in memory alone

I was driving home today as I passed by all the places we used to go together. It was in the midst of our bittersweet memories when I realized I took you to all my favorite places.
All my favorite places that I can never return to again.
—  Everything reminds me of you
Relationships suck. They’re great until they’re not and suddenly it’s over and every bit of happiness is ripped from your life. They say not to put your worth in the hands of other people but it’s hard not to when they leave you with the words ‘you’re not good enough anymore’ echoing in your head.
—  S.R.
There’s Something In Your Memories

Save me your happiness
Save it onto your Google Drive,
Then email it to me when I’m alone.

Show me a picture of you with your brother
Smiling like there’s no future
It’s fine because you’re happy there.

Let me see you with your best friend
Giddy from your own success
And let me love her like you do.

Show me your father’s work
The picture of a lightning bolt in Dubai,
A beautiful but sad photo that you love.

Do all of this and one day
If you disappear then I won’t be alone.
I think that if I disappear then these pictures show that
You’re not alone.