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Beauty and the Beast, the 2017 version

So I went to see that today. Fully expecting to hate every moment of the remade bits, and quite intrigued about the new bits. Cos from the trailers I’d seen, the only bit that actually excited me was when the Beast goes “Oh, they’re in Greek.” Totally startled me into laughter. From the trailers, I was sure I was going to hate every visual being too garish too ornate too blasphemous a difference from the images I’ve memorised.


Well, no, I hated certain aspects and certain performances. And the way they changed the pacing of the music, dragging certain beats and spaces out, really bothered me. But I loved like everything else and I’m prolly going to go watch it again this week. And maybe more.

Spoilers under the cut.

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big ol doodle dump from the last couple of days, featuring garfield’s head drawn by my mum because she has a secret garfield drawing talent that i never knew about until now? thanks mum