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100 Otp Questions

1. Who loves flower crowns more?
2. Who is the one who likes to cuddle?
3. Who has awful taste in music?
4. Who is the meme lover?“
5. How did their second date go?
6. How many children do they want/have?
7. Who hides the weapons?
8. Who is the better dancer?
9. Do/Did they have a theme wedding?
10. What do their parents think of them dating?
11. Are they a super sappy couple?
12. How did they get together?
13. Who asked the other to get married?
14. Who stays up too late and makes stupid jokes?
15. Who is the nerd?
16. Who knows the most obscure facts?
17. Who makes the other a flower crown?
18. Who likes to read?
19. Who bothers the other person while the other person reads?
20. Who tutors the other?
21. Do they have similar taste in movies?
22. How do their personalities compliment each other?
23. How do they tell everyone that they are going to be having a kid/adopting a child soon?
24. Who has better fashion sense?
25. Who will punch someone out if they are rude to their partner?
26. What songs do they sing together in the vehicle?
27. What other couple would your otp get along with?
28. Who likes to prank the other?
29. Who is the one who loves to take pictures?
30. How would they react if they found out they were soul mates?
31. Where would they live?
32. What type of dragon would they own, if they could have one?
33. If they were both vampires, what type of vampires would they be?
34. What would they dress up as, for Halloween?
35. Can they name each other’s favourite food?
36. Do they have pet names for one another?
37. How do they cheer each other up?
38. Do they show a lot of PDA?
39. How old were they when they got together?
40. Who is the one that would bring the puppy home?
41. Can they do yoga couple’s poses?
42. What is their song?
43. What does their room look like?
44. Who would be the one to kill zombies while the other keeps them grounded?
45. Who makes the other breakfast in bed?
46. Who loves kids more?
47. Do either of them have a crazy ex?
48. What are their favourite colours?
49. Who likes to cook?
50. Who is the forgetful one?
51. Does either of them know how to fight?
52. What do they do for Valentines Day?
53. Who swears more?
54. Who has the better comebacks?
55. Who would start a fight with another parent at a bake sale?
56. Who reads buzzfeed?
57. Who is the hopeless romantic?
58. Do either of them know how to do a handstand?
59. Who can rap better?
60. Do either of them want to go sky diving?
61. What do they usually text about?
62. Who is the dramatic one?
63. Is either one confrontational?
64. What is their favourite cuddle position?
65. Who are their favourite musical artist(s)?”
66. What are their parenting styles?
67. Who would be the more laid back one?
68. Who listens to more vulgar music?
69. Do either of them have secrets even the other doesn’t know?
70. Who is their go to couple for a double date?
71. Do they tip the waiter/waitress on their date?
72. How do they work out a fight?
73. Who brings home an illegal pet?
74. What side of the bed do each of them sleep on?
75. What is their favorite photo of them two together?
76. Who takes longer in the bathroom?
77. Who has more songs on their ipod?
78. What movie did they first see together?
79. What do they like to see each other in?
80. Who makes jokes during inappropriate times?
81. At what age do they discuss the possibility of children?
82. What do they love about each other the most?
83. Who is the one that sees the big picture, while the other focus’s on the small details?
84. What would they write on their partner’s social media’s for their anniversary?
85. Who is bad at math?
86. Who googles everything?
87. Who does stuff on impulse?
88. How do they comfort each other when they are helpless to do anything about the situation?
89. What is an inside joke they have?
90. Who makes the other smile with almost no effort at all?
91. What is their favourite holiday?
92. Who is the one that is calm and collected while the other is angry and destructive?
93. What is their favourite board game to play?
94. Who accidental sets something on fire?
95. Who has the car ready while the other is robbing the store?
96. What artist/group did they go to for their first concert?
97. Who sleep talks?
98. Who is the more social one?
99. What are their karaoke songs?
100. Who would get up on stage and make a fool of themselves just to make the other laugh?

Betting On It

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Words: 2.5k

A/N: so this was originally posted on a tumblr i shared with my friends (we no longer use it) but i really love the idea of it so i fixed it up a bit! 

“Let’s make a bet.” You glance up at your best friend across the table. He has an evil glint in his eye, a sign telling you not to go with it but your curiosity gets the better of you.

“What bet?” You tread cautiously.

“Let’s go out on Valentine’s Day and see how many people mistaken us as a couple.” 

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Disneyland With Luke

Request: Luke and Y/N go to Disneyland

Word count: 1508

A/N: I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, this is all based off of what my friends have told me. This was also asked to be for Disneyworld, but I changed it to Disneyland, hope you don’t mind. Requests are always open :)


It’s been a fun filled few days, constantly being on rides, eating Disney themed food, buying Disney merchandise, and one of your favourite parts about it all is the time spent with Luke. He’d just come off tour a couple of weeks ago and now he is home for a long time again, he doesn’t start touring again till next year. So to have that much time with him, as opposed to a few weeks or couple of months, is very heart warming. The feeling is indescribable to have the love of your life so far away from you and only seeing them through a screen. The feeling is also indescribable when you see them again, the person you’ve only seen though pixels, is actually in front of you and clinging onto you for dear life is so overwhelming.

He’d been home for a few days and you guys were just having your routinely cuddle in bed, and Luke suggested that you guys go to Disneyland, he also had a mysterious smile/smirk on his face as he said it, you just dismissed it and thought about it. Of course you said yes, because, like who wouldn’t want to go to Disneyland?

You guys booked it all, packed all you needed, now here you are weeks later on your final day here in Anaheim, California. It’s been very romantic to say the least, just you and Luke, meandering around Disneyland, holding hands. Since the day the two of you met, you’ve been close, you guys have been dating for four, nearly four and a half years.

Luke has always had a soft spot for you, when you first became friends, to best friends, to dating. It was quite a long process to get where you are now. You guys started with being just friends (aye) for a year, then went onto being bestfriends for two years, and now you’re in a loving four year relationship with him. You really couldn’t think of a better person to spend your life with, Luke just gets you in so many different ways that other people don’t.

This whole trip so far he has been so excited and you’re not quite sure what for. You always catch him daydreaming with a huge grin on his face, then he looks down at you with loving eyes, and gives you a big hug, as well as a kiss.

“The fireworks are gonna go off soon, you ready to head down to Cinderella’s castle?” Luke question.

“Yeah, this is probably my favourite part about this all.” You gush and cling onto Luke’s arm.

“I know, baby.” He smiles and gives you a slow kiss.

You guys make your way down to the front of the castle, having a great view of it all.

The sky is a dark shade of blue, it’s not pitch black yet, quite a few stars are dotted around, the moon shining brightly over California. This is all so magical, you couldn’t be any happier, a cute smile is plasted on your face, here with your boyfriend/best friend/favourite person in the world, what more could you ask for you think to yourself.

You stand in front of Luke and he wraps his arms around your waist, his chin resting on top of your head.

“I love you, babe.” He mutters into your hair.

“Love you too, Lucas.” You smile and look up at him.

He smiles back and gives you a Spiderman type kiss. You pull back and rest your head on his shoulder, so content in life. Luke rubs up and down your waist, a nervous habit of his, when he is around you.

You and Luke always stand like this, if you guys are together and are standing up, there’s 99% chance that you two will be standing like this. You did this when you guys weren’t even dating. Even if you were angry at each other, you’d be standing like this together. Now when he rubs up and down your waist with his fingers up, you know he’s nervous, you know this from past experiences. You and Luke were standing in your ‘iconic’ position, he was nervous about playing at a huge show, so he kept doing this, of course he’s done it many other times. When he is doing it affectionately, Luke puts his fingers down and goes all the way down to your hips.

You put your hands on his to seize his actions and look up at him. “You’re nervous,” you confidently state. “Why?”

“No I’m not, why do you expect that?” He asks and looks down at you with love filling his eyes.

“You’re doing your nervous habit.” You claim with an eyebrow raised.

“I’m fine.” He reassures with a smile and kisses your cheek, going back to observing the castle.

“Luke.” You warn.

“I’m fine,” he laughs. “Trust me.” He says against your lips before giving you a sweet kiss.

“Okay,” you give in but put it in the back of your mind, so you can ask him about it later.

“You’re really cute, you know that?” He smirks.

“Thank you?” You chuckle.

“Listen, I just need to get this out, I love you so much, more than you could ever know,” Luke starts and all of a sudden goes down on one knee, your hands instantly fly to your mouth. “You fall in love with the little things about someone and I could watch you for a minute and name a thousand things I love about you. I love you in the morning, the day, and in the night, I fall in love with the details. I just can’t imagine myself with anyone but you, it has to be just you and me in the end. You smiled at me one day and I though, fuck, I’m in love with this girl, and I have been ever since, don’t ever doubt my love for you. I’ve loved you at your worst times, I’m gonna keep loving you at you worst times, I’ve also loved you at your best times, I’m gonna keep loving you at your best times, and strive to make everyday your best day.” He pours his heart out to you, whilst looking up at you with love and adoration filling his eyes.

“My heart beats for one person, one person only. You mean the world to me and I know that’s it’s very much the same for both of us. The love you give out to me is indescribable, it’s greatly returned. You are so supportive of me, do cute shit all the time, really proud of me all the time, and all round great person. I don’t deserve all the stuff you do, but you still do it all to me, I couldn’t be any more greatful for you. I don’t know what I did to get you, but I wouldn’t trade you for fucking world. Every time we talk, I can feel myself falling harder for you all over again. It wouldn’t be my world without you in it. I don’t care if there is someone better than you becuase to me, you are the right one for me and the only one that I want.”

Luke pulls a black velvet box out of his pocket and opens it up, revealing a stunning ring.

“I want you everyday, even when you’re mad at me, even when I irritate you, even when I piss you off. I want you on your ‘I don’t wanna be alive days’, I want you in the morning and I want you in the middle of the night. I want to be the reason you smile and I want to be the reason you’re laughing everyday. When you have a sad day, I want to be the person that makes you smile, even if it’s just for a minute. I want to kiss you, be in your arms, hold you, stay up talking all night.”

You wipe a few tears away and try to compose yourself.

“Today is not just another day. It’s a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning.” Luke says and sports a big smile. “Will you marry me Y/N Y/L/N?” He pops the question.

“Yes, I’d love to.” You chuckle and wipe some more tears away.

Luke slips the ring out of the box and gently places it on your ring finger. He gets up and gives you a kiss, that you’ll remember forever. Cheers erupt from all around you, you almost forgot that you were in public, your focus was solely on Luke.

You two pull apart and wrap your arms around each other. “I love you so much.” You tell him.

“I love you too, babygirl.” He breathes. “So much.” Luke adds and presses a few kisses to your neck.

After a while you both pull back and watch all the fireworks go off. Both of you so content with the moment, looking forward to what the future holds for you two.

Boyfriend Kyungsoo

  • Lots of home cooked meals where he doesn’t let you help. He prefers feeling like he’s doing something nice for you and watching you eat it like it’s the tastiest food in the world, knowing it was him who garnered that reaction
  • Makes you do the dishes though, it’s only fair
  • He still hovers behind you despite that because it puts his nerves on edge to see anyone else in his kitchen
  • But it’s also his favourite place to have sex. He’s surprised the kitchen table is still standing at this point
  • Tries learning a song or two in whatever your first language is, no matter how different it is to the languages he knows
  • “Tell Me What is Love” is your couple song, not really by his choice because he finds it a little awkward to hear himself singing but you insist that it’s your couple song so it’s your couple song
  • He can’t say no to you
  • Unless it’s a stupid request. Then he has no problem saying no and throws in an unimpressed stare for added measure
  • The relationship is 25% saving Baekhyun’s ass
  • “Look, I know he’s annoying but his grandmother and fans probably won’t take it well if you murder him. Plus, while you’re in prison, I’ll have no choice but to cook in your precious kitchen. Is that really what you want?”
  • Loving the feel of his plump lips so you kiss them as much as possible, usually when alone because he’s uncomfortable about PDA but sometimes, if you want to make him blush, you steal a kiss around the other boys and watch his face turn pink
  • Then he turns into satansoo because the loud teasing pisses him off
  • He hates smiling for photos but you insist on cute couple selca’s so he tries. Those end up as your screensaver while his are always just pictures of you or you and his family members
  • You love squeezing his squishy cheeks
  • Always looks at you with this soft, loving gaze that speaks a thousand words (since lbr he isn’t really a talkative person irl)

Originally posted by missdyoo

Fairy Syo:
- A Fairy Fukawa can turn into a Fairy Syo by sneezing. Sneeze again to turn back.
- A Fairy Fukawa might permanently turn into a Fairy Syo if mistreated and traumatized too much. Then they’ll hunt down and kill the ones who had mistreated them. Beware and take care of her properly if you’re keeping one. Never play with her feelings.
- Permanent Fairy Syo can be found in back alleys, empty streets and places with high crime rates, where murders are likely to happen. Make sure you have enough protection when you’re looking for them. Preparing your will and dying message beforehand just in case is also highly recommended.
- As Genociders, Fairy Syo murder for fun. Their victims seem to be limited to ‘cute boys’ who had stolen their heart. When found, their bodies are always crucified and 'Blood-Stained Fever’ will be written nearby in their blood. Young Fairy Syo will hunt other Fairies. Older, more experienced ones might try to hunt humans or Keepers, although this is a very rare case.
- Each Fairy Syo will have a set place where she usually counts her kills. Ready a notebook or a scratching post if you’re planning to keep one, or she’ll be forced to do it on your furniture.
- Openly expresses herself despite what the society or people around her think.
- Loves bishies and cute/handsome boys. If you happen to be someone like that, beware. Check if some Fairy Syo are secretly stalking you and watching your every move while thinking of ways to kill you in the most exasperating manner to satisfy their Genocider needs.
- If you’re a bishie, keeping a Fairy Syo is NOT recommended. Once you had stolen her heart, she’ll do anything to include you as one of her kills.
- Seems to have a tendency/high chance to love a Fairy Togami.
- Fairy Syo can be tricked into making a contract to stop further murders if you can offer her a Fairy Togami.
- Loves yaoi. Bring her with you when visiting cons, doujin or anime shops. Discussing about her favourite couples will also be a quick way to her heart <3 (Careful if you’re a guy. She might try to kill you if she loves you too much.)
- Tends to skip baths for some reason. Keep an eye on her cleanliness *__*
- Ability: Twin Scissors. One Fairy Syo can summon up to 2 pairs of scissors. Use to crucify your victims, cut paper or cut open food packaging.

[Dangan Fairies: Chara Designs, Others’ Chara Designs, FAQ, RP Blogs, Related Things, Comments, Fairy Keepers ✿]

Come get it bae

Requested by: @p-atiently


“Hey, whatcha doing?” my best friend Lauren asked the instant I answered my phone.

“Eating brownies and watching vlogs,” I shared, a mouth too full to be understood.

“Goood, you’re home,” she said over enthusiastically. “Now let me in, I’m outside,”

“What?” I asked rhetorically, getting up from the bed.

“I was in the hood, thought I’d drop by,” she said still on the phone as I walked towards the door.

“Right, good timing, I was just about to order dinner,”

“You’re eating brownies,”

“Yeah but does that count as dinner?” I laughed and twisted the door open, cutting off the phone.

“Hey, whoa, what the fuck?” she said and started laughing.

I rolled my eyes, “What? I’m cleansing my soul,” I said referring to the clay mask lacquered all over my face; my hair in a messy pile on my head.

“Y'say as you stuff your face with chocolate, bad for your skin,”

“A girl’s gotta live,” I shrugged.

As I went to shut the door; the one across from my apartment opened and out walked Roman, my dangerously good-looking neighbour and flirty neighbour. “Hey Roman,”

He paused for a second, looking at the mess I’d become and smiled, “Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, you? I mean don’t judge this look I have going on, the end result will be much better,”

“I wasn’t judging doll and I’m sure it’ll be.  I’m good, just going for a run,”

I immediately looked him up and down, admiring the way he filled out that vest. And those grey sweats. I was tempted to gaze down but I knew I’d be trapped there; y'kow what they say about men in grey sweats.

“Now?” it was almost past 7pm.

“Best time to go, I’ll have the paths to myself,”

“Fair enough, well run enough for the both of us, I’ve been pigging out all day,”

“You’re fine,” he said casually. I felt my face heat up. “If I could pig out and look the same, I’d never run a day in my life. But I’ll see you later?”

“Yuup,” I said and he started walking away. I finally gazed down at those problematic sweats. He had really a nice ass.

“I almost regurgitated my lunch at you two flirting,” Lauren laughed. “That man deserves everything good in this world, like, why is he that fine?”

“Tell me about it,” I sighed.

Lauren paused momentarily, “I still don’t know why you haven’t let him hit it yet,”

“Because he’s out of my league, clearly,”

“Really? You really are oblivious aren’t you? Or stupid,”

There was a knock at the door sometime later as Lauren and I were catching up on The Walking Dead. I got up to open it, to find a shirtless Roman stood there, in those damn grey weats.

“Hey,” I greeted him.

“Hi,” he bit his bottom lip nervously.

I couldn’t help it, I had to look; my eyes landed on his chiselled abs and my libido was immediately set on fire. I almost let out a  small moan that I covered by clearing my throat. My eyes returned to his face, a smile threatened to fill his features. Damnit he knew what he was doing.

“How was the run?” I finally spoke.

“Great,” he simply said and flashed me a knowing smile.

Why was he doing this? We stood there in silence for a few seconds, I didn’t know how to reply so I just nodded and pursed my lips.

“I have a little problem, I’ve ran out of shampoo and I gotta be somewhere. I totally forgot to pick up some on my run, and I’ve sweated out my hair, would you by any-”

I didn’t even think twice, “Yes,” I paused, embarrassed at how quickly and enthusiastically I answered that without even letting him finish.

He smiled probably laughing at me deep down.

“I mean yeah, sure, come in,”

He followed behind me and I walked back into my living room where Lauren was looking at her phone, The Walking Dead paused.

“Oh Roman this is my friend Lauren, Roman, Lauren,”

Lauren chortled the instant she gazed up at him, realising he was shirtless. She turned it into a cough. Oh this was beautiful, I thought watching her lose her composure. She couldn’t even greet the man normally and yet expected me to be all over him.

“Oh, hi,” she finally greeted with a shy wave, trying to seem so casual and unaffected but the damage was done already.

“How’re you doing?”

“Good, thank you,” her voice was getting higher.

“I’ll go grab the shampoo Roman, you can wait here,” I said quickly and caught Lauren’s eye as I disappeared.

She glared at me, begging for me not to leave her with him. How ironic.

When I returned they were laughing about something and I couldn’t help but feel left out.

“This is the only one I could find that doesn’t smell so girly,” I said handing him the bottle.

“Thanks,” he said. “I’ll bring it back on my way out, I owe you,”

“Oh don’t worry about it,” I waved a hand.

The next time I saw Roman was a few days later, in passing. I was rushing out and only managed a ‘good morning’. Another time was in the evening, he was going into his apartment with some woman. He had a girlfriend, I realised. And that was it; my little hope of him being interested in me, crushed.

The following day I was home early from work and heard a knock at the door. I assumed it was Lauren because she’d said she was coming over. It was Roman, this time in nothing but a towel wrapped around his lower half. I gulped, painfully and stared at him, nothing but the face. I was straining to look down, that smirk on his face didn’t help, he really was a dangerous flirt.

“So I told you I owe you,” he said casually as if he was dressed appropriately and there’s no problem here at all.

He passed me a full new bottle of my favourite shampoo.

“Oh,” I laughed nervously. “You didn’t have to,”

He shrugged, “Courtesy,”

“Thank you,” I said and silence fell over us and we stood there looking at each other, both of us suppressing smiles. “So do you ever wear clothes?”

He chuckled and put his hand on my
doorframe, only accentuating his bicep and waving his damn tattoos in my face. Fuck. I used this moment as a perfect opportunity to check him out; he was ripped to shreds. No wonder why he was so confident about flaunting his torso.

“I do, but see, I’ve figured now that clothes don’t get your attention much. Which is what I need for a problem I have that you might be able to help with,” he said.

“And what’s that?” I stuttered.

“So I ordered some Chinese  - probably way too much for one person and I was wondering if you’d like to join me for dinner?”

My face expressed my shock, eyes widening and mouth falling open, nothing coming out for a few seconds.

“I can’t, Lauren’s coming over,” I answered, feeling disappointed that it was the truth.

“Cancel it?” he asked confidently. “I mean if she’s a good friend, she’d want this for you. She’d want you to have a date with your hot neighbour,” he joked and I felt paranoid all of a sudden. Had he been eavesdropping? “C'mon, please? I barely see you. I’ve ran into her in the corridors more than I’ve seen you. Make it up to me, please?”

The old me (from a week and a half ago) dreamt of this kind of scenerio; being in his company, exchanging jokes and being in his place. I had my fantasy all panned out; scripted as to what I’d say if he asked me if I was hungry so I didn’t seem like a pig. But now here it was, offering my favourite things: food and the presence of a handsome company. But he had a girlfriend.

“Is your girlfriend not around?”

He kissed his teeth and grinned at me, “If I had one I’d be with her right now,” he said wriggling his brows and the cutest smile sweeping over his features.

“The woman from a couple of nights ago?”

“Date gone wrong, full story when you come over. Wait - are you jealous?”

“You’re not that cute. I’m in it for the food, I’m not concerned about your love life,” I teased back. “Plus, you have a nice body,”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes,” I said downplaying my excitement. “Let me call Lauren quickly and I’ll come over, oh and please put clothes on, I can’t concentrate with you like that,”

“As you wish,”


“Hey,” he greeted as he opened the door for me a few minutes later. “Everything okay? What did Lauren say, does she hate you or me?”

“She said it’s cool, we’ve just postponed it until Friday,” I said casually, walking into his apartment.

Not exactly what she said. She screamed down the phone, way over excited, telling me to get my man, get my life and asked, well forced me to relay it all to her, word for word.

“Great, well, come in, I didn’t know what you liked, so help yourself to anything you want. It’s all on the table,”

Chilling with Roman proved to be as fun as I thought; he was such a laid back person, funny as well. I shoulda seen it coming because even our run-ins on the hallway or in the elevators tended to be us making fun of each other and laughing at something stupid.

“So about your date with your lady friend,” I said over a tub of ice cream.

We were sitting on the couch a while later, watching Sin City. Well, talking as it played in the background.

“Mhhh, it was boring as fuck. She was shy as hell, she couldn’t even eat her food, barely initiated any conversation and kept saying ‘I don’t mind’ whenever I asked her something about what she wanted,” he sighed. “Last time I do favours for anyone,”

“What do you mean?”

“My cousin kinda asked me to do it as a favour for his girlfriend, I should’ve listened to my intuitions and said no,”

I laughed, “Had you met her before?”


“But she came over, must have ended with a bang then?”

“We didn’t have sex,” he laughed at my suggestive comment. “The girl could barely eat her food, I wasn’t going to put pressure on her and ask her to get naked,”

“So what did you do then?”

He started yawning, it was fake, I could tell by how dramatic he was being. He started scooting closer to me, extending his arm so that it somehow went around my shoulder.

“Mhhh I’m tired, no more talking about the past,”

“Aaw, if you’re tired I can go home and let you sleep,” I played along.

“No,” he said too quickly, falling out of character with his act. “I mean I need a pillow,” he rested his head on my shoulder. “Stay? At least for a while,”

“What’s in it for me?” I asked innocently, and realised I should’ve really thought that through when he looked up, his eyes full of mischief.

“Maybe some hugs and kisses?” he offered, not giving me anytime to process it or respond before I felt his soft lips planted on mine.

Okay, fine. We can do that, I thought enjoying his soft plump lips on mine.

When he felt me responding, he pulled me underneath him and deepened the kiss. I loved how his beard grazed my chin and the way he smelled; very masculine but delicate. I moaned when he bit my bottom lip and he pulled away, smiling down at me.

“So uh, I have a more comfortable bed,” he said and I knew what was on offer.

I really wasn’t going to turn that down, it’d been a while and he was too hot to pass up on the first offer. He wasn’t an asshole either, well from what I’d seen so far. More than enough reason for me to do it, I reasoned with the rational part of the brain.

“That could work,” I responded.

Before I knew it, we were going at each other’s clothes, so fast and desperate. Maybe I needed it more than him though. I couldn’t imagine Roman being sex deprived; he was a walking sex God.

“Wow, I really like the view of the city from this angle,” I commented as I sat up on my elbows, starring out of the window in his bedroom. He did have a good view. “It’s nice, your room is beautiful too,”

“Oh really? Now? You wanna talk about this now?” he asked with a ridiculing laugh, whilst he rolled the condom on.

Good point.

“No,” I said laying back down as he lowered himself over me and kissed me again briefly before I felt him teasing at my entrance. I braced myself because I’d seen what I was about to deal with and it wasn’t a snack size.

I heard him let out a deep grunt the instant he entered me, just his head alone. I moaned, grabbing at him tightly because it felt so good. He’d filled me up within seconds and held it there for a second, letting me get accustomed to his size. Even he knew what he was dealing with.

“Fuck! You’re so big!” I exclaimed, lifting my legs to wrap around him so he could have deeper access.

He pulled back slowly in response, then pushed back in just as slow until he’s felt me stretch enough for him. Our bodies locked into desperate synchronised movements, he was very attentive and selfless. I wanted him to feel as good as he made me feel. And I think I got it; I saw it in his eyes, and in the way he occassionally lost his rhythm when I rolled my hips to meet his thrusts. Within seconds, our bodies contracted as our orgasm washed over both of us. He rolled off the condom and disposed of it in the nearby bin, then threw his body next to me.

“So you do this after every 'date’?” I turned to face him.

He chuckled, “Nah, only with hot neighbours, plus you said it wasn’t a date,”

“No, because I’m high maintenance you know,”

“Nothing wrong with a girl who wants the best, so you gon let me give that to you? Let me take you on a date?”

“Then you’ll bitch about me to the next girl?”

“No, the difference is I actually like you, I’ve been tryna show you but you’re always playing hard to get,”

“Playing hard to get? Maybe I just am and I wasn’t playing,”

“Well whatever it is, stop, because I want you,”

“Is this the part where I say 'yes, okay’?” He looked at me with an expression that said, 'well duh’. “Umm no, y'gotta work for me, aside for my body because well - you know, anyway, impress me,”

“I can do that,” he smiled, and hooked my leg over his, slipping his two fingers inside me. “I got a thing or two to please you with,”

“Aaah, fuck,” I whimpered. I had to give it to him. He wasn’t lying. “Okay, yes.”

A First Time For Everything - Neville Longbottom x Reader (Request)

Warning: Graphic Smut & Strong Language. 

Request: “Hey it’s Eliza here, I’ve been reading your blog, and I was wondering if you could write me the smuttiest smut that ever was a smut in the Internet and tumblr with Neville Longbottom x reader, thank you for your time, please consider this request. Thanks again! -Eliza”


It was Saturday morning and you and your best friend Claudia were sitting in the Great Hall having breakfast. All of a sudden you hear an almighty clamour and your owl swoops down; landing directly in your porridge.

“What an idiot.” you mutter, taking the small piece of parchment attached to it’s outstretched leg.

To my darling girlfriend, as we’ve been together for a year today (the most amazing year of my life!); I would like to invite you to meet me outside the Greenhouses at 7pm for a wonderful night of romance and surprise. Hope you can make it. Love, Neville x’

Your heart fluttered and a smile crept onto your face as you read the short note and handed it to your best friend.

“Aww, I wonder what he’s arranged for you!” Claudia squeaked, clutching the handwritten letter.

“What am I supposed to wear?” you ask, already planning outfits in your head.

There was nothing in the letter about what you might be doing and Neville was usually quite spontaneous so there was no telling what he had planned.


Throughout the day you and your friends had been guessing what you might be doing with Neville that evening. The ideas had ranged from going on a walk through the Forbidden Forest to spending the night in the Room of Requirement.

“What happens if he makes the move.” Claudia laughs.

“I hope he does, I’ve been waiting ages for him to do something!” you exclaim.

“Well, if he doesn’t do it soon then you know you’re going to have to.” Amelia states.

“I know. I just don’t know how to bring it up. He’s so shy and such a gentleman; he’s never done anything more than hold my hand and kiss me.” you sigh.

“You’re going to have to bring it out of him then!” Claudia smirks.

“In that case, I think we’ve figured out what I need to wear.” you giggle, heading over to your wardrobe and pulling out your favourite figure hugging black dress.

“Oh yeah, that one should definitely get him going!” Amelia approves.

You go into the bathroom to get dressed and freshen up.  

Before leaving, you look at yourself once more in the full length mirror, making some final adjustments to your dress.

“You’re 100% positive it’s not too much?” you question, pulling your dress down slightly at the bottom.

“You look amazing - Neville won’t know what’s hit him!” Claudia reassures you.

You smile at your best friend. She always knows what to say to make your feel good about yourself.

“Right, go on!” Amelia begins, “it’s half six; you don’t want to be late!” she grins, shooing you out of the bedroom enthusiastically.


Stepping out of the Entrance Hall you wrap your arms tightly around yourself as the cold air bites at your skin.

‘I hope it’s warm in these Greenhouses.’ you think to yourself, hurrying towards them.

Just as you reach the door of the greenhouse you feel someone wrap their arms around your waist and spin you around.

“Hold on, Y/N! It’s a surprise remember. You look beautiful by the way.” Neville whispers, putting you down and pulling something out of his pocket.

“You’re blindfolding me?” you ask.

“If you don’t mind.” Neville enquires.

“It’s fine by me!” you smile.

He places the blindfold around your head and begins tying it.

“Tell me if it’s too tight or if you can see anything.”

“It’s just right and I can’t see anything at all.” you affirm.

Neville takes your hand and slowly leads you towards the door.

“Watch the step.” he remarks as you walk into the greenhouse.

You feel the warmth instantly wash over you as Neville guides you deeper inside.

“How far is it?” you wonder aloud.

“We’re here now.” Neville answers, taking off your blindfold.

You’re absolutely awestruck at the sight in front of you.

All around there were reddish pink flowers glowing on their branches casting a romantic light across the greenhouse. On the floor there was a picnic blanket full of all your favourite food and drinks and your favourite music was playing in the background.

“Oh, Neville!” you gasp, struggling to find any words to thank him.

“Do you like it Y/N?” he stutters, unsure of himself.

“Like it!? I absolutely love it Neville!” you squeal, running up to him and wrapping your arms tightly around him.

“We better get started then!” he states, ushering you towards a soft pillow on the floor as he sits down beside you.

As the night went on you and Neville spoke fondly of your time together as a couple while you ate and drank.

You thought this might be the right time to ask him why he’s never wanted to take it any further with you but you couldn’t find the right words; you didn’t want him to think any less of you for suggesting it.

'He won’t think any less of you! You’re a virgin for christ sake it’s not like you go around asking every man around for sex; you’ve been with him a year!’ you tell yourself.

“Y/N?” you hear Neville call your name and realise you haven’t been listening to a word he’s said for the past five minutes.

“Oh yeah, sorry. I’m in my own little world.” you force a laugh.

“Are you alright?” He asks, “It’s just, you seem a bit.. I don’t know.” Neville sighs.

“I’m fine Neville, honestly!” you assure him, still thinking about how you could bring up the matter of sex.

You decide to ask him outright.

“Neville are you a virgin?”

He coughs and splutters on his firewhisky and some of it spills down his chin onto his shirt.  

You can only bite your lip to try and force yourself not to laugh.

“Erm, what. I mean, why?” he stutters, his face growing a violent shade of red as he wipes his chin and uses his wand to clean up his shirt.

“Well, I was just wondering because.. We’ve been together for a year now and I just thought maybe you’d have you know.. Tried something by now.” you utter, trying to sound as confident as possible.

“Yes I am.” he confesses.

“Me too.” you reveal.

You both sit there in silence for a moment.

“I just thought that maybe - maybe you didn’t want to do anything with me.” you admit.

“No it’s not that at all Y/N. I didn’t want to take things further in case you thought I was an idiot for presuming that we would.” he declares, “Just for the record, that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to because I really, really do want to; you’re absolutely beautiful.” he adds, looking you in the eye.

You feel yourself blushing and wonder if the room has gotten slightly hotter or if it’s just you.

Neville leans forward and puts his left hand around the back of your neck as he pulls you in for a kiss.

You decide that this is the right moment; this is the moment you’re finally going to do it.

Taking his free hand you gingerly place it on your chest as he’s kissing you.

Neville takes a fistful of your hair and tilts your head back; giving his tongue full access to explore your mouth as he gently massages your breast with his right hand.

You begin to unbutton his shirt as his left hand creeps down the back of your neck and deftly undoes the zip at the back of your dress.

You let the straps fall down your arms and Neville pulls down the front of your dress revealing your almost bare chest.

He leans into your neck, sucking and biting gently as he unclasps your bra before laying you down on the ground, pulling the pillow from underneath you and putting it under your head.

You feel the warmth of Neville’s bare chest on your own and your nipples harden.

He places his hand on your outer thigh and begins stroking your soft skin with his thumb; your dress riding up passed your hips as he does so.

You wrap your legs around his waist and he begins grinding his stiffening member into you as he takes one of your nipples into his warm mouth.

You moan softly at the feel of his tongue dancing across your hard nipple and you take one of his hands and guide it down to your wettening mound.

Neville looks up at you attentively as he strokes your pussy through your underwear, altering the speed and pressure every now and again according to your reactions.

“Take them off.” you whisper.

He slowly pulls off your underwear and your dress and stares at you in wonder.

“Y/N.” he utters, lost for words as his eyes travel up and down your naked body.

You sit up and unbutton his trousers before he takes them off and throws them to the side.

You notice his cock protruding through the fabric of his boxers and you begin to wonder what he would taste like.

Neville slides his underwear down and you take his erect penis in your small hands, pumping it gently.

“Ungh yeah.” Neville groans quietly, watching you as you stroke his cock.

You lean closer and kiss the soft skin near his testicles, moving upwards toward his throbbing head.

He hisses as you swirl your tongue across his bellend, tasting his precum before taking him in your mouth and sucking him slowly.

Neville begins to gently thrust his dick into your mouth and you tilt your head backwards to give him deeper access to your throat.

You slide his boxers further down his legs and he pulls his cock out of your mouth to take them off.

You lie down onto the pillow and stare at him, your eyes filled with lust as they gaze at his spit soaked penis.

He lifts your left leg and begins to softly kiss the inside of your thigh, his fingers reaching your sopping slit.

You guide Neville’s fingers across your wet pussy, his middle finger now resting on your clit.

He begins to rub you gently, his pace increasing as he watches you writhe under his touch.

You close your eyes with pleasure and moan loudly as his fingers own you.

Neville shifts and you arch your back suddenly as you feel his tongue taking over.

“OH FUCK!” you scream, your fingers entwining in his hair as you try and stop your hips bucking violently.

His tongue dips inside you as his thumb presses circles into your throbbing clit.

“Deeper.” was the only word you could muster through your unceasing moans.

Neville raises your hips slightly, delving deeper into your tight pussy with his tongue.

You had never felt anything like it before in your life. It was pure ecstasy and you were loving every minute of it.

You hiss desperately as Neville flicks his tongue once more over your sensitive clit before placing himself on top of you and kissing you deeply. 

You can taste yourself in his mouth as your tongues thrash together desperately; reinforcing your need for him to be inside you. 

“Are you ready?” Neville questions, one hand cradling your head while the other kneads your breast.

You could feel Neville’s bulbous dick rubbing against your throbbing clit and you couldn’t take it any longer.

“Please.” you whimper.

“Tell me if I’m hurting you, okay?” he whispers into your ear.

You were no longer worried about whether or not it might hurt; all you cared about was having Neville deep inside you.

Neville’s hand glides down your stomach, reaching for his cock as he rests it at your entrance.

“Make love to me Neville.” you beg; and you feel him pushing himself into your wetness.

You feel a sharp sting as Neville pushes hard and deep inside you and you realise he must have broken through your hymen.

He slowly begins to push himself in and out of you, loosening your virgin pussy. 

“I love you, Y/N.” Neville moans into your ear, his hot breath against your skin.

The pain slowly ebbs away and you feel euphoric; you felt a connection with Neville that you’d never been able to experience before.

“I love you too!” you cry out in pleasure, your nails now digging into his back as his thrusts grow deeper. Neville nips and sucks at your collar bone as he makes love to you, sending shivers down your spine.

You feel compelled to take control, quickly rolling him over and straddling him, rubbing his throbbing cock on your clit before pushing him inside you again.

“Fuck yes Y/N!” he moans, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as your hips grind on his thick penis.

Neville grasps your hips tightly, his nails now digging into your skin.

You feel steadier and you begin pounding him mercilessly, your hands on his muscular chest.

Neville watches your breasts bouncing up and down and reaches up; massaging them gently and pinching your nipples as you throw your head back in bliss.

“You are absolutely amazing.” he groans, his breath ragged as he comes close to climaxing.

“Neville, I think I’m about to-” Your legs and arms feel weak and you can no longer continue your onslaught.

“Me too!” he hisses, clutching your hips once more and thrusting himself into you.

You close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling of Neville’s dick pounding deep into you and it drives you over the edge.

“Ahhh, Neville!” you scream, “I’m coming!”

You feel Neville’s member quiver slightly inside you, his body stiffening as he hisses with pleasure.

“Fuck Y/N.” he growls as you fall onto his chest in a trembling wreck.

You both lay there for a while in blissful silence, your sweat soaked bodies entwined in a loving embrace.

Neville began pushing stray strands of damp hair behind your ear and stroking your cheek with his thumb.

“I love you so much Y/N. I really can’t imagine what I would do without you.” he breathes, his eyes gazing into yours.

“I feel exactly the same way.” you concur, nuzzling the cleft between his neck and his shoulder and kissing his skin softly.


Thanks for the request Eliza! Sorry if it’s not extraordinarily smutty but I do hope you enjoy reading it! 


anonymous asked:

If we were dating... I'd treat you like the queen you truly are. Also Saturday ice-cream parlour trips would be a thing and expect me to spoon feed you your favourite food there, heck it doesn't even need to be ice cream it can be what ever you want it to be. Also we would take the best aesthetic couple selfies ❤️ ~ nct-dork


Jungkook As A Boyfriend (Gender Neutral)

•Innocent couple in public
•Gets a little annoyed when you steal his clothes till he sees how cute you look
•You guys could have been together for 10 years but he is still nervous about hurting you or the relationship at aLL TIMES
•He would pick you up little souvenirs when he went on tour.
•*sarcastically* “AW yissssss, the time I was abandoned for two weeks, can’t wait to add this to my collection”
•you two have a love hate relationship OMG
•"Wanna hang today?“
•"Why would I wanna hang with your donkey looking ass”
•"I’ll just go ask Jimin then"
•"Do I look chubby in these jeans?“
•"Did you gain 300 pounds??”
•"Why did I ask you when I can ask your best friend who thinks I’m hot"
•But even though you two joke around, he makes sure you know how much he loves you
•He loves having deep conversations but that won’t start till like 1 year down the line because he is so reserved from his feelings
•When he gets comfortable with you, you can tell how much you mean to him
•couple outfits
•Going out to eat like once a week as a date at your favourite restaurant till you’ve both tried all the food
•You don’t see him all the time, but he makes up for it when you two do have time together.
•kinda clingy when you two don’t see each other for a few days •but you love it
•He (secretly) loves when you do aegyo
•pranks. Everywhere
•literally yelling at him when he smirks at you because JUNGKOOKK STOPPPPPPP
•laying across you all of the time, especially at the worst of times
•"I was literally gonna get up"
•"That’s nice your legs are warm"
•when he sees you sad, he will get a bit serious and will encourage you two to talk until you feel better. He would hug you a lot throughout these conversations and try to make you smile afterwards
•he hates seeing you sad and loves comforting you
•if he is away on tour and you two are talking and you start crying because you miss him, he will drop everything that he is doing and sit with you and make sure you’re okay
Sexual stuff
•that signature smirk
•would want you to take his hands and place them on your body because he is always a bit hesitant
•lots of tongue in your make out sessions
•once his hands are on you they’re not coming off
•accidentally moans whenever you come in contact with his growing pants bulge
•when all of your clothes off he sits back and fully admires you
•becomes increasingly more confident as he hears your moans
•Slips three fingers inside of you, you gasping in pleasure makes his eyes roll back as he tries not to moan himself
•twists his fingers to hit your spot
•finally takes his fingers out and puts himself inside of you.
•at first he is sucking on your neck as he thrusts but then as he gets sweatier he is leaning his head down onto your collarbone as breathy grunts come from him
•"say my name baby"
•"mmmm, Jungkook, go faster baby"
•Completely listens to anything you say
•both of you would always cum together, somehow, Jungkook is kinda skilled in that department
•Collapses on top of you to catch his breath
•Exchange I love you’s before hopping in the shower. Non sexual shower
•He would wash you and you would wash him, kissing him occasionally
•He would make sure you were okay and not hurt by constantly asking “do your legs hurt?”
•"no.“ *Stumbles*
•*carries you into bed and places you gently in and pulls the covers over you before turning out the lights and joining you in bed*
•I loooooovvvvveeee youuuu~~~ Goodniiiigghhttt
•"I love you too baby”

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Dating Hyungwon...

- Admin Kay

  • very sophisticated couple outfits
  • kissing him means constantly biting his lips
  • he will literally buy you trenchcoats or longcoats as a gift
  • dance dates meaning he’ll take you to watch him dance bc he doesn’t really show you, thus it’s rare
  • the spaghetti scene from the lady and the tramp
  • quiet nights in with a movie and two boxes of pizza
  • his long ass spaghetti legs wrapped around yours
  • movie nights with the boys means both of you sitting on the floor, you’re back resting against his chest and his arms around your waist
  • tryna make forts but failing bc his long ass limbs make it impossible
  • an instagram account for your aesthetic couple photos
  • you’d have a lot of staring contests tbh
  • getting him to reenact his sexy-back performance
  • also getting him to sing for you
  • taking baths together without it being sexual
  • waking up to him playing with your hair and kissing you all over your face
  • just waking up to him in general
  • weekly ‘date’ nights to your favourite restaurant no the owner just loves you too and gives you the food cheap
  • always taking you sightseeing in whichever country you’re in
  • a lot of selfies
  • taking pictures whilst you two kiss
  • drags you to photobooths so you have pictures from every different city you’ve been to with him
  • making a scrapbook with him to put those pictures in
  • random pecks out of nowhere
  • like he’ll just interrupt you with a kiss after staring at your gorgeous features
  • when he’s jealous, he’ll literally just grab your hand and go
  • both of you highkey shipping hyungwonho
  • he’s literally so awkward, you cringe everytime he walks into the room


  • his continuous neck kisses
  • wall sex tbh
  • groping your breasts
  • sucking on them too tbh
  • a lot of foreplay 
  • he’ll only enter you after he’s made you cum a few times
  • after, you’ll be the little spoon and he’ll be the big spoon
  • his hands resting on your breast tbh

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Dating John Laurens (Modern AU) would involve...

Requested by a very excited anon

Originally posted by shyymoob

He’s the sweetest little cutie you’ll ever find

He got so nervous trying to ask you out so you ended up asking him

For your first date he took you to an art gallery, but ended up admiring you more than the paintings cliché as fuck I know

You’re definitely that couple that finishes each other’s sentences, has been known to wear matching outfits, always holding hands…Alexander, Laf and Herc would say it’s sickening but they’re also your No.1 shippers

The guys are always teasing him about how smitten with you he is

Only because he genuinely described himself as smitten once, and they’ve never let him live it down

He loves surprising you during your lunch break, bring your favourite food, flowers, and on one occasion he brought your dog because “we both missed you”

“John, dogs aren’t allowed in here, you’re gonna get me fired!…okay just one cuddle…”

If you’re working at home he tries his damnedest to distract you

His favourite methods are sitting on your lap and blocking your view of whatever you’re trying to do and not moving until you agree to take a break, hiding your laptop and books (he even got the guys involved once, you found your laptop in Alexander’s house after 3 weeks of looking for it), and straight out lying across your desk and falling asleep

You pretend to be annoyed at him but can’t resist his puppy dog eyes

John always wakes you up by singing gently to you, and you always pretend to be asleep for as long as you can to keep listening to him sing

He knows you do, but keeps singing anyway while trying not to grin because he’s so damn in love with you

A/N: If you want to give feedback or request something, my ask is here! Have an awesome day, you deserve it :)

Look at you.
You are so young
and stronger than you believe.
You are smart and interesting,
you have stories to tell.
You have your entire life ahead of you.
Please don’t
dismiss yourself so fast,
you never know
just how capable you are
if you sell yourself short.

Travel, ingest every book you read.
Really relish
every bite of your favourite food.
Eat it often - more than you
would allow.
Don’t feel guilty about it.
Lay out in the sun,
Drink up the rays.
watch to the children,
mimic their laughter,
watch the old couple
hold hands.
Wish for their infinite love,
and wait,
Don’t worry about finding it too soon.
Smile more.

truly listen to everyone you hear.
The old have knowledgable advice.
The young and young at heart will spark your imagination.
But first,
Don’t forget to listen to yourself.
Do whatever you please with your time.
Get a job
or don’t.
Go to university,
or don’t.
Your life and how you live it
is entirely up to you,
not your parents,
or your professors.

—  “Before it is too late - please remember to live first” - e.m.f.p
Mark as your boyfriend/husband

- Skinship would be huge for him and he’d always be holding your hand, giving you loads of back cuddles, holding you close, loads of kisses… e.g.

- Being the biggest dork you know and you love him so much for it

- When you’re around other guys, he won’t get jealous, he’d just start comparing himself to them quietly and that’s when you reassure him everything is okay and you only love him

- He’d always be there for you when you’re down and be the cutest little shit ever just to make you smile

- You’d have dates where you just grab a shit ton of blankets, loads of food and Coco to cuddle up with while watching your favourite movies

- He’d always put you first and would love you unconditionally 

- Spoiling you when he gets home from touring 

- Matching couple items and clothing would be a must

- Waking you up with his morning husky voice

- Being really cute when you spoil him


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GOT7 reaction to you debuting and being the leader of your group.

Anonymous said:

can you do a reaction to when you finally debut, and you are the leader of the group? btw i love you and your blog so much!

Oooh interesting idea ^_^ please keep requesting :)
HEHEHHE ^-^ i love you too :) thanks for your love <3


super proud of you but he still has to act cool, he is your sunbae now. But he’s secretly thinking that you two are the perfect match, the leader couple. he would give you all the tips you needed, it was a level of closeness he never thought he could get.


He's isn’t too phased when you tell him your debuting, but when you tell him your the leader, he’s extra proud of you! its such a big day, he’d take you to your favourite places for food.


He proud of you and amazed that you got leader position, he knew you was amazing but hopes that you can see it too now. he’d take you out to whatever you want to eat and even do anything you wish, its your special day.


Feels like the proudest parent ever! he’s over the moon that you made this far, he knew you could do it! you was always so mature and put together, but still his little girl.


Proud of you, but can’t help baby you as he says well done, just like an adorable kid that walks for the first time. 


He doesn’t know what to do with himself, he’s so proud of you. even though his your sunbae he can’t help but see you as much more mature than himself.


As giddy as a school girl when you tell him, he knew you could do whatever you wanted. he’d pick you up and spin you around as soon as you tell him. He’s treating you to whatever you want today!

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anonymous asked:

What's your favourite colour/food/musical/song/movie/tv show/game/anything

color: blue!!! ive loved blue all my life

food: mac and cheese? idk im really white i dont like very diverse foods but if it tastes good you can bet your ass its going in my mouth

musical: razias shadow is really good, its lesser known but still (i also love hamilton and heathers atm)

tv show: i dnt actually watch that much tv but i really like parks and rec 

game: im diggin overwatch rn (tell me if you guys want to see ovw fanart, ive drawn a couple things for it but i havent uploaded them here)

anything?: idk love and affection are nice but unfortunately i dont get that much because i have extreme social anxiety and cant make friends and cant open up to people out of fear of being emotionally manipulated and also i just never know how to react and end up messing it up so!! ya 

I want to ask you some questions.
Is that okay? I’d like to know your favourite colour. Your dream holiday. Ultimate pet peeve. Food addiction. If you ever cry in movies. What’s your favourite physical feature? Where do you want to live? What kind of life you want to have?
And do I fit into any of your plans?
—  H.Rose (via thatcrazyshortchickybabe)
5 Seconds of Summer MASTERLIST *UPDATED*

You’re his celebrity crush (you’re an actress)

1D guy says something sexual/suggestive about you

All Time Low- Walls

BSM: You are related to a member of O2L (CAKE)

BSM: You are related to a member of O2L (Mashton) 

Your habit he loves

You cut your hair short. (His reaction)

Your Obsession

You both like each other but he is with your best friend (Mashton)

You both like eachother but he is with your bestfriend (CAKE)

Game you two are obsessed with

He has a cute sneezing fit *5sos*


Ed Sheeran- Kiss me

Cute Couple Picture *Park Swings*

Piggy Back rides

You’re a book worm

Your Favourite Food To Make Together

Slow Dancing

Christmas Spirit

Your creative side

BSM: When he finds out you’re dating one of the other boys

His reaction to your 5sos brother finding out about you two

5sos: Disney best friends you guys are like.

His reaction to watching you surf (5sos)

Another Boy Tweets A Picture Of You (5sos)

When you are mad at him

Disney couple you are like



Little Black Dress (1D song)


5sos as Dads

What They Get You For Christmas

His caught Staring At Your Butt

Eating Corn dogs

Day 11: Sansby. One of my favourite pairings ever and I so wish there was more of it. Such a good pairing man. Smol ketchup loving skeleton eating all of his fiery boyfriends food? Sign me the fuck up! I enjoy this pairing so much, I did one of those random couple event generator things and ended up with like 5 pages of these two.

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Ashton Imagine: You Get Amnesia

Author: Rhine


It was just an accident.

A bad hand of luck; the wrong place at the wrong time; a coincidence of crashes.

It didn’t matter how or why – all he knew was that it was you were hurt and he wasn’t there to protect you.

All he knew was that he was cursed with remembering all you forgot.

It hit a core area in her brain –

Is she going to be okay?

Yes, but… she’s not going to remember a few things.


Amnesia. We don’t know how long it’ll last, or if she’ll be able to regain all of her memories again –

That was all he heard.

After that – after those words that dictated your fate, the consequences – nothing else mattered to Ashton.

He thinks it’s some sort of sick joke played by the universe – that you and him are the star for some terrible romantic drama for whoever was watching – and it almost makes him laugh at the bitterness of it all.

It was so ridiculously unlikely, so terribly clichéd that he’d be sitting at the edge of your hospital bed, holding your hand and waiting with dark circles under his eyes for you to wake up.

But your eyes flutter open and the first thing he sees is the cloud of confusion in place of the spark of liveliness that he used to love, and he thinks he can feel his heart start to break.

Because it’s the worst kind of curse – you have his heart without even knowing, and he can’t reach yours through the gaps that the accident left in place of where he used to be.

You’re his world, but he’s just a stranger in yours.


You don’t remember.

You don’t remember a thing – your name takes a couple of days, and your family a little over a week.

There’s people coming over to your bedside, telling you who you were – I brought you your favourite food, remember? This used to be your favourite show, god I could never pry you away from the screen when it aired – and it only makes your head spin because it feels like they’re talking about another girl who happened to wear your face.

They tell you who you once were while you’re still trying to figure out who you are.

And you can’t help but to feel like you’re disappointing your friends and family when you muddle your eyebrows in confusion over a plotline to a show you were supposed to be excited for, when you don’t wolf down the treats you used to snack on before.


They speak of you in past tense – you used to, you once, you were – and it makes you feel like they’re talking to someone who’s died, expecting you to take her place.

You can barely recognize the people who crowd your bed, but you know the disappointment and sadness etched on their faces when they don’t get the reaction from you that they want.

And you tried – you tried to smile and laugh and you hugged the strangers that claimed to be important figures in your life, but it feels more out of duty or responsibility rather than affection.

You didn’t feel a thing.


There was one boy who visited without a word.

He’d come almost every day without a fail, sitting in the visitor’s chair with a notebook on his lap and a pen twirling in his hand.

He’d silently scribble into the worn pages, occasionally glancing up at you with a sad little smile on his lips.

You’d watch him; how the ends of his long bronze locks tickled the edge of his sharp jawline, how his hazel eyes glistened even in the dim white lights of the hospital, how his hands were worn and how his biceps were lax as they rested on the arm rest.

Who are you?


His words are curled with an accent – Australian, he later tells you with a grin on his face – and while it doesn’t ring any bells, the simplicity of his answer causes you to raise an eyebrow at him.

You’re silent, waiting for more – but he holds his gaze steady, lips closed.

Who were you… to me?

His breath hitches, and the confusion etched on the features that he memorized so well causes his heart to clench painfully in his chest.

He remembers how you used to look at him with mischief in the moonlight, the dreamy gaze in the early hours of the morning, the excited sparkles when you spoke of something you loved, the tender warmth after you pulled away from a lingering kiss.

It’s all gone now; erased from the mind he loved and replaced with this curious puzzled expression that he thought he would never see, at least not when it came to him.

He needs to try to forget, just like you.

That’s what he tried to tell himself, but he knows it’s hopeless.

He can’t forget the way his name tasted in your mouth, or how your touch sent shivers up his spine. He wants to reach out for your small hand and feel the markings of your palm in his, but he knows he can’t – he can’t when it used to be the most natural thing fort the both of you not so long ago.

And it kills him.

He can’t forget, but the least he can do is remember that he’s not who he was to you. That you’re not you, no matter how your beautiful face might resemble the girl he loved.


He knows you’re in there somewhere.

He just has to wait.

So he takes a small breath before regaining his composure to answer your question, a wobbly smile on his face.

That doesn’t matter.

It hurts to say the words when you were all that mattered. That ever mattered.

What matters is that you’re here… you’re safe.

But I don’t remember anything.

You’ll make new memories.

You smile a little at the boy with the curly hair and dimpled half-grin that doesn’t reach his eyes, and you think it’s the first time you did since waking up.

Ashton only prays that your new memories include him.


You still don’t remember. But you’re learning.

You spend more and more time with Ashton, and soon you find yourself looking forward to the familiar hour that signified his visit.

The conversations start off polite, awkward – it hurts for him to know you so painfully well but not at all – but they slowly develop into bashful giggles and hesitant jokes that just the two of you shared.

You see, with Ashton, you weren’t remembering him so much as getting to know him.

He doesn’t tell you what you’re supposed to be like, who you’re supposed to be – he doesn’t talk about you like you’re in the past like they all do.

He talks to you with fragile steps, careful to choose how he’ll speak to you without speaking of you – of the girl he used to love.

It’s hard when he knows everything about you – about who you were – and Ashton knows that he knows more about you than you do about yourself at the moment, but he has to remember that you aren’t the same girl he used to love.

And perhaps that’s why you look forward to Ashton’s visits so much – he doesn’t expect anything from you.

He’s patient and supporting, and he’s never disappointed in you for who you are, for who you aren’t any more.

He draws the constellation on your window to keep you company when he’s not there; he gives you his drawings to colour with his music playing softly in the background.

And while Ashton couldn’t read your mind any more, he finds that it’s still just as beautiful as he remembered – perhaps not in the way he used to know, but unexpected and wondrous all the same.

He can tell by the shades in your colour, in the patterns you find in the constellations you didn’t remember, in the poetry that laces your words without you even knowing.

You don’t remember quite yet, but you’re learning to find who you are again.

And Ashton remembers all too well, but he’s learning too.

He’s learning to love you all over again.


It comes back in fragments.

It’s subconscious, almost.

He’ll be writing lines of lyrics in his notebook and you’ll remember how he used to cross his t’s or curve his j’s before he even writes them down. You’ll remember how he always forgets to double knot his left shoe, but remember to on his right. You’ll remember how he always skipped this song or that song before he even reaches for his phone.

You remember pieces of who he was without even knowing it.

It’s a little unsettling at first – you know what he’s going to do, like some sort of precognition sense.

You’ll tell him to check his jacket pocket for his keys when he’s looking for them – not some harmless suggestion, but because you just somehow know that he always leaves them there.

It’s those little things – snippets that you remember without realizing you’re remember – that takes you and Ashton by surprise.

He’s taken aback by the normalcy of it; how he’s so used to you changing tracks on his phone for the songs he didn’t like or folding down the collar of his shirt – the small things that you used to do – that he doesn’t even realize that they’re actions of who you were before.

That he hasn’t told you a thing, but somehow you just knew.

He starts to notice it more; looking for signs in between each visit.

He notices how you stick out your tongue when you’re concentrating like you used to, or how your voice starts to regain the familiar lilt and dips that used to echo in his mind.

Slowly but surely, you remember Ashton again.


You don’t remember everything.

You don’t remember the late night conversations or the early morning tickle fights and you won’t remember the lyrics to the songs he once wrote you.

But you’ll have more conversations and more laughter shared and he’ll write more songs about you, each more beautiful than the last.

And Ashton can only hope that one day, he’ll be able to hold you in his arms. Perhaps not like how he used to – but your fractured bones will still fit with his, and he’ll still feel the sparks in his veins from where your skin met his.

It’ll be a little different. But it’ll still be there.

It’s been a few months, and you still don’t fully remember who Ashton was, but you know who he is to you.

You know that his touch gives you butterflies that you don’t feel with anyone else, that his presence calms you, that his smile ignites yours. You know that his words echo in your mind and you know him you know him.

You don’t know who he was, but you know who he is to you now.

Was I… was I important to you before?

Am I important to you now?

His smiles start to reach his eyes now, and they’re looking at you with the mischievous glint that you’ve started to save in your mind.


The answer is all he needs from you – he doesn’t need some miraculous recovery and he doesn’t need an overnight epiphany.

He needs hope.

Ashton needs the hope that there’s a maybe for what you have, that he has a place in your world like you do in his.

You might not be able to rebuild what you had, but you can make something new.

And maybe the old pieces will come back, and maybe they won’t.

Just as long as he had you.


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