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mbmbam guests rated

weird al: 9/10 grew up listening to that star wars song on repeat
property brothers: 8/10 i watched a lot of property brothers when i was dying of heatstroke once
lin manuel miranda: he’s okay like i like him but i don’t trust white people who like him at aaaaallllllll 4/10
hank and john green: literally who like i don’t wanna give them a score out of ten like who are you

there’s been so much Shadowhunters negativity in my dash lately….. like, y’all are entitled to your own opinion, but sometimes people take things waaaay too seriously… it’s a tv show guys, it is supposed to entertain us and make us happy. if it doesn’t work out for you anymore, then just stop watching it??

i don’t know. I don’t mind negative opinions, I have my own too, but I just cringe everytime someone blow it out of proportion like this. Sure the show has its awkward moments, but even at the tiniest mistakes some people are just hastily jumping in the “””triggered””” bandwagon and calling out and disrespecting people with a different opinion…

i’m seriously missing the old days where there wasn’t this much fandom drama. I’m even missing the time I joined tumblr when we were just book fans.

all this hate is tiring me to the point where I’m not even having fun in this fandom anymore, and in almost 4 years of blogging I had never felt that way before. anyways. i’m going to sleep now :/