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Now a question... If you could create the story of the real reveal episode of ml how would it be??? Love your art :D

So, I don’t really think the reveal would be like this, because I want something dramatic and action-y but I figured i’d give you something cute. 

Financial freedom is simply having minimal to no debt, good money management, savings, low expenses and learning how to happily live within your means.

Wealth is a completely different topic.
Work on gaining financial freedom first, then focus on how to build wealth.

Financial freedom is detaching yourself from materialism and learning how to produce instead of consume.

- Mr Kalejaiye

y'know i’ve noticed that every time they bring up jongin’s first impression of kyungsoo, jongin always rounds the story out with “we became the closest soon after” like he doesn’t let the “kai didn’t/doesn’t like d.o” impression linger longer than some teasing and laughs, he clears it up and admits that it was because he misunderstood kyungsoo and tbh I find it really sweet how adamant he is to say this every time like we don’t already know

A sore loser.
A sore loser.

Looks like Pearl’s not too pleased about losing her first Splatfest. 
Let’s hope Marina can find a way to make her not be such a sour squid. 

Voices of Marina & Pearl. - Me.
Comic created by @colodraws (@) 
Music & characters belong to Splatoon & Nintendo. (@)

Yknow what I love about Brian’s route?

Usually, in dating sims, the bachelors have some flaw or problem or emotional/psychological hurdle that they need to resolve/manage, and it’s you’re job, as the protagonist and love interest, to help them do it. Most dating sim routes have this element, and it keeps you engaged and hoping that everything goes well for the person you’re courting.

But in Brian’s route… It’s YOUR flaws that need to be examined. The main character is totally projecting his own insecurities, likely due in part to his relationship with his own father. BRIAN is fine. He’s an emotionally healthy, stable, loving person. He’s not insecure or in need of rescue. He’s not hiding behind a facade or struggling with himself in any way. He’s just a single dad who genuinely loves making friends and being a good dude. It’s the MC who needs HIS help, and that is something I can honestly say I’ve never seen in a dating sim. It’s really cool, and Brian definitely doesn’t get enough love.

(Also the fact that the writers use the budding sisterly relationship between Amanda and Daisy to sell the player on his route, even though the main character doesn’t like him, is adorable. Oh, and, since MC’s canon celeb crush is Mario Batali, who’s a heavyset ginger, it’s extra cute.)

You can't deny this about Floriana Lima

All this year people has been disrespectful to Floriana Lima. Questioning her casting process, her ethnicity, insulting her skin color and criticizing her private life (I’m not going to get into that discussion again). 

Despite of all that, SHE NEVER, EVER!!! has been rude to fans, she has never made fun of them, she is always serving the fans nicely with that characteristic smile and she cares about the LGBTQ fans, unlike other cast members who have been treated much better than her (Jeremy and Melissa). 

All this kindness and gentleness of her, after all that bullying she has experied, makes me appreciate her, admire her, protect her and love her even more. Thanks for include Floriana Lima as SANVERS 50%. We were so lucky to have her.