vacant stare? The shadow under his eyes?

*20 Year old spoilers to follow*

Its because he’s had a hard life. He saw his home town burned to the ground with its inhabitants by someone he considered a hero. He was exposed to huge amounts of Mako leaving him ill. He watched his friend die while trying to protect him, he handed him his sword and told him to be his legacy. He wandered through the desert on his own, traumatised, addled and pumped full of mako, reliving his friends last words, the memories of his life, until he couldnt tell the two of them apart any more. 

Cloud is a broken man, and this is the last time for many years he is portrayed as such. 

This is Advent Children. Look how pretty he is. 

The big eyes, the clear skin, the slight pout. Just look at him. The beautiful emo.

This is the ending of Crisis Core. One of the formative tragedies in Cloud’s Life. It takes an awful lot of effort to make utter trauma so pretty. Look at those big wet eyes. The soft fluttering of his hair. No one should look that cute with blood dipping from their cheeks. 

This is Dissidia Arcade. Its a step forward in that its not romanticising his pain, but he is still painfully pretty. 

And now we get back to to the remake version of cloud.  Look at the strain in his eyes and the shadows around them. The grey and blue shades under his skin and how they cling so tightly to his muscles. The slight hollowness in his cheeks. This is the first time seeing cloud as he really was in years. This respects his story. The sick and broken man. 

Lets hope they do as good a job with his dialogue.

“Look Hog, I’ve been thinkin’ lately, about us, and how I feel about ya, and I was wondering, what /is/ love?”

Mako had spent years suppressing his memories of a time before becoming Roadhog, had thought he’d severed that link completly. But the innocent question bought back a flood of memories, too powerful to be denied. There was only one answer he could give.

He spoke, words dragged out of his throat, pushed through the mask.
“Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me no more.”

*cracks knuckles menacingly*

Ok dudes lady dudes and any other kind, I want to talk about Asami’s go to snuggle pose and why it’s totally fine and actually completely in character for her cuddle into both her canon love interests in the same way.

I don’t know how much of book one some of you actually remember especially since some folk seem to have a relatively selective memory,

But when Asami burrowed into Mako’s side in the carriage in the park, it was because she felt safe. Mako made her feel safe and secure and comfortable once upon a time before Korra kissed him and got a proverbial feeding frenzy going for shippers.

I challenge everyone but especially the extra salted nay-sayers to find a reason Asami wouldn’t be just as secure and relaxed in that adorable boat with Korra’s (arguably bigger and stronger than Mako’s) arms around her. The lighting is peaceful the whole scene calm and tranquil. They’re together and Asami feels safe and secure. It’s a little like how bunnies just flop over when they are feeling extra safe. Or when a horse just sprawls all over the ground because it doesn’t have a care in the world.

Asami’s had a pretty rough go of it and when she feels secure and comfy it’s fairly precious and so she snuggles and cuddles and is generally extra adorable.

roones  asked:

I'm reading LoK's TV Tropes fridge horror page. The last entry under the Book Two tab says, in regards to Mako taking advantage of Korra's loss of memory (by not telling her that they broke up), "It should be noted that after this incident, Mako never wins back the full trust of his friends until the series finale (when he almost sacrifices himself)." Do you think this is true? I'm currently writing about Korra's trust of the krew in Book Three and now I'm questioning things.

Well, that’s certainly an interpretation, and I see where it comes from, but it’s not mine. I mean to me it’s pretty clear that even if things are a little stilted with Mako in Book 3, he’s trusted and valued. Korra is clearly relieved when they reunite at the Misty Palms Oasis, he is given control of one of the radios during airbender hostage exchange, people listen to his ideas (Lake Laogai), and he and Asami are clearly working together to help Tenzin. Like, they know he has their back, even if he isn’t able to explicate that until the Book 4 finale. And that’s not touching his fighting over Ming Hua.

Like in Remembrances, he clearly talks about working with Korra as friends during the events of Book 3, and how great that was. I think he was just a little awkward still because it seemed like neither Mako or Korra really figured out what went wrong in their relationship, even though they could see it wasn’t working. And then his exes were hanging out (and flirting) all the time, so yeah, shit was weird. But a lack of trust? I don’t see that.

Aaalso, the “taking advantage of” thing is questionable. Like, from what I can tell, it seemed like Mako didn’t want to be in a relationship with her anymore, but just didn’t want to fight again because she was dealing with a lot and it would hurt her. He was acting like a coward, but I don’t think he was preying on her or anything, you know? But just my interpretation, obviously.

anonymous asked:

what were your fondest memories together?

Mako: There’s too many to count! Though I do remember one time when Ryuko-chan and I went to one of the school parties. It was pretty fun, it took me a while but I eventually got Ryuko-chan to dance with me.

Ryuko: I remember that! Yeah, haha, that was pretty fun.