in mcdonald's

  • angus: *casts produce flame*
  • taako: that is awesome. congratulations, an.. agnus.
  • angus: thank you sir- did you say agnus?
  • taako: you have done an amazing job, you know if keep it up, then someday you might be a better wizard than I am.
  • angus: that's very kind of you to say. I hope some-
  • taako: *grabs him by the lapels* when that day comes, little man, oh when that day comes, I will summon whatever powers I still have at my disposal that you have not siphoned away from me and I will take all of my canning and all of my cunning and all arcana still within my reach and I will use it to strike you down, little man. don't ever, ever, again challenge my power.
  • taako: that's a monologue I'm working on, agnus, I'm sorry. that wasn't actually directed at you, that's from a one man show I'm doing.

Angus asks Taako and Magnus a very important question over breakfast one morning, thus revealing in the process that he is a bloodthirsty warrior. 

My first TAZ animatic (it’s technically a MBMBaM one with TAZ characters but shhhh)!!! This is really sloppy and dumb but I also got it done in a day while sick so I mean!!! Not as bad as it could have been lmao


“Hey, homie, I’m gonna let you borrow this,” with his other hand, Taako picked up the handle of the gaudy umbrella, “And you can give it back to me later.”

“I don’t think yellow is quite my color,” Kravitz said, letting Taako’s hand go and grabbing it anyway.

“It’s a good umbrella, it’ll keep you safe,” Taako looked unsure for a second, “S-safe and dry, am I right?”

From the TAZ fic Liminal Spaces and Criminal Cases by @slimejen which is my favourite fic right now?? 90s detective vs small town supernatural mystery, and also some real good Taakitz.

i honestly can’t tell if mac is deluded about himself or if he is just consistently lying to the gang and totally knows he’s not who he lets on. like he says shit like “i do back flips every day of my life” but he knows he doesn’t !!! there’s no way he actually thinks he does back flips when he’s never done a back flip in his life so why does he say that? and like, there’s no way he doesn’t know he’s gay! he goes to gay clubs like “ok i’m going alone no one follow me” he has to know he likes dudes before he admits it it’s crazy to think he’s that deluded. he dead ass lies to the gang all the time, there’s no skirting around it, like they are lies, and he has to know it. like, i feel like the difference between dennis and mac is that mac actually knows he’s not who he lets on and dennis is completely deluded.

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imagine lucretia knowing how to knit. imagine lucretia being stingy with her handknit gifts and making her fav adopted kid a sweater to celebrate his birthday and he can tell she put love into every single stitch and he wears near constantly from fall to spring and keeps it years after he's outgrown it. imagine lucretia teaching only one person how to knit in her lifetime and he knits the shawl she wears during her burial.

um wow thanks for making me cry dude

like honestly can you imagine: angus sees her knitting and gets curious and lucretia just kind of tells him about it. not really teaching him yet but just telling him about her journey of knitting. and then they make a habit of just hanging out while she knits?

and somehow angus is surprised when lucretia gifts him a sweater?? how did he get a sweater when she rarely crafts things specifically for other people?? but she’s like “of course i knit you a sweater, angus, of course“

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fun hcs because i have bad teeth so why shouldnt my favs: angus's teeth r really cluttered bc hes a Growing Boy and losing baby teeth isnt always a neat process. magnus w multiple missing teeth and a couple capped w some shiny metal. taako w crooked teeth but he doesnt fix them w magic bc he Could but he just likes how they look

LOVE THOSE IMPERFECT TEETH, they grown in exactly how they want to and unless its impacting the integrity of the jaw there’s really no need to try to fix em. no one in the taz fam has perfect teeth except maybe kravitz. maybe