in mcdonald's

Den gyldne måge, proper noun [dɛn ˈɡylˀnə ˈmɔːʊ]

Direct translation
The Golden Seagull

A McDonald’s restaurant

“Nåh unger, har I lyst til at tage på Den gyldne måge i aften? Jeg har hørt, de har fået en ny bøf med endnu mere fedt og endnu mindre smag!”
“So, kids, would you like to go to The Golden Seagull tonight? I’ve heard they’ve gotten a new beef patty with way more fat and way less taste!”

anonymous asked:

Oh my fucking god I was at McDonald’s getting myself some food when the guy said “happy thanksgiving” I thanked him and when I thought he was like,, gone... I loudly said “what if I don’t want to have a happy thanksgiving!!!” Turns our he was still there and was legit just staring at me until he said, “what did you just say?” And I was so scared I just said, “nothing” and left ohhhhhh myyyy goddddd


taz characters as comments from a reddit thread about drunk people @ parties

Taako: “Someone went through the house and stole every lightbulb in the house. The owner was passed out at this point. The person was dedicated, even took the bulb from the fridge”

Lup: “A guy kept feeding the bathtub fire until the tv ten feet away melted”

Barry: “My friend has a recording of me sulking over a girl years ago and I said, ‘I’m gonna kill myself in half’”

Merle: “We found our friend (who we had lost earlier) at Denny’s, at 4 in the morning, in a prayer circle with some random family”

Magnus: “A friend of mine was extremely drunk and saw this guy walking his dog. My friend started petting the dog and when the owner asked him to stop he started petting the man instead.”

Davenport: “The host got belligerently drunk, forgot who he’d shook hands with/talked to, and spent the rest of the night making rounds shaking everyone’s hand at least half a dozen times before passing out.”

Lucretia: “After last call, she asked if we were still open. When I told her no, she thanked me for my service and my kindness. When I turned my back, she grabbed a half empty bottle of champagne an earlier customer had left and poured herself a large to-go cup of champagne and walked out. ”

Carey: “Someone stole my friends front door, just ripped if off the hinges and ran down the street”

Killian: “I broke 3 glasses within an hour of each other. Kind of wasn’t my fault but still got forced to drink of a plastic cup for the rest of the night.”

Angus: “Idk I’m 12”

Drabble idea: Angus grows up and has a child.

It’s a little girl, and this baby is the fucking apple of Taako’s eye.

He showers her with affection and gifts. He gives her ridiculous nicknames. He pontificates over her bright and glorious future and coos about how smart she will be and how many esteemed magic and science awards she will one day win. Every time Angus comes over to visit, Taako just stands by the door making huffy noises and doing a grabby hands motion until Angus sighs and hands her over. He sits her on his lap and makes magic sparkles appear in front of her and gives her tastes of frosting off of the cake they’re having and basically does everything a baby’s favorite person in the world SHOULD do.

So Taako is eternally salty that Kravitz is the baby’s favorite and pretty much has been from day one.