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Hi! So, I have a question, do you still do drarry? Cause I remember a really good promt about Draco's sweater going missing

I will ship drarry until I die.

I put so much of my soul into that fandom. I went at it hard for over a decade and I don’t think I can ever truly let it go?? But at this particular moment in time I’m not actively drawing drarry stuff. I’m not saying I’ll never draw it again, but it’s not one of my main fandoms anymore lmao watch me fall right back into that pit and talk about nothing else for six months

As for the sweater thing, are you referring to these two pictures of Harry and Draco in each other’s quidditch sweater [combined photoset here]??


Ok what???? when did the trading card series have a soundtrack

and why is it so fucking nice sounding omg